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Inspiration Part 2

Pairing: Jay James/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 7: Outfits
Warnings: Hannu legs
Notes: I had done a little fic for this prompt, but didn't add it to the table and welsh made this suggestion which is too awesome not to do
Notes 2: So this was gonna feature Bullet, but the date of Hannu getting his new outfit is after he left so...
Notes 3: This was meant to end on their first performance but that'll be in part 3 now yus

2: Wales

I'd been back for just a day when I met up with the rest of the band. I'd called a meeting the morning after that night with Hannu, which meant we were all able to get together in our practice space, which was in Rich's basement.

I glanced at the assembled members, smiling at them all.

Rich Boucher was our bassist. A member of Hondo Maclean who then followed his bandmate Gavin to join Funeral For A Friend, Rich was tattooed and toned. And fuck was he hot.

On guitar was Darran Smith, also found formerly of Funeral. He'd parted ways with the band a few albums before they called it a day, but now he was itching to play again, especially after performing onstage at the last Funeral shows. I knew he would love the outfits at least, since he was a lover of rubber.

Beside them sat Sean Smith, who filled the role of joint singer like he had in The Blackout. It was no secret he'd not wanted the band to end and he'd been wanting to sing again. His hair was dyed blue now instead of the blonde he was most known for.

Drummer was the last position to be filled. Sean had tried to convince his former bandmate Snoz to join, but that hadn't panned out. Similarly Rich had no luck with any of Funeral's drummers. I'd considered spreading the net wider, maybe trying Luke of Lostprophets or Omar of Fightstar, when Sean came to me with a suggestion. His brother, also called Jay, had learned to play drums. Snoz had taught him before their second to last tour, so they'd have a backup drummer in case anything happened to him.

And so here we were, all together again. Our band didn't have a name yet, though we did have a fair few songs ready to go.

"So Jason, did you find what you were looking for?" Rich asked and I still wasn't used to my full name being used like that.

"I think so." I set the the bag down in front of them and they all looked with interest. "I went out to Finland looking for something that would make us stand out from the rest of the scene here. Fuck, you should see what some of them get up to onstage, it's incredible." I licked my lips at the memory, then shook my head. "I met with one of the band and they gave me this." They all shared a look at the word met and I knew what they were thinking. "It's some of their outfits. Come on, take a look."

I undid the zipper of the bag and the guys all came over, curious. I bit my lip as they rummaged within, pulling out some items. Darran, predictably, was grinning, the rubber corset in his hand. Sean held up one of the short skirts, holding it up to himself. Jay held up a pair of the assless rubber shorts, his eyes wide. Rich looked incredulous, holding a pair of fishnets with holes in. "You mean to say... They wore this shit on stage?" He raised an eyebrow. "And you expect us to do the same?"

I nodded, expecting him to act be the one to act like this. "I didn't see them in these exact things, but the bassist wore a short skirt and the singer wore a corset like that. The other singer wore a trenchcoat and boots though, nothing like this."

"Hmm." He looked to the rest of us, pulling out a kilt. "I think I need to see these guys in action."


The others agreed and we gathered round the tv, watching through a youtube app on xbox various Turmion performances. After a few songs they all had their dicks out, eyes wide in disbelief at the antics they got up to. "Fucking hell..." Sean muttered from beside me.

"And which one of these did you 'meet'?" Rich asked, voice steady as he stroked his large cock.

"The bassist."

He gave me a look, eyebrow raised, looking back to the screen. "The one that wears cargo pants or rubber? I figured you more for the slut of a singer."

I looked for a more recent video of them, apparently showing off his thighs was a more recent thing than I'd expected. I found a video from the festival I went to and there were mummers the moment he came on screen, showing off those thighs. "Fucking hell..."

I smirked, eyes transfixed on the screen, thinking about how close I'd gotten to them. How I'd gotten to touch and lick them. The thought made me stroke myself faster and I groaned, aching.

"Fucking hell, look at us." Rich spoke up, shaking his head. "Wanking like a bunch of schoolboys watching porn for the first time." He'd stopped stroking himself now and looked from the screen to us, before looking at me. "You have made your point well Jason. These guys put on quite the show and I agree with you, the scene needs something like that. So let's at least try some of these things on before we blow our loads."

I smirked and nodded, the others seemingly in agreement as they stopped jerking off and got up, heading over to the bag. Behind us the youtube app continued autoplaying Turmion's songs. I took ahold of the bag, tipping the contents of it out across the floor before us.

There was, of course, enough for all of us to have a different outfit. After watching them play, I thought I could recognise some here. Most recognisable was the pair of shiny green hot pants. Other than that there were a pair of kilts, a skirt the same length Hannu wore, a rubber corset, two pairs of assless rubber shorts, one pair of rubber trousers that were also assless, torn fishnets and a selection of straps. There were also a few tops, though I wasn't sure some qualified.

We all stripped off, tossing our clothes into a pile on the floor in the corner of the room. Like we had done before when practising got heated. Darran instantly went for the corset, surprising no one. Rich helped buckle him in with a sly smile.

After those last Funeral shows the pair of them had hooked up. They were in an open relationship together now and it was obvious in moments like this.

Sean picked up the short skirt, slipping it up his shapely legs. Fuck, it sure did suit him, especially since I could see his balls. His brother grabbed the assless trousers, slipping them up over his legs and Sean smirked at him.

The pair were involved too. I'd suspected it at a Kerrang awards ceremony years back, when I ended up being spit roasted by the pair of them. Since joining us they had been open about it. We didn't care of course, there was something so hot about brothers fucking.

As I picked up my outfit I found myself wishing we had a sixth member, another guitarist or perhaps a keyboardist. I wished, not for the first time, that Padge had joined me when I left. Tuck didn't appreciate his talent at all and I just wished he could see that. When him and Moose went off to record without us I should have gone then, taking Padge with me.

I shook such thoughts from my head, now wasn't the time to think about that. There was plenty of time to do that let when action wasn't on the cards. I picked up some shorts and examined them. They were rubber and the ass was torn, with straps over it holding it together. I wasn't sure if it would fit, but I slipped it on regardless.

As I pulled it up my legs I saw that Rich had finished up on Darran, a strap from the corset covering his crotch, and he was working on his own outfit. He was pulling up a kilt, adjusting it around his waist. "Huh, heavier than I expected..."

I finished pulling up the shorts and they actually fit quite snuggly, the rubber pressing against my dick. While Darran was well known for his rubber fetish it wasn't something I'd really tried before myself. Now I found myself wondering what would one of Darran's suits feel like?

"Suits you slut." I groaned as Rich slapped my arse. He leaned in, lowering his voice as Sean and Jay looked through the t-shirts. "I know that look, you're staying here tonight with us." He slapped my other cheek before I could respond, speaking so the others could hear. "This could work, provided we can actually play in this shit."

"Are you suggesting we try playing now?" Darran asked, voice slightly strained, his cock clearly aching behind the strap.

"Two songs, our last two, then we can have some fun." Rich smirked at us, heading to grab his bass. "That is, if you think you guys can handle it."

"Oh I can handle it alright!" Sean grinned, wearing a tank top as well now, which was white with a red cross on it. He crossed the room, picking up a mic. Darran groaned and Sean smirked. "Hey, it's your choice to wear that!"

I pulled on a t-shirt, which I realised as I pulled it on it had holes for the nipples. I grabbed the other mic, Jay taking his seat at the drumkit. Like Rich, he had chosen to remain topless. Darran was the last to take up his instrument.

"3, 2, 1..." Rich counted us down and then re launched into a performance of the last two songs that we wrote before I left. Since they were so new, we'd not settled on proper titles for them.

Rich had settled both me and Sean down and pointed at us both. 'You both have personal baggage. Use it.' He had told us then, so we had. These two songs were the result of that.

The first one was full of our rage and shared anger. Mine directed to Tuck and his to Watkins. It was unrestrained and there was a viciousness there to the lyrics. Rich had loved it, coming up with a bass line to it instantly. I snarled out the words, the venom behind as strong as it had been. As Sean screamed out his parts, I knew it was the same for him.

The second one was a completely different tone. We'd been writing in a room upstairs and, after the first song was done, Sean confided in me. He'd slept with Ian, though that was hardly a surprise, but he told me that they had been in a relationship. It had ended badly when he found Ian with two blonde chicks, the remnants of cocaine on the table before them. Ian had just shrugged, not sure why Sean would be so pissed. Their split had followed and they'd not spoken since.

"Where did you go? What happened to the person I thought I knew?"

So we ended up working on this song, with him taking the led on it. While the other one was filled with our anger and rage, this covered our sadness. We were pissed at the guys that wronged us, but we were also saddened by it as well. He'd lost a lover and a friend, I'd lost a band and my friends.

The song ended and we looked at one another. Rich smirked and nodded, licking his lips. "See, you can play well in this stuff." He set his bass down, giving Sean's shoulder a squeeze. "Now, who wants to fuck?"

Darran groaned, nodding as he set his guitar against the wall beside Rich's bass. Sean smirked, circling the drumkit and pulling his brother to his feet, kissing him hard. I felt a hand on my exposed arse and turned to see it was Rich. He smirked, pressing lube slick fingers against my opening.

"Mmm, another reason to love these outfits." He purred, as a pair of his fingers filled me up. "All the better to fuck in. Maybe that's why these guys all wear them, their post show sex must be fucking amazing."

I groaned, the image of Hannu all sprawled out over a table for his band filling my mind as the others had their way with him. I had thought of that more than once since our night together. After all he had to have got those marks from somewhere.

Rich's fingers worked in me, twisting and opening me up in preparation for his cock. Or at least I hoped so. My dick ached against the rubber of the shorts, hard and needy. Rich's fingers found and thrust into my spot, moans of pleasure leaving my lips.

"Hands and knees slut." I nodded and sank down before him, his fingers staying in me. I caught sight of Sean on the other side of the drumkit, his flash of blue hair against his brother's ass as he ate him out. Fuck. Darran was squirming, looking between us and trying to reach for the strap that covered his dick. It was secured behind him, which meant he couldn't get it no matter how hard he tried. "Come here."

Rich beckoned him over, still working his fingers in me, adding a third alongside the other two. Usually three fingers would be unnecessary, hot yes, but uneeded unless you were fisting someone of had a large toy. Rich though, needed it. He was big, like, porn star big. In all my times that I'd spent with other bands, at festivals, awards ceremonies and aftershows over the years there were only two others that came close.

"I'm not going to fuck you." Rich said as he deftly undid the strap with his free hand. "The slut here can give you head."

Darran nodded and, as soon as his dick was free he stepped around me until he was standing before me. I smiles and leaned in, licking along his length. Darran was nice and thick, and I loved the way he made my lips stretch as I took him. I also knew it was a good idea to wait when Rich's dick was involved.

He pulled his fingers out me and I felt him rest the front of the kilt on my back. A groan left my lips as he pressed into me, his hands holding onto my sides as he thrust into me. My whole body shook from the movement, Darran running his fingers through my hair. After a few seconds I went back to licking him again, running my tongue along his shaft from base to tip.

Behind me Rich began to steadily move, each movement making me groan. After a handful of thrusts I parted my lips, taking Darran between them, feeling comfortable with doing so now. I took him down my throat, my moans sending vibrations through him. Darran moaned, aching against my tongue as I ran my piercing against it. I suspected that he wouldn't last too long. There was something about wearing rubber that drove him into a frenzy, so much so I was surprised he'd not cum all over the strap. I suspected Rich would end up having to ring him before we did a full show. Or maybe that could be a selling point, 'guaranteed, our bassist will have an orgasm onstage!'

I groaned as I tasted saltiness, his hands gripping my hair tighter as he came down my throat. I smiled, swallowing him down, my eyes lidding as I knew that meant I could focus fully on the pounding my arse was taking.

The moment that Darran's dick slipped from my lips, Rich began to fuck me furiously, making me groan all the more. I wondered if this would be how it would be before gigs, with me walking onstage with Rich's cum seeping from my hole as I sang, marking me as a whore for all to see. Another moan left my lips at the thought and I was about to take myself in hand, when I felt Rich wrap his skilled fingers around me.

"Fucking hell, you look like such a whore like this." He growled, hips slamming against my fleshy cheeks. "Yeah, this is definitely the outfit you need to wear, arse out for all to see." I groaned and nodded, breathless as his large cock slammed into my spot with every thrust. "I like how it displays these to." He released my cock briefly, running his fingertips over my balls before returning to my cock. "Yeah, it's a look you should always have had."

"I love that yours... Shows off your chest. Fuck.." I groaned again, his dick making it hard to think. I heard him chuckle and he stroked me harder.

"Cum for me, christen that new outfit of yours." His words went straight to my cock and it only took another firm stroke for me to stain the rubber. He wiped his hand on my thigh, then fucked me hard, growls leaving his lips as he held onto me with both hands. A few harsh thrusts was all it took and he came deep up my twitching asshole.

He let go of me and clapped his hands together, easing out of me. "Now, who fancies a drink?"


We all, of course, had a drink after that. The five of us had all came so we gathered on the sofa and discussed ideas. Should we have full face make up? Should we stage names of our own? And, if so, what? And what about, finally, settling on a band name?

These questions and more were discussed over the beers we drank, until Sean and Jay left, heading home. Rich offered them to stay here the night, but they passed on that.

That left the three of us.

Darran cooked us food (he was amazing at that), then we spent the night together, watching tv before heading up to bed. Darran took Rich's dick like a pro and gave me head, until his corset was covered in his cum and the pair of us had spilled inside him.


I stood at beside the doorway to Rich's garden, exhaling a cloud of smoke into the night. The garden wasn't terribly big or well tailored. It was mostly a lawn with an area that had been allowed to grow wild to attract animals. It was nice enough.

"You know, you can smoke in the house." I jumped slightly at the sound of Rich's voice, turning to him as he came closer. "You don't need to skulk around out here."

"I didn't want to disturb Darran." I said, waving the cigarette slightly.

"Bullshit." He said with a grin as he stepped out and leaned against the wall next to me. "You know that man could sleep through anything." I smiled and nodded a little, remembering when Matt, Funeral's Matt, had told us he'd slept through a tremor that had woke everyone else on the bus up. "So, what's on your mind?" He helped himself to a cigarette and I lit it up for him, a grateful smile on his face.

I sighed softly, shaking my head. "I just... You have Darran, Sean has Jay..."

"Jay, you're a great guy. Your friendly, kind, sweet, give great fucking head." I smiled at that and he grinned. "Any guy would be lucky to have you." He paused, blowing out some smoke. "I like you, Darran does too. You're always welcome here to share our bed. We could even make it a more permanent arrangement if you'd like."

"Thanks Rich." I smiled, grateful for his words. He might act tough and domineering, but he was sweet really. "I'll certainly consider it."

He nodded, crushing the end of his cigarette against the wall. "Good, now let's get inside! I'm fucking freezing!" I grinned and nodded to him, doing the same with his own then following him inside. "You know I think we should have stage names, something welsh..."
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