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Pairing: Quinn Allman/Robert Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Robert
Warnings: Kinkverse, BDSM, gore
Notes: Set just prior to Commission. I had this idea rattling in my head and figured I should do it so...
Notes 2: Next fic shall be the last outfits one, then a kinkverse two parter

"I appreciate your assistance in this matter Robert." Raymond Toro said, his voice surprisingly even. His toned chest and muscular arms were covered in blood, the blood of Frank Iero. His body was laid out on the floor before us, still twitching slightly. "I'll compensate you appropriately tomorrow." He paused, sneering at Frank's corpse, an expression rare to see in his face. "In the meantime, take all of this filth's possessions you desire, including any slaves he may have."

"Thank you Master Toro."

"And do keep what he had quiet." There was something in his tone that implied if I didn't I'd end up like Frank here, despite our friendship.

"Of course Master Toro, no one will know from me."

"Excellent." He smiled, then gestured with his hand, indicating I should go. "Now, I have to deal with this." He kicked the corpse before him and I nodded, turning to leave, one of Raymond's slaves leading me out, blood covering his skin as well.


I headed straight to Frank's house, eager to see what I could salvage. I think he had some slut kept locked up somewhere, though we hadn't seen any when we had came a few house ago. Not that we'd been very far into it of course, we just barged past a shocked Frank and found Ray hanging in the living room.

And then the fun had begun.

I smiled as I stepped back inside the house, looking around for anything that I might want. From what I'd seen on my previous visit there was nothing terribly special. The stuff was mostly pretty standard torture equipment, though maybe there was more interesting stuff elsewhere. Even so I stuffed a few things that could be of use in my bag, knowing it would go to waste otherwise.

The only interesting piece of kit I found was a tattoo machine, which naturally I claimed. Upstairs there wasn't much to speak of either. A few toys, but not much else. He didn't even have any decent art of furniture. I dumped the stuff I found in the car, then went to the last place to check.

I found his slut in the basement, though it wasn't impressive. The slut was in a straightjacket, hanging upside down from the ceiling. I could tell from his face and shock of blonde hair, that he was Quinn Allman, guitarist of The Used who had gone missing some months prior. Turns out he was here, taken by Frank. Perhaps I'd return him to them, after having some fun with him of course. He looked afraid and uncertain as I stepped before him.

The basement didn't have much in the way of equipment either. Seems Frank was merely a basic master, dull really. I lowered Quinn down and hauled him over my shoulder, carrying him to the car and dumping him in the trunk.

My last trip was clear his fridge and freezer of meat, no sense it going to waste after all.

I took one last look at the place before getting into my car, shaking my head slowly. Tomorrow it would be torched and the only thing left of Frank Iero would be his remains on display in Raymond's house.

I smirked, then drove away, back home.


As I pulled up outside my house, I saw a figure await me. I frowned as I parked up, getting out and was about to tell them to fuck off when I saw who it was. The thick curls gave him away as one of Raymond's slaves. He had the two at home and then there was this one. He bore more than a passing resemblance to one of the others slaves, which made me suspect they were related. "Aaron."

He nodded his head, those curls of his bouncing. Unlike the slaves at Raymond's home he was fully clothed. He was bulkier too than they were. He helped Raymond run things, especially that venue he owned. "Master Bryar." He inclined his head slightly. "My Master asked me to find out if you were done at Frank's." At the name he wrinkled his nose in distaste. I wondered how much he knew.

I nodded, gesturing to the car. "I have everything of note."

"Good. Master wants the place destroyed promptly, it's my honour to deal with it."

Ah the devotion Raymond inspired in his slaves. It really was something to see, not many masters inspired such loyalty. "Before you go and burn it down, do you have information of The Used? I found something of theirs there that they may want back."

"Of course, I will send you the details I have once I have completed my task Master Bryar." He gave me a nod, then walked past me towards his car.


As soon as Aaron left, I emptied my car out, starting with the meat, then the tattoo equipment and lastly Quinn.

I carried him into the living room, dropping him on the sofa. He looked afraid, wondering what I was going to do to him and no doubt where his master was. "I am Master Bryar." I told him, answering one of his questions. "The man that held you is now dead, Master Toro killed him. As I helped him he gave me ownership of whatever that man had, including you." I paused, letting him take all that in before continuing. "I intend to own you tonight, then you shall be returned to your band tomorrow."'His eyes widened, clearly surprised by that. "Now suck my cock."

I undid my flies, hefting my cock out, then removed his gag. He leaned in to me and started to suck me, his tongue darting against my flesh.

I could have kept him permanently as a slut and I likely would have, if it was some random slut, but I knew that Master Toro had liked The Used, giving them back their band member would surely please him and that was always a good thing.

He took my dick between his lips, bobbing up and down on my length. I wondered if he was a master or a sub, though being in a band meant the line blurred considerably. He hummed around me, twisting his tongue against me. I ran my fingers through his bleached blonde hair. He wasn't doing a bad job actually, a sign he'd sucked more than Frank's pathetic excuse of a dick. He seemed to be putting quite a bit of effort into it too and I could see the gratitude in his pretty eyes.

I wondered what that cunt had done to him, though it was all hidden beneath that straightjacket of his. I had no intention though of releasing him from it myself to find out, my curiosity wasn't that strong.

I gripped his blonde hair, feeling myself get closer to the edge. Thoughts of Raymond going to town on Frank, making him scream and beg as he went to town on him filled my mind. I knew what I'd seen tonight would linger in my mind for a long time to come. With a growl I came down Quinn's throat, staying in place so he'd swallow every drop.

When I was satisfied I had, I pulled out and replaced the gag in his mouth, zipping myself up without another word.


I glanced out of my bedroom window over the town, my gaze drawn to the orange flames engulfing Frank's house. By morning it would be burned to the ground and the mutterings would start. There'd be speculation and rumour for days at least, until whenever Raymond put out the official explanation for the master's demise.

Good riddance.

I turned from the flames and headed out my room and down the corridor, stopping to unlock the door. I stepped into what had been a spare room, but it had now been repurposed. I'd cleared it out the second I moved here, bricking up the window as part of it so no one could see in or out. There wasn't much in the way of furniture in here, just a few drawers of equipment and bondage gear.

Before me, hanging from the ceiling was the reason for all of this. He looked over at me, ginger hair hanging over one of his ice blue eyes, a gag stretching those pierced lips, a dildo stuffed up his ass and his ringed dick hard and aching between his thick thighs.

Robert Bryar. Or rather Bobby Bryar.

A few years ago, after I'd been kicked out of My Chemical Romance, I'd awoken in Chicago in my old house. It was strange, not in the least since I'd not lived there in years and had gone to sleep in my apartment in LA. I explored the house and found it had been refurbished, which wasn't a surprise really. What was a surprise was the amount of bondage gear.

I searched the house to see if anyone was here, having awoken in the kitchen of all places, and then found him in my old room. He was sprawled over the bed, ass in the air, as if begging to be fucked. I'd been tempted to do just that and then he spoke. In my voice. He was begging for it.

So I gave him it, making him take every inch of my dick and, fuck, he felt amazing.

What happened after I came (after his shock at seeing me) was a quick lesson as to how this place worked. (Being with the Ways for all this time and dealing with their geekiness meant I realised I was in some alternate universe and talking with the other me made me realise it was closest to a kinkier version of the Star Trek mirror universe.) Basically the world was divided into two, masters and sluts. There were no real rules to what masters could do, they could fuck, torture and even kill sluts. Only pedophilia was seemingly universally frowned upon. Every town or city seemed to have a main dom that was in charge. The version of me was a slut, calling himself Bobby, he was under the loose protection of Master Stump as a pleasure slut. Yeah, Patrick Stump as a master, and one of the big ones at that.

He'd not known of anyone crossing over like I had, though that didn't mean no one had of course.

(So that meant it was a surprise to have seen Ray here now as well. If I'd realised it was him I'd likely have taken him in, since he was the only one in that fucking band I tolerated before I'd been kicked out. Frank's fault that, and I was glad the little shit, or at least this version of him, got what he deserved. Still, it would've been nice to confirm that was 'my' Ray.)

Of course that made me wonder what I'd do now I was here. If I went out in town, Bobby said, I'd likely get confused for him and get fucked pretty quickly, even though I was bulkier than he and had a beard. That meant I had one option. I bundled him up in his car, packed a few things and left, coming here.

Newerk was different than it was back home. It seemed bigger for one. I quickly found a house that had been left unoccupied (Bobby said that happened) and set myself up here as a Master. My main goal in coming here, was getting revenge on Frank, which I had finally achieved tonight. I'd been sure to make friends with the local Master at the first opportunity and had been pleasantly surprised it was Raymond and that he was still as good natured as the Ray I knew, well, mostly.

I looked up the rest of the people I'd known, starting with the rest of the band. Gerard and Mikey were here, Gerard being an artist and Mikey, here known as Michael, giving lessons in torture. Frank had been a master, but one that wasn't terribly well liked. Worm, who had been the band's bodyguard, was one of the main masters out in Detroit. Only a few of the people I knew back home were in bands here, it was considered a rather dangerous profession I'd learned. Several of those, like The Used, had gravitated out here due to Raymond's love of the arts, which made this a haven of artists and musicians.

(Films were still largely made over in Hollywood, though they were of course very different from the ones I knew. Like the Marvel films, here they all ended in heroes getting tortured. I'd watched Thor quite a few times because of it.)

I closed the door behind me, smirking as I approached Bobby. "Today is a good day." I said with a smile, running my fingers through his hair. "Frank Iero is dead." I grinned at him, the thought of Frank's dead body making me stiffen again. "And Toro did it. Fuck, I've never seen thar guy so angry before." It was so hot seeing him rage. Back home Ray was always the calm one, I don't think I'd ever seen him do more than raise his voice, no matter the craziness. To see him go to town like that... Fuck.

I reached down, undoing my fly and I saw his eyes sparkle. In Chicago he'd been a pleasure slut, a whore basically, and he took cock from various men every day. Now all he took was mine and the various toys I used on him. I unbuckled the gag, letting it drop to the floor beneath him. "Please, please fuck me..." He whispered, voice desperate and needy. I still wasn't used to hearing my voice say those things. "I need your cock. Please..."

"Such a dirty little slut." I smirked, pushing my jeans down my thick thighs, stepping out of them. "Suck." He smiled a leaned in, wrapping his lips around my cock. He was at the lperfect height for sucking or fucking. I threaded my fingers through his hair as he got me nice and wet. "You know what's strange though? Turns out I'm not the only one from my world here. Iero had the Toro from home." I couldn't be 100% sure on that of course, and couldn't imagine Raymond allowing me to be alone with him to find out, but the alternative was that this new Ray was from another universe altogether which seemed even less likely. "Makes me wonder who else is here."

I had wondered that when I first came during that long drive from Chicago to Newerk. Was I the only one this had happened to or were they others? Maybe people that went missing back home didn't actually go missing but ended up here instead. And maybe it was a two way street, that there were people from here back home. Perhaps serial killers and such were actually people from here, just doing what they usually do.

I groaned as Bobby's lips did their thing, making me ache in his mouth. I pulled out, not wanting to shoot down his throat, not now. Instead I circled around him, yanking the dildo out of him. I cast the rubber aside then held onto the backs of his thighs, slamming my cock into him. He groaned in pleasure, his body swinging from the force of the thrust. I gripped tighter onto him to stabilise him, fucking him hard and deep. I did this every night, after I came back from watching Frank, having searched for a reason to end him.

I could have done it on my own of course but Raymond wasn't one that liked masters killing each other without good reason. Finding a reason that gave Raymond an excuse to kill him, that was perfect. I could still see him standing over him, eyes filled with rage as he beat him. He'd started with his fists and feet, then moved on to blades.

I groaned, fucking Bobby harder, sounds of pleasure leaving his lips. I reached around him, pulling off the cock ring but otherwise leaving his cock untouched.

He'd gotten both of his sluts in then. I recognised one of them from home, though it had taken me awhile to remember his name was Ilan, though I made sure not to speak it of course. Then Raymond removed each of their cock cages. We held Frank down as they fucked him. It was for the humiliation, the indignity of being fucked by slaves. Raymond was hard though refused to fuck him, he wouldn't give the filth the satisfaction of feeling his impressive dick.

And yeah, it was magnificent, just like Ray's was.

I growled, knowing I was going to cum soon, the memories making me ache with need.

The slaves each took a leg and removed it with a blade sharp enough to slice right through him with ease. He screamed, he begged. He'd begged a lot. Raymond got his slaves to beat him, got me too as well, which I relished.

Then he made us move away. Frank was begging, pleading, but it was useless. He probably knew it was. Raymond had enough. He reached for Frank's ass, forced his fist in and then... pulled.

I cried out in pleasure, shooting deep inside my slut. I could feel him pulse around me, knowing he was cumming as well. I panted heavily and smiled, liking my lips. Ah yes, that memory would get me off for a long time coming.


My phone buzzed and I groaned, grabbing it from my bedside table. There was half a dozen texts from different people, asking if I knew anything about the fire over at Frank's. I didn't know what to say, so just ignored them. The latest message was from Aaron.

'Master Bryar, per your request last night here is the address of Master Whitesides of The Used for you to return what was taken from them.'

I smiled and yawned, stretching out over my sheets. Good, that meant I could get rid of Quinn this morning and then make use of my new tattoo equipment.
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