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You Must Learn Control

You Must Learn Control
Pairing: Kuolio/Master Bates/Miikka
Rating: NC-17
POV: Master Bates
Prompt: 2: Enemas
Warnings: Hannu legs! BDSM
Notes: I had piss enema pants associated with this prompt for awhile but now I'm doing it they don't fit in! Also, another follow up fic. I blame... Someone ;) This is meant to be the last in the Kuolio trilogy.
Notes 2: like last fic I meant to do kinkverseVirta (and Ilan fic) before this one but inspiration
Notes 3: another repost

I reached down, removing the rubber hood from his head. A sheen of sweat covered his face and he looked up at me, his eyes blinking as they readjusted to the light. "Morning slut."

When we came out of the shower last night, we found that the dildo of Petja wasn't where we left it. It was still up his ass, only there was about half of it buried inside him. He'd looked at me, a desperate look on his face. Unlike removing the tie, I suspected that had been unintentional. Still he had been bad and that required punishment.

So on went the hood and out had gone the dildo. If he couldn't hold it in he certainly didn't deserve to have it in him overnight. I'd also decided he didn't deserve the cock ring, so Miikka reached between his legs and gave his balls a hard squeeze until his cock wilted. I then replaced the ring with a cock cage that we had.

And then we'd ignored him.

"This morning you are going to learn a lesson." I smirked, licking my lips. "Well, actually three lessons and, as incentive for you to actually do well you dumb cunt, there's this." I held up a small key. "This is the key to the cage I locked around your pitiful excuse for a cock. If you do well, I will release it. If, however, you do badly, then this key will get flushed." His eyes widened at that, probably wondering if I was serious. Oh I was, one hundred percent serious. What he didn't know, of course, was that for every cage and cuff, Toumas kept the spare key. That was't to say he had it with us or knew where they are. "Do you understand whore?" He nodded, it was all he could do with the gag still on. "Good." I nodded to Miikka, who undid the tie around his wrists and pulled off the bed onto his knees.

I approached them and smiled when I stood before him. "Now is time for your first lesson." Miikka smiled and placed his hands on Kuolio's ass, holding him open. "Neither myself nor Miikka have had our morning piss." I smirked, threading my fingers through his hair, watching as Miikka planted a hand on the small of his back, waiting for me to finish. "So we are both going to piss up your ass. Then you will be timed 10 minutes." I smirked and licked my lips, then continued. "You have to keep the piss in you for all that time." His eyes widened and I nodded to Miikka, who pushed him down so his ass was in the air.

Miikka pressed the head of his cock against Kuolio's hole, pressing it inside him. And then, with a soft sigh he let go, pissing into him. He groaned behind the gag and I reached down, feeling generous, and I unbuckled the gag. It slipped from his mouth, landing to the floor with a soft pop. I saw him work his jaw as he took deep breaths.

Miikka gave me a slight nod and I moved around Kuolio's prone body. He shifted back and stepped over Kuolio's leg, a few drops of piss escaping his opening. I'd forgive those few though as I took Miikka's place, pressing my soft dick into him. If I didn't need to piss so badly I'd be hard from the sight of him like this. I took a deep breath, then let go, pissing into him. This wasn't the first time I'd done this of course. My first time had been, like so many of these things, due to Toumas. He wanted all of us to piss in him, just because he wanted to see what it was like.

Miikka watched with a smirk, his phone in hand ready to start the countdown. I held onto Kuolio's ass, my piss flooding him and I let out a soft sigh. He was making these beautiful little whimpering sounds. I smirked as I finished up, stepping back and nodding to Miikka to get the timer started. "Your ten minutes starts now slut. Now get on all fours."

As he did so I grabbed my own phone, taking pictures of his twitching opening and his belly, which was slightly distended due to our piss. Once I was doneI decided to give him another instruction. "Crawl around the room." He whimpered and gave me a look, then he started to slowly move.

"L... Like this Master Bates?" He asked as he crawled around the small space of the room. It was big enough for him to move around in circles, which was enough.

I nodded and smirked, watching him. "Yes slut." I licked my lips, as I perched on the edge of the bed I'd slept in with Miikka last night. "These lessons are all about your hole slut. A proper slut wouldn't have let that dildo slip out like you did, that means that you clearly need ass training. So I'm being kind and providing you that."

"Y... Yes Master Bates. Thank you Master Bates." I smirked at his words, though his face showed how desperate he was, how hard he was trying. Fuck, it was so hot.

I looked to Miikka and he spoke up. "Three minutes left."

"See slut, almost there." He whimpered and nodded, his legs trembling. There was a small part of me that wanted him to fail, for our piss to flood out his ass across the floor. That would break him more than last night. I could see him now, whimpering and begging and pleading. I reached between my legs, running my hand along my cock.

"One minute." He'd stopped crawling now, his eyes squeezed shut as he focussed on keeping it all in. Almost there. He was taking deep breaths to steady himself and I smiled, pleased he was doing so well. It was too early to praise him though, maybe later on if he kept this up.

"Ok, time's up." Miikka tossed his phone to the bed and he lifted Kuolio up like he was almost nothing, which was so fucking hot. He carried him through to the small bathroom and he set him on the toilet. To his credit, he didn't let go right away and I smiled.

"Good slut. You can let go now as well as piss if you have to."

"Thank you Master Bates!" He sighed and then I heard him let go, a torrent of our piss splashing against the water in the toilet bowl. I smiled from the doorway, then headed back into the bedroom to wait for them.

As I waited, a grabbed the lube, slicking my fingers up in preparation for what was to come. After a few minutes, I heard the toilet flush and saw Miikka carry him back in, laying him face down over the bed he'd spent the night on. I moved over to them and Miikka held open his ass cheeks.

I sank two fingers into him, hearing him groan as I started to open him up. "Soon your second lesson will begin, once you are nice and open."

"Yes Master Bates." He replied with a groan. I had a feeling he was curious, but he'd find out soon enough. I twisted my fingers inside him, working in a third to join them.

"Look at you like this, sprawled across a bed with my fingers in your ass. You're wasted as a musician, your true calling is to be a fucking whore, on your knees and begging for the cock or every man you meet." I smirked at the whimpers he made, then removed my fingers. The sound he made at the loss made me chuckle. "Soon you'll be filled again."

I nodded to Miikka, who moved between Kuolio's legs. His cock was hard and shiny from lube. I smirked and picked up his phone as Miikka entered him, sinking down to the base and then stopping.

"Your second lesson begins now slut." I smirked, running my fingers through his hair, angling his head to look at me. "As you can feel, Miikka is buried inside you, balls deep. He is going to stay there and not move from his position for ten minutes. Your task is to make him cum in that time with just your ass." I turned the screen of the phone to face him and tapped the timer to start. "Get to it."

How well he was going to do would be difficult for me to judge of course, as it was Miikka's dick in him, not mine. When I decided that this was part of his punishment/training, I had considered being the one inside him, but Miikka's thick dick in him, it was just such a hot image. Even hotter to see before me in the flesh like this.

"See, this is what it's like to have a real man inside you. See how his cock stretches your slut hole open and makes you ache with need in your cage." I heard groans from Miikka, his hands gripping onto Kuolio's ass. I could tell it was hard for him not to just pound away, making him cry out as he gave him a good hard fucking. His restraint would be rewarded tonight of course so I was sure he was keeping that in mind.

I checked the time and saw that it was just under seven minutes remaining. I leaned into him, brushing the long strands of his hair from his ear and I purred into it. "I am so hard watching you slut. If you make Miikka cum, then you can get me off and touch my thighs."

"Fucking hell what did you say to him?" I smirked at the sound Miikka made and leaned back to watch. His groans were becoming more intense now, my words clearly having caused Kuolio to put more effort into it.

I just smirked at Miikka, not saying anything and just watching as Miikka got closer to the edge. I loved to make him cum, down my throat, up my ass, across bedsheets or floors. There was something hot though about seeing someone else do it though. He growled and groaned and I could see him tighten his grip, clearly fighting the urge to just fuck him to the finish. He cried out and I could tell that was it, he'd came, deep in Kuolio's ass, with over a minute to spare.

"See slut, now you can make guys cum just without them having to put any effort into it." I smirked, watching Miikka pull out and I reset the timer, ready for the last lesson. I set the phone on the dressing table, then mounted the bed before Kuolio, spreading my legs. He looked at me, eyes dark and hungry, but he didn't move. He was learning to behave. "Alright slut, make me cum."

The second those words left my lips he moved. His hands went to my thighs, his fingertips running over my smooth skin. His mouth parted and he took my dick, swallowing it down to the base in one go. He was licking and sucking, his head bobbing and I couldn't help but wonder if he thought he was being timed again. Or maybe his inner slut had fully awakened and he was desperate for cock. Either way it was hot and he was showing off his mouthwork. His tongue wiggled and twisted against me, his thumbs brushing my balls as his fingers kept stroking my thighs.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Miikka was watching us, while also getting himself ready. I smirked, running my fingers through Kuolio's hair. "See, you can be a good slut." I licked my lips, knowing that, at this rate, I'd not be lasting much longer. "Are you going to keep being good and swallow all I have to give?" He nodded, increasing his suction, his tongue lapping against me. I growled, gripping his hair tight as I came, watching as he swallowed it all down. "Slut..." I smiled, slightly breathless.

He moved off me and smiled, his lips wet with saliva. "Yes Master Bates, I'm a dirty slut. Thank you for letting me taste you."

I returned his smile and patted his hair, shifting off the bed a grabbing the phone. "Miikka is ready now for your last lesson." I spoke up, voice slightly breathless from my orgasm. "Like with the first two lessons, this one will be ten minutes. Unlike the previous ones though, you will not have to do anything. This is all on Miikka." I gave my bandmate a nod and he moved back to where he had been a few minutes before. He bought his slick fingers down to Kuolio's hole and I gave him a nod. As soon as he pushed three fingers into him, I started the timer up.

Kuolio groaned on the bed as Miikka fingered him, stretching him open. I looked between them, from Kuolio's face to the fingers that were buried up his ass. I wondered if Kuolio was thinking he was just going to get a good fingering. I smirked, licking my lips as I watched. At one minute in, Miikka worked in his thumb. A few seconds later he added his little finger. At two minutes he started to push his hand into him and Kuolio cried out.

"This, slut, is your third lesson, getting a fisting from Miikka." I smirked, looking at his face. "I bet this is your first one huh slut?" He nodded and I knew it was likely true. We'd gone fairly easy on him the times he'd replaced Toumas. If that situation arose again the guys would now know he was a more trained slut. "Well, let's see how much you can take."

The timer was now showing there was just over six minutes left. I had to grab my phone to take a picture of Miikka, wrist deep inside Kuolio. "How's it feel slut hmm?"

"Fuck... I feel so full Master Bates. Fuck it feels... Fuck." I smirked, knowing exactly how he felt. He groaned, pressing his face against the sheets as Miikka pushed his hand further into him. He was going fairly steadily, taking it easy with him. I knew, from experience, that Miikka was capable of getting his whole forearm up someone. His other hand was on the small of Kuolio's back again, holding him in place as he worked.

I watched as he worked his fist in him, moving it steadily in and out of the slut's hole, the stretched opening so fucking beautiful. If I'd not just came, I would be aching. If Kuolio wasn't caged he would be too. I took more shots, then discarded my phone, looking between Kuolio's face, his ass and Miikka's phone.

The time seemed to be going so fast, either that or the sight before me was so hot I didn't realise how much I'd been staring. The time went from 4:35 to 3:12 to 1:42 to 0:20. Fuck. I swallowed, marvelling the sight once more. Miikka had about half of his forearm in him, his belly bulging a little from it. Kuolio was moaning, eyes shut tight, incoherent babbles leaving his lips. "It's time."

As soon as I said the words Miikka eased his arm out of him and I smirked at the way Kuolio's ass pushed back as it left him. "Slut." I smirked, setting Miikka's phone on the dressing table and rolling Kuolio onto his back. "You've done so well slut and I hope you've learned your lesson."

"Oh I have Master Bates, I have."

I nodded and took the small key, unlocking his cage and removing it from him. "Well since you've been such a good slut..." His dick pretty much became hard the second it was freed, not that I could blame him. I took him in hand, stroking him firmly and steadily. He'd not last long, I knew that much. Again that was from experience. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Miikka licking his arm and I could spot traces of his cum. I jerked Kuolio off, leaning in and whispering. "You're such a filthy fucking slut, taking piss, cock and a fist so well." I ran my thumb across his leaking head, smirking. "You should take your skills out into the world, see how many dicks you can take. Become the filthy fucking slut you should be."

He groaned and his hips jerked up, spilling out and thick across his belly. I couldn't help it, I leaned down and ran my tongue through it, tasting him. I released his cock, bringing his fingers up to his lips, purring as he licked them clean.

I shifted back after a few minutes, smiling down at him. He was beautiful like this, a panting mess, hole stretched open wide. I licked my lips, then spoke up. "Well Juha, have you had fun?" He nodded, still too gone to form words and I smirked. "Good. Well, you can have a shower if you like, then we can go and get some breakfast hmm?" He nodded again and I grinned, moving around to pick up a pair of my old cargo pants from my bag. "And then you can tell us all about what your bands are up to."

"Yeah, sure." He smiled a little nodding, breathless. "I'll just..." He nodded to the bathroom, standing up and I couldn't help but smirk at the way he moved.

"I wonder what the others would think about him walking like that." I whispered to Miikka as soon as we heard the water of the shower start up. Miikka just flashed me a grin as I pulled a shirt on and then we shared a quick, brief kiss.

"I dunno, but tomorrow you'll be just the same."
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