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Pairing: Eicca Toppinen/Virta, RunQ/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Eicca
Prompt: 35: Writer's choice: Modification
Warnings: Kinkverse, bdsm
Notes: So I did a start to this fic on my laptop but wasn't sure on it. I think, now, that was feeling to much like the Trym fic I did, but I've had new ideas and changed the pov and... Well ;) The intro ended up being longer and more in depth than I expected. It was originally gonna be Tundra/Virta, but that changed as well of course.
Notes 2: repost

There was, to me, two kinds of master. The first type would see sluts as things just to fuck and kill. They were disposable, there only to cause master's pleasure and scream in pain, often both together. The most powerful master in all of Finland, Bobby Undertaker, personified this.

The second kind of master valued slaves. Oh sure, they'd fuck them and cause them pain, but not kill them, at least not intentionally. For some that feeling applied to all slaves for others just a few or one. Sometimes I felt the former type just needed to find that one, the one who's screams they couldn't get enough of, that they'd miss if they were gone.

I was one of the latter.

I'd always felt that way, that killing sluts was a waste. I knew what masters would say, that dead sluts weren't a waste. They could be fucked for at least awhile after death. They could have their organs harvested. Body parts or tattoos could be used as trophies or artworks. Meat could be harvested. As could hair, skin and fluids. Of course all those things did depend on the master doing the killing, some didn't bother with any of those though. Another waste.

A few years ago I decided to get a permanent slave to call my own. So I went to the nearest slave market, in the town of Kuopio. The master that run it, RunQ, was nicer than I expected. I think that was partly down to him running a business where such an attitude was useful. He asked if I had any preferences and I'd shrugged. I'd know when I'd see them, I'd told him and, with a smirk, he nodded.

So he took me round the place to see the stock he had. He had 25 with a roughly even male/female split. The ones at the front were all hanging with their hands about their heads, attached to a hooks on the ceiling. There were three gaps among the first row of seven. They were all naked and gagged, and all were, well. They were all traditionally pretty. Young, slim, pretty boys and girls. I gave them merely a cursory glance, dismissing them all.

Behind them were sluts in the same state. These eight all had tattoos, piercings or both in various amounts. They were, though, fairly young like the first ones were. I spent a little longer with these, examining their ink but ultimately none interested me.

The third row had seven again. These ones were clearly older and they often had more ink. One girl had brightly coloured flowers tattooed over her breasts, while another guy had a snake skin design up his arms. Some of them were also marked or scared. Most were larger than the previous rows. I took my time looking over them, but none of them struck me enough.

At the rear of the of the large room were a series of cages. Like the rows of hooks, these numbered ten, although only three were occupied at the moment. I was about to ask him why these were caged and not hanging like the others but then I saw. They were damaged. The girl was missing a breast and right arm. One of the guys had been amputated to the elbows and knees. The other had no arms all together and had been castrated. He also only had one eye. I shook my head, feeling sorry for them. They were clearly rejects that their masters sold without even bothering to kill them.

Sadly, like most masters, I wanted one for my own, one intact.

"None of these appealing huh?" RunQ asked, looking me over after I'd seen the last three. I shook my head and was about to say I'd make another visit, or ask for him to give me a call when new stock came in when he spoke again, those immortal words. "Well, we do have one more." I raised an eyebrow and he continued, voice low. "Just got him this morning. I'd had one of my other clients that I have a standing order with take a look at him, but maybe he'll appeal to you."

I nodded and followed him through a door into a back room. He led me through a room with more cages, obviously where the slaves could spent the night, then took me to another door into a separate room. There, just off the middle of the room there was a single cage. RunQ went over and unlocked it with a set of keys he produced from his pocket. "Out."

Out crawled a male slave and I knew he was the one instantly. RunQ pulled him to his feet and I took in the full sight of him. He had brown hair that hung past his shoulders in thick, wavy curls. He was slightly tubby, with a rounded stomach. He had no noticeable tattoos or marks though his skin was covered in streaks of dirt. His cock was rather on the large side for a slut.

"What do you think?" RunQ asked, though I could see by his face that he knew that I needed him.

"I'll take him." I whispered as I circled him and I remembered how awed I sounded.

"Good, let's get the paperwork sorted and you can take him home."


The paperwork wasn't all that much, it was basically payment details. RunQ was quite the negotiator. As I didn't have a slave to trade in there were a few things he wanted. There was what he said was his usual fee and he wanted to fuck my slut, supervised, once he was trained up. He also requested four favours. It was more than I'd have given usually, but I didn't care, I had to have him.

Then there we a few questions that I asked about him. I should have asked beforehand
I supposed, but he was only to happy to answer.

"His name is Alexsi Virta, though as you own him now you can give him any name you want of course." RunQ smiled, licking his lips. "He is fairly untrained, with means you can mould him as you see fit. As to where he came from?" He smirked and shrugged. "That I can't say."

I wondered what that meant, but didn't care enough to press for details. I wanted to get my new slave home and start making use of him.

"Well that's almost everything." He said with a smile, grabbing a sheet of paper from a stack and handing it to me. It was a list, names, numbers, addresses. "As this is your first slave from me I'm giving you what all first time buyers have, a list of relevant pieces of contact info and business addresses. The front covers people like tattooists, people that train animals to fuck slaves, as well as people that make specialist torture and bondage gear." He gestured at the name at the bottom, which seemed to be one of the most prominent. "Kuolio of Shade Empire is the best surgeon in the area if you have any alternations in mind. Or have any... incidents." He smiled at that, then indicated me to turn it over. There were was another list. "Now, these are for if you kill your slave. There's a few local butchers, as well as leather workers and a few people that can make amazing things."

He paused for a moment and smiled. "I have checked all of these out personally, so they have my recommendation."


As soon as we got home I gave him a good, hard fucking, then cleaned him up. I decided, for the moment anyway, to call him Virta.

I then made a list as to what I wanted to do to him. He was my first slave and I wanted to make him my own. Some ideas I gave up on after some thought, so I scratched them out. Others would require time and planning, or professionals to do it. I glanced over the list RunQ had given me, going through it and smiling. Yes, some of these would certainly do.


I opened the door to a smiling RunQ. "Hello Master Eicca." I returned his smile, gesturing for him to come in, which he did.

"Hello Master RunQ." I shut the door behind him and he looked around, clearly curious. I knew in comparison to other masters that my place probably wasn't too impressive. I didn't have elaborate set ups or vast amounts of equipment. He was friends with Bobby Undertaker, not just friends, bandmates of all things, so he was probably used to a lot more than this. I led him into the living the living room and I could tell he was looking around, studying everything. He had to have been to a lot of masters places and seen both more and less than what I had. "Can I get you anything? A drink, a smoke, something to eat?"

"No, thank you." He smiled and nodded, wetting his lips. "I ate just before I left. It's a nice place you have here."

"Thanks." I replied with a nod of my own. "Would you like to see him?"

He nodded again and I smiled. I had to admit, I did want to show him off, even though I'd not finished doing what I wanted. "How are you finding him Eicca?" He asked as I led him out of the room.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, turning to face him. "He is... Fuck, he's amazing." He grinned at me, touching my arm briefly before I started up the stairs. I wondered if he had a slave of his own? He must have had his pick of the ones that came in. Perhaps I'd ask him later. "I still have things I want to do to him."

He nodded and I opened up the door to what had been a spare room, but was now where I kept Virta. Virta was laid out across the bed, legs spread as he waited for us. I'd considered hanging him from the hook I'd installed on the ceiling, but decided this would be the best way to present him for RunQ. RunQ entered the room behind me, smirking as he circled the bed.

It had been just under two months since I'd gotten him and there had been several changes done to him already. He had tattoos of vines over his upper arms as well as permanent eyeliner ringing his eyes. I was considering getting more done to him as well once I'd fully gotten him how I wanted. His tongue was pierced in the middle, which felt amazing against my dick. His belly was now larger than it had been, since I'd been feeding him up. I also intended to grow his hair out further than it was now, because I loved those soft curls.

Other than that I'd trained him up as well. He knew his place and called me Master and over the first weeks I'd gotten him so he could take my cock up both his holes with ease. He looked so pretty when he did.

I was still none the wiser as to his origins. He looked too old and unmarked to have been a slave from when he came of age so I couldn't help but wonder. A part of me had wondered, especially because of his large cock, if he'd been a master and had ended up on the wrong side of someone. I had asked him once but he wouldn't, or perhaps couldn't say.

I looked over to RunQ and he was licking his lips, his hand on his crotch. "I like what you've done with him so far and I'm curious as to what you have in mind. But for now..." He undid his flies, pulling out his cock and I smiled. His dick,nI noticed, was slightly smaller than my own, so I knew full well Virta would be able to take it.

"Do you want his mouth or ass?" I asked as I undid my own flies. I didn't usually wear anything around the house, but when I knew there would be company I'd slip on a pair of leather trousers like those I wore now.

"Mouth, then ass, if that's ok?"

I gave him a nodded, than growled at Virta. "Slut, get on your hands and knees between us."

"Yes Master." He replied in that deep voice of his and he shifted off the bed to get on his hands and knees, his ass in front of me while his face was before RunQ. He threaded a hand through his soft locks then he looked over at me, I gave him a nod, then he pushed Virta's head down on his cock. A groan of pleasure instantly after his lips and I smirked, pulling his cheeks apart and thrusting into his opening.

I steadily thrust into him, watching as RunQ groaned from Virta sucking him. This was the first time he'd been with anyone else since I'd gotten him and I was pleased with how well he was taking us both. I'd have to come up with a reward for him once RunQ had gone. Perhaps an orgasm.

His thick dick was currently locked up in cage, which I'd gotten specially in anticipation of RunQ's visit. I loved to torture Virta's dick and had had fun doing it, though I knew it wouldn't be something he'd be keeping.

I held onto his hips, fucking him nice and hard as RunQ did the same. "Fuck, he knows how to use his tongue doesn't he?" I smirked and nodded, watching him pull back. "Shit... I need to feel that ass too."

I pulled out myself and we switched places, RunQ thrusting hard into him as Virta effortlessly took my cock, his pierced tongue rubbing against my heated flesh. I ran my fingers through his hair, loving the feeling of his soft curls against my skin.

The pair of us fucked his respective holes and I knew his tongue was going to get me off soon. I tugged at his hair, hearing RunQ let out a low moaning, pumping into his ass. My load spilled down Virta's throat as I growled, not holding back anymore.

"Fuck, you've done amazing with him." RunQ panted as he zipped himself back up. "Can I see him when you're done with what you're going to do?"

"Perhaps." I flashed him a grin, petting Virta's hair as I pulled out from those sweet lips. "If that band of yours doesn't get you killed first!"

He grinned and laughed, shaking his head. His was probably the safest band in the whole continent thanks to having Bobby as a member. "Well, I'll take that drink now, if the offer still stands?"


I needed a surgeon. The current alterations I wanted, no, craved, required one. Trouble was there weren't that many in the area. That wasn't helped by the fact that the local group of them, called Shade Empire, had been rebranded. Details were scarce as to what had happened exactly, but only their best surgeon was left. (There was a rumour, a popular one, that he was the reason the others had disappeared.) The medical building was now called Chaosweaver and he was alone in running it. (Although again, there were rumours on that front too.)

I stood outside the building, his reputation making me a little nervous, but I must press on. I pressed the buzzer and waited. The surgeon was called Kuolio, I knew that much about him. I'd heard he'd been to medical expos too, which certain meant he had to have skills.

The door opened up and there he stood. He had long down hair and he looked very muscular, which I guess could be expected pf a surgeon. I hadn't met any before now. He looked at me, then around me. "Hmm." He said after a moment, eyes returning to me. The way he looked me over, it was like he was examining me. "I am Kuolio, I'm assuming you want a consultation?" I gave him a nod and before I could say something he spoke up. "€50, up front."

Another nodded and I reached into my pocket, counting out a few notes and handing them over to him. He smiled a little, returning my nod and stepped aside, allowing me to enter. "So Master..."

"Eicca." I replied, finally finding my words.

"Master Eicca." He repeated my name, looking thoughtful as he did so. I wasn't on anyone's radar, despite living fairly near to Kuopio. He then nodded a little as he lead me inside. "So Master Eicca, how may I assist you? You have no slut with you, nor injuries to yourself." He continued, opening the door to what must be his consultation room. There was an examination table as well as an trolley with straps. Against the walls were shelves and cupboards with various pieces of medical equipment and chemicals visible. He took a seat at a desk along one wall, motioning for me to sit before it. "So by that I take it you want some form of alteration."

I nodded slightly as I took my seat before him. "Yeah, I do, for my slave." He seat back in his seat, giving me a look that told me he want me to continue. "I got him a few years ago, from RunQ's market. I've been working on him and I want him to be perfect. That's where you come in Master Kuolio, I hear you're the best surgeon in the country, if not the continent." He smirked, obviously pleased by my praise.

"You have my attention Master Eicca." He leaned forward slightly, giving me another nod. I could tell he was interested, even if it was just to know what it was I actually wanted. "Show me your slave and tell me what you'd like doing to him." I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, pulling up a picture of Virta and handing it to him. He looked him over in the same manner he'd done to me at the door and nodded with an 'hmm'. Must be a surgeon thing.

"There are three things I want." He gave a nod to go on. "I'd like his ears lengthening to a point." Of the three I considered that to be the strangest request, but it didn't even raise an eyebrow. Perhaps I wasn't the first one that had requested something like that. "I'd like him to have tits and a pussy as well."

"Instead of or as well as his cock and balls?" He asked, glancing at the picture again, moving his fingers to enlarge it. There were a few porn stars, I knew, that had both cunts and cocks.

"Instead of." I replied nodding a little. "I have a picture of his crotch if that would help?" He nodded and I reached over, swiping right on the screen. I'd taken a few photos specially. He stared at the screen, then made that 'hmm' sound again. "Is that doable?"

He nodded with a smirk. "Yes, I believe so. Bring your slut in and we can discuss this further."

I grinned, both relieved and pleased he would do it. "He's tied in my car, I'll get him right now." Kuolio smirked, following me to the door.


Virta was soon strapped to the trolley, his legs up and spread in stirrups. Kuolio circled him, his eyes running over his whole body not the areas I expected him too. After a few moments, he grabbed a small band off one of the shelves and gave me a look, and I nodded. He grabbed Virta's soft locks and pulled them behind his head, using the band to hold the hair in place as he looked at his ears.

He hmmed again, then spoke up as he picked up a clipboard and pen. "Alright. Let's go through these modifications in order. First, the ears." He gestured to them with the hand holding the pen. "I need to know how big you want the points and how you want them to be."

"A few inches." I replied, moving closer to Virta's head. "So that they stick out of his hair. I'd like them to be like this." I gestured with my hands, using my fingers to indicate the kind of ankle I wanted. He nodded, pen working as he made notes.

"Now, the tits." He moved a little so he was beside Virta and he motioned with the pen. "The obvious question, how big do you want them?"

I didn't know the technical terms for breast sizes, so just used my hands. "That big."

He noted that down and I expected him to move onto the next thing, but he spoke up. Then there's the question of sensitivity." I gave him a look of confusion and he smirked. "Some masters like their slave tits to be more receptive to pain, or pleasure. Of course that's something you can come back for at a later date, after seeing how they feel." I nodded and then he moved between Virta's spread legs, again gesturing with the pen. "With the cunt you have two options. I can remodel what he has into one. Considering what he has this gives you several options, which we'd discus at the time. The alternative is to do a transplant. It's riskier and would mean waiting on a girl slave to come through here, or buying one expressly for that purpose."

"I want the remodling." He smirked and licked his lips, making further notes. I had, since I'd decided I wanted him to have one, wanted his cunt to be him, not someone elses.

"Alright." He replied with a slight nod. "Now I can start right away since I have no other clients at the moment, if that's what you want. I'd do the ears and tits first, then you can choose how you'd want your slave's new pussy to look before I do it tomorrow. It will take a few days healing, before you could take him home."

"Really?" I grinned wide, not realising he'd be able to do it so soon. I'd hoped he might be able to get it done, but had expected to have to wait. Maybe he'd just finished with someone. "Thank you, that would be great!"

"Excellent!" He replied, as he attached the clipboard to the trolley. "There is one matter beforehand though. My fee." I nodded, having expected as much. "The cost of the surgeries will come to €1200 total." Again I nodded at that, but the cost mattered little to me. I wanted Virta to be my perfect slave. "Of course, I want something else as well." I expected nothing less, of course. I nodded again, waiting for him to say what it was he wanted. Time with my slave? A favour? Maybe even to fuck me. I was willing to debase myself if that was what it took. "I want his hands, or his feet your choice."

I blinked, never having expected that. What could he want them for? There wasn't enough meat in either to eat so maybe it was a kind of... weird trophy? "I er..." I swallowed, looking between his hands and feet. The decision was obvious. "His feet."

He nodded and was that a look of disappointment? I didn't know, as it was gone as quickly as it appeared. "Very well, I shall take them after I do his ears. I shall also require pictures once he is fully healed."

"Of course." I nodded a little with a slight smile. That was understandable, of course he'd want to see how his work turned out.


I'd been permitted to watch the first surgery, but the second one was delicate work and he wanted no distractions while he did it. I'd waited in the recovery room, even though he'd told me I could go out and look around Kuopio, but I'd not felt like I could. I knew I'd be distracted and be unable to enjoy things.

Of course it went well, not that I doubted him of course.

We'd been here for days as Virta recovered, at Kuolio's insistence and over that time Kuolio had had several other clients come over that time. These weren't people that wanted alterations like I was, they were ones that wanted his medical expertise. The first, from what I could here, was a master who got into an altercation with another one and was paying the price for it. The other had damaged his slave and wanted them fixed. I could tell from Kuolio's tone that he didn't think much of them though.

"Now, let's see if he's ready for you to take him home." Kuolio said, as he finished pulling on a pair of surgical gloves. He undid the wrappings that surrounded Virta's crotch and I watched, eager to see. He'd been bandaged up ever since he'd finished with him, so I'd never actually seen his work. Whenever he changed the bandages he'd made me leave so now was my first time seeing his handiwork.

I stood to one side, watching intently as he removed the bandages, feeling like it was like unwrapping the most amazing present. I took a deep breath as he removed the last one, my eyes wide at what I saw. Gone was Virta's thick cock and heavy balls and in it's place was a perfect, soft cunt. Kuolio reached down, his gloved fingers spreading Virta's new lips to examine his new opening. He nodded and wet his lips, then spoke. "There is your slut's new clit." His fingertips brushed a spot just above the main opening, Virta gasping. "And there's it's lips just like you picked out." I nodded, speechless. It looked just like a real cunt, not that I was an expert on such things. Kuolio smirked and nodded, apparently pleased with my reaction. "So I take it you're pleased then?"

I nodded, struggling to find the words. "It's... Fuck, it's amazing. I just... Wow." I licked my lips, then looked properly to Kuolio. "Thank you, you do incredible work."

The pride on his face was clear as he nodded. "I'm glad my work is appreciated." He shifted his hands from Virta's new pussy then spoke again. "Now if you change you mind about your slave's clit or pussy lips, I can change or remove them in four weeks. That's also when you can fuck it without causing damage." He grabbed a spray, spraying something over Virta's new hole. He set it down and grabbed a needle and thread. "Now, I'm going to sew your slut's cunt up, this will keep you from fucking it. They'll dissolve on their own over the four weeks so when they're gone you can fuck it." I nodded, knowing that I would likely have trouble resisting the urge to fuck it. I watched intently as Kuolio sewn it up, going as carefully as he had when he'd done Virta's new stumps.

Once he had fully closed Virta's pussy up, he grabbed a pair of scissors to cut the thread off and then looked at me with a nod. "There, now your slave is all ready to go." He said as he pulled off his gloves, tossing the, in a bin. "I'd advise taking it easy for a few more days and not fuck his ass for a about a week. If you have any concerns, well let me know and I'll see what I can do." He gave me a smirk and nodded. "Hope you have fun."

Before I could respond the buzz to the front door went again. "Oh for fuck's sake what has one of those dumb fucks done now!"


So here we were, Virta lay out before me, perfect. It had been hard but I'd waited the four weeks, even giving it an extra one just to be safe. I'd already sent Kuolio pictures of his work as he wanted, though I knew I'd end up taking more pictures soon enough.

"Please daddy... Please..." He whispered, looking at me with dark, lust filled eyes. As soon as we got back I made him switch to calling me that and my cock ached every time. The points of his new ears stuck out from his curls, which now hung even further down his back. His ears had also pierced in several places a few weeks back, silver hoops adoring them.

His breasts, fuck they were perfect. They were large and perfect for fucking and squeezing. I loved the way they rocked when he was on all fours, my cock ramming his ass. His nipples had been pierced with barbels the same time as his ears and I'd smirks at how the piercer could'd resist stroking them. His belly was more rounded now and I was thinking of making it even bigger, though by how much I wasn't quite sure yet.

Now his stumps were all healed up, I had to admit that he looked sexy without his feet. It meant he was permanently crawling and that gave me such an erection. I'd have to thank Kuolio for that.

My eyes went up his spread legs towards the soft folds of his cunt, his fingers holding him open. "Please daddy." He begged again, knowing that this was time. My cock ached as I mounted the bed, getting between his spread legs. I ran my dick against his opening and he gasped. "Please daddy, please please fuck me, I need your cock... Please..."

"Well since you ask so nicely..." I eased into him, moving my hands to stroke his tits. "Fuck..." I gasped myself, eyes lidding as I pushed into him. He felt amazing, so soft and wet and... Fuck. I'd never fucked an actual woman, so had nothing to compare it to in that regard, but fuck. I knew I'd be doing this again tonight already. I gave his tits a squeeze, my hips moving now. He squirmed beneath me, groans leaving his lips.

"Oh daddy, your cock feels amazing... Fuck, please...." His head was tipped back, his hair cascading around him, eyes lidded in pleasure.

Fuck he looked beautiful. I started fucking him hard, knowing I'd not last long. He felt amazing, squeezing and pulsing around my cock, his moans music to my ears. His hips rocked up off the sheets to meet mine and he was babbling. I leaned over him, capturing his plump lips with my own, kissing him as I slammed deep inside him. I had tried to go easy on him this first time, to go slow, but I couldn't anymore. I was so close, so needy.

Our lips parted and I let out a half growl, half groan, as I came into him. I smiled, breathless pants leaving my lips. I was the first, the first one to fuck that pussy, to cum inside it. He was breathless too, heavy pants leaving his lips and I wondered if he came too. "So beautiful..." I whispered, awed at the sight of him again. I eased out of him, shifting to lay in the bed with him, my head resting against his chest.

Fuck he was perfect.
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