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The Contest

The Contest
Pairing: Ilan Rubin/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Slight BDSM (more on the DS)
Notes: I blame Marina for bringing the Ilan fixation back. This is set when he was still in Lostprophets. I'm not sure if Bullet did a festival with them when Ilan was around but just go with it
Notes 2: repost

Matt stood before us, a smirk on his face. That was never a good thing. "At festival tomorrow Lostprophets are going to be there." I groaned internally. Not his rivalry with fucking Ian again. Whenever we were at the same place together, be it an award show or festival, they had to start something, ironically. "As such I am going to set you all a challenge." He turned the laptop around and there was a face of a pretty boy with thick, dark curls. "This is Ilan Rubin. The first one of you to fuck him and send me a pic of your cum leaking out his ass gets to be dom for the whole next tour."

He paused to let us take is words in and then added. "There is only one rule. You can't rape him, got that?" The three of us nodded, though we wouldn't do that anyway.

Ahh, this was certainly more interesting than the usual pettiness.


The festival was a three day event, Friday-Sunday and we were performing second to last on The Sunday. Lostprophets had the same slot Saturday. (Thank fuck, because if they'd headlined a day ahead of us we never would have heard the end of it.) So today was the perfect time to find him, especially since Matt had press and Moose was hanging out with Funeral.

I spent a few hours looking around the backstage of the festival, looking for the pretty drummer boy. I was almost ready to take a break from the search when I caught sight of those curls. He was next to some equipment cases, talking to what looked like a tech.

Fuck he looked hotter in person. His curls hung to his shoulders and he had a slim, lithe figure. He was only just 19, according to what I read. Last night I'd wanked to pictures of him, eager for this. I rarely got to top in the band, so I was looking forward to this. Don't get me wrong though, I loved being used by my bandmates, especially with the energy after gigs, but I'd still like to fuck again. I considered how to go about this, since I couldn't just go and ask him for a fuck. The tech left then though and I decided it was best to swoop in before someone else did.

"Hey Ilan." I said with my brightest smile as I approached him. "I'm Jay James, bassist for Bullet For My Valentine."

I offered my hand for him to shake and he took it, his eyes giving me a once over. "Nice to meet you." He said, his hand giving mine a squeeze before he let go. My mind instead pictured them holding onto something as I thrust deep in his arse... "You guys are Welsh too right?"

"Yeah we are." I nodded, trying to put the thoughts out my mind for a little while. I was about to make some more small talk, asking him what he thought of the guys, how was he liking touring, when I heard a crash as one of the nearby roadies dropped an equipment case. Ilan rolled his eyes at that.

"Could we take this somewhere else? Someplace a little quieter?" He asked and I nodded, wondering if he meant what my dirty mind was thinking. Even if he wasn't quieter did make it less likely for one of the others to try and nab him.

"Yeah, sure! This place isn't the best for conversation."

Was that a smirk on his lips before he smiled? "Great! Come on, I think the guys are all out." He gestured around us, then led the way. Fuck, he had a great looking ass. "There's something I want to ask you."

I followed him through the backstage area, weaving past a few cases, including the one now spread across the floor. He led me towards some dressing rooms and I was thankful that the one assigned to Lostprophets was far from ours. He opened the door and peeked inside, checking the coast was clear. "Good, no one's come back." He pushed the door opened and smiled, stepping inside.

The room was pretty much identical to ours, I think all the rooms here were, with the only differences being their belongings. I followed in him, pushing the door shut behind me. "So what was yo..."

I was cut off as he pressed me against the wood of the door, his lips crashing into mine. I was caught off guard by the kiss but I certainly wasn't complaining. I could work with this. I returned the kiss, running my pierced tongue across his lips and he parted them, allowing me entry. Fuck he tasted good, and he was a pretty good kisser for one so young. I heard a soft click as he locked the door behind us and then he pulled back, a whine leaving my lips and he grinned at the sound.

He ran his fingers down my clothed chest, towards my crotch and his fingertips brushed over my bulge. "I think you're wearing too much." He whispered, voice soft and I nodded, having to agree. I quickly pulled my t-shirt off, tossing it onto a chair, then I undid my flies and pushed my three quarter lengths down. I'd not bothered with underwear, I rarely did since joining the band. Ilan looked be over when I kicked them away and he licked his lips, eyes on my cock. Oh yeah, I'd soon get him on his knees and thread my fingers through those curls and...

He smirked and then spoke again, only this time, his voice was stronger, firmer. "Tell me, Jay was it? Is this a trait of you welshmen?" He stepped closer, leering over me. "Are you all small dicked sluts, desperate for a fuck? Because that's been my experience so far."

I swallowed, not sure what to say as he reached down, his fingers brushing my cock. "I bet you thought I was going to be an easy lay hmm? A little pushover because I'm so young." My cock twitched from his touch and I felt my cheeks flush. "Look at you, your little cock aching between your legs. It's pathetic." He let go of me and wet his lips again. I opened my mouth, trying to find words, but I couldn't think how to respond. This was so fucking unexpected. "See, you're so pathetic you don't even know what to say to me. How about we start with this." He took a few steps back, sitting in the nearest chair. "Repeat after me: I, Jay James am a pathetic Welsh slut."

He fixed his gaze on me and I swallowed, letting out a soft whimper before I spoke up. "I, Jay James, am a pathetic Welsh slut."

"What was that? I couldn't hear you." I knew full well that he could hear me.

"I, Jay James, am a pathetic Welsh slut!" I repeated, my voice louder.

He smirked, licking his lips and nodding. "That'll do. See, you're so pathetic you need to be told what to say when among your betters. Now, let's see how you are at following instructions. Get on your knees and crawl to me."

I sank down to my hands and knees, crossing the small space over to where he sat. This wasn't how I'd pictured this going at all. A small part of me was saying I should just grab my stuff and go. Another part, much larger, wanted this, wanted to see where this was going. He ran his fingers through my hair and hummed softly, before speaking again. "You will refer to me as Master Rubin. When I give you an instruction you will say Yes Master Rubin. Are we clear?"

"Yes Master Rubin."

"Good, seems you have do have some understanding." He grabbed my hair and used it to pull my head forward, and I knew he was looking at my back. "Hmm, least one thing's attractive about you." He let go my hair after pulling it so I was back to facing him, before speaking again. "Tell me you Welsh cunt, why should I let you anywhere near my cock?"

I swallowed, him giving me a look that said 'you better fucking give me a good answer'. "Master Rubin, I'm very good at sucking cock and taking it up the ar.."

"No, that's the reason you're a fucking whore." He growled and slapped me around the face hard. "Try. Again." He said those last words deliberately slowly.

I thought fast, trying to come up with something, anything. "Master Rubin, have you ever had someone with a tongue stud suck you?" He raised an eyebrow and shook his head, those beautiful curls bouncing from the motion. When he said nothing to stop me I continued, feeling emboldened. "I could do that Master Rubin, use my tongue to please you. And I will do anything you ask of me." I looked down, casting my eyes on the floor. "I know I'm not worthy to have your cock, but please let me please you Master Rubin."

He hmm'd, then chuckled after a few seconds. "Well cunt, you do make a valid point. You're not quite as dumb as you look." I glanced up at him and he was smirking. Fuck, he looked so sexy. I swallowed and quickly looked back down, waiting for his instructions. I heard the sound of him undoing the zipper of his fly. I glanced up at couldn't help but gasp. Fucking hell he was big, like Rich big. I swallowed and he smirked. "Couldn't resist a look huh slut?"

"Yes Master Rubin, your cock is just so hot Master Rubin."

He chuckled, licking his pretty lips. "Well don't just stare at it, you dumb fuck. Suck it!" I didn't need telling twice, I parted my lips and worked my lips down his shaft. I took him straight down to the base, my pierced tongue lapping against his cock. He groaned above me, fingers tangling in my hair. "Fucking hell slut! None of those others could take me down in one go, you really are a filthy little cockwhore aren't you?"

I'd have nodded, but didn't want to lose his dick, which I guessed proved his point. I knew what he said was true, I did love the feel of a cock down my throat or up my arse. I had hoped to fuck him though, partly to do the fucking for once but mostly to win, but I know the moment I'd seen that cock I'd be begging for it. I hummed around him, bobbing up and down, rubbing my piercing against him. I took him down to the base, kept him down my throat for a few beats, then moved again.

"Fucking hell whore. You certain know what you're doing." I smiled, proud that he approved, his fingers tightening in my hair. "Fuck... Stop whore." He said the words breathlessly and I had a feeling it was reluctant. He pushed me off him and I looked up at him, my lips slick with my saliva. "When were you last fucked whore?"

"Yesterday Master Rubin, by Moose."

"Moose? You were fucked by an animal?" He snorted, shaking his head. "And here I was thinking you Welsh only fucked sheep."

I felt myself blush and shook my head. "No Master Rubin, Moose is my bandmate not an animal, he's our drummer." I'd be lying though if I added I'd never thought about being fucked by an animal.

"Huh." He stood up, pushing his tight jeans down his legs before stepping out of them. "Since you did such a good job sucking me you can use this." He tossed me some lube and I nodded, opening it and quickly slicking up my fingers.

"Thank you Master Rubin." I pressed two inside me with practised ease, stretching myself open for him. Fast fingering was something I was used to, being in a band with three other horny men (and the techs and roadies) meant I had to be. Padge was probably the only one that cared enough to actually do it himself sometimes. I added a third finger due to his size and soon felt I was ready for him.

The moment I retreated my fingers he was there, head pressed against my opening. He gripped onto my pudgy hips, then thrust hard into me. I cried out as he started roughly pounding my arse, with a strength I'd not have expected him to possess. There was something so incredibly hot about that though. That this slight, pretty young boy was such a rough, domineering top was just, fuck, it made my cock ache as he fucked me. "Master Rubin..."

"What cunt?" He said, voice surprisingly steady as he fucked me. "I bet you want to touch that pathetic little cock don't you?" I nodded, groaning as he caught my spot, my eyes squeezing shut. "No, you won't. If you spill it will be down to my cock and my cock alone got that?"

"Ye... Yes Master Rubin." I whimpered the words, my whole body shaking from his thrusts.

"Good, because I won't be touching that thing either." A moan left my lips and I nodded, enjoying the feeling of his balls slapping against my cheeks as he slammed into me. An image flitted into my head, of the others trying it on with him and, one by one, taking his cock. Fuck, I'd love to see that. Maybe it'd wipe the permanent smug look off Matt's face. I groaned, pushing back against him and squeezing around his hard cock.

He kept hammering into me, nails digging into my sides. I expected him to continue talking, demeaning with every word but there was nothing now but groans. Maybe he was close. I let out a groan of my own as he slammed into me, spilling across my belly and the tatty carpet.

"Fucking whore." He growled, hips slamming against my cheeks. "Just like every other Welsh slut." He let out a low moan, and I could feel him cum deep inside me. He stilled, staying there as he filled me up, riding his orgasm out. Only when he was finished did he pull out and I heard the click of a camera phone. He was getting the exact picture I was meant to get. "Clean up your mess cunt, then go."

"Yes Master Rubin." I whispered, shifting to lap at the cum from the carpet. "Master Rubin wil..."

"Will I fuck you again?" He chuckled as I nodded and I heard him pull his jeans back on. "Write me an essay, telling me how much of a whore you are. You have until tomorrow. If I like what I read, then I will fuck your sorry ass Sunday." He licked his lips as I nodded, not knowing the first place to start on such a thing, but I'd give it a go. "Now though, get dressed and go, I have three more Welshmen to find."

"Yes Master Rubin." I replied as he left and I couldn't help but smile a little as I reached for my clothes, tugging them on. Seems I had been the first of us after all.
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