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Brave New World

Brave New World
Pairing: Askeroth/Tomas Kaulitz/William Kaulitz, Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz/Tomas Kaulitz/William Kaulitz
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tomas
Prompt: 1: Twins
Warnings: Kinkverse, bdsm, non-con
Notes: So welshie pointed out that the kinkverse fics we do aren't balanced so that set my mind working and then I remembered the Kaulitz twins peta shoot and... this happened. (I dunno how I've not done anything based on it before.) Also includes bonus Askeroth, who I've pondered pairing with twins for awhile.
This is gonna be my last pre-hiatus fic, so there won't be another for awhile, unless something major happens anyway.

I let out a growl as I was slammed into the wall, glaring at the man before me that had barged his way into my home. He loomed over me, eyes narrowing as he looked me over. His called himself Askeroth, though I suspected that wasn't his actual name. Dressed head to toe in black, he looked at me with contempt. "You took something of mine and you're going to pay the price."

I growled again, bringing my knee up to his crotch. Unfortunately he saw it coming and stepped back from me, but it was enough for me to wiggle out of his grasp. "Fuck off Askeroth, you had no claim to the slut when I had him so he was fair game. Not my fault if you were to slow to get to him first."

He glared at me, my words clearly getting to him and I grabbed the baseball bat I kept in the hall. Unarmed I couldn't take him, but with this maybe I had a chance. He reached down and pulled out a blade. "You have a choice. You can either submit to me and take your punishment like a man or you can resist and I claim both you and your fucking whore." I paled slightly at his words and he smirked. "Even with that we both know how this will end." I gripped the bat tighter, weighing up my options briefly before swinging the bat at him.

He chuckled, licking his lips as he stepped back, dodging me. "So be it." I raised the bat, bracing myself for him to lunge at me with the blade. Hopefully when he did I'd be able to take a swing at him. He stood his ground, slipping his hand into the pocket of his trench coat and he pulled something out.

He thumbed it and I screamed, losing my grip on the bat, the wood clattering to the floor. My body convulsed as pain shot through me, my body falling to my knees. He chuckled, coming over and giving me a shift kick, making me groan. He reached down and, in a daze, I watched as he pulled out something from my chest. The ends of a fucking taser, I realised. Cheap fucking shot. He smirked, tossing it aside, lifting me up and kicking the door to my basement, carrying me down into it. I struggled in his arms as I came back to my senses, but I knew it was already too late.

He dropped me to the floor in front of the large cage in the middle of the room and he manhandled me, grabbing one of the chains I kept down here and locking it around my wrists. I heard a whimper from the cage and I closed my eyes, hoping that maybe the brute would go easy in me if I just co-operate with him.

I heard him walk away, but he soon came back. I stilled, letting out a hiss of pain as his knife cut through my clothing, the blade catching my skin. It was enough to sting and draw blood, but not leave anything lasting. It didn't take too many cuts for all my clothing to drop from my body to land beneath me.

I shivered, laying bare beneath him and he chuckled. "You have a good body, you'd make a pretty little slut." I growled but stopped myself from responding, not want to make things worse for myself. "Good cunt, you're learning how to behave at last." I heard him move back and then the sound of his zipper being undone filled the air.

He was going to fuck me, but I'd suspected that was the punishment he had in mind the moment he barged into my home. I had never been fucked, why would I have? I wasn't a dirty fucking slut like my whore of a twin. My eyes darted over to the cage that held him, my precious slut. He was kneeling in the cage, watching with frightened eyes. I didn't let me gaze linger though, a growl leaving my throat as I felt Askeroth's hands hold me open, a finger pressing against my opening. I bit my lower lip to stifle further sounds as he worked his finger fully into me, before forcing in a second.

I cried out as the two fingers filled me, his thick digits opening me up. "That's it you little cunt, let me know how much it hurts." I bit my lip again, harder, not wanting to give him any more satisfaction. He chuckled, fingers pulling out of me only to be replaced by the head of his cock. When he thrust into me I couldn't help but let out a scream of pain and I dug my nails into my palm. "Oh that's it cunt, scream for me." He gripped onto my hips, pounding me with wild abandon. I felt him tear me and I knew I was bleeding. I wanted to yell at him, call him a fucking bastard but I resisted. It was hard, but I managed it only just.

"Mmm, you're a nice tight fuck." He snarled out the words between harsh thrusts. "Bet your little whore won't be, but he's still a pretty thing." I growled on instinct and he chuckled, reaching round and feeling my dick, which was half-hard from the violation despite myself. "Although if this is all he's getting he'll still be fairly tight." Another snarl left my lips. If I wasn't chained I'd be lunging at him for comments like that. "Don't worry whore, you'll get a real man fucking you soon enough."

I growled, unable to hold back any longer. "No one touches him but me and I'm certainly not going to let you fuck him, you fucking brute."

He laughed, enveloping my dick with one hand, squeezing it painfully until I cried out. His other hand tangled in the threads of my hair, yanking my head back. "You are hardly in any position to stop me. You couldn't even stop me from doing this." He thrust extra hard into me as he said that, another scream tearing from my lips.

In closed my eyes, wishing the painful assault would be over soon. He kept up his thrusts, tearing me apart for a few more minutes and then he pulled out. I took a breath, relieved but something seemed off about it. Indeed he soon appeared before me, his dick hard and red with my blood. He fisted his left hand in my hair while his other stroked his thick member until he came over my face. I growled in irritation, but at least he'd not made me such him. "There, now you look so much more like a slut. Speaking of slut..."

He moved out of my vision, towards the cage and my twin. "Clean me off slut!" He growled and my slut looked over at me. I offered him a slight nod and he leaned in, sounds of him cleaning Askeroth filling the air as I got my breath back. I was sure of one thing: I would make him pay for this.

He stepped away from the cage, tugging his dick away and zipping his flies up. "I'm not finished yet." He licked his lips, stepping from my view and moving somewhere behind me. I could hear him pick something up and return to me and I stilled, not sure what to expect. I had many instruments of torture down here and I had no desire to experience any of them.

I let out a cry as he pushed something up my ass, my eyes lidding in pain. "There, you have your little bat back." He purred the words out, pushing more of it into my torn, sore ass. Thankfully it seemed to be the thinner end, which was something at least. He stopped when the wider part of it pressed against me, not pushing it further. "I was just going to fuck you and leave it at that, but you had to go and resist me." He smirked cruelly ad he looked down at me. "So instead I am going to leave and when I come back I will fuck your little slut. After that, well who knows? I may leave you or have two new fuck toys to torture." I whimpered at his words the only sound I could really make. He grinned and opened the cage that held him, then he came to me and took ahold of the chain attached to the manacles which held me.

"For now though, better to be safe than sorry." He dragged me over to the cage, tossing me in beside my brother. The cage was more than big enough to accommodate us both, which I knew other master's would have considered to be soft to give a slut something so big. Askeroth undid the manacles, pulling my hands through the bars before redoing them, ensuring I couldn't escape. Satisfied, he shut and locked the cage.

"Night my new slut." He smirked and kicked the cage, then turned and left us both.


I tried, of course, to free myself, even enlisting my slut to try, but it was no good. The best he could do was remove the bat from me, though I was sure it's removal would result in punishment. It took awhile for me to actually sleep, due to the pain and discomfort of my current situation, but I eventually did, my dreams filled with how I'd make him pay.


I opened my eyes as I woke, groaning as I realised that last night had happened and that I was caged with my slut. "Fuck..." I muttered to myself, wincing from the pain of my sore ass.

I froze, then blinked and blinked again. I looked to my left, then right to be sure of what I was seeing. Or more to the point, what I wasn't seeing.

Gone was the iron maiden, the fucking machine, the other cages that hung from the ceiling. The tables that held my knives were gone, as were the drawers containing various sex toys. In fact the only thing here were piles of boxes which looked like that contained junk.

At first I thought Askeroth must have come back and slipped me something, that the indignity of being fucked wasn't enough but he had to take my things as well. However I quickly realised that made no sense. Why take my things and not us? Plus somethings, like the maiden were heavy and moving them would have left marks but there was none. And speaking of marks there were none of the stains from previous sluts on the floor, nor any sign of the hooks and other things I had attached. Just what the fuck was going on?

I heard sounds from upstairs, like someone had opened the door and come in. "Tomi! I'm home!" I blinked at the voice, clearly from upstairs. It sounded like... No, it couldn't be.

I swallowed, debating what to do. This was my way out, but that voice... I made a decision and called out. "Hello?" No matter what it was't Askeroth and that was the important part.

"Tomi?" The door at the top of the stairs opened and the light was turned on, illuminating the room more. Yeah, this pace was far too dusty... "What are you doing down here?" I figure appeared and climbed down the stairs. He was slim and his jet black hair was slightly bushy, but there was no mistaking it. It was William, my slut. He gasped, running down the stairs and coming over to the cage. "Tomi what are you doing in this cage? What is this?"

"Let me out... Please..." I whispered, looking at him with wide eyes, trying to sound pleading. It worked, and his fingers worked to free my hands. He'd clearly not seen my twin who was still in here with me, his attention focused on me.

I wasn't exactly sure what was happening exactly, but there were whispers, rumours. There has been masters disappearing without a trace, as well as others that had new sluts that looked just like them. I'd not fully believed them myself, but now I was face to face with a double of my twin. My mind was racing already with all kinds of thoughts as to what I'd do to him. I wet my lips as he removed the manacles from my wrists, looking a little worried.

"Tomi who did this to you?" He whispered, fear in his pretty eyes. "Are they still here?"

"Just get me out, I'll explain everything." I replied, trying to sound as gentle as possible. He nodded, reaching down and opening up the cage. I was glad the lock didn't require a key, as Askeroth surely would've took it with him.

As soon as he opened it I got out, stretching my aching limbs as I stood up. "Ah that's better."

He smiled nervously, then his eyes darted to the cage, catching sight of my slut at last. "Tomi wha..." Before he finished the sentence I grabbed him and shoved him in the cage, locking the door.

"Thanks so much for letting me out of there." I said with a smirk, watching as he looked between us with wide eyes. My slut kept his head bowed, but I could tell he was looking at him. "Strip him." I ordered my slut and he reached over, tugging his t-shirt off. "In case you haven't guessed I am not this Tomi of yours, though I'm sure I will have him soon enough. You will call me master."

He looked part scared, part uncertain but at least he wasn't resisting being undressed. "Is this some sort of game Tomi?" He asked, voice soft.

I growled at him, glaring down at him. "Not Tomi you dumb fuck, master." He shrank back a little and I smirked. That'd do for now anyway. "To answer you previous questions I don't know how we ended here." I gestured around me at our basement surroundings. "But I fully intend to make the most of it." Of course that would entail finding out if this place had any decent bondage gear for a start, but it was preferable to whatever Askeroth had in mind. I smirked as I thought of him. Oh to see his face when he'd realise we were gone! Pity I'd not but the thought alone filled me with a sense of satisfaction. Another thought came to me then. Perhaps there was one of him here, who I could enact my revenge on.

One thing at a time though.

"Slut, I expect him naked by the time I get back." I paused for a moment before adding. "Oh and gag him on something."

"Yes master." He whispered softly and I turned, stalking up the stairs. I may as well check the place out and see if there was anything I could make use of. And if there was nothing I could at least shower, assuming they had them.

Upstairs the rough layout was similar, the lounge, kitchen and such were all where they were at home, but they were vastly different furnishing wise. "Fucking hell..." I mumbled to myself, shaking my head at the state of the place. There wasn't anything wrong about it per se it was just all so... dull. There was nothing like the art I had and none of the cages or hooks I had installed. It was all so bland.

I checked the bedrooms as well and this Tomi certain wasn't here, and has bad taste in clothing. At least from the state of the main room it was clear these twins fucked too, so maybe they had a few things. A check through the drawers found a few basic items, like cuffs, a few fairly small dildos and a blindfold. Better than nothing I supposed.

I looked through the wardrobe and pulled out some leather trousers and a black t-shirt, then headed to clean myself up.


After a shower, which definitely helped my aching ass, I got changed into the clothes I found and headed back downstairs, stopping to get a knife from the kitchen before returning to them. The new slut, who I decided to dub whore for ease of reference, was now naked, his boxers stuffed between his lips which were held in place by his t-shirt, which was tied behind his head. "Good work slut." I smiled and circled the cage, looking over whore. His body was slim, like my slut's, though he had more and different tattoos. I knelt by the cage, pulling the rest of the clothes and the bloody bat away from them. Mmm I couldn't wait to get in that whore's ass, but I had to wait for Tomi to turn up.

When I was standing in front of them I spoke up again, eyes on the whore, who looked so scared now. "Now, here is how things are going to work. You are my new whore and when your Tomi gets back he'll be mine as well." He shivered at my words, eyes wide. Fuck his fear was making me hard. "You have probably spent your time looking at my slut, seeing how different you are. See all those marks on him? Every one was done by me. Soon you will have your own marks, perhaps even matching ones." I paused, licking my lips and thinking of how pretty he'll look screaming. "You'll learn to be my good whore, doing everything I say and taking..."

"Bill? Are you here?" I stopped when I heard that voice from upstairs. My voice. The whore tried to respond, but the makeshift gag muffled it. I'd have to punish him for that later. "I got us a little something."

I smirked, slowly making my way up the stairs, stopping at the door to look in the corridor beyond. I caught sight of him and shook my head. Fucking hell he looked pathetic. He wore baggy clothing that hung off his slim frame and his little brown hair hung down his back and over his shoulders in dreadlocks. He was carrying a bag and that took my interest due to what looked like one end of a spreader bar sticking out of it. Well, that would certainly come in useful.

Tomi set the bag down and turned around, toeing off his shoes. Well this was a good a chance as any. I stepped into the corridor, moving behind him and gripping onto his dreadlocks tightly, pulling his head back. "Mmm Billa you are here." He purred and my dick twitched. "I got us those things you.." He turned his head a little to face me as he spoke and he blinked. "Wait who are..."

I pulled his dreads harder, making him moan. "I'm you but better." I leaned in and licked along his neck, hearing him whimper. "Thanks for the stuff, it'll come in handy to use on you and my other new whore."

"Bill?" He paled slightly, voice wavering. "What have you done with him?"

"Come, I'll show you." I shoved him with my other hand, pushing him down into the basement. He gasped at the sight of the cage and his brother within it and I grinned. "That'll be your home soon too." I told him, once we were standing before it.

"Wh... What are you going to do to me? To us?" I pushed him to his knees, keeping ahold on the dreadlocks. They felt a little strange, but my mind was already coming up with uses for them.

"Simple, you both are going to be my new sluts. I'll fuck both your holes, mark you and hurt you. But don't worry, I have absolutely no intention of snuffing either of you out." I ran my fingers over his cheek, smiling down at him. Then fear in his eyes mirrored his twin's and it was like nothing I had seen before. Sure sluts back home would be scared of doms like me, but they had some idea of what to expect. These two, well, they had no idea what was to come, no idea of what I was capable of. Fuck it was giving me such a rush, like nothing else. "Now, I am going to let you go and you are going to strip for me. If you don't behave... Well." I smirked, getting out the knife I'd picked up. It was some sort of carving knife, sharpe enough to do damage to either of them.

He nodded with a whimper and I released him, watching as he removed his clothing with shaky hands. He was slimmer than I was, with no traces of any real muscle on him. He had no ink, which I may have to deal with later, though he did have some marks of faint scratches. Could it be that here that this version of me was already a sub? Once he was fully naked he returned to his knees, looking up at me. Yeah, definitely a fucking sub and to that Billa? I glanced at the cage, at my new whore and shook my head slightly. There was no way he'd have ever been a dom back home.

"Hands on your head." He complied without a word and I pocketed the knife before I took ahold of his dreadlocks again, using them to bind his hands. He groaned and looked up at me as I undid my flies, pulling out my erection. "It's clear you're a slut so you should know what to do." He nodded a little and gasped softly, before opening his mouth and wrapping his lips around my erection, taking me down easily. "Fuck..." I groaned, his lips and tongue working to please me. Yeah he was definitely a practiced cocksucker.

"Mmm if you keep this up you'll do very well as my new cunt." I growled softly, knowing he'd need a designation of his own and that seemed to be the first that came to mind. It would do for now anyway. He hummed around me as he bobbed up and down on my length, his tongue twisting over my head whenever he pulled back. As I watched him I could see his own member harden, another sign he was a cocksucker and I smirked. His dick was smaller than my own, more in line with my slut's size. I wasn't too surprised by that though. Doms back home often got had their cocks made bigger and I'd had it done myself years ago, making me longer and thicker. He took me right down to the base with every movement of his said, soft noises leaving him as he did. "Perhaps if you and your twin can be good I'll let you fuck for me." His eyes widened and I groaned as he somehow managed to suck me harder.

My hands went to his hair and I gripped onto his locks, letting out a deep growl as I felt myself get closer. I meant it when I said that, the image of them fucking flashing across my head. Of course I'd likely not let it just be a simple fuck after the first time. Maybe I'd make their roles reverse, or get them to fist each other, or... My mind raced with thoughts and that's before I even considered adding my own slut of a twin to the mix.

With those thoughts in mind, and his excellent cock sucking skills, I growled and came down his throat. "Fuck..." I whispered, breathless. "Such a fucking good cunt."

He smiled a little when I pushed him off and I zipped myself up, licking my lips. Oh yes, it seemed that this place was going to be fun. I opened the cage door and shoved him roughly inside along with my slut and whore. I was even more glad it was so large now, as they easily filled the space within. I lammed the door shut, relocking it and licking my lips. "Now, I'm going to see what fun things you bought me and then we are all going to have such fun." I smirked at them, noting that now both my slut and whore were hard too. "Well, fun for me anyway."
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