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The Alternate

The Alternate
Pairing: Luke Johnson, Oli Sykes, Stuart Richardson, (very brief Calvin Roffey/Luke Johnson/Stuart Richardson)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Stu
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Brief kinkverse fic, set between the Richard/Rich one and the one I just did. So after the change I did to last week, I thought that maybe I should cover what happened from Stu's pov so here it is (hopefully the start doesn't make things awkward, although Calvin isn't mentioned by name). I was about to head to zz when I started this and then it just flowed.
Notes 2: Only repost today cause looking at the comments there made me feel eh

"I am calling in my favour. I want you to bring me Jason's new, tattooed whore. Use any means necessary but do try and bring him unharmed. When you have him bring him to Rhys'."

I swallowed at the memory of Matthew's words as I glanced at the tattooed whore he wanted. Trouble was he wasn't unharmed. He was dead, or close enough to it anyway.

I'd called on Luke Johnson, a fellow master, to come with me to the local bar that Jason frequented. I'd had to call on my own favour with him to get him to come of course, especially when he knew that we intended to take a whore from directly from Jason. Jason was no Richard, but he was still dangerous enough that I hadn't wanted to go and attempt this alone, despite the fact he'd not been seen for a few days.

Thankfully the whore was alone, with no Jason in sight. "We should have fun with him." Luke had said with that grin of his. "What's the worst that could happen?"

I kicked myself now for agreeing to that.

I'd gotten the slut to suck my cock and I expected Luke was going to fuck him. He did alright, but with the knife he'd bought with him in case we ran into Jason. I should have stopped him then, but his mouth was to good and the way he moved when he squealed so hot I found myself not caring.

Luke eventually did fuck him and I was so entranced by the sight I missed some show Richard was apparently putting on with a new whore. By the time Luke had finished that show was over. Trouble was, it was obvious the whore was too.

"What's the big deal? So what the whore's gonna die, the corpse'll still be perfectly fuckable for a few days." Luke was saying as we stood in my living room, the slut's laid out and twitching on the floor. I'd given his arse a look over and glared at him. "Hey if it's that big a deal I'm sure we could get him checked out. Maybe getting him patched up would give you a few more days of fun."

I rubbed my temples and growled in annoyance, shaking my head. "If it was for me then sure, I'd have no real problem with this and do just that, though I suspect you've fucked him up too much for that." I shook my head and grabbed him by the collar. "But as I told you, you fucking moron, this whore isn't meant for me."

"Since when do you deliver whores?" He said, almost dismissively, though I could see worry creep into those eyes.

"I don't but this was as a favour, and if you think this mess counts as clearing the one you owe me you have another thing coming!" I growled and shook my head, letting him go. He was lucky I liked him otherwise I'd pluck those pretty eyes out for his insolence. "No, this one is meant to be for Matthew. And no, not Tuck or Davies, not those cunts, but the Matthew from Merythr."

"Oh." He whispered, face paling slightly.

"Yes 'oh'. You think I'd try and take a whore, one from another Master at that, for just anyone?" I growled at started pacing, not caring about the whore bleeding before us. I'd have enjoyed it, hell even made him bleed more, under other circumstances. "He wanted that to take over for Sean as part of his band, and since Sean was killed by Jason I think he considered narking that take his place a fuck you to him." I ran my fingers through my platinum blonde hair, glaring at the ceiling. "He wanted him unharmed for that reason, not just because he wanted to do it himself. Fuck, what am I going to do?" I paused and growled, shaking my head. "No, what are we going to do? I'm not take responsibility for this mess alone."

Luke shrunk back and swallowed, clearly not desiring that. "You, I mean we, could say Jason was there and put up too much of a fight."

I snorted and shook my head. "He's strong, but not enough to fend us both off. Besides if we said that Matthew would demand evidence and I'm not letting you disfigure me for that, because that's what he'd expect for me to fail."

Luke took a breath and nodded. "Ok, ok." He scratched his head in thought, then smiled. "What does he know about this?" He nodded to the whore, had stilled by now. Fuck. "I mean does he know what he looks like."

I could see where he was going with this and thought back. "I've not sent him a picture, just told him that Jason was grooming a heavily tattooed boy."

He grinned brighter and nodded. "Perfect! So here's what we do, we get just find him another tattooed boy. Since he doesn't know what this one looks like he'll be none the wiser!"

That could work. Could. Or we'd both be fucked.


I called around as I made him shift the body. He was right after all a slut corpse was still useful for fucking and the tattoos were worth harvesting, just not right now. I was friends with a few local bar owners so figured the first point if call was to ask them if there was a whore that would do. The ones in Bridgend, surprisingly gave me no luck, I was about to spread out further when I decided to call somewhere else first.

"Bridgend tattoo studio." The voice answered on the end of the line. I could tell from the tone it was a whore, though the thick accent wasn't local. "How can we help you?"

"Put your manager on. Tell him it's Stuart Richardson."

A whimper escaped his lips. "One moment please sir."

It took a few moments then a voice I was familiar with answered. "Hello Master Richardson, what wou..."

"Shut up. Do you have a display whore there, preferably heavily tattooed?"

"Why yes of course. Why woul..."

"Make sure he's there. I'll be there in half an hour." I hung up, not waiting for a response, then turned to Luke, who was now back with me. "I may have a way out of this fucking mess. We're going for a trip."


Oli Sykes was his name, not that I cared all that much. He was the one that had answered the phone as it turns out. It wasn't hard to get the manager to sell him to me, intimidation coupled with a nice fee did that. Besides, I'd pointed out, it wasn't as if he only had one display slut.

I stalked around the meek boy, examining his body and nodding. He was, like the other, heavily tattooed, though his were different to the other one's. As a display whore they were, by necessity, a jumble of different styles and colours. Yes, he'd do.

He was currently in my living room, hands pulled up and tied above his head and he looked worried as to what was going to happen. Since I'd asked for a tattooed whore he was no doubt worried I'd get flayed alive. Like Ian had ended up being. I shook the thought from my head before the image had chance to form and stood before him, smiling.

"You know who I am, I heard your reaction on the phone to my name." He chewed his lip, looking down at the floor. "I am your master for tonight alone." He shuddered noticeably at that. "Tomorrow I will be taking you to your new master, who will decide what happens to you." I paused, wetting my lips. "You will not reveal to them that I bought you from the tattoo studio. If they ask, and they won't, you will tell them I got you from a bar in Bridgend. You will also tell them, if asked that you were being groomed by Jason James."

He shuddered, clearly recognising the name. Good. "Yes sir." He whispered softly and I nodded.

"Good." I grabbed the ball gag and cock cage I'd gotten for the original slut and put them on him, stuffing the cage between his lips and locking that pathetic whore cock of his away. If you could call such a thing a cock.

"Er..." Luke was there, having watched me the whole time. He had a knife in hand, just a small one this time and I growled. "If they ask around they might know what I did and then expect some form of damage."

I let out a soft sigh, running my fingers through my hair in irritation. They probably wouldn't, but it was worth doing just in case. In bars like that whores generally didn't get remembered too much, even ones with distinctive features tended to end up being referred to as 'the tattooed one', 'the blonde one' or even 'the one x master killed'. But if someone saw us with a tattooed whore thet might remember, especially if they, like us, missed whatever show Richard had out on.

"Fine." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small pocket knife, one that I knew wouldn't do lasting damage. "But use this. And you have five minutes." Luke's grin widened as he took it and Oli's eyes went as wide as his grin.

He squealed behind the gag and I sighed, shaking my head.


I sat in my car outside Rhys' house in Merythr, stretching my aching limbs, I'd had quite the view to Oli's band introduction, even been allowed to hear him try out singing this morning after staying the night. Matthew had thanked me, then asked me to go, handing me back my favour. Well, at least that was a debt repaid, I was worried Luke's actions had cost me that.

Speaking of Luke.

I put my phone to my ear and heard his voice. "Hello?"

"It's me."

I heard a sigh of relief on the other end of the line. He'd been dismissed the moment Matthew saw blood. "Thank fuck, I was beginning to worry when I didn't hear back from you. How did it go?"

"They like him, a lot." I replied honestly, with a nod although he couldn't see. "The slut can even do a passable scream for the band." I paused for a moment. "We got lucky, no thanks to you."

"I know, I know." He lowered his voice, clearly not wanting Michael to hear. "I'm sorry."

I smiled at that, getting a master to apologise was no mean feat. "Good, don't let it happen again. I'm heading home now, we can discus what to do with the other one when I return."

I hung up, not giving him chance to respond and started up the car, heading back to Bridgend. I'd certainly need some stress relief once I got back and I knew just the way to do it.
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