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Three Of You

Three Of You
Pairing: girl!Hannu/Janne/Miikka/Tuomas
Rating: NC-17
POV: Miikka
Warnings: Suddenly a girl!Hannu
Notes: I blame a certain person 100% for this! Curse you raisethesail and your Finnish porn!

"So what do you guys think this is about?" I asked as Janne and Tuomas walked up the path to where I stood outside Hannu's front door. This morning I got a call telling me to be here at one and to wait for the others. Since Petja and Antero were out of town it would be three of us.

"No clue." Janne shrugged slightly and Tuomas did the same. They both looked as puzzled as I was.

"Well, only one way to find out I guess..." I pulled out my set of keys, opening up the front door with the key he'd given me years ago. He'd told me let the others in when we were all here, not to bother with the doorbell. Last time this had happened we'd walked in on him balls deep in Juha and the time before that he'd set up a fucking machine for us, so I wasn't sure what we'd expect.

As three of us stepped inside we heard a call from the living room. "In here!" We shared a look and shut the door before toeing off our shoes. Then the three of us headed to the source of the voice and we froze.

Hannu was sitting on a chair, legs spread. He was wearing his newest outfit, stripped socks up to his knees, short black skirt, white shirt pulled open and a bright red tie. The only difference to the outfit was the high heels instead of regular shoes r boots (or none since he was at home). That was hot enough, but what made us collectively gasp was what was different about him. For one, he had breasts, one of which was cupped by his right hand. And from the way his legs were parted and his hand was on his crotch, his fingers angled towards him, I suspected he also had a cunt.

For a second I wondered if he had a twin sister that none of us knew about, but then I took a good look at his arm and saw that all his tattoos were present and correct, the skulls near his elbow to the pedal over his forearm and the pattern across his shoulder. No way would someone have the exact same tattoos like that.

"H... Hannu?" Janne asked, being the first of us to actually form words about the person sitting before us.

"Uh huh." He said, fingers squeezing his breast, breath hitching as his other fingers curved.

"I... How?" I'd only saw him the other night and he'd been very much male then. I was no expect on sex change operations but I knew they'd not be able to make such a change in such a short time.

He shrugged and smiled at us. "No idea! I woke up and, this." He let go of his breast, gesturing to his chest. "And this." He parted his legs and he moved his hand back, revealing glistening fingers and the soft, wet folds of a pussy. The three of us collectively gasps again and he smirked, holding up his glistening fingers. "Wanna taste?"

I nodded and came towards him, but bypassed his fingers altogether, sinking to my knees before him. I placed my hands on those perfect thighs of his, leaning in and running my tongue along his slit. He gasped, his fingers gripping onto my hair and I heard my bandmates approach, no doubt to taste his fingers. I shifted my thumbs up his legs, gently parting his soft folds to lick him deeper. I didn't have much experience in this department, but as soon as I saw him I knew I had to have him. It tasted different from his ass of course, which I'd gotten so used to licking over the years, it was sweeter and fuck, so soft. I twisted my tongue in him, hearing his breath hitch above me. I shifted back a little, dragging my tongue along his lips, pressing it against where I thought his clit might be. A sharp gasp left his lips and he gripped my hair tighter.

"Fuck you taste good." That was Janne's voice again and I heard Toumas mm in agreement. I could just picture him, head bobbing up and down on Hannu's fingers. "Fuck..." He whispered, voice breathless. "So er..."

Hannu purred above me as I explored his new body with my tongue. "I asked you guys here for one reason: I have three holes now and there are three of you."

"You want us all to fuck you?" Janne again and I reluctantly pulled back to look up at Hannu.

He let out a soft whimper and then nodded, tongue darting across his lips. "All at once." Janne spluttered and Hannu smirked, then pointed at each of us in turn, starting with me. "Pussy, ass, mouth." I groaned, my cock aching beneath my kilt even more. "Now come on boys, let's get started! Who knows how long I'll have this thing." He got up off his chair, pushing me onto my back with both hands. Those hands instantly went to the waistband of my kilt and I lifted my hips up, to help him pull it down to my knees. "Mmmm, Miikka's nice and hard for me... Why don't you boys get your dicks out and in me while I ride him?"

He straddled my hips and sank down onto my cock, gasping as my thick shaft filled him up. His new soft, wet heat surrounding me. "Shit Hannu..." He was groaning, head tipped back as I filled him fully. I heard the sound of my bandmates zippers being undone, though didn't care to look. I reached up, running my fingers over the curves of his new breasts. They fit perfectly into my hands and I rubbed my thumbs over his nipples. He stayed still on me, though I could tell by his face that it was hard to.

Janne came over to us, naked from the waist down, his cock as hard as mine. "Where's the nearest lube?" I reached down for my kilt, where I kept some out of habit now but Hannu had this sly smile. He grabbed Janne's hand, pulling it between his legs and he gasped. Hannu manipulated his fingers and, fuck, I felt him press them inside his wet heat alongside my cock. The three of us groaned as I felt Janne's talented fingers alongside my cock, getting soaked by Hannu's cunt.

Hannu let go after a few moments and Janne retreating his hand from between Hannu's legs, circling him to stand behind him. I watched as he bought his fingers down behind our bassist. And then his breath hitched as he was penetrated by them. I gasped softly. I could feel his fingertips. It was so strange and Hannu groaned. "Faster, need you in me. Need you all in me." His voice was needy, desperate. Janne fingered him a little more, opening him up for his dick, but he was as eager to get inside him as Hannu was to take him.

He soon removed his fingers, replacing them with his cock. "Fuck..." The three of us groaned in unison. Fuck it was so strange, feeling Janne's cock like this.

Hannu beckoned Tuomas over to us and I watched our singer stepped over us. Unlike the rest of us, he'd fully stripped and I couldn't help but smile at that. Hannu leaned in as soon as he was close enough, taking his dick between those sweet lips of his. The moment he had his cock in his mouth, he started to move between us all.

This wasn't his first time being in this position. Sure it was his first time with a cunt, but it wasn't his first time with three dicks in him. That meant that he had some idea as to what to do. He rolled his hips between me and Janne, his soft wet heat feeling amazing around me. Who knew a cunt could feel so good? "Fuck Hannu..." I jerked up to meet him, a moan leaving my lips.

Janne reached around, holding onto Hannu's smooth, perfect thighs. I knew what that meant of course and a few moments later Janne was thrusting into him, purring into Hannu's ear. "Fuck, you make such a hot chick Hannu." He nipped at Hannu's shoulder and I felt his dick slam into him through the bassist's walls. "Can't wait to shoot my load deep in that new dripping wet cunt of yours." I heard Hannu moan around Tuomas' cock, Janne's words making him twitch around me. "Bet you want that huh? All our cum dripping out of you, leaking onto those sexy thighs of yours." Hannu was nodding, as best he could with a cock down his throat anyway. My cock was throbbing from his words.

"Fucking hell Janne..." I whispered breathlessly, thrusting my hips up against Hannu, my hands shifting from his breasts to find purchase on his thighs, just beneath Janne's.

"Come on Miikka, shoot up the pretty whore's cunt. Take the virginity of the slut's new pussy." I'd not thought of, that I was taking Hannu's vaginal virginity and that I'd been the one he chose to do it. I felt a mix of touched and even more turned on than I already was. I rocked up hard, a growl leaving my lips as I came deep in his new wet heat, knowing that while I wasn't going to be the last I'd always be the first.

"You close Tuomas?" I heard Janne ask as my dick twitched in him. I wasn't sure if Hannu had came, I just knew he was even wetter around me. Our singer moaned, nodding.

"Ye... Yeah."

Janne lifted Hannu up, sliding him off my dick until he was on his feet between them. "Cum in him." Tuomas didn't need telling twice and I heard, rather than saw, him enter Hannu. I shifted myself from between their legs, leaning up so that I was licking at Tuomas' bruised ass. His breath hitched as. I pressed my tongue along his crack, though I was too breathless from my orgasm to eat him out properly. Janne chuckled as Tuomas' breath hitched and he spoke again. "Fill his snatch up, Tuomas, I know you want to." I groan that was familiar to all of us filled the air and I knew that his cum had joined my own.

I leaned back, watching as Tuomas took a few shaky steps back from them, collapsing into one of the plush chairs behind us giving me a clear view of Janne and Hannu. "How's it feel slut hmm? Want my cum too?"

"Ye...yes Janne." Hannu whispered, voice shaky, breathless.

"Beg, tell me what you want." Janne purred and fuck, if I'd not just cum a few minutes ago.

Hannu keened softly, then the words spilled out. "Please Janne, want your dock up my cunt, need you to cum in my pussy. Need it to drip down my legs. It's all I could think about since I woke and felt it between my legs." He groaned, thrusting forward and I had the perfect few of just how wet and shiny his gorgeous new cunt was. "Please Janne..."

Janne smirked, pulling out of Hannu's ass and he circled him. "How can I refuse such pretty begging?" He thrust inside him, making Hannu cry out. "Fucking hell slut, you're so wet, so needy for us. Gonna cum in you soon cunt, then you'll have had all three of us inside you." Hannu moaned at those words. "Such a slut, had a pussy for just a few hours and had three dicks in you. Bet you wish Petja and Antero were here too huh?" Hannu whined and I could see him nod. "Well don't worry, they'll be back in a few days, but until then we'll just have to fuck you twice as hard to make up for em hmm?" Janne groaned, squeezing Hannu's new breasts. "Yeah, gotta cum over these too." He stilled, head tipping back and I knew that he'd cum too.

He carried Hannu over to the chair he'd greeted us in and Janne sat him back down in it, smiling as he stepped back. "So beautiful." Hannu was panting, cheeks flushed and I couldn't help but look back at his crotch, at his glistening pussy.

As I watched Janne sink down before him, his hands holding him open, I couldn't help but think about how Antero and Petja were fucking missing out. Then Hannu was moaning as Janne's tongue ran along his cunt and all thoughts of my absent bandmates left me.
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