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Pairing: Austin Diaz/Gerard Way, Ilan Rubin/Raymond Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: kinkverse
Notes: So I considered ending Commission with the start of this but felt it was too long so.. I dunno where this writing binge came from but here we are.
Notes 2: dreamwidth repost
No matter how many times I was here, I was always a little intimidated. The Toro mansion was at the edge of town and it loomed large. I pressed the doorbell, waiting with the wrapped up painting under one arm.

After a few moments the door opened and there stood one of Raymond's slaves. He had two permanent ones, this one with skin a few shades darker than tan and jet black curly hair. He was wearing nothing accept for a collar and chastity cage. I didn't know his name. "Master Way." He whispered softly in greeting. "My Master has been expecting you. Please do come in." He moved aside and I stepped inside, waiting for him to the close the door before he led me into the house. He was fairly pretty, his slim body covered in various marks and bruises.

He led me into the room I'd been in a few days prior, where I'd taken the pictures of Raymond with Frank's head. The head was now mounted on the wall among his framed tattoos. There was a space beneath the head, big enough for my painting. Raymond himself wasn't here though.

"My Master will be with you shortly." I nodded slightly and he made his way back to the door. "Please help yourself to refreshment." He nodded again and left me alone.

I carefully set the wrapped painting down, leaning it against the wall and taking in the room. On the table was a bottle of wine and some glasses, along with a bowl of fruit. I shrugged, pulling off one of the grapes and popping it in my mouth, chewing it slowly. The room was larger than the lounge we had back home and it served a similar purpose. There was a plush sofa and some chairs, pointed towards the large screen of the tv. The table with the fruit was at the other end of the room, with three wooden chairs around it. This room was for relaxing rather than entertaining, which was clear from the lack of traditional torture equipment on display, though I knew a few pieces were in the wooden cupboards and drawers scattered against the walls. The chandelier and light fixtures were all custom made with human bone, though I suspected that they'd be being replaced soon with ones made from Frank's.

"Ah Gerard, you're here." I turned, smiling at the sight of Raymond Toro. He stood in the doorway, topless with tight leather pants, which clung to his impressive bulge. Standing slightly behind him on either side were his slaves, the one that greeted me on his right while on his left was his paler skinned counterpart, whose thick curls were dark brown. It was clear even to the casual observer that he had a certain type. "And with your latest work I see!"

"Hello Raymond." I said with a smile and a slight bow as he entered the room. "Yes, I finished it last night, so I thought you'd appreciate it early."

"Oh of course!" He grinned and, fuck, that grin could light up a room. "May I?" He asked as he stood by the painting, indicating the wrapping that covered it. I gave him a nod and a smile, not that he really needed by permission. He crouched down before it and carefully undid the brown paper wrapping. Other masters would just tear it open, or get me or a slave to do it, but not him. He had to do it himself and he always took care as he did so.

Once he'd gotten the paper was full off it he stepped back and looked it over. He always gave every painting a good look before commenting, but the way his eyes lit up let me knew what he thought before he said anything. "This... This is amazing Gerard." His grin returned and he looked at me. "Truly incredible work." He clicked his fingers and the slaves came in, taking the frame and moving it into the position where it would hang.

"Thank you Raymond, I'm really glad that you think so." It was true, I loved his praise. No other master that I'd work for gave me such appreciation. I watched as the pair of slaves carefully hung the painting, stepping back when it was in place.

"Oh yes, it truly is the perfect piece to tie everything together." I felt myself grin, pleased by his words. He stepped back, taking another good look at it now it was in it's permanent location. He nodded, his thick curls bouncing from the motion. "Oh yes."

I smiled and nodded as I looked it over. I had to admit it did look amazing there, perfect even. "Yeah, I agree." I bit my lower lip, looking at the collection of Frank's tattoos and his head along with my portrait. "May I ask something?"

"Of course." He said, glancing from the artwork to look at me. "What is it?"

I swallowed, but figured it was best to ask what I'd bee wondering since I took this job on. "What did he do?" I gestured over the wall before us. I noticed his slaves share a look and hoped the question wasn't out of turn.

I was about to backpedal, or at least try to when he spoke. "To the world what he did was try and fuck one of my precious slaves without my permission." I swallowed, doing such a thing was a sure fire death wish, you had to be a fool to try such a thing. The way he said it though, that seemed to imply that wasn't the truth. "Would you like to see something? It would come off the favor part of your fee of course."

I nodded a little, curious what he was going to show me. A favor from him was extremely valuable and he'd agreed for it to be part of my fee for this artwork, but I had a feeling that this would be worth it. "Yeah, sure. You've piqued my interest."

He smiled and wet those plump lips. "Good. Follow me." He left the room and I followed behind him, heading down the corridor. "You are going to see something that only three others have, four if you count Frank Iero." He growled at the mention of the name, looking angry at the thought of him. "The others are my slaves and Master Bryar."

I nodded slightly in recognition. Robert Bryar was one of Raymond's friends and a fellow master. I'd worked with him before and he was nice enough. He had striking piercing blue eyes, which I'd had a chance to paint in a portrait for him.

He paused before a door, looking at me. "What you are about to see, you tell no one about are we clear? Not even your brother." I swallowed, fuck, whatever it was had to be serious. "If I hear this got out there will be... Consequences." He let the word hang in the air for a few moments, then finished up. "Are we clear?"

"Absolutely. I won't tell a soul." I replied with a nod and his expression changed back to how it was before we got here.

"Good. Now come in." He opened the door and stepped into the room. It was dark and much smaller than the other one. There was a series of screens along one wall, displaying what looked like part of his dungeon.

He waited until his slaves closed the door before speaking. "That, is why I killed Iero." I looked at the screens and they in them there was a figure tied to a chair, completely naked. He had hair like Raymond and his slaves, a mass of wild curls. For a second, I thought that's what he was, a new acquisition to Raymond's stock, that Frank got to or bought first. But then, then I saw his face. I gasped and looked between Raymond and the screens.

They had the same face.

The Raymond on the screen was naked, his large cock erect between his legs and his thick lips stretched around a ball gag. I swallowed and looked at the man next to me. "I... How is that possible?"

Raymond shrugged a little and began speaking. "Almost two weeks ago I had a visit from Bryar. He told we he'd been out that night and spotted Iero stuffing a slut in his car. He thought it would interest me because he spotted that the slut had curls." He licked his lips at that, his eyes on the screen. "I was, of course, interested, so we went immediately. When we arrived at Iero's his eyes went so wide, especially when he saw me. Do you know why?"

He looked at me and I shook my head, meeting his gaze.

"He thought he had me, that he'd found me passed out drunk." He growled low in his throat as he said that. "Bryar demanded he take us to his slut and, when he didn't move, he... Persuaded him. He was in the living room, naked and hanging from the ceiling, unconscious. It didn't take long to realise that he was me... And what Iero had in mind." A snarl left his lips. "Thankfully he was so impressed with what he thought he'd found that he'd been unable to settle on where to start. Naturally the shit had to die for his insolence at even considering such a thing."

He ran his fingers through his hair, taking a calming breath. "Bryar helped me bring him here, as well as him." He gestured at the screen. "For his silence he got the slut in Iero's basement, as well as an hour using him as a punch bag. Well, among other things." He paused again before continuing. "I tortured and dealt with Iero, then contacted you for your services, among others." He took a breath then and his voice became soft. "I don't know where he has come from, how he got here or why, but... he is me. In every way. Eyes, hair, cock, lips. He's even the same height as I am. And fuck, he is beautiful." He whispered that last part, voice almost reverential as he spoke.

He was right, he really was. Images popped into my mind, of Raymond using his double, and fuck. I swallowed, suppressing a groan at the thought. His lips quirked into a smirk.

"One day I think I'll ask you to paint him."

"It would be an honour." I replied, meaning every word of it. I had a feeling I'd have to work up to that, I mean I was only watching him on a screen now to be in the room with him... that was a way off. My mind raced with questions, but I couldn't voice them, didn't dare voice them.

"Come, if you're anything like me you now have an erection to deal with." I nodded wordlessly and followed him out of the room, his slaves falling into step behind us as he led the way back to where we'd came from. As soon as we were in the room where my new artwork hung he spoke. "On all fours." The two slaves instantly got on their hands and knees before us. I swallowed, looking at the perfect asses of the slaves before me, the implication clear. I gave him a look and he smiled that beautiful smile of his. "Take your pick."

I looked between the pair of them and wow, what a choice to make. I'd never had the pleasure to do this before and doubted I would again (well unless I could negotiate it as part of my payment for a future work). I stepped behind the one that greeted me and he smirked, undoing his pants and pulling out his shaft.

I felt a little self conscious as I did the same, despite knowing that practically everyone was inadequate compared to Raymond Toro's cock. Especially since, if the other him was anything to go by, it was completely natural. I held the slave open, pushing inside his hole as Raymond slammed into his one, a moan of pleasure leaving the slave. Fucking hell his hole felt amazing. It was clearly used to taking Raymond's cock, so I easily filled him in one thrust. His ass was working me the moment I entered him. "Fuck..." I whispered, starting to thrust into him hard.

"Amazing isn't he?" Raymond asked, almost conversationally as he pounded his other slave. "I trained them both up to be able to work their holes like that." He slammed his hips against his slave and I pictured him doing that to me for the briefest moment before the slave's ass made me moan. I increased my pace as Raymond added, in the same tone. "If you two get a permanent slave of your own I'd be glad to teach it."

'Train my ass.' I thought but did not say. "I'll be sure to tell my brother about your kind offer." I replied my voice high and breathless. Fuck, how did he keep his voice so steady like that? He chuckled as we both concentrated on fucking our respective slave.

I came in what would have been embarrassingly quickly if it wasn't for his ass and the thoughts racing through my head. I let go of the slave taking deep, shaky breaths as I pulled out. "Fuck..."

Raymond chuckled and the second I was out of him the slave moved before his companion. Raymond fisted a hand in his slave's curls, pushing his face between the slave's cheeks. I watched, hearing the sounds of his tongue lapping up my cum. I swallowed, tucking myself away and watching Raymond pound his slave, low growls leaving his plump lips.

It was several minutes more of him fucking him, his hips moving obscenely as he did so, before he came with a cry of pleasure, his thighs pressed against his slave as he filled him up. "Mmm so good slaves." The pair of them purred, moving when Raymond pulled out. The one I fucked now ate ass, collecting Raymond's cum with his tongue, while the other lapped at his cock to clean him.

"Sit down Gerard." He said, voice breathless but his tone was conversational again. "Stay for a drink before we settle up." I nodded at took a seat on the sofa, watching as the slave on his dick finished up. He zipped himself up and collected the bottle and two glasses, bringing them to us. He poured us each a glass of wine and we both took a drink before he spoke. "My slaves will get your payment before you go, $5000 and some of Iero's flesh. He's quite tasty, I'm sure you and your brother will appreciate it." He paused and reached into his pocket, pulling out two cards, handing the first to me. "This is the number for the local slave market. Pay them a visit sometime, take your brother. You both deserve a permanent fuck toy of your own. Mention my name, the guy that runs the place owes me."

"Thanks." I whispered softly, taking and pocketing the card in my shirt pocket. "I'll definitely talk to Micheal about it when I get home." I nodded and he wet his lips, handing the other one to me. It had one word on it, Toro.

"This is also for you, it's a favour." He smiled and settled back into his seat, his voice returning more even. "It is good for anything you want, within reason of course."

"Of course." I replied, taking it gratefully. "Thank you so much." Favours were extremely valuable, especially from someone as powerful as he was. They didn't have much in the way of conditions, they could be used for pretty much anything. Within reason was a standard clause, which usually meant 'no, you can't use this as a pass to dom me'. For him I suspected it also meant 'no, you can't touch my new precious slave'. Using this favour would take a great deal of thought, but instantly the thought that came into my head was 'please, fuck me with that huge cock of yours'. I swallowed and he smirked, taking a drink. Did he know what I was thinking? No, he couldn't possibly.

"Now, while we drink, how about you tell me how your brother is?" I settled back as he spoke, sliding the favour card into a separate pocket and smiled.

"Oh, he's doing well, thank you."

"Oh good." He replied with a smile, finishing off his glass. "Do tell him that you should both come for dinner sometime, I'm sure he'd love to see your work in it's proper place."
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