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Inspiration Part 1

Pairing: Hannu/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 7: Outfits
Warnings: Hannu legs
Notes: I had done a little fic for this prompt, but didn't add it to the table and welsh made this suggestion which is too awesome not to do
Notes 2: So this was gonna feature Bullet, but the date of Hannu getting his new outfit is after he left so..

1: Finland

I stood among the crowd, my eyes on the stage as I waited for the next band to come on. There was something about the way the crowd was now, a certain electric anticipation that was stronger than it had been for anyone else so far. Maybe this could be what I was looking for?

I had been here at this festival in Finland, which had a name I couldn't quite pronounce, to check out the bands here. It wasn't just to enjoy the bands (and, yeah perv on the attractive musicians) but to look for inspiration.

It had been over a year now since I had left Bullet officially and I had been itching to get back onstage. That, of course, required a band. Thankfully for me, the Welsh scene had kind of imploded. Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout and Lostprophets had all ended (though for the latter the remaining bandmates were all now in a band together) and some of them were as eager to continue making music as I was.

I'd come out here looking for something that our previous bands hadn't had.

German and Finnish bands seemed to have... something. I'd seen ones with pointed troll ears, with warpaint over their faces, viking outfits, even one that ate a heart. (That last one, I felt, was hotter than it probably should be.) None of them, however, felt quite right.

I looked to the stage as the crowd cheered, the next band appearing on stage. Their banner proclaimed them to be Turmion Kätilöt. Like with most of the bands I'd seen the name wasn't a familiar one. I looked to the members and I knew instantly. This is it.

I couldn't make out what the drummer or keyboardist wore due to their respective instruments being in the way, but the three onstage were all hot and wearing facepaint. The singer was a large man with a brown trenchcoat, spiked gauntlets on his wrists. The guitarist was showing off his arms and wore a leather kilt. The bassist though, fuck. He wore a shirt with a bright red tie and a short skirt showing off his legs. And fuck, those legs looked nice even from this distance. My eyes were drawn to him, only interrupted when, mid-way through the song, they were joined by a another singer.

Shit. He was in a corset with rows of buckles, that looked like it might be rubber. If Darran was here he'd be shooting in his jeans.

The set that followed was, well, incredible. There was guys kissing, groping, the bassist stroked his bass like a dick and the second singer... By the end of the show he was naked from the waist down and he'd shoved something by his arse. The crowd was loving every second of it. More than that, though, was that they didn't seem at all surprised by any of it. There was a collective gasp, when, towards the end of the set, he lit what he'd put up his ass and it sprayed sparks across the stage.

Fucking hell.


I headed around the venue after the set finished, eager to try and catch one of them. If they changed and took their make up off, though, I suspected I could miss them easily. I saw several guys go towards the buses, though wasn't sure if any of them was who I was looking for.

After a few minutes, one of the backstage doors opened and out stepped the bassist. His make up was gone but he still had the outfit on and fuck, those legs. Up close I could see that they were marked, the smooth skin baring scratch marks and the hints of bruising. Fuck.

I swallowed, then found my voice as he opened a pack of cigarettes, popping one between those lips and lighting up. "Hi, that was quite the performance out there."

He looked right at me, looking me up and done, then smiled. "Thank you." He blew out a cloud of smoke into the air between us. "I take it from your expression it was your first time seeing us." I nodded, feeling my cheeks flush a little. "I'm Hannu."

"I'm Jay." I replied with a smile, though I was finding it hard not to stare at those legs of his. "And yeah, first time seeing you guys."

He smirked, blowing out another cloud of smoke. "You should see some of the other things we've done on stage." He gestured with his hand, the cigarette leaving a swirl of smoke as he did so. "Tonight was fairly tame." I groaned despite myself at the thought and he smirked.

"I... Err, was wondering where you got your outfits from."

He looked me over again and licked his lips. "We get them from here and there. Toumas, our singer, often ends up customising his stuff to be more slutty." I guessed he was meaning the other singer by that, the one that came on late. "Tell me Jay, where are you from?"

"I'm from Wales... Why do you..."

He pressed me against the wall, stubbing his cigarette against the brick beside my head. "I've never had anyone from Wales before." He leaned in, running his tongue along my lower lip and I knew that would change soon. "Why did you ask about our outfits, are you looking for some of your own?" He asked, voice soft as he ran a hand along my clothed thigh.

"Er..." I swallowed, finding it har to think with him so close and he smirked, his thumb rubbing against my crotch. "I'm... Making starting up a new band back home and... Fuck..." He rubbed his thumb against my bulge, making it hard to concentrate. "I was looking for... something to make us different..."

He licked his lips, pressing himself against me. "I think I can arrange that." He stepped back from me, a whimper escaping my lips at the loss of contact. "Come with me." I nodded and followed him, eyes on his thighs. Fuck the backs of them were marked too. I wondered who had made all those marks. Was it one of his bandmates? Was it all of them? I swallowed at the thought as he led me towards what must be their tour bus. He opened the door, stepping inside and I followed him up into it.

It was smaller than the last few ones I'd been in with Bullet and less fancy of course, but it was nice enough. Oh how I missed touring in one of these things. "This isn't the first tour bus you've been on." He spoke up, breaking me from my thoughts and I flushed.

"No, I... I used to be in a band before this one, Bullet For My Valentine. I played bass." His face told me that he had no recognition of us. But that was ok, I wasn't Tuck, so wouldn't be offended. Besides, I'd not heard of his band before either.

"Ahh a fellow bassist." He smirked, tongue darting out across his lips. "Will you be doing so in this new band of yours as well?"

I shook my head and he raised an eyebrow. "In Bullet, I did backing vocals as well, so I figured I might try focussing on that." He nodded with a smile, then reached up and grabbed a duffel bag from an upper bunk. "What's in there?"

"This is some of our older outfits that we keep around as spares or back up." He smirked, setting it down on a table beside us, making an audible thump. "It's yours." My eyes widened at that and before I could thank him he spoke up. "I have two conditions." I nodded and he raised a finger as he continued. "First I want pictures of you and your new band in them, and when you play here I want myself and the guys given free access to see you." I nodded, hoping the others would be as enthusiastic by whatever was in the bag as I was. "I'll give you my number and e-mail to send them to me. Second..." He stepped closer to me, running a hand down my chest. "Submit to me tonight."

I would have done so anyway, I'd had a feeling that was where we'd been going anyway and when I nodded eagerly he smirked. "Call me master." He crashed his lips against mine before I could respond, darting his tongue into my mouth. I let him take control, pressing me up against a countertop and I circled my repierced tongue against his. He purred, then, after what felt longer than it probably was, he stepped back from me. "You're wearing far too much to be on this bus."

"Yes Master." I nodded, reaching down and pulling my t-shirt up and off, setting it down beside the bag. My fingers went to my crotch and I undid my button and zipper, pushing my three quarter lengths down to the floor.

He chuckled at my lack of underwear and aching erection. "Now that's much more appropriate for this bus, I'm not even sure we have a single pair of underwear between the six of us." I bent down as he spoke, lifting my three quarters and dropping them beside my tee. He smirked and reached over, running his fingers down my chest, his gaze lingering between my legs. "Nice dick my new slut."

"Thank you Master." I replied, blushing a little at the compliment. He leaned in, running his tongue along my neck up to my ear.

"I take it this isn't your first time with another man?" He asked, his fingers brushing along my erection. I shook my head, hoping he'd not ask how many because I wasn't sure I'd be able to answer. "How about with a Finn?" Again I shook my head and he quirked an eyebrow. "Oh? You bang someone here?"

"No Master." I groaned softly as he gave my dick a slow stroke as I spoke. "On the first Bullet album we had Eicca from Apocalyptica in and I blew him in the sound booth."

"You dirty fucking slut." He smirked, looking like he was almost impressed, though I was sure he'd things far more wild than that. He gave my dick a squeeze, his eyes on mine. "Well then, how about you show me just how much of a slut you are, put that tongue of yours to work."

"Yes Master." I leaned in, tracing my tongue along the curve of his neck. I reached up with my fingers, undoing the buttons of his white shirt. I shifted his tie out of the way and moved down, licking a path towards his left nipple. I traced my tongue over the peaked nub, hearing him gasp. I circled my tongue over him, purring softly before licking a path along his chest to the other one. I gave it the exact same treatment as his left one, a groan leaving his lips as I pressed my stud against him.

After a few moments I moved lower, tracing circles along his skin until I arrived at his navel. I dipped my tongue inside briefly, then continued moving down. Fuck, he was so pretty. I shifted down so I was on my knees before him and I lifted the skirt before dipping my head under it. He had no underwear on, so I was confronted by his hard cock. It wasn't huge or small, but a nice sucking size. I bypassed it for now though, just running my tongue up along his right thigh towards his balls. I traced my tongue along his sac, sucking the wrinkled skin. "Mmm fuck..." He purred, running his fingers over my shoulders. "And nice ink slut." I purred, pressing my tongue against his balls. "Get your tongue in me slut!"

"Yes Master." I smiled and circled around him on my knees, reaching up and parting his soft cheeks. His pucker twitched before me and I groaned softly, leaning in and running my tongue along the length of his cleft. I then repeated the action in the other direction, stopping to circle his opening. He purred as I pressed my tongue into him, exploring his hole with my soft tongue. Fuck he tasted amazing. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to go fast or not, so I went steadily, lazily working my tongue to taste every inch of him.

"Fuck, I need to get Miikka pierced..." I wondered who this Miikka was. A lover? A bandmate? Both? I darted my tongue in and out of him, rubbing my stud against his rim as I did, groans leaving his lips above me. They were such hot sounds and I felt a little pride that I was the one causing them. I pressed my tongue in as deep as I could, swirling it around inside him, more sounds leaving his lips. "Fuck... Suck me."

I gave his opening one last lick, then shuffled around him until I was back at his feet. I lapped up his left thigh up to the base of his dick, then I trailed my tongue along his aching shaft to his head. It was slick from precum and I smiled, running my tongue through it before parting my lips and taking him down my throat.

I took him with practised ease, running my pierced tongue against his heated flesh. I bobbed up and down on him, humming as I took him fully. My hands reached up and I couldn't help but run my fingers over the smooth skin of his thighs. Up close like this I could see just how marked his upper thighs were. Scratches, bruises, bitemarks, fuck whoever used him certainly did a number on them. I wouldn't be surprised if it was more than one person that had made them, most likely his whole band. "Fuck slut, you know how to use that fucking tongue." I smiled proudly around him, bobbing steadily. "I'm close slut, you better take every single drop."

I nodded as I suckled him, my fingers brushing up against his sac. He groaned, hands gripping my shoulders tighter as he came, spilling over my tongue. Fuck his salty taste was amazing. I swallowed every drop of him down, purring at the taste.

His hands shifted, gripping my hair and pulling me up to my feet. "Mmm, you definitely deserve an orgasm." He pushed me against the counter, grabbing some lube and spreading it across his fingers.

"Thank you Master." I replied, parting my legs and licking my lips.

He smirked, panting breathlessly as he reached down, pressing two fingers into me. A groan left my lips and his other hand took ahold of my cock, stroking it firmly as he fingered me. And then he leaned over me, crashing his lips against mine and that was it. I came over my belly, blushing in slight embarrassment that I'd came so quickly, though I had been hard since I laid eyes on him.

He chuckled against my lips, trailing his fingers through my cum and bring it to our lips. Our eyes met as we both licked the pearly fluid from his skin. "Good little slut." He purred against me, resting his forehead against mine. "Fancy a drink?"

All I could do was nod, breathless.


I arrived at my hotel room in the early hours, my arse aching a little from the fuck he'd given me after that drink. A part of me wished I hadn't had to leave, but he didn't want to share me with the rest if his band. Not that I'd have minded being used by the other five as well though.

I set the bag down on my bed, opening the zipper and looking inside. I had to at least have a quick look for I headed to sleep, no doubt dreaming about those thighs wrapped around my head.

Within was a mixture of items of clothing, though I wasn't sure some counted. There was skirts, kilts, ripped tights, pants with holes on the ass, short shorts, even a corset like the singer had worn tonight. Fucking hell.

I quickly zipped it back up, my mind racing with images of my new bandmates in these outfits. If I'd not came twice already tonight...
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