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Blood Trails

Blood Trails
Pairing: Andrew Black/Zack Hall
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andrew
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: An unexpected direct continuation of the last one, this changed from the original idea because SOMEONE posted a vid of them deepthroating a banana

Master Toro's artist had been most accommodating with my request. I sent him the pictures of Jake above me and he told me he should be able to do a portrait with them. I'd be sure to get some of Jake's blood sent out to him for it.

I laid back in his blood, the crimson fluid covering my pale skin. I was still hard, my dick having stiffened again since the blood from Jake first landed on me. I'd not cum yet, though my dick was now slick with his blood from stroking myself.

I looked up as I heard Zack re-enter the room, his jeans and shirt stained with Jake's blood. Fuck, he looked good like that. He stood near the bath, studying me and waiting for instructions, his eyes dark with lust. I smirked and licked my lips before speaking to him. "Is the door locked?"

"Yes Master Black." He replied with a nod, knowing how much Iiked to do this without being disturbed.

"Good." I smiled, licking some of the blood from my lips. "Strip."

"Yes Master Black." He smiled and reached up, undoing the buttons of his shirt and pulling it open. The material of the shirt had soaked up the blood, so none had made it through to the skin of his chest. He shed the material, exposing the strong muscles of his arms and large chest. Compared to me the man was a giant, a wall of muscle that probably weighed twice as much as I did, if not more. His hair was short, his hair had been close cropped when I received him, but he'd grew it out a little since. I ran a hand through my own jet black locks, which hung to my shoulders.

He tossed his shirt to a nearby chair, then bent down and I knew it was to remove the boots that he wore. I didn't bother to lean over the edge of the bath to watch him remove them, instead running my bloody fingers over my skin.

When he straightened back up he reached between his legs, his fingers popping open the top button of his fly before dragging down his zipper. Unlike most slaves he wore underwear, though only when he had to serve as my bodyguard outside of the grounds. Once the stained denim was off his thick, tree trunk like legs, he pushed his boxers down as well, freeing his large, stiff cock. His dick was big, almost as big as Master Toro's and that meant it was perfect for punishing those, like Jake, that had fucked up. As well as filling me. As such, I never kept him caged. He bent down again, gathering up his jeans and boxers, tossing them to join his shirt.

I licked my lips at the sight of him when he straightened back up and I reached over, running my bloody fingers across his chest, leaving tracks in my wake. He kept still, letting my trace patterns across his skin, dipping them back in the blood whenever I needed to. I wasn't an artist, I just liked the way men and sluts looked covered in blood. Zack especially looked good covered in it, probably because he was a bodyguard that made it suit him. I circled each of his nipples, a soft gasp leaving his lips before I ran my hands down, drawing them along his shaft. I circled them over his plump head, drawing another gasp from him before bringing my hands back, needing more blood.

When I returned them to him I ran my fingers over his broad thighs, humming softly as I did so. When I next needed to bleed someone I'd get him in the bath, he'd look good with the blood raining down in him. I finished up my work, licking my lips at the sight of him, and I raised my fingers up, curving the bloody digits towards him. "Suck." At the command he leaned in, taking them between his lips, his tongue lapping the blood from my skin. I groaned softly, my dick twitching between my legs. He was soon done, though he didn't move from my fingers until I slipped them from his lips.

He looked as needy as I felt and I smiled. Unfortunately going further meant leaving the bath, so I reached between my legs, my fingers becoming soaked in blood again and circled my opening. I did it once, twice, then on the third time I pressed two slim fingers into myself, gasping and hearing Zack groan. I moved my fingers, thrusting them in and out of me, coating my insides with more blood each time. I only did this for a minute of two, my cock demanding attention and I turned to Zack. "Take me to bed."

I was, of course, more than capable of getting out myself, but this way it would mean he'd get more blood on him. Plus what was the point in having a strong man as a slave if he didn't carry you sometimes? "Yes Master Black." He reached down into the bath, scooping me into his arms like I was nothing, more blood transferring to his skin. He carried me up the stairs, drips of blood being left in our wake, joining the stains of many others.

Once we were in my bedroom, he carried me over to my bed, laying me down across the black, silk sheets. There was a hungry look in his eyes and I smiled, parting my legs and raising my knees up. "Suck me."

"Yes Master Black." He replied, climbing between my legs, leaning down and taking me down his throat in one go, a groan leaving my lips. He could have made an absolutely amazing pleasure slut as he had absolutely no gag reflex whatsoever. I had a dildo of Master Toro's cock, made due to those few films he did for Master Stump years ago, and Zack took the whole thing in one go like it was nothing. One day I'd need to see him take the real thing.

He twisted his tongue against me, cleansing the blood from my cock and then he started to bob up and down, using his tongue to get it all from me as he moved. In just a few movements of his head the blood on my dick had been replaced with saliva. "Mmm so good Zack." I purred, running my fingers through his short hair. "Mmm you're the best cocksucker." His lips quirked into a smile at that. I knew he was proud of his dicksucking skills and sometimes I wondered if he wished he could put them to use more.

I rocked my hips up against his face, the blood smearing across his face and I groaned at the sight. "Finger me." He nodded, well, as best he could with a dick between his lips and he reached up, his fingers running up my legs. He bought them up between my legs, ghosting them over my sac before running them along my crack. I let out a soft sigh, then a low groan as his thick middle finger pushed into me.

I let out a growl of irritation as the phone rang. "Don't stop." I growled to Zack, grabbing the phone from the bedside table. "What the fuck is it? I said I wasn't to be disturbed!"

"I thought you'd like to know the pathetic cunt you've sent down is stable." The voice of Doctor Shaddix drawled and I groaned as Zack pressed a second finger into me. "But I can tell you're busy fucking some slut."

I growled in irritation at his call, shaking my head. "Good, good, great fucking work. Just keep him under until you can get the modifications I asked for done." Another groan left my lips as Zack flicked his tongue just beneath my head and I almost gasped out his name. "And get some of his blood, I need it express shipped to Master Toro's artist."

Another chuckle left his lips and I could practically hear the smirk on his voice. "But of course Master Black."

I hung up, not wanting to continue the conversation further and returned my gaze to Zack. "That fucking tongue of yours has a lot to answer for." He smiled around me and I pulled him up, off my cock. Out of the bath the blood was starting to dry on my skin and his. "Now get up here so I can ride you."

"Yes Master Black." He said with a slight smirk as he licked his lips and climbed up onto the sheets. The bed was huge and could easily accommodate three Zack's, which was an image that made me wish he had a twin, so he easily laid down beside me and parted his thick legs.

He held his cock up and I climbed atop him, planting my legs either side of his waist. I took a deep, steadying breath and then sank down onto him. His fingers were just enough to ready me for him and I groaned as he stretched me open. "Fuck..." I whispered, planting my hands on his rounded belly as I sank down onto him fully. Fuck, he filled me up so well and I just loved the feeling. Yeah, I loved to fuck as much as the next master, had even given Zack a good pounding before now, but there was just something about the feeling of a stiff cock buried deep inside you. It certainly made you appreciate what made sluts sluts.

After a few moments I started to move, rolling my hips as I rode him, bouncing up and down on his cock. A groan left my lips as his plump head caught my spot and I gripped onto him. "Master Black..." He whispered breathless, his cheeks bloody from where they'd pressed against me. He stayed still against the sheets, letting me control the pace. Sometimes I'd bend over the bed, letting him fuck me good and hard, though I had to make sure I had no engagements outside the estate the following day.

"Mmm Zack, jerk me off." He nodded, reaching between my legs and wrapping his fingers around my shaft, stroking my slick member firmly. Another groan left my lips and I clenched my ass around him, riding as I rode him faster. I knew I'd not last terribly long, due to the blood and the blow job, so I just hoped I could get him off as well.

His breath hitched and he thrust up to meet my ass, a sign of how needy he was too. "You wanna cum huh Zack? The taste of my cock and whore blood get you hard?"

"Yes Master Black... Seeing you fist and fuck that whore, then bleed him..." He groaned, the pair of us moving in tandem now, each working to make the other cum. "It's amazing I didn't shoot my load from that Master Black. And fuck, you look amazing covered in blood." He stroked me faster, his eyelids fluttering. "And your dick, fuck I love sucking you. Thank you for letting me Master Black!"

I cried out, each of his words getting me closer and I came, hard, across his beautiful belly, seating myself fully on him. "Master Black..." He keened, voice breathless and needy and so sexy, as he came deep in me. I stayed there, impaled on his cock, breaths coming out in heavy, ragged pants for a few moments, my fingers making patterns with my cum, the pearly white contrasting with the red of Jake's blood.

I got off him shakily, laying across the bloodstained sheets on my belly. He moved beside me, his weight making the bed dip as he moved between my legs again. His strong hands ran up my thighs and I gave him a nod, to breathless to form words. He bent down, kissing the backs of my bloody thighs, moving up towards my opening. He placed a hand on each cheek, prising me open and running his tongue up to my leaking ass.

I sighed against the sheets, once again glad that I had him.
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