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Pairing: Hannu/Miikka, Miikka/Toumas
Rating: NC-17
POV: Hannu
Prompt: 14: Bottles
Warnings: watersports
Notes: And with this I've finished the 35 fic table, yess! This is all down to a certain someone linking me a vid yesterday morning and so...
Notes 2: repost

"Where's my cream liqueur?" I heard Miikka shout from the other room, for what had to be the tenth time today. I sniggered to myself, reaching for the bottle that was hidden away beside the bed. I swirled the contents in the glass, noting how there wasn't much left now. I shrugged, popping open the top and took a nice, big gulp of it down.


"You!" Miikka growled as he thundered towards me, his eyes narrow and nostrils flaring. "I should have known it was you!"

I gave him my most innocent look, smiling. "What seems to be the problem Miikka?"

He growled and pushed me against the wall with one hand, looming over me. "What's wrong? This is what's wrong!" He held up the bottle, the now empty bottle, of his cream liqueur. My face blanched a little. "And guess where I found it you little shit? Behind your fucking bed!" Uh oh.

"I... Errr..." He growled, wrapping his fingers around my throat and squeezing. He could easily choke me to death but he only did it for a few moments so I was breathless.

"Shut up cunt!" Oh he was pissed, probably more so than I'd expected. He narrowed his eyes at me. "You like drinking my things, huh? I'll fucking give you something to drink." I full expected him to push me down to my knees before him, whip the towel off and piss on me. Instead he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into one of the bed rooms.

He shoved me on the bed, dropping the bottle to the floor and he splayed my limbs out, cuffing my ankles and wrists to to the bedposts, just like Toumas had been the day before. He whipped my towel off, glaring at me as he wrapped the material up and stuffed it in my mouth, tying it behind my head. "I'll be back you selfish cunt."

And then he was gone, scooping up the bottle before stomping out the room.

I wasn't sure how long I was there as the room didn't have a clock, though I could hear the guys. Clearly Miikka was up to something and had some way of making me pay in mind. All I could do was wait.

Eventually he came back into the room, a large bottle in his hands and he was smirking, eyes narrowed at me. "You like cream liqueur so much, well I've made you a special one and you are going to drink it all." The bottle was filled with a golden fluid that I instantly recognised, though from the way it swirled I suspected it had more than one source. Atop of that I could see the 'cream', globs of thick white cum, with more of it staining the inside of the bottle's neck. He swished the bottle around, mixing the various fluids inside together. "Every single drop."

He pulled the towel down from my mouth, then placed the bottle against my lips. "Now drink!" I swallowed as he tipped the bottle up, the mix of fluids sliding down my throat. He did thankfully, ease up a few times, enough to let me get my breath at least. I was just to the taste of cum and piss by now, even the slightly more acrid morning piss that made up part of this. I also thought I taste some alcohol that he'd mixed in too, or maybe it was just leftovers from the bottle's previous contents. "That's it cunt, drink it all down you filthy whore. And then you'll pay."

I whimpered, gulping down the piss, which I was now certain belonged to all of my bandmates, not just Miikka. The mix of piss just tasted too different to have come from one person. Tears filled the corners of my eyes. I probably would have liked this if he wasn't making me drink it all in one go.

I kept swallowing and I could see that the end was now in sight. There wasn't much left in the bottle and I was so fucking thankful for that. He tilted the bottle up and I downed the last of it, hearing him chuckle. He removed the bottle from my lips, setting it aside on the bedside table. "Now, what to do with you hmm?"

"I'm so..." My apology was muffled by the towel again being shoved back between my lips, he tightened it again, glaring at me.

"No, I think you're just sorry I caught you." He took ahold of the bottle again, placing it at my cock, forcing it into the bottle's neck. Then he stood and headed to the doorway. "Toumas get over here!"

Our singer stepped into the room, as naked as he often was, his various piercings glinting in the light. He grabbed him by the hair, pulling him over to the bed. Miikka pushed him over the bed, over my stomach, then he shoved his towel down his own legs, revealing his aching erection. He growled, then slammed into Toumas, with an ease that meant he had been recently fucked or at least stretched. Neither of which was surprising.

Miikka glared at me as he gripped onto Toumas' hips, starting to pound him relentlessly. I squirmed beneath them, wishing he was doing that to me. He growled, Toumas' hips pressing against my stomach as he got pounded. I realised then why Miikka was fucking him like this, so that Toumas' body would press into my bladder as he fucked him. I whined behind the towel and, after a few thrusts the pressure just got too much and I started to piss into the bottle. Miikka laughed as he fucked Toumas, grinning down at me. "Fucking cunt." He thrust hard and deep into him, then let out a familiar growl as he came inside him.

"Over his face." He said as he pulled out, and Toumas moved up on the bed to squat over my face. He pushed out Miikka's cum so it dribbled over my cheeks. Another whine left my throat and I saw him jerk off. He turned around, apparently satisfied that he'd emptied himself and he was jerking off, looking me in the eyes. "Do it." Toumas groaned and cum across my face, it joining Miikka's load.

"Good boy." Miikka said with a smile, stroking his long hair. "Now, get one of your outfits." He nodded, shifting from the room, heading out. Miikka reached down, removing the bottle from me and freeing my hands and feet from the cuffs. He made me lean forward, dousing my hair in my own piss, but leaving it so my face still had the cum painted over it. He then removed the towel from between my lips and smirked down at me.

"Now, you are going to put on whatever outfit Toumas brings and get me a fresh bottle of what you drank. And no, you can't shower or clean your face." I swallowed and nodded, feeling a little nervous as to what Toumas would bring. But hopefully this would make us even.

Toumas entered, an outfit in hand which he'd worn at a recent show. Torn fishnets, a pair if assless rubber shorts and a white t-shirt that would show off my belly. I gave him an incredulous look and Miikka smirked. "Perfect! Now hurry up and put it on! I need my liqueur bitch!"

I swallowed, then started to put it on. Let's just hope I don't get arrested for wearing this.
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