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The archives are incomplete

So I’m gonna start posting my dreamwidth fic here (or rather reposting). I’m gonna try doing a few a day, starting later (since I’m gonna be sorting out food soon).

It should be noted, though, that I haven’t wrote anything new since about April and I don’t see myself writing anything again. The spark has died, largely due to the various stresses of this year.

Since I’ve not posted here properly in awhile, here’s a brief list of the badness of 2018:
*Student finance/uni fucking up my course and it taking the better part of a month to sort out
*A stressful medical assessment
*Being stabbed in the back by someone I thought was a friend
*...then being abandoned by someone who was one of my best friends
*Mum having a cancer scare (which, thankfully, turned out to be nothing to worry baout)
*Mum losing her job
*Our dog, Danny, suddenly dying

So, yeah. 2018 has been pretty ugh.

Of course there have been some good things.
*Infinity War
*Winning a fair few Xbox codes
*Reading various comics, and books like Phasma
*Getting a new puppy, Naryu

Anyway, yeah. I’m gonna go sort some food and then start posting stuff here later this afternoon/tonight.
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