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Collide Part 7

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Matthew Davies, Darran Smith
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kinkverse, gore
Notes: So after the last part I got inspired to do more and... Well, here it is already. Ta da!
Notes 2: dreamwidth repost
Part 7: Indignity

I crawled into the living room, inhaling the scent of Master cooking. It smelled like Matt, but I thought we'd finished him off. Maybe Matthew had made a kill of his own and Master had took it.

I'd woke this morning and Master wasn't there, so had come down to see what he was doing. Usually I'd have just stayed where I was, but I was concerned because of whatever Matthew must have done to him. I still had the fingers of Matthew's hand inside me, which felt colder now, and I'd been left without a gag after sucking Master off last night.

Matthew was where he'd been left, bound across the glass coffee table. There was one difference now though, he was shaking his head and I could see that there were a set of ear buds in his head. Clearly he didn't like whatever he was being made to listen to.

Master came in from the kitchen, a cigarette between his lips and he smiled at the sight of me. "Ah there you are slut. Saves me the trouble of calling you." He wet his lips and took a seat, shoving a bowl in my direction. "Eat." I nodded, starting to eat the meat he'd given me, swallowing it down as he chewed on his own. "Tell me slut, do you know a Darran Smith?"

I nodded, wondering why he'd ask something so random. "Yes sir." He gave me a look, which told me he wanted to continue. "He's a friend of mine, he used to be in a band, Funeral For Friend, but they ended just before you arrived." He made a face at the mention of a band, but otherwise looked thoughtful as he considered my words.

"Have you fucked?" I felt myself blush at his forwardness, though I should be used to that by now.

"I.... Yes sir." He looked at me again and I knew he wanted more than that. "We've fooled around a few times sir, mostly blow jobs but he's fucked me a few times." I bit my lower lip, looking up at him as I swallowed some more food. "Why do you ask sir?"

He nodded to the rubber that was still where he left it, after stubbing out his cigarette on Matthew's shoulder. "That's him." My eyes widened and he smirked. "Matthew here was making him his slut." I looked back to the rubber, chewing my lower lip. I knew Darran had a rubber fetish, something he'd developed after one of the band's video shoots, though hadn't realised that meant he had something like that.

I turned back to him as he set his plate down, then he stepped to Matthew, pulling the rope out of his mouth. "Make it stop! For fuck's sake make it stop!"

Master chuckled and pulled the buds out and I could hear the music coming from them, wrinkling my nose at the sound of 'Baby, baby, baby, ohh'. Master must have downloaded it specifically for this as there was no way I'd own such an awful song. "What's the matter? Don't you like the local's excuse for music?" The expression on his face told me he hated it too, which I already knew since I'd seen him react to catching the video of it.

'Fucking hell, if this was back home a slut like that would be screaming for making shit like this!' He'd said upon seeing it, the thought making me squirm.

"Just when I thought this place can't get worse..." Matthew muttered, shaking his head, trying to get the ear buds away from him. I wondered how long he'd been made to endure it.

"Don't speak to soon." Master grinned, stepping away from Matthew and grabbing a funnel gag from the other table, where an array of toys was laid out. He returned, forcing it in Matthew's mouth and his eyes went wide. "I figure you could use a drink and I've not had my morning piss."

Master aimed for the funnel and his flow began, landing in the funnel and draining into Matthew's mouth. I felt a pang of jealousy at that, Master's piss was amazing, but I could tell that the look on Matthew's face was making it worth it for him. He looked disgusted and I wondered if he was going to be sock, but he didn't, his throat working to swallow the fluid down. "That's it... take it all you piece of shit." He glared at him and Master looked to me. "Do you need to go my pathetic slut?"

"Yes sir." He smirked and nodded as he finished up, indicating I could take advantage as well. I stood up so that the funnel was beneath my caged dick and I let go, pissing right into it. Matthew's glare switched to me as he was forced to swallow my piss down. It was so hot, watching him drink it down even though he didn't want to. All to soon though, my flow subsided and I returned to my place on my hands and knees.

"Good slut." Master purred, running his fingers through my hair. "I have had a good long think as to what to do with you." He said, his eyes meeting Matthew's, which were teary again. "Today you are going to suffer the greatest indignity a master can suffer."

Matthew glared and shook his head as Master circled him, removing his hand with a rough yank, tossing it onto the sofa. He came to me and I groaned as he did the same, pulling the fingers of Matthew's other severed hand out of me and tossing it the same way. He then reached between my legs and freed the cage from me. The plastic cage was locked with a simple clip of some kind, though I didn't dare touch it myself. His touch made me stiffen the second I was freed and he grinned. "Fuck him."

It took me a few moments to process the words, but once I did, I got up up and moved between Matthew's legs. I looked at Master again and he nodded. I swallowed, pushing myself into Matthew's body, filling him up in one movement due to his hand stretching him. I held onto his hips and started to move steadily.

Master watched as I moaned and he smirked at me, his eyes going between myself and Matthew. "Harder slut."

"Yes sir." I dug my nails into Matthew's skin, speeding my thrusts up inside him. Matthew growled behind the gag and Master chuckled, moving away. I didn't stop fucking Matthew, continuing at a harsh pace as I watched my Master crouch down and open the rubber up.

There, sure enough, was Darran Smith. He was covered in a layer of sweat and had a ball gag between his lips. His pale skin was marred by a few bruises and marks, clearly from whatever Matthew did to him.

"I am your Master now Darran." Master spoke up, loud enough for us all to hear. "Once my slut has cum up that piece of shit you will take his place." Darran looked between Master and me, blinking his bleary eyes, looking confused. "Do you understand me?"

"Jay..." Darran whispered, eyes on me and Master growled, grabbing his jet black locks.

"I said, do you understand me whore?" Master growled, eyes on him, my cock twitching.

"Y... Yes sir." Darran whispered, voice shaky.

"Better." Master smirked, dragging Darran over to us, his eyes wide as he saw the state Matthew was in. As I saw the bruises on him closer it set something off in me. He did this to him. I growled, fucking into Matthew even harder, the table shuddering beneath him. I hoped it was hurting him. Master licked his lips, sitting down and watching intently.

I thundered into him, my thighs slapping against his arse from the movement. Another growl left my throat as I came, spilling deep inside Matthew's body. "You deserved that." I whispered and I saw Master flash me a grin. I felt my cheeks flush as I pulled out, watching Master push Darran close.

I rubbed my friend's arm as I moved past him, taking my place back beside my Master. "You did well slut." He purred and I watched Darran take my place. There was a look in his eyes and I could tell he wanted payback. "What are you waiting whore? Fuck the cunt!"

Darran gripped onto Matthew and thrust into him, starting to move immediately. After watching me he could tell what Master wanted and he fucked Matthew hard. As I watched I could tell he was getting more and more into it, the need to hurt Matthew in the same way he'd been clearly strong.

"Back home Darran Smith is a fan of rubber and a fellow master." Master mused as he watched them fuck before us. "He's actually one of the very few that are actually well liked and respected. I've watched him fuck and leave his mark on a few sluts. He's one of the few I'll miss, despite the company he keeps." I wondered what he meant by that, but he didn't elaborate.

Darran let out a breathless kind of groan that I was very familiar with, his head was tipped back and I knew he'd came up Matthew.

"There." Master grinned, standing up and running his fingers through Matthew's hair, pulling his head back. "You have been fucked not just by one, but two sluts." He smirked down at Matthew, who was glaring again and my Master tutted, shaking his head. "You know what that makes you nright? Lower than a slut."

Darran stood back from Matthew, looking between them both. He looked dazed, insure what to do and my Master turned to face him, pointing a finger at him. "You are my whore now. Sit beside my slut and when I'm done I will tell you just what that means." Darran nodded and sat beside me, looking between me and my Master but saying nothing. He had questions no doubt, but he already knew that Matthew wasn't the Matt he knew so maybe he had less than I thought he might.

Master looked again to Matthew, turning his attention back to him. "I don't intend on keeping you alive for very long, but for these last hours you can think about how low you really are."

He smirked, then turned away from him, looking at the pair of us. "Your name is now whore." He said, indicating he meant Darran as he spoke. "You are mine now to use as I see fit and I have no intention of letting you go. If you behave, well, things will go well for you." Darran nodded at his words, saying nothing. "Now suck my cock. And slut, put the fire on."

I nodded, moving to light the up, watching as Darran moved between his legs and took his dick between his lips. I wasn't sure if he sucked cock before, he'd never done mine, but he seemed to be doing a good job. As soon as the fire was going I moved back to them, watching Darran as he bobbed up and down on my Master's cock. Fuck. I swallowed and watched as Master fisted his hand in Darran's hair, rocking up to meet his face.

Master growled, holding Darran down and I knew he'd shot down his throat. He held him in place for a few moments, then pushed him back, licking his lips. "Mm, you did well whore." He patted his hair and looked over to me. "Slut, get the piece of filth on his back." I nodded and moved to Matthew, my fingers working to undo the rope that held him. Master was moving and I knew what he was doing. I shifted Matthew onto his back over the table, tying him back in his new position.

"Slut, get him hard." Matthew shook his head, the funnel going from side to side as he did so. I moved between his legs again, reaching down and stroking his soft dick. It twitched slightly in my hand and I leaned down, tracing my tongue over him. I mouthed his soft balls and he stiffened in my hand, becoming fully hard as I ran my tongue over him. "Good boy."

I looked up and shifted away, Master back to us. He had the blade in hand, heated like it had been the previous night. "You no longer need this." There was a muffled cry behind the gag and a gasp from Darran as Matthew's manhood landed on his belly, rolling off him. "Or, for that matter, these." Another slash and his balls landed on the table, tears running down his cheeks.

"There, much better." Master chuckled, setting the knife back down before collecting his newly severed organs. "Don't worry cunt, I'll put you out of your misery soon enough, but your misery is so... so sweet." Master grinned, running Matthew's dick across his tear stained cheek. He chucked at the look he received and I squirmed, my own cock now aching between my legs.

With his free hand he stuffed the discarded ear buds back in his ears then looked to us both. "Now what to do with these hmm?"
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