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Collide Part 6

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Matthew Davies, Darran Smith
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Kinkverse, gore
Notes: So I've not done a part to Collide in awhile. I wasn't sure what way to go with it for awhile (I had pondered the next part to be Jason feeding Matt to Jay) but after the repost here and a certain welshies comment, well... vague ideas have been in my head so. This is also set right after the last fic I did with Jason, One Good Reason Why. I blame lc_ffaf for this of course
Notes 2: Originally posted over on dreamwidth last year
Part 6: Hands And Faces

I wasn't sure how long I'd been here although I was sure it had been several hours now. My limbs ached from where they were stretched out. I was locked in the pair of spreader bars again, left up in my room when my Master left.

It had been weeks now since he had first arrived into my life and, after that day with Matt, he had set about making alterations to my home, adding things to every room. On the wall in here was a new frame with some of Matt's tattoos. The rest were on the wall in the living room.

I found out, the day after Matt, what he intended to do with him. We had a meal together and the meat was the most amazing I'd ever tasted. It was only after I finished eating he told me where it came from. Matt. I should have thrown up or at least been disgusted but it was... just so good.

Fuck, it was amazing. My belly rumbled slightly at the mere thought of it.

As to myself, there were a few changes since then, although not as many as I would have expected. My cock was now in a chastity cage, only removed when my Master decided I deserved an orgasm, or when he just wanted to torture it. My collar now had a tag, marking me as his. Speaking of a mark, I had a brand, of a J, on my left arse cheek which marked me as his.

He'd also spent that time training me up so I could eat his ass and taking his fist.

I swallowed behind my ball gag, my insides squeezing around the rubber dick up my arse. It was getting dark now and I was feeling slightly worried. He had gone... somewhere, though for what I wasn't sure. He'd mentioned Richard again so I thought that might be where he's going, to see if he could get him.

I was worried about that. My Master was strong, he had easily overpowered Matt, but he was a scrawny fuck really. That and he had the element of surprise. This Richard.... who knows what he'd be like. Or if he called the police or, or... I tried not to think about it, but I couldn't help it.

I looked up, hearing the door, letting out a sigh of relief. Thank fuck. There was sounds of movement and I wondered what he was doing. It sounded like he was going back and forth to the car, bringing in various things. I squirmed, wondering what he could be moving. It couldn't just be Richard right?

After a few minutes, the door closed again. I waited, expecting him to come up right away, but he didn't. I swallowed, squirming in my place, needing to see him, craving it.

I felt myself smile around the gag as I heard movement, indicating that he was coming up the stairs. "Hello cunt." He said as he entered the room and my eyes widened. He was naked, which I always appreciated, though now he had bandages around his arm and across his chest. Whoever he'd gotten had put up a fight. He crouched down beside me, running his fingers through my hair, which was starting to grow out now. He undid both sets of bars, then growled as he stood back up. "Come with me slut."

Dutifully, I followed him as he led me out the room and down the stairs. I noticed a box leaning against the wall which contained a suspension frame and I groaned behind the gag. I heard him chuckle, a sign he'd heard me and we entered the living room. I noticed two things as entered. In the corner of the room was a mass of black rubber, big enough to be a person though I wasn't sure. The second thing was the man hung from the ceiling, from one of the hooks he'd installed. The man was naked and bleeding from his wrists and ankles where there holes in his skin. There were several slash marks across his skin too from a blade. Duct tape covered his mouth and I could tell there was something in there, underwear at a guess, like my Master had done with me.

I recognised him as well. He was Matt Davies-Kreye, formerly a singer in Funeral For A Friend which had recently ended. I'd met him a few times, mostly due to my friend Darran who was also part of his band. (And that made me wonder if the Richard he was on about was the Rich from that band. Why hadn't I realised that possibility till now?) There was, however, something about him, something... off. He looked like him, sure but on a second glance there were differences. He was more muscular than I remembered, there were unfamiliar scars and there was something in his eyes...

"This is Matthew Davies." My Master spoke after a few moments, gesturing to him with one hand, while with the other he grabbed his balls and gave them a squeeze, making him groan in pain. "This fuckwit... he's from home." I swallowed, considering the implication of those words. If he was here where was the Matt I knew? "I don't know how he got here and neither does he. The fucker actually had the gall to try and make me his latest slut." I found myself glaring at Matthew. How dare he even consider such a thing! My Master continued, licking his lips. "But look how that turned out." He fisted a hand in his hair, yanking it back hard. Matthew regarded him with a look of fear, mixed with defiance and rage. "Let's see how long I can make your pain last hmm?"

Master circled him slowly, a smirk on his face as he examined him. "You know the first person I killed here was a Matthew too." He said as he moved, wetting his lips. "It was this world's Matthew Tuck and fuck, he was so fucking pathetic. He had a tiny dick and was blushing like a virgin." He made a face of disgust, then the smirk returned. "Tasted good though, so I suppose he had some use." He leaned in closer to him, lowering his voice. "As will you."

Matthew squirmed against his bonds, glaring at him. It did him no good of course and my Master laughed, shaking his head and collecting his knife. No, this was different, new. Something he'd bought with him from Matt's? The sight made Matthew's eyes widen and he stopped moving. "Come now Matthew, you were wanting to do this to me after all. You just didn't have the skill to pull it off."

As he spoke, I couldn't help wonder exactly what had happened in those hours he was away. What had happened that led him to Matthew instead of Richard? Obviously they had fought as well and my Master had, rightly, overpowered him, but my mind raced with the possibilities.

I watched as Master ran the blade along Matthew's skin. He was making a series of random, shallow cuts, just enough to draw blood. They crisscrossed his chest, then he went behind him and did the same to his back.

"Now what shall I do with you hmm?" Master said as he stepped before him, rubbing his chin in thought with his free hand as he looked him up and down. A wicked smirk crossed his face after a few moment and he stepped away, moving towards the fireplace. I hadn't noticed that the fire was burning when I came down, too distracted by Matthew's form. Master went to it, resting the bloodied blade in the flames.

Matthew apparently knew what that meant as he was shaking his head, tears shining in his eyes. Master smirked but ignored him, watching the blade heat up. When the blade glowed from the heat, he grasped the handle and turned around to face him. Matthew shook his head again, but Master ignored him, standing on the coffee table beside him and reaching up. I watched, enthralled, as he slashed, the blade going through each of Matthew's wrists beneath the rope that held him up. He fell to the floor in a heap, cradling his now handless stumps. The heated blade had cauterised the wounds, so he wasn't bleeding all over himself, which I thought was a shame.

Master climbed down with a smirk, licking his lips. "There we go, see, you didn't need those anymore." Matthew tried to glare but his eyes shone, the tracks of tears down his cheeks. Master smirked and stepped away, setting the blade down atop the fireplace, turning back to Matthew. "Slut, get those hands down." I nodded, stepping on the table just like he had, reaching up and unhooking the rope, bringing the severed hands down to him. He licked his lips, taking them from me, separating them from the rope. "They'll be more useful to me now then there would be attached to you."

Matthew clearly didn't think so from his expression and my Master smirked down at him, spitting on him. "Slut, bend over the table." I did as he asked, then felt him removed the dildo from my arse. After he set it down beside me I felt something press against my opening. It was fingers, three of them, pressing into my eager hole. "You want to get your hands on my slut, well, that's the closest you'll get to it." I groaned behind the gag, realising that those fingers must belong to one of Matthew's severed hands. Fuck, if my dick wasn't caged...

"Move so you can watch slut." I nodded and moved, inching back and then crawling back to where I was so that I could see, making sure to keep the fingers inside me. They belonged, I could see, to Matthew's left hand, since his right was in my Master's hand. "Now, where should I put this?" It was completely rhetorical of course, we all knew exactly where it was going and Matthew shook his head. Master smirked, pushing him over the table so his ass was in the air, holding Matthew's right hand as he looked him over.

He paused for a moment, though I wasn't sure why. He reached behind himself, rubbing the edges of a scar on his back, one I'd noticed before but daren't ask about. He growled, then stepped between Matthew's legs. He roughly pulled his cheeks apart with one hand, bringing the hand between his legs. I was a little surprised as I noticed that the hole was already stretched open, and I realised Master had to have fucked him. Fuck. With his other hand he manipulated Matthew's fingers, then pressed them into him. At first I thought it was going to be just the three fingers like with me, but then he pushed more, growling with exertion. The rest of the hand disappeared inside him, leaving the remains of his wrist exposed.

"There, now that's a much better place for it." He licked his lips again, circling around the table and looking down at him, threading his fingers through his hair and yanking his head back. With his other hand, he ripped off the duct tape covering his mouth. Matthew spat out the material that was behind it, a scrap of underwear as I suspected, onto the floor. "Having fun?"

"F... Fuck you." I could tell he was trying to sound defiant, but it just came out all broken.

Master grinned down at him, shaking his head. "Oh no, there'll be none of that. No one fucks Jason James. No one." He growled at that, punching him in the face with his other hand. I heard a crack and saw blood coming out of his nose. He released his hair, apparently satisfied and he stepped away from him.

Matthew spat on the floor, glaring at him but saying nothing more. He probably knew it was useless. "I won't end you tonight, but I will soon enough." Master grabbed some rope at came back, pulling Matthew arms behind him and binding them together. "For now though you will remain here and think about the grave mistake you made by trying to fuck with me." He grinned, binding his legs to the table legs, just as he had with mine so long ago. "Any last words before I leave you for the night?" He asked, stepping before him and looking at him with disdain.

Matthew's eyes met his and he mulled over what he was going to say for a few moments. "Well? I haven't got all night!"

"Please..." Matthew whispered, voice broken. "Don't kill me..."

Master growled, shoving the rope between his lips, tying it behind his head. "You should have thought of that before you tried to attack me. We might not be home, but you know the rules back there about this. You took a chance and you lost, you have the rest of your miserable life to live with the consequences of your actions." He stepped back and looked at me, licking his lips. "Now come on slut, after the day I've had I could do with a decent blow job."

He turned and headed out, giving the rubber mass a kick as he went past. Something, no, someone, had to be in there. I glanced back at Matthew one last time, then crawled up after my Master.
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