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Collide Part 8

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Matthew Davies, Darran Smith
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kinkverse, gore
Notes: ok so I'm on a roll with ficcing as it seems. So this is the end of Matthew, I hope this is a satisfying way for him to go. Not sure where this will go after this, but we will see.
Next fic might be a different kinkverse one or even non-kinkverse, but we'll see what comes to mind.
Notes 2: Dreamwidth repost and last part of Collide
Part 8: Matthew's End

Before us Matthew's body lay across the glass coffee table, his limbs secured to the metal and glass piece of furniture. He was looking at us, face shining from where he'd cried. The tracks were more clear now, since Master had switched out the funnel gag for a more traditional ball one.

He'd done that after dealing with his severed cock and balls. His length had been thrust up my arse, but Master had taken it from me a few minutes ago. His balls were gone now, separated and given to me and Darran. Matthew had watched, eyes wide as we devoured his sacs. I could still faintly taste the mix of flesh and cum. I wet my lips, my eyes darting to Darran.

Darran still looked rather lost, though I didn't blame him really. This was a lot to take in I knew. Doubles from some alternate universe, and vicious, domineering ones at that, was a lot to process. It took me awhile after seeing him kill Tuck to fully come to terms with it myself. I reached over, placing my hand over his and giving him a gentle squeeze. He smiled a little in appreciation at the gesture.

I wondered what Master had in mind for him. After we'd eaten Matthew's balls Master told him that his place now was with us, as his whore and that he was going to use him as he saw fit. That would truly start, he said, once he'd finished with Matthew. I hoped that meant he was't going to end up how Matt or Matthew was, but I guess we'd find out.

Master into the living room, a small plate in his hand. On it was something that was slightly steaming and, if I didn't know any better, I would have assumed it was a sausage. Master reached down, undoing the gag and pulling it from Matthew's head. "Come on now filth, it's time for your last meal." Matthew looked at him, eyes red from crying. He opened his mouth as if to say something, but no words came out. Was it that he couldn't think of a response or not he'd lost his voice from his muffled cries?

I winced as Master cut into his cooked member, jabbing the piece of shaft with a fork and pushed it between Matthew's lips. He looked at Master, who smirked. "Eat." Matthew nodded and started chewing on the flesh. He looked defeated, but also disgusted in himself. As soon as he swallowed Master fed him another chunk of his shaft.

Beside me Darran was watching, enraptured by the sight taking place before him. I could tell that he was, in some way, enjoying Matthew's suffering. It made me wonder what he'd done to him, as he didn't have many noticeable scars. Maybe it wasn't just what was done to him, but what he'd seen Matthew do. I gave his hand another squeeze at that thought.

"There, all done." Master set the now empty plate down to one side. Master moved away and I kept my gaze on Matthew. His eyes were tracking Master's movements and they widened only slightly when he returned with the blade that had relieved him of his body parts. This time, though, the blade wasn't heated. "Is there anything you'd like to say?" Master asked and the way he said it sounded distinctly like 'have you any last words?'

Matthew opened and closed his mouth again, then swallowed and wet his lips. "I..." He began, then closed his eyes, taking a breath. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have attacked you, I should have stood by my word." I wondered what he meant by that and Master nodded, considering his words. "I should have honoured the offer I made. We could have ruled this pitiful place..." His voice cracked as he spoke, shaking his head. "Just do it..."

Master smirked, wetting his lips. "I'm glad you've seen the error of your ways." He paused and turned to us. "Whore, relieve him of his legs." He held out the blade to Darran and I swallowed, feeling slightly nervous now. He could take that blade and turn on my Master, and then I'd have to stop him.

Darran took the blade and a soft whisper left his lips. "Thank you sir." Without hesitation he stepped between Matthew's legs and bought the knife down, a scream leaving Matthew's lips. I watched, my eyes wide as he hacked through Matthew's left thigh, the sight of it making my cock throb. The blood spilled out from each blow, landing thickly over Darran's arms, the deep red a nice contrast with his pale skin. He kept it up, an expression on his face that I'd not seen before, until I heard the blade strike the table beneath Matthew.

"Beautiful." Master whispered in awe, as Darran stopped, but only so he could move the blade to the other leg. He bought it down hard, the screams starting up again. "Slut, he also no longer needs what's left of those arms." He handed me a blade, which I hadn't noticed him get. It was one of mine so didn't match the one Darran wielded. Nevertheless, it would do the job.

"Yes Master, thank you." I took ahold of the knife, moving to Matthew's head. The look in his eyes told me everything, that he hated that this was how he was going, being hacked up by a slut and a whore. I bought my blade down and starts carving through his arm, fresh screams leaving him. They were, however, losing intensity with each passing moment, a sign that he was losing his voice as well as his life. His blood now sprayed up my arms and I heard my Master groan.

"You look so pitiful Matthew, though you always were really." My Master spoke up as we both worked to remove our respective limbs. Matthew's severed leg was sliding off the table, the blood sure to stain the floor. "In your last moments your body will reflect how pitiful you truly are." He was standing close to us, watching intently as we work. Matthew's arm fell to the floor and I switched to begin work on removing his other one. His only attached limb as Darran finished off, a growl leaving his lips. "Knife whore." He handed it back to our Master and he held it in his hand, doing nothing with it. "Your body won't go to waste, there's plenty of meat on your bones for us to devour. Between that and the meat you harvested we'll be fed for a good long while."

I wondered who he'd done that too, but my thoughts were interrupted as his arm separated from his body. His eyes looked glassy and I could tell he was almost gone. I wasn't sure he was even able to understand what was being said. "Knife slut."

I handed him the blade and he instantly put them both to Matthew's throat. "Goodbye you piece of shit. No one here or back home will miss you." And with that he slashed, the blades tearing through Matthew's throat. A fresh spray of blood covered me and Master's arms, as Matthew's head fell slightly backward.

And with that he was gone.

Master looked at his body, then at us and he smirked. "You both did so well." I could hear the pride in his voice and I smiled, glad to please him. "And look at yourselves, you're both so fucking beautiful." He set the knives down on the table beside the body, then leaned in and kissed me hard. It was brief, but oh so amazing. When he pulled back he kissed Darran, who groaned in surprise.

"I need to carve the meat from this filth, but then I'm going to fuck you." I groaned, not knowing which of us he meant. "Now, you will touch one another and watch. When I do this again I expect you both to assist me."

"Yes Master." I whispered, pulling Darran to sit beside me, ready to, this time, watch intently. Master grinned at the pair of us, then took ahold of the larger knife and set to work.
Tags: kinkverse
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