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Keeping Singing

Keeping Singing
Pairing: Gareth Lawerence/Sean Smith, James Davies/Jay Smith, several others ;)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gavin
Warnings: Kinkverse
Notes: Set sometime prior to Collide (well, the start anyway). Well when bands first got mentioned in kinkverse I remember Nat was debating doing a Richard fic with him and Rich seeing them. The Blackout's name got thrown around then so...
Notes 2: So on Thursday night I started this, The Longing and the Hannu fic. I wasn't sure how this one would go, but then, well ideas came and bits fitted together so...
Notes 3: Just done a slight change to it, which makes it better I think

"For fuck's sake!" I let out a low growl of irritation, shaking my head. I knew this would happen, it's just I didn't expect it to happen so soon, before we'd even begun.

Sean Smith had gotten himself killed.

It was inevitable really, he looked the part of a whore, with his slim hips and shock of bleached blonde hair. And there was the way he carried himself. He may as well have had a neon sign over his head that said 'fuck me, kill me'.

Great, now we had to find another singer to take his place. It had been hard enough to find him. The attitude that had no doubt gotten him killed was the same thing that gave him his stage presence. Fucking hell.

I looked at the others, who were all assembled in Rhys' basement, which served as our practice space. Our instruments were spread out across the room and there was a sofa along one wall, as well as various pieces of equipment. It has been Rhys that got us all together tonight, to make a announcement. I'd assumed it was about a gig or something, but he'd told us plainly that Sean was dead.

Matthew rubbed his right temple with one hand, sighing. "Details Rhys. What do you know?" He asked from where he stood against the wall, voice calm but I knew he was annoyed. Matthew was slim, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that slung to his body. He looked a bit like a whore, though out of the five of us he was probably the most powerful. People that made the mistake thinking he was a whore didn't tend to live long.

Rhys was stood before us and he ran a hand through his hair. Myself and Gareth were sat on the sofa, with James on his knees at our feet. "A few days after our last practise he went to Bridgend."

"Fucking hell." Gareth mumbled from beside me, shaking his head. He knew like I did that Bridgend was like a nest of vipers. Sean was a fool to go near the place. Gareth was our drummer and the most intimidating of us physically. He was a giant of a man and didn't need anything but his body to kill sluts. "I too you one of us need to keep the whore locked up."

Rhys ignored him and continued. "He attracted the attention of a master, who took him and a week later..."

"Who did it?" Matthew spoke up before Rhys could finish. I couldn't speak for the others, but I was definitely thinking about if it was that new master that had arrived there a few months back, Richard, who had certainly made a name for himself. And for good reason. Stu had been invited to his and asked if I would join him. What we'd seen was him flaying alive someone who displeased him with expert skill and it wasn't a slave either.

"Jason James." Gareth snorted from beside me and I could see Matthew roll his eyes.

"Typical fucking Sean, couldn't even be killed by a proper master like Boucher." Gareth grumbled and I nodded slightly in agreement, even though I didn't know Jason too well. At least it was a name I recognised and not some fucking unknown. "How'd the slut die?"

I could sense the frustration in Gareth's voice at that. We had agreed if the band didn't go well we'd kill him ourselves, that is if we weren't fucked up during a show. I knew that he was looking forward to that, it was half the reason he was here. That and how good of a fuck Sean was. I hoped it wouldn't cause him to leave, then we'd have to find two new members.

"Not sure on the details." Rhys spoke with a shake of his head. I could tell that irritated him. "Stu heard him talking about fucking up a bleached blonde and Jason shown him a picture of his decapitated head." Gareth groaned and he openly palmed his bulge. The thought of a headless Sean sure was arousing, though I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the rest of him. "Stu didn't get more info out of him as he had a call and had to leave. He called me right away, so then I called you all."

Matthew let out a soft sound, then spoke. "So what happens now then?" He gestured around the room at the instruments and equipment. "With all this. With us."

Rhys swallowed noticeably and sighed. "I'd like us to continue. We knew this business was dangerous and, well, while we didn't lose a member in the way we expected we knew it was a risk. And we don't have anything booked yet so we can find a replacement." He paused and looked us over. "It's down to you though. I won't hold it against you if you leave now."

We were mostly here because of him, The Blackout was his idea and we'd all been roped into it. Like Matthew he was't an imposing Master, but there was something about him. He always wore tight, black clothing that clung to his slender body. His words gave us an out and I wondered if any of them would take it. He looked between the three of us, James as a slut had no say and I could see Rhys was unsure about what the rest of us would do.

Matthew spoke first, stepping from the wall over to him. "You know, doing this has actually been fun. I'll keep doing this, provided you'll find a replacement of course." Rhys nodded with a smile.

Gareth didn't move from his seat as he spoke. "That's it though isn't it? We need someone to fill the gap he's left. Find someone and if they're good I'll stay." Rhys nodded, knowing it was the best response he'd receive from him.

He looked at me expectantly and I nodded. "I'll stay either way. Like Matthew says, this has been fun, let's not let it end cause of the death of a dumb slut."

Rhys grinned, pleased. "Great! Let the search for a singer begin!" Beside me Gareth chuckled and shook his head. Clearly, he didn't have much hope for finding one. He grabbed James' collar and pulled him towards his crotch. That was a sign this meeting was over.


I glanced at my phone, at the text from Stu, to check that the address was right. I'd sent him a message after the meeting ended, after all of us had a turn with James or Matthew's whore, who was Sean's younger brother. I asked where this Jason lived and he sent me the message I was looking at right now.

It ended with two words. Be careful.

I rang the doorbell and waited, not sure what to expect. I'd checked his facebook and I recognised him instantly, I'd seen him when Richard flayed that guy alive. I wasn't actually sure what I was going to do here though. I intended to confront him, but avoid an actual fight if possible.

The door creaked open and there was a growl. "Who the fuck are you?" He looked, quite frankly, worse for wear. He was wearing loose fitting clothing and his hair was dishevelled, and there were marks on him. Had he been in a fight.

"I'm Gavin Butler. I'm here about Sean." He groaned in displeasure at the mention of his name. "I heard you killed him."

"And? He's a slut, fair game." He narrowed his eyes a little and I knew he was right. If he hadn't gotten him someone else would have. Like Richard.

"He was my bandma..."

He snorted and rolled his eyes. "He was a musician?" He wobbled slightly, then held onto the wall. I nodded and he growled. "Fuck, if I'd have known I'd have made a public example of him. Cunts like you should be killed in front of an audience."

I flinched slightly at his words. I wasn't some common whore, though being in a band meant by necessity debasing myself at the aftershows. "Now you just listen here I'm a..."

"You're a nuisance." He cut me off with a growl. "But that slut has caused me enough trouble." I couldn't help but smile at that. He certainly excelled at that. "Stay." He growled again, slamming the door.

I blinked, staring at the wood. He wasn't like I'd expected him to be at all, not from what I'd heard. I debated what to do, for all I knew he was getting something to use on me. A voice told me I should get to my car and drive back home, but another told me to wait and see. I stepped back from the door and waited, slipping a hand into my pocket to grab ahold of the pocket knife I always carried with me. After all, Stu had told me to be careful and an irritated master was a dangerous one.

After ten minutes the door opened and he shoved a bag in my face. "Take it and get the fuck off my property. I see you or any of your whore band, then you'll be in the same state." He didn't give me chance to respond, slamming the door shut.

I blinked again, frowning slightly as I moved back to my car. After opening the door, I took my seat and opened the bag up, curiosity taking over me. Inside, staring up at me, was Sean's head.

It wasn't the only thing in there. There was meat, which I assumed was Sean's and one of his tatts. I swallowed and shut the bag up, starting to drive back to Rhys'.


"What the fuck were you thinking Gavin?!" Rhys was pacing in front of me in his basement, an exasperated look on his face. "We lost Sean to this guy and you... what? Decide to just drive right up there?" He rolled his eyes and growled. "You're lucky you're not in there being tortured right now!"

I flinched, but he was right of course. He could have dragged me in there and that would have been that, the band would have lost both of it's singers. "There was something off with him Rhys..."

He jabbed a finger at me and growled, shaking his head. "You weren't to know that before you got there! You should consider yourself lucky that he was, or you'd be like that." He gestured to Sean's head, which was resting on the coffee table. His lips were spread wide and he'd been treated with something to preserve him. I looked down, knowing I'd not live this down. "The others will be here tomorrow and we will salvage this to do something in his memory."

I nodded wordlessly, knowing what that meant. We'd dine on his meat, fuck his head and then it would get mounted down here. He ran his fingers through his hair, then jabbed his finger at me. "You will stay here tonight." He narrowed his eyes and I swallowed, shifting nervously on my seat, knowing he'd have something in mind.


Gareth let out a low growl of irritation as he entered the performance space, James trailing behind him. "Why have you called us? We had a meeting just the other day." The large man was the last to arrive and he looked between the rest of us, demanding answers. "You don't even have someone here for an audition so this had better be good Rhys."

"Well since you're all here now...." Rhys licked his lips, waiting for Gareth to take a seat. "Last night Gavin here went to see Jason." Gareth snorted and looked at me, giving me the once over and raising an eyebrow.

"Doesn't look like he had a tussle with a master."

"Shut up Gareth." Matthew growled at him, looking at Rhys and nodding at him to continue.

"He didn't have a 'tussle' though fuck knows why." Rhys shrugged then walked towards a cupboard across the room from us. "Point is he ended up with this." He opened the door and the others gasped, Gareth palmed himself. There was Sean's head, which Rhys grabbed by the hair and bought it to rest on the table before us.

Beside me, Gareth chuckled. "Of course his mouth is open, just like always."

I nodding in agreement and I would have grinned but I couldn't. I'd have said something but the gag Rhys had forced in my mouth last night was still there, stretching my lips open. I considered myself he'd just done that and gave me a spanking.

"Yes and that's why tonight we will all make use of him, then we shall dine on him." Another groan left Gareth's lips and he pulled his thick cock out. He was, of course, hard as we all probably were now. "I trust that meets with your approval Gareth?"

"Of course." He said with a smirk and stood up, grabbing the head of the blonde boy. The rest of us watched as he sank his dick between his slutty lips. As Gareth started to fuck it Rhys knelt down beside James, freeing his cock from it's cage and it instantly stiffened.

"So that's why you wanted me to bring this one again." Matthew said, going to where Sean's brother was crouched and repeating Rhys' actions on him. "Well, this should be fun."

Gareth gripped Sean's hair tight, fucking his throat hard. I could see the tip of his dick poke through Sean's severed neck. "Don't suppose he found out how the cunt died?" Gareth growled, thrusting in and out. Rhys shook his head as he got his own cock out and Gareth snorted. "Singers, fucking useless."

I growled in irritation behind the gag, knowing he wouldn't hear me. He kept fucking Sean's head and then pulled back a little so he could cum in his mouth. Fuck, that was hot, especially as I saw it ooze from Sean's wound. "Who's next?" He let out a breathless growl, looking between us all.

"James." Rhys said, taking the head and handing the slave the head. Gareth narrowed his eyes at that. Thank fuck he went first or else he'd be complaining about getting slut cum on his cock. "Only because he needs to get cooking." Gareth nodded and smirked as he slumped back beside me.

"You will go last." Gareth smirked, leaning in and whispering in my ear. Before us James pushed his cock between Sean's cool, spread lips, a groan leaving his own. Gareth gave my crotch a squeeze and laughed, settling back to watch.

I sensed this would be a long night.


Four weeks since we found out about Sean, we were no closer to getting a singer. We gotten a few sluts to try out, but none of them sounded right, though they did scream well, just not in the ways we wanted. Then we tried using up our favours with other Masters, trouble was none of the ones so far could sing either. I felt it was futile going that way, we needed a slut taking Sean's role, not another master.

We were sat in the basement, after dismissing Michael Thomas, who was here because of owing Gareth a favour, though he couldn't scream right at all. "Great, how many is that now?"

"13." Rhys sighed, running his fingers through his hair. He glanced up at where Gareth had mounted Sean's head on the wall. "And not a single one even half decent."

"I have a suggestion." Matthew spoke, stepping from his usual position. Our eyes were all on him and Rhys nodded for him to continue. "I have heard from Stu that Jason is grooming a new whore, some whore with lots of ink." He paused, the words hanging in the air between us. "I suggest we get Stu to go and grab him. If he can't scream at least we have someone to make suffer."

"And why would Stu do that exactly?" Gareth asked with a snort of derision. Stu was a friend to the four of us and, while he gave us information, he wasn't known to do more than that for people.

"Because of this." Matthew reached into his pocket, pulling out a something that looked like a piece of human skin with some ink on it. Matthew smirked and licked his lips, his eyes sparkling. "He owes me."


We waited, gathered together in the living room instead of the performance space. This was Matthew's suggestion, although it was more of a demand really. Stu would come to the front door, he'd said, and with the performance space soundproofed we may miss him. As we waited his slave and James provided the entertainment. They were before us, a large, knobbly double ended dildo between them.

It was a shame that he didn't have Sean's skills. Not slut wise, he had those, but singing wise. He was the first we tried, just to be sure and sadly he didn't. It was fun to punish him for his lack of skill though.

The doorbell rang and Matthew got up, heading to the door. "Ah Stu, good to see you. And Luke, you as well. Come in!" I heard the door shut and the pair of them came into the room. I felt inadequate compared to those too. They were taller, muscular and no one messed with them. Over Luke's shoulder was what must be this whore and I looked over, intrigued. Luke and Stu gave each of us a nod of acknowledgement, then Luke dumped the bound boy onto the floor before us.

"This is Oli." Stu announced as we all looked over at the boy before us.

Oli was naked, his wrists and ankles bound together. His cock was locked away in a cheap plastic cage and a ball gag was stuffed between his lips. A blindfold covered his eyes. He looked beautiful, with jet black hair to his shoulders and various tattoos covering his body. His mos prominent one was an eagle across his stomach. How had a slut like him gotten so much ink? Perhaps it was part of Jason's grooming or maybe he'd been part of an art installation, or maybe he had been a tattooist's practice whore.

"Sorry about his arse, this one couldn't help himself." Stu said, nodding to Luke. Instantly we all looked to his ass and Matthew raised his legs. There was dried blood and I suspected he had used a knife, though couldn't tell how damaged it was. "He got so into it we ended up missing Richard's new whore." Stu growled at that, shaking his head and giving Luke this look, eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Couldn't resist." Luke's cheeks flushed a little and he bit his lip, looking down.

"For that, you leave." Matthew said with a growl, setting Oli's legs back down. "Now."

Luke flinched but nodded, turning and heading out without a word of argument. Did Matthew have something on him, or did he just not want to displease him?

Matthew reached down once he heard the door, removing the blindfold from him. His eyes were wide and they only widened further at the sight of all of us. Matthew unbuckled and removed the gag, then glanced at Rhys, who stepped forward. "Hello Oli. You may be wondering why you're here. Well, we are your masters. Jason may have been grooming you, but we own you now."

Oli looked afraid, looking between us.

"Something strange about that." Stu spoke up and glanced at him, Rhys looking irritated at being interrupted. "I got Luke as extra muscle, expecting a fight, but there was no sign of Jason at all. Which meant we were free to..."

"Good for you." Rhys snapped, growling. Stu didn't finish his sentance and our attention returned to the pretty boy before us. "One of two things will happen to you." He held up a finger. "We torture and kill you, spreading your tatts over the walls. We'd probably fatten you up first so we could get a decent meal out of you." Oli shuddered and Rhys raised a second finger. "We are a band and we are currently short of screamer. If you can fulfil that role you'll live. We'll fuck you and you'll likely get tortured, but there'll be nothing lasting if you put on a good show."

"And we will own you." Matthew added from where he stood off to one side. "You will rotate between the four of us. That way you won't get any stupid fucking ideas." Rhys smirked and nodded, seemingly pleased by Matthew's addition. It made sense after Sean to keep an eye on his replacement.

"Are we clear?" Oli let out a soft whimper, looking between us all and then he nodded.

"Yes." He whispered softly, then quickly added. "Sir."

Rhys smirking and nodded. "Good tomorrow we shall see how you do performance wise. Tonight, though we'll be trying out your other necessary skill." He reached down and pulled out his cock. "Suck." Oli parted his lips, wrapping them around the shaft and taking him down. "None of you even think about fucking his ass! We wait for it to heal." He looked pointedly at Stu, then groaned and ran his fingers through his hair. From the sounds of it he'd be a perfect fit, at least in terms of cocksucking.

Gareth snorted in irritation, clearly wanting to fuck the slim boy, but I knew why Rhys didn't want us to and understood it. "Fucking hell..." Rhys growled, thrusting his hip.

Well seems tonight would be fun.


Two weeks has passed and oli had proven to be a great fit. He was a natural slut and, after being shown videos of Sean, quickly learned his skills. He even mastered the mic swing that Sean loved to do. He screamed Sean's lyrics out as well as he did, just in a different way. His performance, in the practice space anyway, certainly got us all hot and bothered.

His arse wasn't as badly damaged as I'd expected either and, after a check up we all got to experience his arse just a few days after we got him. Luke must've gone to town on him with a fucking small knife.

"I think we're ready for gigs again." Rhys announced, after our latest session. We'd just played three songs in a row and Oli had nailed every one of his parts.

"Yeah, I do too." I nodded in agreement, running my hands though my sweaty hair. We had proper stage lights down here for the full experience, trouble was it made us drip with sweat.

"Me too." Gareth muttered and nodded from behind his kit, brushing hair from his eyes. "The new cunt's a good fit." Oli smiled at that, bowing his head slightly. He knew his place better than Sean did.

Matthew too, nodded his agreement. Rhys grinned, clapping his hands together. "Well, I'm glad you all think so!" Uh oh. "Because I've booked us a gig next Saturday!"

"And you were going to tell us when?" Gareth asked, irritation clear in his voice.

"I'm telling you now." Rhys smiled brightly, nodding. "Plus you agreed when you said we were ready."

Matthew looked at him and nodded. "He's right Gareth. We're ready, let's prove it. Where is it?"

"Hobos." He replied with a smile.

"Are you insane? That's in Bridgend!" Gareth growled, shaking his head.

"Of course it is. What better place to show off our new little slut." He walked closer to Oli as he spoke, running his fingers through his long hair. I knew exactly what he was thinking by that. He was wanting to rub it in Jason's face that we had his would be slave and turned him into a singer. It would be a risk if he got an aftershow ticket for one of us, but the look on his face...

There was also of course that it be appropriate to show off our new singer in the town we lost our old one.

"Next Saturday?" I grinned and licked my lips, twirling my mic through the air before me. "Well then, I say we get practising to make it a night to remember!"
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