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Pairing: Jay James
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 7: Outfits
Warnings: None really
Notes: Ok just a bit after hiatus started and I break it, oops. I did say though I likely would if porn of Jay came up and... well, there's this on tumblr which looks so like Jay it inspired. (Though I wish it had a longer vid)

"So, I have some news." Padge was smiling, which already gave away that the news was good. Padge was one of my best mates and a guitarist in a band called Jeff Killed John (a name, I heard, that they were thinking of changing). Their bassist had just left and Padge suggested my name. Yesterday I'd played for the three remaining members, which had been a little nerve wracking but I felt I'd done well. "The guys loved you! You're in!"

I grinned, pleased to hear I'd been right about how it had gone. "That's great man! Thanks so much."

He held up his hand and bit his lip before speaking again. "There is, however, a condition. It's something that... err..." He blushed a little, handing me a bag. "It's something Moose wants you to do." I was a little surprised it wasn't matt that wanted me to do something, since frontmen seemed to be rather... demanding. I took it from him and opened it, looking inside. I blinked in confusion at what looked like a spiderman costume inside. "There's an outfit and a webcam in there. Moose wants you to head home and film yourself in it and..."

"And?" I asked, raising my eyebrow.

"He wants you to wank in it." His cheeks were flushed bright pink now. "Then send it him and you're in the band."

I took one look at the outfit, then shrugged a little. "Sure."


Once I got home I had a proper look at the outfit as I loaded up my computer. It lacked the hood up otherwise seemed like a pretty good representation, well other than the opening at the the crotch anyway. I bit my lip and then started to undress, figuring it was best to do it now. Once I was fully naked I took the outfit and put it on, first the top, then the bottoms and the gloves last. It was like lycra and it was nice and tight against my skin. I bit my lip. Fuck it felt good, surprising so.

I sat in my computer cage, logging on before plugging in the camera into one of the front usb ports. Thankfully it detected it right away so it didn't need anything installed. I palmed myself, my cock already half hard once I'd put on the outfit. With my other hand I turned the camera on and bit my lip, angling it to get a full view of me before starting to record.

I parted my legs and took my cock in hand, starting to stroke myself steadily. I wasn't sure if Moose wanted anything specific, so just wanked like I normally would, albeit with my legs spread wide so the camera could get a good view. I licked my lips a little as I stroked my dick. The gloves made it feel a little strange, but a nice strange.

I kept my gaze on the camera as I moved my hand up and down, my lips parting. After a few moments I shifted on the chair and planted my feet up on the desk on either side of the keyboard, so the camera had a better view. I stroked myself firmly, sticking my tongue out every few moments, my other hand reaching down to cup my balls.

A thought crossed my mind, that Moose would be watching this and most likely wanking too. A low groan left my lips at the thought and I rocked up into my hand. Fuck, maybe I'd get some action with him. Maybe with the others too. Another groan left my lips at the thought. I'd already sucked Padge off before now and couldn't help but wonder about the others cocks. How they'd feel, how they'd taste. Fuck. How they'd feel taking turns on my arse.

Soft gasps left my lips as I felt myself get closer, my gloved fingers rubbing against my sac. I kept my eyes open even as I thought about them. I thought of being in this outfit on my hands and knees, hearing a tear as Moose opened another in the outfit at my arse. I thoughts of fingers working me open as Padge pressed his thick cock to my lips. My tongue slipped out of my lips at that thought and I came, hot and thick across my chest.

I kept stroking for a few more beats, gasping softly and then I planted my feet back on the ground and stood, shifting so the camera got a good shot of my cum. After a few seconds I ran my fingers through the sticky fluid, bringing them to my lips and savouring the taste as I sucked them clean.

After that I stopped the recording and saved the file, bringing the chair closer and quickly sending it to Moose before I could change my mind. Fuck, I hoped this would go the way I hoped. And either way, I was definitely going to get someone to fuck me in this. Maybe Moose had some other outfits.

My mind, and hand, drifted at that thought. Fuck.
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