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Pairing: Bobby Undertaker/Hannu, Hannu/RunQ, Hannu/MC Raaka Pee, DQ/Hannu, Hannu/Spellgoth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bobby
Warnings: More sexytimes, Hannu's legs, watersports
Notes: Sequel to last Hannu fic, TK Hannu orgy! And this is all for the awesome raisethesail, I hope you likes
Notes: last of today’s dreamwidth reposts

MC Raaka Pee and DQ were easy to find, I heard familiar noises from behind a door and, upon opening it, found DQ on his knees and sucking Raaka's cock. "Stop it, the pair of you!" I growled, tugging on DQ's hair to pull him off. Raaka looked at me, irritation on his face but I spoke before he could. "There's a slut in our dressing room all primed for a good fucking. So come on and stop wasting your time here!"

Raaka narrowed his eyes at me his orbs dark with lust. He was still, like we all were, very much still in stage mode. I could tell that from the way he had his hands were gripping DQ's shoulders when I opened the door on them.

I turned and marched back to the dressing room, fully expecting them to follow. I did have a feeling that, for disturbing him, I'd get some punishment from Raaka at a later date, but knew it'd be worth it.

I opened the door to our dressing room, smirking at the sight before me. Hannu was sprawled across the coffee table, the stuff that we'd left on it scattered across the floor around it. His shirt had been ripped open, obvious by the few buttons I spotted on the floor. Those short shorts of his had been discarded as well. Hannu's smooth legs were over RunQ's shoulders as he fucked him. Our keyboardist was naked from the waist down, with just his boots on. He slowed down his movements when he saw us come in, looking over to me. "Don't stop on our account." I said with a smirk and he grinned, nodding. I had to admit, though, felt a certain rush knowing he stopped for my permission.

This wasn't going to be our first band fuck session. At this point it was more likely that if we kept track of the amount of times we'd fucked, sucked and generally performed depraved acts with each other both onstage and off than it would be in the triple digits at this point, if not higher. Spellgoth was, naturally, usually the focus of our attention due to his onstage antics, either as a punishment or as he got us worked up or both. We'd all been the focus at one time or another though.

I spared a glance for Spelloth, who was still seated where I'd left him, only his hands were behind him. I couldn't tell exactly, but I suspected they'd been tied there or otherwise restrained by RunQ. The thought made my soft cock twitch.

Raaka was giving me a look and I knew what that meant, that they'd follow my lead. I felt that rush again, my cock stiffening beneath my kilt. "The slut needs to know this is a punishment for being a fucking tease. Someone get a cockring on him." DQ nodded and quickly went to rummage in Spellgoth's bag, which contained all manner of bondage gear and toys. All had been used, either on or in him, over the years. After a few moments of the toys and restraints clattering together, DQ held up a ring, triumphant. I gave him a nod, watching him slip a hand between those legs, forcing the rubber ring on. Hannu let out a groan, not that he wasn't groaning before from the fucking he was receiving, but this one was noticeably different in tone.

I smirked but ignored him, though that was hard especially now that RunQ had picked up the pace. "RunQ looks like he's almost done." Or if not, he was getting there. I pointed to each of my bandmates as I spoke. "Once he's cum up our bassist slut, Raaka will take his turn." Raaka nodded with a smirk, clearly pleased at that. "DQ, you go next, then I will have another bash." I smirked, looking over to Spellgoth. "Our resident slut will go last and then he can clean the slut up." Groans of approval came from all around, even from Hannu.

Beside me, Raaka was preparing for his fuck by removing his trousers and pulling out his impressive cock. Out of the six of us he was the biggest, though myself and RunQ were fairly close. I glanced back to our keyboardist, watching him fuck into Hannu hard, his nails digging into his upper thighs. The sex was, I knew, the biggest reason why he stayed on in the band, even though he had Tarot as well. He low let out a groan, eyes on Hannu's as he came, shooting deep up his ass.

I leaned against the wall as Raaka over stalked to them, licking my lips as he snarled and roughly pulled RunQ back out of him. He shoved him away, then manhandled Hannu so he was on his stomach. He snarled and slammed into him, gripping onto his ass. "You filthy fucking slut!" He growled, sneering as he started to fuck him hard and deep. "You've probably given us the worst performance of the tour. No, the worst of the whole year!" He let go of his grip, bringing his hand down hard against the backs of Hannu's thighs. "You because you felt the need to get your whore legs out!" Hannu cried out from the blows and Raaka was making sure both thighs got the same treatment. "And that's without even getting to the fact you almost made us fucking late as well!"

I palmed my clothed erection, loving where this was going. After a few more slaps, Raaka gripped onto his sides and focussed on the fucking. He sneered down at Hannu's back, his hips slamming against his ass. "If it was up to me after that performance of yours you'd not be getting a single of our cocks never mind the whole fucking band!" Hannu whimpered at his words and I could see him push his ass back against Raaka. He was loving this, I could tell, we probably all could. Raaka reached up, grabbing Hannu's hair and yanking his head up. "I think we deserve an apology."

"S... Sorry..." Hannu muttered, voice shaky due to Raaka's thrusts.

"Louder! And say what for cunt!" Raaka pulled his hair harder, pounding into him.

"I'm sorry!" Hannu cried out, voice louder. "I'm sorry for being such a slut and distracting you all with my legs. I'm sorry for making you guys fuck up. I'm sorry for almost making us late!" I wasn't sure about the others, but I didn't believe a single word.

"Better." Raaka growled, fucked him a few more times before snarling again. "Fucking slut." He spat on Hannu's back and pulled out, keeping his grip on his hair as he circled him. DQ had come over and got his dick out, taking his place and thrusting into Hannu without moving him. Raaka stood before Hannu and let out a low growl. "Clean me off cunt!" Hannu parted his lips and leaned in, taking the thick cock between them and working to clean him off. I licked my own lips, knowing he got the taste of three of us.

DQ was watching as he fucked him, moving his hips faster and faster already. He wasn't exactly known for his stamina, especially during group sessions. He'd been stroking himself since Raaka had slammed into Hannu too, which meant this wasn't going to be long. Good, because I wanted to get my dick back in him.

Raaka pulled back from Hannu, his dick shiny with saliva, and gave me a look. I smirked, having a feeling I knew what he was about to do. He let go of Hannu's hair and then started to piss, aiming his cock to soak Hannu's shirt. He didn't have Pee in his name for nothing, he loved pissing on people especially post-gigs and after sex. I palmed myself, watching as the remains of Hannu's shirt turned slightly yellow and clung to his skin.

A groan left DQ's lips and from his expression I could tell he'd cum. Raaka pissing had that effect on him, especially when it was on him. I pushed my kilt down and off, stepping out of the material as I came over.

Our drummer pulled out and I took over as Raaka finished up, wiping his cock through Hannu's hair. "Come on DQ, let's head to the hotel. Have fun with the filthy slut." He smirked and pulled his trousers up, zipping up and heading out the door, DQ following soon after.

I rolled Hannu back onto his back, inhaling the scent of Raaka's piss. It might have put some people off, but it just spurred me on, especially coupled with the sight of Hannu's aching, needy cock.

I lifted his legs over my shoulders, like RunQ had earlier. He had been sat beside Spellgoth since he'd came, his hand working and teasing the singer's cock the whole time. Right now his fingers were playing with Spellgoth's cock piercings. I smirked and pressed myself into Hannu's slick, open hole. As much as I loved going first, there was just something about sinking into one of my bandmates after they'd been fucked. The feel of those that came before and how stretched and open they were was just so hot.

I groaned and decided to take my cue from Raaka, bringing my hands down on his thighs raining blows over them to turn the smooth skin slightly pink, groans leaving Hannu's lips. Unlike Raaka, who could spank someone and fuck them at the same time, I wasn't as good at multitasking like that. So I kept myself still, balls deep in Hannu as I hit him.

After a few minutes of that, my desire overcame me and with a growl I held his hips and started to thrust. "You really look like a slut now." I growled out the words, moving my own hips after each one. "Hole stretched wide, dripping fucking cum, shirt ripped open and soaked with piss, cock hard and aching for release.." I smirked, leaning down over him, the scent of Raaka filling my scenes. "The only way you'd look sluttier is if your face was also covered in cum, though I guess you can't have everything." I heard a soft groan from RunQ and smirked. "Filthy cunt." I straightened back up and thrust harder into him. Fuck, I wished I could go all night, but I knew I couldn't. Being between these perfect thighs was fucking amazing and I hoped he would wear those shorts again. Or, I thought with a groan, one of Spellgoth's pairs of hot pants that shown off his ass. That image did it and, with a growl, I came hard inside him.

I pulled out, wiping my slick cock against his thigh, then licked my lips. "Now, go ride Spellgoth and maybe I'll let you cum."

He nodded and stood up, heading to our remaining singer. I could see his opening twitch, cum oozing from it though I could tell he was trying to keep it in. He climbed onto Spellgoth's lap and sank down onto the pierced dick with practiced ease. I had to admit when I first saw it, I'd been wary about getting either my ass or mouth around it, worried the piercings would cause damage. But now I knew they felt amazing. Hannu was groaning as he rode him and I could see Spellgoth squirming. His hands, I could see, were tied together by a bright red tie, which seemed new. RunQ had let go of Spellgoth's dick and was sitting back, enjoying the show. I did the same, taking the seat on the opposite side of them, though I reached and rubbed Hannu's nearest thigh.

To Spellgoth's credit, he lasted longer than I'd have expected due to RunQ's ministrations. It took several minutes of Hannu riding him, his ass bouncing on Spellgoth's cock, to get the singer to cum with a cry, his load joining the rest of us.

RunQ smiled and pushed Hannu back into standing position and Spellgoth slide down behind him, burying his face between those cheeks of his. I gave him a nodded of approval, then stood up myself. "Bet you want to cum yourself now slut?"

"Please." He whispered as Spellgoth sloppily went to town on his ass. I grinned and reached down between those perfect legs, pulling the ring off and dropping it to the floor. He groaned and I took him in hand, stroking him firmly.

"You have until Spellgoth finishes." I purred as I jerked him off, knowing he'd not need that long. He nodded, breathless groans leaving his lips. His cock was aching, twitching in my hand and I knew he was so needy. He'd taken us all and not spilled a drop. I leaned in and purred in his ear. "Cum for me you fucking slut."

That was enough for him. He came across his exposed belly, in thick sticky bursts of pearly white. His dick pulsed in my hand and I smiled, slowing down my movements until he was done. RunQ gripped Spellgoth's hair and pulled him back. I expected him to shove his face into Hannu's fresh cum, but instead he pulled him up, up until he was standing.

"Do it." He whispered in Spellgoth's ear, pulling Hannu's head back a little, and I watched, eyes wide as he leaned in and dribbled out the cum he'd lapped up, the fluid landing across Hannu's face.

Fuck I loved my perverted bandmates.

"Fuck." I grinned, watching as Spellgoth's newly freed fingers pushed the mix of us into Hannu's lips. If I hadn't came twice already tonight I'd be aching again.

"i knew you'd like that." Our keyboardist smirked, letting go of Spellgoth's hair and he sank down, licking up the fresh cum from off his belly. "Take him back to the hotel, we'll sort here."

I smiled and nodded, grabbing my kilt and pulling it on, handing Hannu those shorts. The hotel was only round the corner but I was intent on making him wear them there.


"So Miikka, what did you think of my surprise?" He asked when we were in the hotel room, after we'd removed our make up and had a quick, shared shower. He was reclined on the bed beside me, his body as bare as mine. I sometimes wondered if he knew how beautiful he looked.

"You say that as if you don't already know." I smiled, wrapping a strong arm around him and pulling him closer to me. "I loved it, though those legs should come with a fucking warning!"

He smiled slyly, leaning into me. "Tuomas doesn't."

"Well, we're used to him and the crazy shit he does." I said with a grin, leaning in and kissing his forehead. "So he doesn't need one, as charming as he may be when he doesn't have a corset on."

"Now, let's get some rest, you're going to need it after tonight, especially since you'll be wearing them again tomorrow."

"Oh I am, am I?" He asked, eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Oh of course, you're certainly not wearing them just the once!" I leaned in and purred in his ear. "In fact it should become your new stage outfit, though we may need a new shirt after last night." He grinned and I kissed him briefly, before turning the light off.
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