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The Blood In You

The Blood In You
Pairing: Andrew Black/Jake Pitts
Rating: NC-17
POV: Andrew
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: So I've wanted to do something based on this pic *points to icon* for ages so yay, finally doing it!
Notes 2: This is a companion to the last one and, like that one, the title is from The Used song Blood On My Hands

My boots sounded on the floor as I was led through the slave market, past rows of cells. I didn't give them a second glance to see if slaves were within, I was here just for one, which I had purchased last night.

I kept an eye on the market's website for when new sluts came in. A lot that came up were cast offs of other masters, which were of no interest to me. Masters like that should just butcher the useless things not foist them upon someone else. However sometimes there were fresh new sluts put up for say, like the one I was here to collect. Christian was pretty, slim with tan untouched skin and long dark hair. He was the perfect thing to use and ruin.

The owner of the market, Jake Pitts, was jabbering something or other as he led me towards the cell Christian occupied. I wasn't paying attention to him, it was no doubt some sales pitch or some shit. "Anyway, here we are!"

Finally. He unlocked the door with his key, a single master key that opened every cell here. Lazy, but better than having a ring of keys. He pushed the door open with a smile. "And here is you..." The smile fell and I looked inside.

The cell was empty. It had clearly been occupied recently, the floor was soiled with slave filth, but there was no one there. I turned to him, eyes narrowed. "Where is my new slut Jake Pitts?"

He swallowed visibly and grabbed his tablet, checking that he had bought me to the right cell. He was clearly becoming more and more flustered as every second went by. He had no idea where the slut was that much was obvious. "I... Er..." He swallowed again and looked at me, face pale. "Can I interest you in another slave?"

"No, you cannot. None of the pieces of slut shit you have here interest me, if they did I would have purchased them." I glared at him, stepping closer to him. "If you cannot give me the slut I purchased then you are incompetent. Not to mention stupid."

"I err..." He swallowed and he was visible terrified. He had no idea what had happened, I could tell that much. I snatched the pad from him and checked for myself that this was the cell Christian was meant to be in. A quick glance at the cell's number confirmed at, yes, this was where he should be.

I clicked my fingers and the man behind me, a wall of muscle called Zack, a gift from the master of Las Vegas, stepped forward. He easily grabbed Jake's arms and pulled them behind his back. "Master Black please, I'm sure we can come to..."

"Enough." With his free hand Zack forced a ball gag into his mouth, which had been meant for Christian. "You have lost me a new slave, that incompetence is going to cost you." I grabbed his key from the door and turned, hearing Zack lift the other man into his arms. I heard him struggle, though knew it was no good. I walked back the way we came, until we entered the market's reception area.

The raven haired slut behind the reception desk looked over at us, eyes wide. "Take him to the car." I told Zack, stalking over to the slut. "What's your name?"

"I... it's Jinxx, Master Black." He replied, voice trembling but even so he inclined his head in respect. Good, meant he knew to be afraid of me.

I set the key and pad down on the desk before him. "Well Jinxx, it's your lucky day. You are no longer a slut, this is your place now." I paused, smirking at his surprised face. "Farewell Master Jinxx."

I stepped outside, heading straight to my limo, where Zack stood next to the open door. I gave him a nod of acknowledgement, stepping into my car and looking at Jake, who was strapped in place before me, his eyes wide with fear. Zack closed the door and I heard him circle around to get in the drivers seat. The intercom crackled and his deep voice came through the speaker. "Straight home Master Black?"

I nodded as I pressed the button to reply. "Yes Zack, home."

I sat back, turning my attention to Jake. "Now then, let's talk about you." As looked at me I could tell he was worried about what I was about to say. "You have run the LA's slave market for quite a few years now. Most of your tenure has run smoothly as things go, until fairly recently. Over the past few months I've heard several masters talk about you and not in glowing terms." I raised my right fist and began counting his failings off on my fingers. "Master Hetfield came to you for a slut that you listed as intact and yet he only had one arm. The medical college ordered ten reject slaves, but received nine instead. Master Good came for a pair of twin slaves, a brother and a sister for a house party but you hid they both already had damage to them. Master Barker, like me, was led to an empty cell. One of the slaves you sent to the tattoo school was had a skin condition that made her useless." I bought up my other hand, holding up my middle finger. "And then there's losing my new slave." I narrowed my eyes, leaning forward to him. "And those are just the ones I heard about. With the others you managed to smooth things over with your charm and offers of other sluts." I jabbed a finger at him. "I, however, think it paints a portrait of astounding incompetence. You're an embarrassment Jake Pitts."

He looked like he wanted to speak and I had no doubt if I removed his gag he'd be pleading his case, begging and blubbering. "Just imagine if one of your blunders had happened if one of the other Masters were here. If this had happened for Master Stump, Master Lambert or Master Toro." His eyes widened at the mere idea of that. I leaned even closer to him, my voice low. "Now there's another thing that troubles me. You seem more afraid of them than you are of me." Oh he was scared now. If his eyes got any wider they'd pop out of his skull. He shook his head, pleading with his eyes and I just smirked, settling back in my seat. "Soon we shall arrive at my home and then I shall decide what to do with you."

I closed my eyes and enjoyed his muffled pleas.


Out of my tinted window I saw that we were home. The main gate opened automatically and Zack drove us into the grounds. The Master of LA had two estates associated with the title, the first was this one overlooking the bay, towards the centre of town. The other one was an island out in the bay, referred to as Alcatraz. I preferred the former, renting out the island to any masters that wished to make use of it. It would be a shame, after all, if it went to waste.

Zack drove us down the driveway, towards the main building. The estate had several buildings with it's walls, but the main house was where I spent most of my time. The central building was centuries old, as old as the town itself, though since then almost every master had left their mark on it. The last one added a medieval-style spire, that was four stories tall. I smirked to myself as I looked at it. And that was where he'd stay.

Zack pulled us up outside the main entrance and he got out, circling around to open my door. He inclined his head in respect as I stepped out and he looked at Jake. "Master, where do you want him?"

I considered, than tapped my chin. "Take him to my personal chambers. I want him naked and bound." I paused, then smirked at him. "Fuck him if you wish."

"Yes Master Black, thank you."

I smiled, then waved him off, heading into the building. I could use something to eat before I dealt with Jake.


After having a nice lunch, I entered my chambers, smirking at the sight of Jake. He was naked, hands chained to the ceiling, the gag still between his lips. I circled him slowly and smirked. It was clear Zack had took me up on the offer and fucked him, cum oozing from his hole. I'd have to check the footage later.

"Well Jake, you look pitiful." I reached up and undid the gag, ripping the ball from between his lips, tossing it to one side. "Think very, very carefully before you chose to speak to me." He swallowed, taking a few deep, steadying breaths. I moved to stand before him, waiting to see what he had to say for himself.

"What are you going to do to me?" A sensible question, better than blithering like an idiot.

"Well, that's better than I expected." I nodded, then answered him. "I'm going to fuck you. And then I'm going to have fun with you." I knew what he really wanted to know. 'Will I survive the day?' It was best to not tell him. "Do you have anything you wish to say to me before I get started?" Best that he get it out of his system now.

He looked at me, took a deep breath then spoke. "I'm sorry Master Black. Your slut was there last night when I told him you had been the one to win him. I... I really don't know what happened or how he could have possibly escaped his bonds and got out."

"I believe you." I replied and he looked at me, eyes hopeful. "But that is exactly my point. A slave somehow vanished out of your facility and you have no idea what happened."

I had sent a request to his replacement before I ate. The main corridor had a security camera and I asked him to send me the recording. By the time I'd finished lunch I had them. I reviewed the footage, fast forwarding through it. I saw him go into the cell and could see the slut there as he informed him of his new owner. And then... Nothing. No one came anywhere near the cell until we arrived this morning.

It was a mystery to be sure. I sent the new Master Jinxx a reply, telling him I appreciated the assistance and his speedy reply. I also advised him to not use the cell for slaves again, just in case. I would send Zack over in a day or two to check the cell, just in case there was some way in or out not accounted for. There could be an old air vent or maintenance shaft that someone could have used to nab the slave.

Hopefully that would turn up something, then we could go from there.

Now, to the matter at hand. He knew I was right, my words silencing him. I smirked, running my fingers down his chest and I pinched both of his nipples, a gasp leaving his lips. "Zack fucked you." I stated matter of factly and he looked down, clearly embarrassed. Being fucked was something most masters openly hated, being fucked was something for sluts. A master being fucked was considered humiliating, more so if it was by a slave. I knew, though, that some enjoyed it. Myself included. "Did you cum? Did you shoot your load as a slave fucked you?" I was sure to put extra emphasis on the word slave and he whimpered. "Answer me!" I growled, taking his balls in hand, giving them a squeeze.

"Y... Yes Master Black." He whimpered, looking down. "I came over the floor as he fucked me. And..." I gave his balls another squeeze when he hesitated. "And he made me lick up!"

"Of course he did." I said with a wave of my arm as I released his balls. "He's better than you. And besides he knows how I don't like slave filth to stain my room."

I watched his face as he processed my words, smirking when I saw his eyes go wide. "But I..."

"Come now, you didn't honestly think you'd be walking out of here?" I smirked, shaking my head. If he believed that then he was more foolish than I thought. "Did you think you'd just get a punishment, have a glass of wine and be sent back into the world?" I shook my head again, tutting. "No. Jinxx, or rather Master Jinxx, now runs your slave market. What was yours is now is." He baulked at that, a slut taking over his little enterprise instead of a fellow master. It was practical really. Jinxx would no doubt have enough knowledge of the place to keep it running smoothly with little disruption (proven by how quickly he'd responded to my request and how he'd already made a sale). To put another master in charge would require closing the place until I found someone responsible enough to be in charge of a building full of sluts.

Thankfully he realised it was best not to argue with or question me.

"Now then, enough of this." I punched him in the stomach, then circled around him, stopping to grab a pair of black gloves. I slipped them on, the black latex clinging to my skin and I smiled to myself. I grabbed some lube, swearing it generously over my right hand. It was fun watching him squirm, the chains holding him rattling as he tried in vain to see what I was doing. I purposely took my time, just because I loved the sight of him.

I returned to him, running the fingers of my unlubed hand down his back as I spoke. "Every master has a thing, something that they like doing to sluts the most. I happen to know that yours is fisting." He shook his head and I chuckled, reaching down to hold his cheeks open, thrusting three lubed fingers into him. Zack was a big boy, not quite as well endowed as Master Toro but pretty close, so that meant I didn't need to take it easy. Not that I would have done anyway.

I worked my fingers in him, stretching his formerly virgin hole open for me. "Please..." He whimpered out the word and I chuckled, twisting my fingers in him.

"I get it, I'm not going fast enough for you." I smirked, knowing he wanted the opposite. I retreated my fingers, only to press them back in with my thumb and little finger. He cried out, head tipping back and body jerking. I leaned in and I could see he was crying already. "So pitifully, I've not even got my full fist in you yet." When I finished speaking, I reached around his body and held onto his hip. "Let's remedy that hmm?" I pressed my hand into him, hearing him keen in pain as I breeched his hole. "How many sluts have you done this to?" I asked, twisting my wrist as I forced my hand fully inside him. "Do you even know?" I growled in his ear as I tightened my hold on his hip. "Answer me!"

"S... Seven." He managed after a few moments, voice wavering. "Five boys, four girls..."

I smirked, as I moved my fingers in him, my hand on his hip shifting towards his crotch. My fingertips brushed against his erection and I chuckled. "You should have been a pleasure slut!" He whimpered at my words, no doubt ashamed he'd got hard both times he was violated today. "Did you fist any of the slaves in your care?" He nodded and I wondered if he'd included them in his count. Before he could say anything, not that I was sure he was going to, I asked him another question. "Did you do this to Christian?"

He groaned as I spread my fingers inside him, shaking his head. "N... no... I didn't touch him..."

"But you wanted to?"

"Y... Yes..." He whimpered, looking down and then he started blubbering, the words flowing from his lips. "He was so pretty... and he was a virgin... Fuck I always want to fist the virgins most. I... It's so hard not to." I ran my middle finger along his erection, pushing more of my arm into him. "They cry and scream and beg so fucking..." His dick twitched at the thought and then a whimper left his lips. "I'm sorry Master Black, I'm so fucking sorry..."

I smiled, working my arm into him and his cock jerked up, cumming all over his belly. I shook my head, looking around him and running my fingers through his cum, making sure to get it all. I tutted as I did. "Shooting from a fist in you, you really are a slut." I bought my stained gloved fingers up to his lips. "Suck." He whimpered again but parted his lips and took my fingers between them. I felt the pressure of his tongue press against them, lapping his seed from them. As he did so I circled my wrist in him, moving my hand back so just my fist remained in him.

I kept him sucking my fingers for several minutes longer than necessary, his pretty head bobbing on them. Yeah, he really did look the part of a pleasure slut like that. I let him bob a few more times, then removed them from his mouth, trailing my fingers down his body to grip onto his hip. As soon as I held him, I removed my gloved fist in a quick movement, hearing him cry out. I examined my hand, then was still some lube on it, some sweat, the traces of Zack's cum. I'd not been rough enough to tear him. Good.

I presented this hand to him and he whimpered, but started to lick it clean with no argument. I watched, rotating my arm after a few minutes so he could get at all of it. "This suits you much better than being a master." He didn't reply as his tongue cleansed the latex.

Once I was satisfied he was done I moved my hands from him and stepped back, giving a nod to Zack. He had been watching from a chair against the opposite wall and he stood at my nod. He was clothed in the same attire he'd been wearing earlier, jeans and a shirt, and he had an obvious erection. I smirked and handed him my phone, which he took and slipped into his pocket. As I began to undress, I watched him take ahold of Jake, lifting him up and off the hook that held his chains to the ceiling, before dropping him to the floor as if he was nothing.

I cast off clothing, tossing each item to a chair behind me. My shirt, gloves and leather pants were soon all atop it, so I was standing in just my boots. "Now, get your ass in the air." A whimper left his lips, but he did it without complaint, shifting his knees under him so that his ass raised up. I ran my fingers over my erection, then moved over to him, kicking his legs apart with my booted feet so that I could get between them. I aimed myself for his hole, an easy task since the fisting had stretched it wide, although I made a mental note to let Zack to have a go with his. He cried out as I thrust into him and I set a rough pace inside him from the get go. Why take it easy when this was a punishment after all.

Zack was there, standing to one side, as I fucked Jake's body roughly, gripping onto tightly onto him. Each thrust of my hips made him groan. "See Jake, you should have been a pleasure slut." I purred as I pounded into him, feeling him try and clench around me, not that he could right now. "You look much better on the floor with a cock inside you." He whimpered again, shaking his head. "You best get used to it, this'll be your life from now on." He whined as I dug my nails into his skin, saying nothing. A wise decision.

I slammed into him a few more times before cumming deep inside him. After fisting him and seeing him cry I knew the fuck would be fairly short. "There, now you have a real master's cum inside you."

I circled him when I pulled out, threading my fingers through his raven hair. "Clean me off." He whimpered, but extended his tongue, running at along my dick. I watched as Zack reached for his ass, shoving two of his large fingers inside, twisting them around and removing them. They were glistening in cum and I gave him a nod, watching as he sucked his fingers clean. I groaned, looking down at my dick, making sure that he was doing a good job.

Like before, I made him suck a little longer than necessary before releasing his hair and stepping away from him. I grabbed a pack of cigarettes from my bedside table, pulling out and lighting up with a lighter beside it. I always needed a smoke after a fuck. As the smoke left my lips, I returned to them, using my free hand to pull his head up to face me. His cheeks were shining with fresh tears. "Now, we've done something that you like, how about we do something I like?"

I nodded to Zack, who lifted Jake up in his arms and I led the way. In one corner of the room there was a staircase, leading down to a private dungeon. It wasn't a proper on in the traditional sense since it was above ground, but you'd not think so. The house did have a larger dungeon for entertaining and several other ones, but this one was for my personal use. Each master outfitted the room to suit their tastes and kinks, with a focus on whatever it was that got them off.

For me, the room was split in two. One side had cupboards and drawers holding various toys and pieces of equipment. In the middle of that section was a table with adjustable stirrups and restraints. On the other side, where we were going now, was a bathtub. Along one side of it was a row of hooks with a variety of different blades hanging from them. I finished off my cigarette, stubbing it out on Jake's foot and he hissed in pain.

I bent down, undoing the buckles on my boots, slipping them off as Zack added a chain to Jake's ankles, hanging him up from the ceiling above the tub. Jake looked confused, then worried as I picked on of the knives and got in the tub. "What are..." He cried out as I made a few cuts across his body. These were in places that would make him bleed considerably, while still keeping him alive.

Zack was circling me, taking pictures on my phone. I laid back beneath Jake's hanging body, the blood dripping down across my chest. "Please..." He whispered, finding his voice again. "Please don't kill me! I'm sorry Master Black!" He was weeping again, gravity making his tears join his blood on my skin. "I'll do anything, anything you want..."

"What I want right now is for you to bleed." I replied, cutting him off. "You are my property Jake, you became it the moment I had Zack haul you from the slave market. So I can do with you exactly as I wish." The blood was flowing more now and I gave Zack a nod. He gave Jake's chest a shove and his body started to swing, so that the blood could land across my body. It landed across my chest, arms, neck and face. It was fucking glorious. My cock twitched as some of the blood landed over it and I reached over the side, reattaching the blade to it's hook. Jake was whimpering again, not knowing how to reply to what I'd said. Soon the blood loss would make him feel dizzy. I caught some in my fingers, bringing it to my lips to taste, savouring the coppery taste.

Most of my body had at least a few spots of blood on it when the swinging subsided and there was a layer of blood beneath me now. I looked at his face and it was clear that he was getting out of it and I smiled, reaching up to stroke his face, leaving a smear of his own blood across it. He probably thought he was going to die. I smirked and clicked my fingers.

Zack set my phone on the side of the tub, then he grabbed Jake's body and hauled him up into his arms again. He had his instructions, I'd messaged him before I came up. I gave him a nodded and he headed to one wall, pulling on the chain nearest it to open up the secret passageway, one of several in the building. This led directly to another set of rooms, the morgue, butchery and, Zack's destination, surgery. He'd find that he was going to wake up with a few missing parts once my surgeon was through with him.

I smiled to myself as they left, laying back in Jake's blood. I rarely got to fill the tub, only doing so when I drained someone dry. I usually used the sickle for that, because it was nice and quick. The feel of the blood was making me ache again, but I was going to do something first. I grabbed my phone and went through the contacts, making a call and putting it on speaker. "Ah Master Black, how nice to hear from you, are you in town again?" The surprisingly soft voice of Master Toro answered and I smiled.

"Sadly no, Master Toro, although it is a pleasure as always to speak to you." I found my hand snaking between my legs, my fingers wrapping around my cock. "I was wondering if you could put me in touch with that artist of yours, I have something I'd like him to work on and he's done such a splendid job with those commissions you've shown me."

"Oh really? Wonderful! Of course, I'll text you his number right away so you can discuss it with him immediately! Be sure to give me a call, I'd love to know what it is you want him to do for you."

"Oh I will Master Toro." My breath hitched a little as I stroked myself. "I certainly will."
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