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Yes Fantastic Ass Licking

Yes Fantastic Ass Licking
Pairing: Master Bates/Mikka
Rating: NC-17
POV: Master Bates
Prompt: 30: Rimming
Warnings: Porn, so much porn. Also Hannu's legs
Notes: So I meant to have kinkverse!virta as next fic but then SOMEONE requested this and...
Notes 2: Follow up to the last few fics.
Notes 3: dreamwidth repost

There was something that I loved about being in Turmion. Ok, there were many things I loved about being in the band, but the one in particular that I was thinking of now was what had happened tonight. Namely being in control of big strong men.

I loved teasing them of course, that's why I'd suddenly changed my stage outfit, and being held down and used by them because of it had been amazing. I was sure I was still walking a little funny from that and the follow up session. But what I loved even more was being in control, dominating my band. Having them on their knees before me, especially Miikka and Petja, was a huge turn on to me.

Being in the band had also meant, unexpectedly, that I could do the same with other men as well. I smirked at the sight of Kuolio, blindfolded and sat on a chair on the other side of the room. He, like Miikka and Petja, could easily hold me down and have his way with me. But when I was in control he, like them, went along with it.

I licked my lips, breathless from the fuck he had given me, and looked to Miikka, who was between my legs, eyes on my twitching, no doubt leaking hole. I gave him a nod and he pushed his kilt down, freeing his hard cock and he lined himself up with my hole, pushing into me. I groaned, sensitive from the fuck from moments ago, gripping the sheets.

I had known, of course, that Kuolio would come to one of our gigs. The question had been which one. He'd been easy to spot tonight, even though he was dressed casually, he still had that piercing stare when he saw my legs. I'd told Miikka, on the morning after that first night, what would happen if he was there. It had gone well so far, just as I had planned.

For this part of the night it was a test, to see what Kuolio would do. Would he remove the blindfold or be a good boy?

As for Miikka, he knew what to do. His hands held my marked thighs and he was fucking me steadily, getting harder with each thrust. Unlike with Kuolio I wasn't verbally encouraging him. Instead I just made a series of moans, rocking back against him. He was looking at me, low growls leaving his lips. His eyes weren't focussed on my face though, they were still on my thighs. I had to admit, I was loving the effect I was having on them and it made me wish I'd changed my outfit sooner.

He looked back to my face and I could see him silently asking, 'please, can I cum?'. I considered for five seconds, then nodded, because of what I knew was coming next. He held my thighs tighter fucking hard and deep into me. The bed shook from the force of his thrusts, my cock twitching between my legs. Thinking of my last orgasm, I ran my fingers through the cum on my shirt, bringing them up to his lips. I gave him a look and he parted those lips and I slipped my fingers, purring as his tongue lapped my cum from them. Our eyes met as he sucked my fingers, making me smirk.

Another growl came from his throat and he slammed into me, shooting his load deep inside me alongside Kuolio's. Kuolio still had his makeshift blindfold on and his dick was twitching to life. Good. I groaned and spoke for the first time since Miikka entered me. "You know what to do."

He nodded wordlessly, pulling out of me slowly. And then he sank down to his knees, leaning forward and running his tongue along my cleft, no doubt through some cum. The thought made me groan and then his tongue entered me.

One of the unexpected things about the band was that it was Miikka, not Toumas, that was best at rimming. That was surprising because he didn't look the part, indeed before he joined he'd never eaten ass before. (He'd never done a lot of things before he joined us.)

There was just something about his technique that drove me wilThe way he pressed inside me and searched, lapping up every drop of cum that was there. If I'd not been fucked it would just circle his tongue against my walls lazily. I closed my eyes, his hands going to my cheeks, holding them open so he could get deeper. "Fuck..." I whispered despite myself, his tongue darting into me, then circling my ring before dipping back inside.

"Holy fuck..." I smirked at the soft words, opening my eyes and looking to their source. Kuolio. He'd succumbed, pulling the tie as it was up in his hair.

"If you so much as think about touching that worthless dick of yours then I will throw you out of this room." I growled at him, though it likely didn't sound threatening as Miikka's thick tongue turned it into a groan half way through. "And then you'll have to walk around Kuopio half naked until you get home." I paused and smirked, pushing my ass back against Miikka as his tongue twisted in me. "No, you'll be fully naked because I'll rip that t-shirt off you too."

"Yes Master Bates." He said, a whimper leaving his lips. Fucking, I loved making guys like him make noises like that.

I gripped the sheets, enjoying the feeling of Miikka's expert tongue working inside me. He fucking needed a warning, that he was fantastic at asslicking. That would be an idea for a band session, him on his back the guys taking turns to sit on his face and enjoy that fucking tongue of his. I groaned again at the image.

I was reluctant to push him back, but I did, knowing that we had someone here who had been a bad boy and needed punishment. Miikka looked at me, his lips wet with saliva and fuck he looked hot. I gave him a nod and he stood up, heading to the satchel that he'd bought back from the venue as I stalked to Kuolio.

I tutted, shaking my head as I grabbed his hair, pulling him up. "Such a naughty boy. You can't even do something as simple as keep a blindfold on." I grabbed the tie, releasing his hair to pull his arms back behind him and secure them in place with it again. "You know what I think? I think you're a fucking idiot Kuolio."

I grabbed his hair again and pulled him across the room to where Miikka stood. Kuolio whimpered at what he saw, a ring in his hand. "Put it on him." Miikka nodded and slipped the rubber ring down onto Kuolio's erection. It was the exact same one I had on that first night. Kuolio whimpered and he smirked. "That stays on until you leave, you won't be cumming again."

A whimper left his lips and he looked down. "Yes Master Bates."

I smirked and pushed him down to his knees. "Now, clean Miikka's cock. You've already proven to be a cocksucker, well a half decent one anyway." I licked my lips, then added, pushing his head towards Miika. "Now you see what a real man's cock looks like up close."

He whimpered again and extended his tongue, licking the cum off his cock. Too bad Miikka wasn't hard, that would make this hotter, but the night was young. I took Miikka's hand and put on Kuolio's head, letting him take over. Seeing Miikka dominant over men was a massive turn on as well. He just held the other man in place though and I licked my lips, heading to the satchel.

Toumas' bag of tricks had started out as a bag like this. It had a few basic things then, a few dildos, plugs, gags and cuffs had been within it. Over time his collection grew, with each of us adding things to it. It was now a rather large duffel bag, with cock rings, spreader bars, double ended dildos, hoods... Just about everything you could think off. It made group sessions interesting as it made each one wildly different even after all these years.

The bag was, however, a little unwieldy, especially when we went our separate ways. And so we got a pair of satchels, small enough to take a decent amount of the bag's contents for whenever we had paired off sessions. I opened it up and there were a few things Miikka had gathered up while I had used his phone to text Kuolio. The ring had been the only thing I'd asked for specifically. There was some lube, a ball gag, a rubber hood and another tie, this one deep purple. There was also a dildo, one of a set that made me smirk.

A few years back Rammstein had made a collectors box set. It had included a set of dildos, claiming to be of each member. (Of course Tuomas had gotten it immediately and then claimed that they were lying once it had came.) It had given us an idea though, that we'd have our own set made for us. Each dildo was a different colour and the black of this one indicated it was Petja's, the biggest of us. I smirked and grabbed that and the lube, heading back to the pair of them, smirking.

Miikka's cock was covered in a sheen of saliva and Kuolio was now licking at his sac. Miikka looked at me, then what I had in my hands and he smirked. With his free hand he pointed down to his dick and I grinned, knowing what that meant. I gave him a nod and he moved Kuolio's head back to his dick.

I set the dildo and lube out of sight, watching intently as Miikka started to piss in Kuolio's mouth. He sputtered, eyes going wide. "Now, now, Miikka hear is giving you a nice drink. Swallow." Another whimper and I watched as his throat bobbed as he swallowed down the golden fluid. Miikka held him there for a few beats and I nodded. "See you can be good." Miikka pushed him back then, the rest of the piss going over his face, in hair, soaking his t-shirt. I loved the way that made him cling to him, showing off his muscles, which made it even hotter.

Miikka finished up with a sigh, wiping the last few drops across Kuolio's lips and he let go of his hair, looking at me. I smiled, pleased and took ahold of Kuolio's hair, lifting him back up by his sodden locks. I moved him over to a floor length mirror, leaning into him and whispering in his ear. "Look at yourself. This is what you get for being a bad boy." Miikka grabbed his phone and came over, taking some pictures on it. "I wonder what your bandmates would think of you if they knew what a dirty slut you are, sucking cock and drinking piss." I smirked, licking along his neck. "Miikka's fantastic ass licking made me so hard." I pressed myself against his ass cheek, so he could feel my erection. "And seeing him drench you in piss kept me nice and hard. So I am going to be generous and give you the fucking you deserve, even though you've been bad." With my other hand I pushed him towards the nearest bed, pushing him over it so he was bent over, ass in the air.

I smirked and held out my hand, Miikka passing me the lube. I spread it over my fingers, humming softly. "Be glad I'm feeling kind and am going to lube you up first." I didn't wait for a response, spreading his muscular cheeks with one hand as I pushed two fingers into his hole. Fuck the sounds he made were delicious. He'd probably not been fucked in months. "You're loving this." I said, twisting my fingers. "Love being fingered, love taking dick." I purred at the noise that left his throat. "You're a dirty, needy little slut aren't you Kuolio? Say it, tell me what you are."

He whimpered as I worked my fingers in him. "I... I'm a slut. I'm a dirty, filthy, needy slut!" He whimpered, ass pushing back against me. I loved making men like him come undone like this. "Please... Please fuck me."

"Of course slut." I laughed, shaking my head and removing my fingers, thrusting into him. He cried out, head tilting back as I started to fuck him. I turned to Miikka and mouthed one word. 'Gag.' He went to the satchel as I kept my pace, moving hard into him. He was whimpering and gasping beneath me, as I thrust deep into him.

"Please, please can I..." A nod to Miikka and the ball gag was shoved between his lips, buckled behind his head tight.

"Shut up slut, I already told you that you lost the right to another orgasm and I'm no amount of begging is going to change my mind." I spat on his clothed back, chuckling. "Pathetic sluts like you don't need to cum anyway." I nodded to Miikka and saw him take a few more pictures of us. "Just think slut, what would happen if Miikka here sent these pictures out. You'd become the second biggest whore in Kuopio." He whined behind the gag and I chuckled. "I bet you'd love that though and I don't feel like doing something you love." He whimpered and I felt myself start to get closer from that, so I pulled out of him.

"You don't deserve to get my cum inside you." I took my cock in hand, stroking it firmly as I moved onto the bed. It took just a handful of strokes for me to cum across the inked skin of his arm, smirking as I groaned. Miikka took another picture and then handed me the dildo, already lubed up. I nodded with a smile, taking a few shaky breaths and moving so I was in front of Kuolio. "You know what this is?" His eyes widened at the sight of the slick rubber shaft. "This is a dildo of Petja's cock, guess where it's going slut." He whined and I handed it to Miikka, watching as his strong arms pushed the rubber home up Kuolio's ass. As he did so I held his hair, pulling him up to look at me. His eyes were slighty teary, but I could see the want in them too.

"We are going to go shower and remove our stage make up." I told him, looking him in the eyes. "When we come back, if the dildo is where Miikka leaves it, I will consider removing that ring and let your little dick cum." I smirked as he whimpered at that. "Understand?" He nodded and I smiled, running my fingers through his wet hair.

I stood up and headed off to the bathroom, Miikka taking a picture of the dildo that was fully up Kuolio's muscular ass, just so we had a comparison. I smirked and undid my shirt, pulling it off. Let's see how he does this time.
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