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The Blood On My Hands

This Blood On My Hands
Pairing: CC/Christian Mora
Rating: NC-17
POV: Christian
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: So like the last one, this is an idea I've had rattling around for awhile so..

I shivered, the chain connecting me to the wall rattling from the motion. It was cold in here, so cold. The room I was in was one of many down here, in the basement of the the slave market. I whimpered, fearful. Master Pitts had put me up for auction online and I knew it would be up soon. All I could do at the moment was hope, hope a master won me that would use me for sex not just kill me.

The door opened and there stood Master Pitts, a smirk on his lips. "Well, well cunt, looks like you have a new owner. Master Black will be here in the morning for you."

My eyes widened and I shook my head. Master Black was the top master, he owned this city and there were rumours. "No... Please no, anyone but him please!"

He backhanded me hard, chuckling. "You have no choice slut, you know that." He smirked and turned back, heading out. "Enjoy your last night here!" He slammed the door shut behind him and as soon as he was gone I started to cry.


I whimpered as I stirred, knowing the horrors today would bring. It had taken me a long time to sleep as I couldn't stop thinking about Master Black. He was fairly attractive but there were all kinds of rumours about him, like there were about other masters like him. That he hunted slaves for sport. That he bathed in blood. That he'd tortured one slut for a whole year. That he had slaves that weren't fully human anymore. The thought of him owning me, it made me shit and piss myself with fear soon after I'd been left alone. I was now scared, so scared I didn't want to open my eyes...


I sniffed the air, feeling confused by the smell, or rather the lack of one. My fingers reached for my neck. My collar was there but the chain attaching me to the wall wasn't. Slowly I opened my eyes, which confirmed I was no longer in my cell. Had they came and took my while I slept?

I looked around the room. It seemed to be some kind of storeroom, with shelves of various things on the walls. Some were foods in tins, while others looked like chemicals. I frowned, standing up slowly. This was hardly he kind of room a master like Master Black would keep a slave. I tried the door and it opened up into a kitchen. I frowned, now even more confused. A master definitely not keep a slut in a kitchen cupboard. Maybe if the slave was working in a kitchen perhaps, but I'd never cooked before, not enough to have a place in a master's kitchen anyway.

I spotted, on the countertop, a rack of knives with one missing and bit my lip. I could grab one, use it to protect myself. And if I ran into Master Black I could... I swallowed at the thought. It was risky of course, if I failed he'd make me suffer no doubt about it. If I succeeded, though, I could take over be the new master. Or at the very least be free.

Was it worth the risk?

I grabbed the handle of the biggest knife and then creeped out of the kitchen. To be honest, I expected this place to be much... well, grander. The kitchen was about the same size as the one I'd had back home, before dad had sold me to Jake. If I pulled this off I'd go after him for that.

I frowned again as I made my way down the corridor. Where was the art? The sculptures? Instead there were a series of framed discs on the walls. What's a black veil bride? I shook my head slightly. This felt wrong somehow. Maybe he had a separate, smaller house where he put slaves, or this was some sick game...

I froze, hearing a sound from upstairs. If this was some kind of game maybe that was a fellow slave he was hunting. Or maybe it was Master Black...

I entered the main hallway and faced a choice. Go out the front door and run, or investigate the source of the noise upstairs. I bit my lip, took a deep breath and made my way up the stairs. Where the hell was I? Maybe whoever was up here had some answers.

The sound was coming from a room at the end of the corridor. I gripped the knife tighter, heading towards the sound. I braced myself, not sure if I'd find friend or foe within and I pushed the door open slightly to peek inside.

The room was a bedroom, I could see a bed as well as someone's bare foot. I could also see that the ankle of it had a length of black rope around it, which meant it wouldn't be Master Black. I saw a shadow move and a figure entered my view. They were slim, naked with jet black hair that hung past his shoulders and they had tattoos down their arms. And what looked like blood on them.

"Ah Ryan, you were such a good fuck, but you're even better now you're nice and quiet." I blinked, not believing what I was hearing. No, it wasn't what was being said that I was having trouble with. It was who that was saying it.

That was my voice.

The figure turned around and I gasped at the sight. That was me, except he was tattooed and his chest was covered with blood. He looked over to me and smirked. "Well, well, looks like we have a little mouse in our house." He stalked over to me, the missing blade in his hand and he pulled the door open fully, his brown eyes going wide at the sight of me. "Well, well, well..." The other me smirked, his eyes running over me. "Seems this little mouse is my twin."

He hooked his finger through the ring of my collar, using it to pull me into the room. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that the body over the bed had the chest torn open. I swallowed, then looked back at the other me as he shoved me into a chair. He released my collar and snatched the blade from my hand, the shock of seeing him having caused my grip to loosen. I cursed myself and he smirked, leaning in. "Who are you little mouse?"

"I... I..." I swallowed, my eyes meeting his. I should be used to this, but I'd never seen a dead body before now. "I'm Christian Mora, who are you?"

He looked me over again, clucking his tongue. "Well that's the thing little mouse." He pointed to himself, nodding a little. "I am Christian Mora and I'm certain I don't have a twin. I guess a fan could look like me but..." He shook his head, dismissing the notion.

"A... fan? What do you mean?" I asked, feeling more confused by the second.

He snorted, licking his lips lightly. "By your expression I can tell that you're serious, so I'll tell you little mouse. I'm a member of the band Black Veil Brides." I gasped, my eyes widening at that. Why the hell would I be in a band? He ignored my reaction though, continuing. "It's what allows me to have fun." He gestured to the bed, at the body lying there. "So little mouse, what is your story?"

I swallowed and then the words came out. "Last night I went to sleep in my cell... Master Pitts had told me I'd been sold to Master Black, and when I woke up... I was in the cupboard in the kitchen downstairs." I shrugged slightly. "I heard a sound and came up here... And found you."

"Hmm..." He tapped his chin with a side of one of the blades, looking thoughtful. "You mean Jake Pitts?" I nodded, did he somehow know him? "He doesn't have cells nor sell anyone. He's just a guitarist. But you don't appear to be lying and, well, look at you." He gestured one of the blades at me. "That means that you must have come from somewhere, somewhere else."

I bite my lip, nodding a little, though I had no clue what that meant. "Are you going to kill me?" I asked, voice soft.

"Well that depends little mouse." He leaned in closer to me, lowering his voice. "It depends on if you can behave." As he said that he stabbed the blade I'd had into the top of the chest of drawers beside me. He then hooked his fingers back through the hoop of my collar and stepped to one side so I had a clear view of the body. "For starters, fuck him." He said, gesturing with his blade.

I swallowed and nodded, standing when he gave my collar a tug. Well, it seemed like wherever this was, it wasn't so much different than home. He released my collar and I stared at the body as I got closer. It didn't look like he'd been dead for too long. His chest was cut open in a vague Y and I could see muscle and bone among the wet red blood. His face was pretty, his lips parted and his eyes glassy, his chestnut hair almost to shoulders.

I moved between his spread legs and it was clear that this other me had fucked him before, and most likely after, killing him. I reached between my legs, stroking my dick to full hardness. Despite everything, seeing him and this had made me half hard so it didn't take long to get myself erect.

I knew the mechanics of fucking, of course. I knew I had to press my dick against the body's asshole and push inside. The thing was, though, I'd never actually done it before. I'd never fucked or been fucked at all. Dad had known he'd get the best price for me if I was a virgin, though it didn't stop him making use of my mouth.

Now was not the time to think of that though. I climbed on the bed, between the body's legs and positioned myself at his opening. I took a deep breath, then eased into him. A groan left my lips as I filled him, his tightness surrounding my length. Fuck, this felt amazing. I held onto the corpse's hips, starting to thrust in and out of him. He still felt warm, not that I had a living body to compare it to. "Fuck..." I whispered, my sharp hips pressing against the curve of the body's ass with every thrust.

"Having fun little mouse?" I froze at the other me's words, which were purred into my ear. I'd not even heard him move. He pressed his body against my back, whispering in my ear. "Don't stop on my account." I nodded and resumed fucking the body, relishing in the feel of it. The other me reached around my body, running his fingers through the corpse's open chest. I noticed now that his nails were painted in chipped black nail polish and, fuck, they looked good covered in blood. He moved his right hand away and back out of my sight and then I felt the middle finger push against my hole. A groan left my lips and he purred, whispering in my ear again. "You look so good little mouse, I have to fuck you." He pressed against me and I could feel his erection press against the back of my thigh. "Tell me, when were you last fucked?" He asked, forcing a second digit inside me, my eyes lidding.

"I... This is my first time..."

"I thought so, you feel so tight little mouse." As he spoke he twisted his fingers inside me, catching a spot that made me cry out. He chuckled, pressing the fingers of his left hand into the corpse and I was sure I could feel the pressure of his movements. "How about this little mouse? Is it your first time fucking too?" I keened as he jabbed his fingers into that spot again and I nodded, feeling breathless.

"Y... yes, this is my first time in anyone." He hummed and leaned in, running his tongue along the side of my neck as he retreated his fingers from me.

"Stay still little mouse." He whispered softly and I instantly stilled, feeling his cock press between my cheeks. His hands shifted and gripped onto the body's thighs as he pushed into me. A groan left my lips, my eyelids fluttering. "Oh yes little mouse." He purred against my ear, his hips thrusting against my ass. Each movement he made caused me to thrust into the body and, fuck, it was amazing. "So hot little mouse." He ran his fingers through the blood again and then bought his hand up, running his fingers across my chest, leaving bloody smears in their wake. My cock ached inside the body and I groaned, everything he did turning me on. "I want you to cum in him as I take your virginity, little mouse, fill him up."

I groaned as his thrusting dick caught my spot and I felt myself cum with a cry, harder than I'd ever done in my life before. "Oh yes..." He purred against me, then shoved me down over the body, my chest pressing against the open chest cavity. I moaned at the strange feeling of the blood and muscle against me, his hands gripping onto me as he fucked me even rougher. After a few hard, rough thrusts he spilled into me too, a growl leaving his lips as he filled me.

Fuck, that was amazing...

He pulled me up as he eased his length out of me and he came back into view, licking his lips. "Oh yes, you look so hot covered in blood little mouse." I smiled, looking down and myself, almost my whole chest covered in deep red blood. "I'll have to get more bloody before I dispose of Ryan here."

"Dispose?" I asked, voice a little breathless from my amazing orgasm. "What are you going to do with him? Get an artist to make something from his bones or make pants from his skin or just butcher him?"

He blinked as he looked at me, confusion on his face, as if what I said had never occurred to him. Did he just kill for pleasure then and not bother with all that? "Why don't you tell me more about where it is you've come from little mouse..."
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