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Kirkkaanpunainen solmio

Kirkkaanpunainen solmio
Pairing: Kuolio/Master Bates
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kuolio
Warnings: Hannu's legs!
Notes: I decided to do this to help cheer a certain someone up. The first bit is wrote by raisethesail, the rest is a modified version of what I'd started! I had wanted to get this finished last night but after watching Alien I just went zzz
Notes 2: gonna power through these dreamwidth reposts now

It was a few days after the start of Turmion Kätilöt's new tour and the fourth show of the tour brought them to our hometown in Kuopio.

Wanting to catch up with the guys, who were all friends of mine, I headed down to Henry's Pub and was just allowed straight in without needing to pay - being a prolific musician with my roles in Chaosweaver, Ajattara, Deathchain and Shade Empire had its advantages for this sort of thing.

I took a seat at the back of the venue with a beer and watched the opening supports with interest, but then it was time for the main attraction and I wondered what they would have in store for us tonight. There was always something perverse when it came to them.

Tuomas came out in bright aqua coloured hot pants, but oddly enough that wasn't where my attention was focused. No, it was on Hannu, who was wearing short shorts showing off his rather pretty slender legs. Judging by the red marks and bruises on them, it seemed that his bandmates had already shown their appreciation for his change in stage costume, and I licked my lips. There was no question that I was going to pay Hannu a visit in the band's dressing room in order to have a go myself.


I didn't get the chance to go backstage. As soon as the gig finished, which I'd spent staring at Hannu's legs, my phone buzzed and I almost ignored it. I took it out to turn it off and saw there was a text message from Miikka.

'We saw you. Come to the backstage door. Now.'

I quickly made my way out the pub, weaving my way through the crowd. I slipped out into the cool night area, heading around the building to the back door. There, leaning against the wall, was Miikka, still in his stage gear, as well as Hannu who was showing off those fucking legs. "I see you enjoyed the show." Miikka said with a smirk, his eyes glancing to my crotch. Yeah, I was hard and aching. Who could blame we after that show? And those fucking marks...

"Well of course, I have fucking eyes don't I?" He chuckled and grinned at me. "Come on, let's get to the hotel."

He led on, the three of us heading to the hotel next to the venue. They lived near here so I didn't understand why they stayed in the hotel instead of going home. That was until I spent one night backstage with them. Yeah, they were better off staying here.

They led me into the hotel and straight to the room they'd been staying in for the last few days. My eyes were on Hannu's legs the whole time and I could see even the back of them were marked. The moment we stepped inside, Hannu let out a low growl and pushed me against the wall. I let out a low groan, caught slightly off guard as he kissed me hard.

One thing you had to know about dealing with the guys in Turmion is that they essentially had two versions of themselves. After gigs you were essentially dealing with their onstage personas as they rode the high from performing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Miikka smirk, or maybe it was Bobby. I reached for those thighs that Hannu was displaying and he growled against my lips. "No touching unless I say." That meant I was dealing not with Hannu, but Master Bates. My cock twitched in appreciation. Oh this was going to be interesting.

I was, under normal circumstances, a top. However Turmion could not in anyway be described as normal.

Master Bates licked his lips, his eyes on mine as he pulled off my jacket, tossing it to the bed. "Now you're going to be a good boy and do exactly as I say." He ran his fingers down my chest, towards my crotch which he gave a quick squeeze, which made me moan. "Understand?"

"Yes Master Bates." I replied softly, meeting his gaze. He wasn't as physically intimidating as some of his bandsmates but when he wanted to he could project a certain presence, even though what he was wearing.

He grinned and took a step back, reaching down and running a hand up each thigh, the sight making me let out another groan. I made a mental note that I must ask for he got those marks and who did what. He smirked at me, his fingers rubbing against the various marks on the smooth skin. "I don't think you can be trusted not to touch these." I swallowed, not sure I could trust myself not to either. He reached up and started to remove the the bright red tie he was wearing. "Turn around, hands behind you."

I obeyed, turning around so I was facing the wall, my heart hammering as I wondered what he'd do. I caught sight of Miikka sitting in a chair watching me, his kilt hitched up and his hand slowly working his cock. Bastard. I shifted so my arms were both behind me and I felt the soft fabric of the tie get secured around my wrists. As soon as he deemed it was tied securely enough he grabbed my shoulders and turned me back to face him.

That smirk was still on his lips and he shifted his hands, running them down my body. I wished now that I'd come wearing less, like I did onstage sometimes, so that his fingers were touching skin. He was amazing with them. I wasn't sure if it was because he was in a band of perverts or if it was because he was a bassist or a bit of both. He wet his lips and leaned in close to me so our bodies touched and he purred in my ear. "Tell me what you want."

I felt his thighs press against mine and fuck, it was distracting. It took me a few moments to find my words and he leaned back a little, giving me a look that said he knew the exact effect he was having on me and that he was loving every second. I swallowed and took a deep breath, then the words came out. "Since you came onstage I couldn't take my eyes off you. I got so hard and had to resist touching myself, thinking about those thighs. I want to touch them, taste them, hold them as I fuck you."

He licked his lips and nodded to himself, stepping back. "Well I have no intention of letting you touch them just yet but..." He reached down, his fingers tracing his waistband of the shorts. "If you beg nicely you can see."

A whine died in my throat and I nodded. I wasn't someone that usually had to beg for what I wanted, but for him he words came out. "Please Master Bates, please let me see your thighs fully. I need it so badly, please."

Another smirk and he gripped he moved his fingers, undoing his fly. "Since you asked so nicely..." He pushed them down, the short shorts dropping straight to the floor and he kicked them aside. I gasped, my eyes widening at the sight and my cock ached even more. He wasn't wearing anything under the shorts (no surprise, since underwear, at least of the regular kind, seemed optional for the band as standard) and his smooth upper thighs seemed to be marked even more than what had been on display. Marks, scratches, bruises, fuck even a few bite marks. The guys had really gone to town on him. Fuck, I'd have loved to have seen that. His cock, aching hard was resting against his belly, the tip glistening. "Would you like a closer look?"

I nodded eagerly. "Yes, please Master Bates."

He grinned and placed his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down until I was on my knees before him. His smooth, slender thighs were fucking perfect and all those various marks just made them more so. It was taking all my willpower to not just lean in and lick them. He let go of my shoulders and then he spoke again. "You can lick and kiss my thighs. Just my thighs."

"Thank you Master Bates." I replied and didn't need telling twice, leaning in and instantly starting to kiss and lick at his left thigh. I ran my tongue over and around the various marks, wondering who had done what. The smoothness of his skin was definitely a new thing. When I'd played with them before there was a light dusting of hair beneath those cargo pants that he wore at the time. I hoped now he'd never wear those things again. After a few minutes I shifted to his right thigh, giving it the same treatment as the left. He made a soft noise as my tongue made contact with a bite mark, which seemed to be fairly fresh. Which one of them had done that?

Once this thigh shone with saliva as well, he ran his fingers through his hair and pushed me back slightly and tilted my head so I was looking up at him. "You are going to suck my cock. You will have ten minutes. If you gag, you will be punished. If you don't make me cum then I will let you will fuck me. Are we clear?"

"Yes Master Bates."

"Good. Miikka, time us." I noticed out the corner of my eye that Miikka had his phone out, most likely on a stopwatch or countdown app. When he gave us a nod, Master Bates pushed me towards his cock. I parted my lips and we began as I took his head between them.

Before Turmion I hadn't sucked a cock before. I'd been sucked myself before of course and had fucked both guys and girls before. That all changed that first night with them. I wasn't particularly good at it and it wasn't something I'd go out of my way to do, but I would try my best. I took him down about halfway first try and ran my tongue against his hard flesh. He let out a soft moan of pleasure and I smiled around him, starting to bob up and down on him. I was glad that it wasn't Miikka, Janne or even worse, Petja that was expecting me to do this and not gag. There was no way I could take them and last ten minutes without gagging, they were just too big. master Bate's cock, though, was a much more manageable size.

Master Bate's fingers remained in my hair, but thankfully didn't push me down. I think if I was any of the others he'd have down that the second I took his head. Every time I moved my lips down his shaft I took him more, until I had them wrapped around his base. "Half way there." Miikka spoke up, voice breathless.

I kept bobbing up and down on Master Bate's cock, squeezing my lips and running my tongue against him as I went. I was trying very hard to keep a balance. I had to show I was putting effort into it, but not enough that he'd cum down my throat before the time was up. I tasted a bit of his pre-cum on my tongue and worried hat I'd gone to far, that it meant he was about to spill down my throat and I'd be left frustrated. With my hands tied he'd probably just leave me like that, aching hard as him and Miikka did something before me. Sure he could just throw me out, but That wasn't his style. He'd make me needier first.

I felt a sharp tug on my hair and worried that this was it, he was going to cum down my throat, but instead I heard Miikka's voice. "It's time."

He pushed me off him and I panted softly, my lips wet with saliva from the cocksucking. "Mmm you did well." He murmured and nodded, looking breathless himself.

"Thank you Master Bates." I replied, looking up at him, hopeful he thought I deserved to fuck him.

He took a few steps back and reached behind himself, removing something from his ass, a dildo or plug of some sort, and I groaned. "Miikka, take off his jeans." Miikka nodded and came over to me, pulling me up by my hair and reaching down, undoing my flies. I groaned as his fingers brushed my bulge and he smirked, pushing the denim down my legs. Master Bates tutted, gesturing to my boxers. "You should know better than to wear those at one of our shows."

"Sorry Master Bates."

Miikka grinned and pulled them down as well, leaving me naked from the waist down. I nudged my jeans and boxers away as I stepped out of them, wondering what he had in mind. He laid on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide. "In a moment, Miikka is going to remove my tie from your wrists. Once he has done that you will have ten minutes to fuck me, in that time you are allowed to touch my thighs." That smirk of his returned and I knew there'd be a catch. "If you don't cum by the time those ten minutes are up then Miikka will pull you out of me, shove you over the bed and fuck you." He grinned, patting the bed beside him to indicate where that would happen. "And if you don't make me cum, then I'll just have to shoot over that pretty face of yours."

"Yes Master Bates." I replied softly and he nodded to Miikka. His fingers undid the tie from my wrists and the second it was removed I went to where Master Bates was sprawled out. He wrapped his legs around my waist and I groaned, slamming into his hole. Instantly my hands went to his thighs, touching, roaming, holding on for purchase as I rammed into him. I didn't both easing him into it, the plug shown he was stretched enough already and the time limit didn't allow for it. That as I was just so fucking horny, it felt like an I'd been it for an eternity.

He groaned beneath me, head tilted back a little, hands gripping the sheets. "That's it fuck me, fuck me harder! You can do better than that!" I held his thighs tight, his words making me thunder into him. "Jerk me off!" He growled out and with my right hand I stroked his saliva slick cock. He arched up into my hand, pushing those perfect thighs against me as I fucked him.

It didn't take more than a few strokes for his cock to pulse in my hand, shooting across his shirt, a groan of pleasure leaving his lips as he did so. Good job the sucking hadn't been for long, else I'd not be getting this. I released him and held onto his thigh, feeling his insides twitch around my aching cock from his orgasm. It felt like his whole body was trying to draw out my own orgasm. Under other circumstances I'd have tried to resist it, tried to make this last longer and I certainly would have wanted to keep my hands on him all night if possible. But instead I let it was over me. "Master Bates...." I growled out the words as I came hard inside him, a groan of pleasure leaving my lips as I filled him up.

I stayed within him for a few moments, or a few minutes, I was too gone to tell, until his legs separated from me and came to rest on the bed. He was, I realised, displaying himself. His knees were bent and his feet were on the sheets, his legs parted so his twitching hole was on display. It was an invitation and for a second I wondered if he wanted me to lick him. Miikka shoved me out of the way and I realised it wasn't for me. "Miikka, the tie." He still held the red fabric in his hand and he pocketed his phone that was in his other hand. Bedore I knew what was happening the tie was around my head, covering my eyes and he pushed me into the room's other chair.

I heard him move away from me and then there was another groan from Master Bates and I couldn't help but wonder what I was missing out on. I let out a breathless sigh, holding onto the arms of the chair and resisting the urge to remove it, having a good idea what would happen to me if i did.

Well, that wouldn't be so bad? Would it?
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