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Pairing: Bobby Undertaker/Hannu
Rating: Nc-17
POV: Bobby
Prompt: 18: Crurophilia
Notes: *gasp* A non kinkverse fic. This is cause a certain someone requested it ;) and your picture post really helpeded
Notes 2: Dreamwidth repost, decided to finish off the page of entries so shall post three more

It was getting close to showtime and I felt myself getting a little antsy. It wasn't pre-show nerves, no I'd stopped having those years ago, it was because we were one member short. We were all here, in our outfits and make up ready to go on stage except for Hannu. Usually we all got ready together but this time he told us to leave before he would, something about trying something new for the show. Why he felt the need to wait until the last minute to do whatever it was, was beyond me.

The lights began to dim and I cursed, knowing that we couldn't hold off any longer. DQ went on stage, heading towards his drumkit and the rest of us picked up our instruments, and that's when he appeared. "Just in fucking time Hannu!" Spellgoth started and then he let out a gasp. I felt my eyes bug out as well, seeing Hannu's outfit. "Fuck..."

Instead of his usual combats he was wearing tight short shorts, showing off his legs. For some reason I couldn't figure out that was just so hot. I held my guitar tighter and made my way onstage, knowing I couldn't just stand here staring forever. I caught a smirk on his lips, then launched into the riffs of the first song.


The start of the gig was, frankly, full of mistakes and I knew exactly why. I played the wrong chord several times. DQ hit the wrong drum. RunQ played a few wrong notes. Even our vocalists were a little off. Thankfully the crowd didn't seem to notice and I'm sure it was down to the same reason we were making mistakes.

Hannu's legs.

It didn't help that he did the usual tricks he did, which made him look like he was jerking his bass off.

After a few songs through we started to get focussed on the music instead of the walking distraction, though I still caught a few mistakes to my ear. I decided that I had to have him, I had the second I saw him like that. I just hoped I'd not have a fight on my hands.

Midway through the gig, during one of Spellgoth's trademark lewd performances, I crossed the stage and growled in Hannu's ear. "I'm fucking you the moment this gig is over." I gave his ass a grope, then went back to my side of the stage.


The gig ended and I found myself feeling so fucking glad that was over. Hannu's slim thighs had been taunting me the whole gig. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him backstage, not even stopping to put my guitar down or letting him drop his bass.

I roughly pulled him into the dressing room, kicking the door shut behind us. I didn't give a fuck if we'd get an audience, I just needed to fuck Hannu and do it now. He smirked as he looked at me, licking his lips as he set his instrument down. "I wondered which of you would bang me first."

I growled, setting my own guitar down against the wall carefully. "You look like a fucking slut."

He was grinning, running his hands up his legs. "That's the idea." He licked his lips obscenely and swayed his hips. "I did consider wearing a skirt but cause you guys were ki..."

"Shut the fuck up." I snarled, shoving him back against the wall behind him, pressing my body against him. "Sluts like you shouldn't use your mouth for talking."

"Oh? And what should I be using my mouth for?" He tried to sound innocent, which didn't really work due to the way he smirked. It was as an unbelievable as Toumas coming offstage and claiming he was a virgin.

"A mouth like yours is made to suck cock, and maybe the others will indulge that." I ran my hands up his thighs, marvelling at the smoothness of his skin. "I'm going to take that ass of yours." I reached into the pocket of my kilt, making sure the small tube of lube was still there. Lube was a standard part of all of our stage gear, due to Spellgoth's onstage antics. Half the time we didn't know what shit he was going to do until he did it so we learned to all be prepared.

I pulled the waistband of his shorts down, but only enough so that his ass was accessible. "Now let's see how slutty you are." I reached around behind him and felt the globes of his ass. Sticking out from his cleft was a ring and I knew it was attached to a dildo. He must've put it in after we left, which meant it had been moving inside him the whole set. I chuckled, shaking my head as my fingers toyed with the ring. "Fucking slut." I pulled it out of him roughly, tossing it to the sofa. It wasn't the biggest of such things that we had but it was big enough that I could just get on with it. I took out the lube, shoving it into one of his hands. "Lube me up."

He smirked and popped the top, squirting some over his fingers and then stuffed the lube back in my pocket. He lifted my kilt and shoved his lube slick hand beneath, finding my cock. I let out a low growl at the contact as his hand worked up my shaft, spreading the lube over me with those talented fingers of his. "Can't wait to get this inside me." He purred, giving my cock a squeeze.

"Then get your legs around me slut!" He grinned, wrapping his legs around me and I shifted my kilt over them so I could line my cock up with his ass. I ran my hands along his thighs again, then thrust into him hard. He groaned, pressing his legs tight against my body as I started to fuck him hard, growls leaving my lips. Onstage I was full of rage and I unleashed that upon him as I brutally fucked him, his head thumping against the wall.

I heard the door open and I growled, not stopping my movements to even see who it was. "Either fuck off or wait your turn." Hannu groaned obscenely and I smirked, pounding hard into him. Our stage personas didn't leave us when we came off stage and mine certainly wasn't leaving me now. This fucking slut had paraded about onstage, teasing and taunting us, making us lose our fucking concentration. I leaned in and bit at his neck hard, growling. If his name wasn't a pun then I'd have demanded he removed the master part immediately.

The door opened and closed again. I couldn't tell if that was someone entering or if it was the previous person leaving. I'd fucked in front of them all before so I didn't give a shit either way. Often when we came offstage Spellgoth's sexually energy from his antics led to all of us having a bash on his ass. Hannu cried out against me, squirming against the wall, his thighs pressing around me. "Such a slut." I growled against his throat, digging his nails into those perfect legs as my thick cock came deep inside him.

He whimpered against me. He hadn't cum yet and I didn't give a fuck. Someone else was bound to get him off. I pulled out roughly and he slumped down the room. "Slut." I spat on his shirt-covered chest, turning to see RunQ and Spellgoth sat there, cocks out and wide eyed. "He's all yours." I sneered, brushing my kilt down as RunQ grinned and came over. "I'll let the others know our slut is open for business."

I smirked, giving Spellgoth's pierced cock a quick grope, then left them to it. By the time I'd gathered the others I was sure I'd be in the mood again. I palmed my crotch, heading down the corridor to track my bandmates down.
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