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Inspiration Part 3

Pairing: Jay James/Rich Boucher, Jay James/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 7: Outfits
Warnings: Hannu legs
Notes: I had done a little fic for this prompt, but didn't add it to the table and welsh made this suggestion which is too awesome not to do
Notes 2: So this was gonna feature Bullet, but the date of Hannu getting his new outfit is after he left so...
Notes 3: This was the hardest part of the three to write, because the performace part required me to come up with songs and that turned out to be so difficult. But huge thanks to raisethesail for helping me with stage names!
3: Performance

It was a few weeks since I'd bought the outfits back from Finland and things had been going well for us. We'd gotten more used to playing in various outfits and had settled on stage names and make up as well.

Rich had looked into Turmion's names and realised they were plays on words. As such he decided to give us names based on Welsh versions of that. He was Piggin, a reference to his impressive dick. Darran's was DRubber which was obvious. Jay was K-r snce he was our drummer. Sean's was Hally-ewr, which he found immensely amusing. Mine was He-wan, since I was a slut.

It was at one of these practice sessions when Rich turned to us with a smirk. "Ok, so I've been talking with a guy at Hobo's, he can get us in the back room next month if we want." He paused, looking between us all. "I think we're ready to do this in front of an audience."

We shared a look and I could tell they were waiting on me, after all it was my idea to start the band and get the outfits. After a moments thought, I grinned and nodded. "Yeah, let's do it."

Rich grinned and clapped his hands together. "Great! Then let's get to work!"


'You guys look good.' Hannu replied to my text that I'd sent him. I'd sent him a few pictures as well as a link to the new website that we were working on. 'You all look very fuckable. I hope you get the chance to come here after your first gig.'

'Me too, the guys loved seeing the videos of you guys playing on youtube.'

'I'm glad you approve. Be sure to let me know how the gig goes. And good luck.


Since then our practice sessions increased and became longer. We all wanted to be ready and at our best. After the second week we all took Rich up on his offer to stay until the gig which meant that we could practice daily. There was something almost electric as we played together, something... right. It was something I'd felt when I first joined Bullet, when they were still Jeff Killed John. I wondered if the others felt it too.

Hopefully this one gig would just be the start, that it would led to more. Maybe full tours, or festivals, anything. I longed for it. I missed it. I missed performing on stage in front of people, the anticipation, the rush both before and after a gig.

I missed my former brothers. Rich knew it, somehow he picked up on it, or maybe he was the only one who felt like he could say it. They were still in contact with their former bandmates, but I wasn't.

We were outside again, in his garden. Darran was asleep in bed, Sean and Jay... well, they weren't so asleep. Fuck, Sean could give Tuck a run for his money.

"I know you miss them." Rich blew out a cloud of smoke into the darkness before us, then turned to look at me. "I know you're still hurting from it, even now." I nodded, wisps leaving my lips.

"I just..." I sighed, shaking my head slowly. The words wouldn't come, not that I had any idea what to say anyway. At times it felt like a weight around my neck, the feelings about my former band. Other times my focus was clear, on this new thing we were making together.

Rich spoke, but only when it became clear I wasn't going to say anymore. "We are all here for you, you know? We're your new band, your new brothers and we're not going to leave you. Or cast you out or any of that shit." He gave me a sly smirk. "Of course, there is a long list of things we will do to you." I couldn't help but smile at that and he chuckled, stroking my arm. "And hey, when we make it big, I promise to punch Tuck for you."

My smile turned into a grin and I kissed him, tasting the smoke on his lips.


It was almost time now. We were in the tiny dressing room, which just about fit the five of us, and we were just finishing off. Our outfits were much the same as the ones we'd picked out of the bag that first night.

Darran wore the corset, which Rich had buckled up just a few minutes ago, securing the strap over his erection. Likewise, Rich wore the kilt and a set of boots, nothing else.

Sean had on the set of shiny teal hot pants, which clung tightly to him. He also wore a white tank top which was emblazoned with the Welsh dragon. His brother wore the rubber ass-less trousers and he wore a top that glittered like a disco ball in the light. Surprisingly that was something he'd had for years.

As for myself, the original outfit I'd chosen hadn't lasted too well. No surprise really, since it seemed to be something that had been pierced together from parts that anyone else would consider useless. (Something that Hannu confirmed when I asked him.) So I got my own pair of ass-less rubber shorts. I wore a pair of torn fishnets over my thick thighs across my chest was a set of straps, running up from my waist to the collar around my neck.

We all had make up on, celtic swirls on each of our faces. Sean and Jay had red ones, me and Darran had black and Rich had white.

The pre-show nerves had set in now and I felt a strong hand on my arse. Rich's, I knew. "It'll be ok." He purred against my ear, pressing one of his fingers against my opening. It was slick, probably from the lube he kept in the kilt pocket. (That was something we realised after that first day that the kilt and trousers had lube in their pockets, so we kept that.) He eased it into me, nice and slow. "Just think of all the energy we'll have after the show." I groaned and he licked my neck, sliding his finger out of me. "Now come on, it's time."

I nodded and we headed out the dressing room towards the stage. I took a deep breath and Sean grinned, heading onto stage and grabbing the mic furthest from us, the rest of us following. "Hello Bridgend! I am Hally-ewr and we are a new band called the Wan Curs!"

The crowd seemed like it didn't seem to know what to make of us, not that I was surprised by that, so we just launched into our first song. Our set tonight was going to be just six songs, coming in at a little over half an hour. The opener was the first me and Sean penned, full of rage and screaming. The crowd really got into it and Sean flashed me a grin. I returned it, remembering what Sean taught me. He'd been joint frontman of The Blackout for years, so he had given me some useful tips. Make the most of the space, no matter how small. If possible keep moving, don't stay still. Keep looking to the crowd.

Between songs Sean stalked over to me, grabbed my hair and kissed me hard. I groaned, resisting the urge to get more into it as he pulled back, launching into the next song like nothing had happened. That came so easy to him. The second song was new, done the day after I bought the outfits. It was about, rather predictably, sex. Mid song, during a part about wanking, Sean bought his mic down between his legs and jerked it off. It was a move he'd done with The Blackout and he was eager to put it in.

Rich gave my exposed arse a quick grope as we entered our third song. It was Sean's idea, as it was a party song, something that Sean's band had done a few times. This was slightly different than there usual ones, referring to the sex that went on during them. Sean held up two fingers as he sang and I leaned in, taking them between my lips and bobbing up and down a few times. It was a move inspired by one of Turmion's videos, something we knew we'd have to do.

Song four was the slower one, the second me and Sean wrote together. We'd debated whether or not to play it or not, but Rich said it it would show some range or something like that. I wrapped an arm around Sean as he sang, giving him a squeeze.

"Now we've got the slow song shit out the way..." Sean spoke up once the song as finished. "I'm gonna introduce you to the rest of these fucks!" He stood before the drum kit, licking his finger and then running a hand over the curve of it. "This is our drummer K-r!" Jay grinned, licking one of his drum sticks then starting up a beat. Sean then moved to Darran, his fingers running over the buckles of he corset. "This little slut is DRubber." He leaned in then, running his tongue along the curve of Darran's neck, making him groan. When they parted, Darran started strumming too. When he got to Rich he grinned. "Our bassist here is Piggin, guess why?" He winked and slipped a hand under Rich's kilt, a groan leaving his lips as he felt him up.

Then he came to me as Rich started playing. "And this filthy little slut is He-wan, he's always up for a good hard fuck." He grinned, reaching around and running his fingers along my crack, leaning in to kiss me again, harder this time.

When our lips parted from one another he grinned, retreating his fingers from me before they'd even penetrated me. The fucking tease. "Now that that's over with, let's get back to it!"

He grinned and then began to sing again. Our penultimate song was Rich's idea. It was called Y Ddraig Goch and, as the name implied, it was about our countries dragon. Half of the lyrics were in English and half were in Welsh. It was about the dragon's adventures across the welsh countryside and, of course, included me screaming out the word. "Oh how I want to get fucked by you Y Ddraig Goch!"

"Now we just have one last song, but I know I speak for these cunts when I wanna thank you all for staying and watching our very first show." The crowd cheered for us and Sean smirked.

"Let's just shut up and play Hally-ewr!" I growled at him over the mic, reaching up and pinching his nipples through the shirt. "This is our last song, about every Welshman's second favourite pastime."

It was, off course, about drinking and about the experiences we all had while drunk. (Though for Sean they were second hand since he wasn't a big drinker.) I growled out my parts, heading to Rich and running my free hand across his toned chest, as I growled about the one time he passed out on the Bullet bus and how we'd all took our turns fingering his arse. (None of us had had the balls, even while drunk, to fuck him.) Then I moved to Darran, grabbing onto his jet black locks and pulling his head back, growling how he'd ended up dancing on a table and pissed himself.

The song ended with Sean shoving two fingers into me, screaming to the crowd about how booze just made me sluttier than usual. He grinned, sucking his fingers clean when he pulled them out of me and then took a bow, the five of us heading offstage.

We were buzzing as we entered the dressing room, the five of us grinning. Rich gave Darran a quick kiss, then looked over at us. "Fucking hell you guys were awesome, you really got the crowd going." Rich came to us, giving each of us a kiss. "Fuck, now though I need to fuck and I'm sure you do too."

He undid Darran's strap and chuckled when he noticed there were fresh globs of cum along it. "Such a rubber slut that you couldn't wait." He purred the words out, licking his lips. "Who wants to lick him up?"

Sean grinned and sank to his knees, leaning in and scoping our guitarist's cum up with his tongue. Ruch held Darran up, purring in his ear, calling him a slut. Jay stood beside me, groping his crotch, his eyes on his brother's ass.

"You did great." I whispered to him, giving him a kiss, my tongue lapping at his, my hands running down his body, needing someone to touch.

"Holy fuck..." I froze at the words, coming from a familiar voice which didn't belong to any of the other four men in this room. "It is you, fuck Jay..." I stopped kissing Jay, turning to the door which was open, familiar face standing there. Padge. He grinned at us all, eyes wide. "That was incredible."

"Glad you could make it man." Rich said with a grin, motioning for him. "Now shut the door and come join us."

Padge nodded and stepped in, closing the door behind him. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close. He kissed my forehead and then he spoke up as he ran his hands over my back. "As much as I love this hug, I've had a fucking boner since you guys stepped out on that stage."

I grinned, kissing him before sinking down to my knees before him as I had so many times before. I undid his flies, pulling his cock out and wrapping my lips around him. He threaded his fingers through my hair, holding me close as I bobbed up and down on his length. After a few moments I felt hands on my arse, holding me open and a tongue slipped into my opening. Whose, I could not tell. Above, I could see Rich, whispering something to Padge and he was nodding along. "Yeah, fuck yeah, I'd love to." Rich grinned, then headed out of sight, no doubt to do something to Darran for shooting his load during the show.

Padge's fingers tightened in my hair. "Fuck, I'm glad that stud of yours is back, fucking Tuck making you get rid of it." I smiled, humming around him as I rubbed my stud against his heated flesh. In no time at all my mouth was flooded with the thick, salty taste of his cum and I smiled, feeling content.


We were back on stage a month after our first show. The reaction had been so good to us that night that the venue was eager to book us again, and for a longer slot this time. "Hello fuckers, we're back again!" Sean screamed into his mic, a grin on his face. He wore the same outfit as he did before, though now it had holes for his nipples. "Though this time we have an extra member, meet our new guitarist, Fed-oop!" He gestured to the side of the stage and on stepped Padge, a short skirt showing off his legs and a white, stained shirt covering his chest, with the top buttons removed. A purple tie hung around his neck and I used it to pull him close for a kiss.

"Now that's out of the way, let's get this fucking party started!"
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