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Take Control Part 1

Take Control
Pairing: Austin Diaz/Raymond Toro, Aaron Rubin/Ilan Rubin, Aaron Rubin/Raymond Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Aaron
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Set, roughly, in 2010 in kinkverse
Notes 2: since the first Raymond fic, I wanted to do something with Ilan's origins and.. Well
Notes 3: I meant to end this on a threesome between the Rubins and Raymond, but it was getting a bit long so... (I may do a second part with that though)

I swallowed as I walked up to the building, the home of Master Raymond Toro. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. This was my first time here and my palms were sweating. I took a deep breath, ringing the doorbell and waiting. "Just breathe..." I told myself, nodding and taking another steadying breath. I'd wanted to come here for so long now, I just wished the why was different.

After a few minutes the door opened and I was confronted by the sight of a pretty tanned slave, with jet black curls, wearing only a collar and a chastity cage. "Hello sir, how may I help you?"

"Er... Hi." I ran a hand through my own curls. "I have an urgent matter to discuss with Master Toro. My name is Master Rubin." The slave inclined his head, but there was no recognition on his face. Not a surprise really, I kept mostly to myself since I moved here with my brother.

"Come this way Master Rubin." He stepped aside, gesturing for me to enter. I heard the door close and he led me down the corridor, to a small room just off the entrance. There was a sofa and a few chairs around a glass table, with a few cabinets along the walls. "Please wait here while I get my Master."

I nodded, taking a seat on one of the chairs and looking around the room. I couldn't believe I was in here, in Master Toro's house. The room was fairly simplistic, with artwork on the walls between the cabinets and I suspected this was a room where he met people. On one wall was a mounted head, though I didn't recognise it's owner. I wondered what they'd done?

"Master Rubin?" I scrambled to my feet at the sound of Raymond's voice, turning to face him. He was topless, wearing only a pair of leather pants and fuck, he was stunning. He gave me a look and his eyes went dark, but just for a moment. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure." He stuck his hand out at me and I inclined my head in respect, taking it and giving his hand a shake. He smiled at me, saying nothing about my sweaty palms.

"It's an honour to meet you at last Master Toro." He smiled and let my hand go, gesturing for me to sit. "I hope I've not disturbed you."

"Not at all." He said with a reassuring smile. "Would I you like a drink?" I nodded and he opened s cabinet, getting out a bottle of wine from within, pouring two glasses. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the slave that greeted me, standing by the door. Master Toro offered me a glass and I took a sip as he sat down on the sofa opposite, doing the same before setting his glass down on the table. "Now, my slave tells me that you have an urgent matter to discuss with me." He smiled and gestured to me with one hand. "Please, I'm all ears."

"I, er... Yes..." I took another steadying breath, then began. "I'm from California and I moved here two years ago." He sat back and nodded, looking interested and not rushing me to get to the point. "One of the reasons I left with my slave, my brother, was because of a group that was taking over our town. They were taking slaves, even from other masters, especially female ones. They were even taking mistresses too."

It was only now he spoke up, leaning forward slightly. "For what purpose?"

"They were all kinds of rumours... But as time went on it became more obvious, that they were taking them to make them pregnant." I swallowed, chewing my lower lip and I took another drink to calm my nerves. "Before we left it became clear were doing it to... Use them." His eyes widened and that and he looked horrified. "Our town was small and it was clear the local master was involved. We made sure to inform Master Sanders in LA before we left, but we never looked back. Until now." I reached into my pocket, my hand shaking slightly as I took out the card within, playing it on the table between us. "I found this last night. That logo, the skull with bat wings, it's theirs." I swallowed again as he took the black card, the silver logo glistening. "I fear they're trying to set up shop here."

He examined the card, flipping it over in his hands and when he saw the back his eyes blazed. There was a single wood in silver there. Soon. Raymond Toro wasn't the kind of master that got angry easily. He had a reputation for being fair and evenhanded, as well as being a lover of the arts. It was obvious though, that the idea of something like that here filled him with rage. I swallowed, feeling a little nervous as he tossed the card to the table, taking his glass again. I was sure I could here the stem of the glass crack in his grip. He took a drink and set the glass down, an obvious crack now visible in it. "Thank you Master Rubin for bringing this to my attention." He growled and I shivered. "I will deal with this filth immediately." He rose, offering me his hand and I took it, his grip firmer than before. "Leave your details with my slave, I'll be in touch."

And with that he left the room. His slave came in, grabbing a pad and pen from one of the side tables. The second I opened my mouth the neck of Master Toro's glass shattered, the whole thing smashing against the table, covering it in shards and the remnants of his drink.


Back home, I still couldn't believe I'd met Master Toro. He was just as gorgeous as I expected him to be. His strong arms, plump lips, the curls like my own and that bulge. I swallowed at the memory of him, feeling my dic ache between my legs. I sprawled out across my bed, having shed my clothes the moment I came through the door. My slave and brother Ilan had followed me up and he was kneeling beside the bed, waiting instructions. He was so sweet, so beautiful. I smiled at the sight of him, then grabbed the remote for the tv.

I turned it on, instantly switching it to the dvd player, starting up the disc that was most often inside it. It was porn, my favourite one I'd gotten. It was one of the things I had been sure to pack the night we left home.

The star of the three films on the disc was Master Toro. Compared to most pornos they were fairly tame, there was no serious torture or eye gouging or anything like that but that wasn't the point.

All three films featured Master Toro, though each was with someone different. The first one was with Pete, the tanned, tattooed slave of Master Stump. The second was with a pair of lithe twins with bleached blonde hair called the Leones. This was their first film and it led them to doing quite a few more since. The last one was Master Toro with his slave. It was one of the few places I'd seen his name, Austin.

While all three were staggeringly hot, it was the last one I found myself drawn to most often. I think it was because of Austin having curls like we had, albeit jet black instead of our brown. I switched straight to that one, putting it on and settling back against the sheets, my fingers instantly going to my erection. I clicked my fingers to Ilan and he knew what I wanted him to do. He grabbed a few items from the top drawer and moved on the bed between my legs, keeping his head low so as not to obstruct the view. I soon felt his soft wet tongue lap at my crack, a groan leaving my lips. I tried not to let it distract me as I watched the screen.

The screen displayed a room, which was just a simple bedroom/torture room. Master Toro walked into a room, wearing just a pair of leather pants like he did when I saw him earlier. In his hand was a leash, at the end of which was his slut, who was walking behind him. He was naked, wearing just a collar and chastity cage. Master Toro led his slut towards the middle of the room, then turned and looked at him. "Get on your knees cunt!" He growled the words out, which went straight ti my dick. "Pathetic whores like you should know better than to stand around their betters."

"Sorry Master Toro." Austin whimpered, sinking down until he was on his knees before him. It was a place I longed to be and I knew that Ilan did too. We'd talked about it before now, oh so many times. His fingers pulled my cheeks apart, his tongue darting out and brushing against my opening. I ran the fingers of my other hand through his soft curls, hearing him purr from the contact.

On the screen Master Toro growled again. "I think you need to learn some respect, you little cunt!" He wrapped the leash around a bedpost, tying it in place. Another whimper left Austin's lips as he looked at Master Toro. He snarled, slapping Austin hard around the face. "I didn't give you permission to look at me you filth!"

"S... Sorry Master Toro." He whispered, eyes downcast. Master Toro grabbed a handful of Austin's curls, shoving him down towards his boots.

"You're not worthy of it, but lick my boots slut." Austin's lips parted and his tongue darted out, the camera changing to one that zoomed in on it as he licked Master Toro's boots. They weren't particularly dirty, a shame I always thought, but still it was hot seeing the slave run his tongue over them.

A low groan left my lips, my own slave's tongue lapping deep inside me, his soft flesh wiggling in slow, steady circles. "Oh yes..." I whispered, running my fingers through his soft curls, urging him to keep it up.

"Enough." Master Toro growled, pulling Austin's head away from his boot with one hand, before stalking away to one of the chest of drawers, opening it up and looking inside before pulling out a few items.

A soft gasp left my lips as Ilan shifted back slightly, his tongue brushing my balls as his slicked fingers pressed against my cleft, his digits seeking out my opening.

On the screen Master Toro had hefted Austin up over his lap and was using a paddle on him. The word slut was raised on it, so that the word would be left on his skin wherever it hit him. "This is so everyone knows you're a filthy little slut." He growled, bringing the paddle down on every other word. "As if there's any doubt, your whore face you practically screams it."

"Y... Yes Master Toro..." He whimpered, pushing his ass up like the needy slut he was. And who could blame him?

He chuckled at the sight, licking those plump lips of his. "Such a needy fucking whore, desperate for a real man's dick." He bought the paddle down hard on Austin's ass. "But you've not quite learned your place yet."

A groan left my lips as a pair of Ilan's breeched me, slowly filling me up. I regularly fucked him since he came of age and in all that time he'd never once fucked me, but he was so good with his fingers and that tongue of his.

I looked back to the screen and the paddle had been discarded. "Close your eyes cunt, I don't want you looking at me." Austin squeezed his eyes shut tight as Master Toro grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling him back up. He released his curls and reached down Austin's chest, his thick fingers pinching his nipples. "You are a worthless little slut, you should consider yourself lucky to be even breathing the same air as me." He paused, then smirked, moving his hands up to Austin's throat beneath his collar. "Maybe that's an honour you shouldn't have." My own breath hitched as he took ahold and squeezed, making his slave gasp.

Austin squirmed, his eyes going wide despite himself, though he promptly closed them again a few seconds later. This was another reason why I liked this one so much compared with the others. Austin was Master Toro's, not a pair of pleasure sluts or another master's slave. That meant he could do whatever the fuck he wanted with him. He could, if he wanted to, choke the life out of him and fuck his still warm corpse. My dick ached in my hand as Austin's lips trembled and Master Toro smirked.

He held his throat tight for a few more beats, then let go, a shaky gasp leaving Austin's lips. "Thank you Master Toro." He whispered, voice so soft it almost didn't get picked up.

Master Toro pushed him back down to the floor, the other items that he'd gotten forgotten. "Get my cock out slut!" Austin nodded, his thick curls bouncing as he leaned in, dragging the zipper of Master Toro's fly down between his teeth.

I let out another gasp as Ilan's fingers twisted inside me, a third one being pushed in alongside the other two. His talented fingers probed my spot and I groaned, squirming on the sheets.

On the screen Austin had groaned and then started to suck that gorgeous, huge dick Master Toro had. He took it all effortlessly, and I wondered if he naturally had no gag reflex or if he'd had to be trained to take it.

As Master Toro enjoyed his blow job, calling his slave all kinds of names, my finger sped up from their leisurely pace on my dick. Ilan retreated his fingers from me, dipping his head lower and lapping at my spread hole with his sweet tongue. "Oh yes my little slut..." I purred, my legs parting wider.

On the screen, Master Toro was pulling Austin off his dick, growling. "Ass in the air cunt!" Austin nodded, shifting onto all fours, lowering his front to stick his ass up and out. You could make out his hole now from this angle, how stretched and open it was. I groaned softly, watching as master Toro stood up, his cock slick with Austin's saliva. He circled around his slave and lined himself up...

And that's when Ilan eased the head of the dildo into me, a groan leaving my lips at the same time as Austin. The dildo was a rubber replica of Master Toro's cock, made from a mould of it done at the same time as this was filmed. It had been moulded in a flesh tone, so it even looked like the real thing. I'd try to take it whenever I watched him in action, although I'd never succeeded in taking it fully. In large part that was because Ilan's tongue and fingers would get me so worked up I'd cum before it was fully in me. This time seemed no different.

My hand was moving faster as Master Toro fucked his slave and Ilan was lapping at me sac again, easing the shaft into me. My eyes were lidding, groans leaving my lips as I ran my fingers through his hair. If this was Master Toro's actual dick in me, he'd be pounding me relentlessly, calling me a worthless fucking whore. I craved that, more than anything. My hips thrust up into the air and I came over myself with a cry of pleasure, not even half of the shaft in me.

I laid back, panting heavily, Ilan shifting to lick my cum from my belly. On the screen Master Toro was pounding Austin roughly and I let out a soft sigh. I still couldn't quite believe that I'd met him. I ran my fingers through my brother's hair, smiling at his pretty face. Maybe he'd get to met him too.


A week after my first meeting with Master Toro and I was back here again. Austin has led me through to a different room than before, which was larger, clearly meant more for entertaining then the other one. As soon as I was seated Master Toro appeared, in similar attire to before and he was grinning at the sight of me. "Ah Master Rubin! So good of you to come!" He strode over me and Austin bought over two glasses of wine, handing one to each of us as Master Toro sat across from me.

"Of course Master Toro, I was so pleased to hear from you." I returned his smile, taking a sip of the wine. I noticed, as I looked at him, that he had a bruise on his chest which hadn't been there before, as well as a fresh scar. Now that I thought about it Austin had a few as well.

"I called you here to offer my thanks." He said with a smile, swirling his drink before swallowing some down himself. I found myself doing the same as well. "Because of you I was able to find and deal with those thugs before they could set up their filthy business here." A brief look of rage crossed his face and I could tell their mere existence enraged him, but then he took a drink and smiled. "I am very grateful for your warning and I would like to give you an appropriate reward." My cheeks flushed and I had to take a drink myself, wondering what he had in mind for me. He leaned forward slightly, setting his glass down on the table. "So Master Rubin, what is it that you would like most?" I half expected him to offer me a selection of choices, but when the question hung in the air it was clear that it meant anything.


I swallowed and set my own glass down. "I'm so glad that I was able to help you. I..." I quickly took my glass again, downing the rest of the ruby fluid before replacing it on the table. He smiled as he watched me and then I spoke again. "I want to serve you Master Toro." He raised an eyebrow, his eyes darkening slightly. "You're so beautiful and sexy and.... Fuck. I'm not a slut, but, fuck, I want... No, I need your cock." I felt myself flush and look down. "Shit, I sound like such a needy slut..."

When I looked back at him, he was smiling at me. "You're not the first master that has come here wanting my dick, especially after I did that film for Master Stump. I have lost track of the number of favours that have been used for that." He smirked, leaning forward and looking at me. "You are attractive and I'm sure your brother is too. May I see him?"

I nodded pulling my phone from my pocket and showing him a picture of him, naked, on his knees and bound with a gag between his ups. Master Toro licked his lips at the sight, then set my phone down on the table. "Very beautiful." He reached down, his fingers ghosting over the bulge of his crotch. "When I first saw you last week I thought of fucking you." I squirmed and he smirked again. "You see I have a thing for men with curls like mine so seeing you was a turn on, and seeing your brother has the same, well." He gave history obvious erection a squeeze and I swallowed. The thought of me, of us turned him on. Fuck.

"Allow me to make you an offer Master Rubin." He settled back in his seat, the hunger and lust still in his eyes as he looked at me. "I recently acquired the local music venue, but I need someone to handle the day to day running of the place. I looked into you and saw that you had experience running a bar." I felt myself flush slightly. Back home, I was being trained to take over the family bar and then everything happened and, by sheer dumb luck, I'd not been there when it burned down. "I want you to run it." I swallowed slightly, flattered by the offer, but before I could respond he spoke up. "You would be my special slave, you'd be allowed to wear clothes and, as my representative no one could touch you without my permission and if they did they'd have to answer to me." He took his glass, finishing his drink off and he leaned forward. "You would live here and I would fuck you as I see fit, but I won't expect you to get fucked by others like my slut here." He gestured to Austin and smiled. "The same wouldn't apply to your slut though, who would become mine just like this one."

He paused for a moment, allowing the words to sink in before talking. "So, what do you think?"

"Yes, fuck yes." I grinned, nodding, my curls bouncing from the movement.

"Good. You will go and get your slave and whatever you wish from home later, but for now... I want to see you. Strip." With shaky hands I reached up and started to undress, removing my t-shirt first and then my pants, his eyes on me the entire time. "Tell me Aaron, have you been fucked before?"

I felt myself flush again as I dropped my clothing to the seat behind me. "No Master Toro. Ilan, my brother, has fingered and licked me and I have the dildo of your cock though never managed to take it fully." I could tell my the look on his face that he was picturing it and he gave his crotch a squeeze again.

"Well then, sounds like you'll need to get some anal training before I fuck you." I dragged my boxers down, dropping them with the rest of my clothing and he made a circle with his finger. I took the hint, turning around before him so he got a good look at me. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I did and my dick ached. "Mmm, very nice." He licked his lips, then gestured to the floor before him. "Come, get on your knees. Austin, get me a collar."

I circled the table, sinking down to my knees before him, a position that just felt right before him. There was something about him and it sounded like other masters felt the same. Austin handed him a collar, identical to his own and Master Toro took it, looking down at me. "Are you sure about this Aaron?" He asked and I knew he was giving me an out.

"I am Master Toro." I nodded as I said the words and he smirked, reaching down and buckling the collar around my throat.

"This makes you mine and you won't take it off. You will call me Master." I nodded in understanding and he smirked, continuing. "I will call you slut, slave or cunt, whichever name comes to mind. Only when we are alone or with my other sluts, will I refer you to by name."

"Yes Master." I replied, nodding.

"Over the next few days I will give you anal and throat training so you can take my cock with ease. Your former slut will go through the same training with you." As he spoke he rubbed his crotch. "As I said, as my special slave you will have a few additional privileges. You will have a room alongside mine and be expected to wear clothes while you do my business. But we will get to further things as they come up." He undid his fly, raising his hips up and pushing his leather pants down his strong legs. I gasped at the sight of his cock, it was even more impressive than I expected somehow, and he smirked. "All will become very acquainted with my dick while you are in my service, as well as those of your fellow slaves. Since you no doubt have never sucked a cock before you will just lick and kiss it for now."

He threaded his fingers through my hair, a groan leaving his lips and he pulled me close to him. I didn't know where to start, he was right, I'd never been this close to another man's dick before. i took a deep breath and extended my tongue, running it along his shaft, going from base to tip. My own cock ached between my legs, but I didn't dare touch it, instead licking and kissing all along his length.

After a few minutes he reached down and began to stroke himself, so I focussed on his exposed head and slit. Remembering what Ilan did to me I shifted slightly and started to lap and suck at his balls, hearing him groan above me. His grip tightened on my hair and his hand sped up. This erection, I thought again, was because of me and it filled me with pride, even though I couldn't fully please him yet. Soon I'd be able to, that was the promise of the training to come. Soon I'd have his dick buried inside me, up my ass and down my throat. For now, though I traced my tongue along his balls and around his dick wherever I could.

A growl left his lips and he pulled me away from him. I almost let out a whimper of disappointment about being pulled away so soon, but then I saw his cock practically pulse as he shoot his load, thick and heavy across my face. I had to close my eyes but I groaned, the feeling amazing. "Mmm yes, your tongue shows promise... Austin."

I felt movement and opened my left eye, my right eyelid having received some of his cum, and there was Austin. He offered me a warm smile and leaned in, licking his, no our, master's cum from my face, scooping some of it into my mouth so I got the first taste of him.

Master Toro purred above us in approval, my cock aching from the sound. His breathing was heavy, slightly ragged from his orgasm. "When Austin is done, get dressed and go get your things and Ilan, then you'll be shown to your new room." I looked up and he smirked, licking his lips as Austin kissed me. "And then tomorrow your training will start. Welcome to the family."
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