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Ultimate Fan Experience

Ultimate Fan Experience
Pairing: Askeroth/Greif/Skoll/Trym/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Prompt: 20: Cannibalism
Warnings: Bondage, watersports
Notes: Well I think something like this was inevitable for the cannibalism prompt (thanks Askeroth for being unreasonably hot eating hearts onstage) so yeah. This has turned out to be quite long. There was gonna be a second part, but that's been discarded now

'Win a chance to be a part of the ultimate Nachtblut fan experience! Spend the night with the band before the show, watch the soundcheck and become an important part of the live show.'

I raised an eyebrow as I finished reading the e-mail from the band, immensely curious. There was a link, which led to an entry form, which I promptly filled in with my details. I wasn't sure what my chances would be, but I knew if I didn't try then I'd have no chance at all.


I'd forgotten about the whole thing when I received an e-mail just over a month later. 'Congratulations Aleksi!' With a raised eyebrow I clicked it open, curious to see what it was. 'You have been chosen for the Nachtblut ultimate fan experience.' I gasped, sudden excitement filling me. I wasn't really a particularly lucky person when it came to winning stuff, so to win something like this was amazing.

The rest of the message was details on when and where the gig would take place. Fuck, I couldn't wait.


I took a deep breath, running my fingers through my curls as I made my way to the address I'd been sent. It was a nice looking house, with a few cars on the drive. Once I got to the front door I used the knocker to rap against the wood.

After only a few moments the door swung open and there loomed Askeroth. I gasped at the sight of him. He stood clad in one of his black outfits, which was tight leather with a floor length trenchcoat. He smirked and licked his lips as he looked me over. "You must be Aleksi."

"Ye... yeah." I stuttered out, feeling myself blush as I stared at him. Fuck, he was so hot up close. I swallowed and bit my lip. "And you're Askeroth." Instantly I so stupid as soon as I said that, but he just grinned.

"Yes I am." He stepped back and gestured with his arm. "Come on in." I nodded and stepped inside, both nervous and excited. I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen tonight, as the e-mail had been vague about what the night would entail.

Askeroth closed the door behind me and led me through the house, down some stairs to a basement room, which I thought was a little strange but this was Askeroth after all. It wasn't a bare basement at all but a large, fully furnished room. Seated on a set of leather couches that were arrayed around a tv were the rest of the band, who looked over at us. "Guys, this is Aleksi, our winner for the night."

They shared looks and grinned, Trym licking his lips. I felt myself blush slightly, offering a little wave to them. "Hi..."

They chuckled and I looked around the room as Askeroth led me from the stairs to them. There were instrument cases in one corner and a bed in another, with cupboards either side of it. There was a fridge near the couches, which I figured must have had a stock of booze. An open door next to it clearly led to a small bathroom. Strangest of all were what was on the walls. There was half a dozen heads. They weren't animal ones, but human ones, a selection of male and female heads. They were probably some form of props from one of their shoots like some of the other items I could see.

"Hello Aleksi." Trym said with a grin, his eyes looking me over. "Welcome to our humble abode." He gestured around the place as he spoke. "I'm Trym and there's Greif and Skoll, but you know us." I nodded, biting my lip and he nodded to the seat. "Please, sit."

"Yeah..." I sat down and he grinned, reaching over and patting my knee as Askeroth went towards the fridge.

"It's ok, we don't bite... much." He smirked at me and I squirmed slightly in my seat.

Askeroth returned, holding a beer, which he handed to me. "Here, this will help loosen you up a bit." I smiled shyly and took a big gulp from the bottle.

It had the desired effect and I was soon more at ease with them. We drank and talked, asking each other all kinds of questions, mostly related to the band and their music. After I set down my second bottle, now empty, Trym smirked at me. "So Aleksi, do you like cock?"

I gasped at the question, feeling my cheeks flush. "I... Yeah I do." I found myself thinking of the numerous times I'd jerked off thinking of them, sometimes with me but much more often with one another. Trym chuckled, planting his hand on my knee, moving his hand up my leg towards my thigh.

"Mmmm, that's good because I think you're sexy." Trym said, licking his lips as he stroked my thigh. "And I think the others do too." The others were all looking at me and for the first time I noticed the hunger in their eyes. "Do you want us Aleksi?"

Fuck. I nodded, my curls bouncing from the motion. "Yes, fuck yes. Please." He chuckled and the four of them grinned. Well, three did, Greif just smirked.

"Of course you do." Trym licked his lips, his other hand squeezing his crotch. "How about you strip for us?"

I nodded and stood up, reaching down and pulling my t-shirt up and off, dropping it to the seat behind me. I felt myself blush as my pale skin was exposed to them, but the alcohol and my growing erection dampened my inhibitions. My fingers went down to my waist, popping open the button of my fly before undoing the zipper as quickly as I could. They all watched as I pushed my jeans and then boxers down my legs, leaving me essentially naked before them. I bit my lower lip, bending down to pull my clothing from around my ankles, as well as slip my shoes off.

"Mmm, someone's clearly eager." Skoll spoke up when I straightened back up, an obvious reference to my erection. I flushed a little and he chuckled, licking his lips.

The four of them looked at me, their own erections making their crotches bulge. Fuck I couldn't wait to have them all. Greif stepped closer to me, running a hand down my chest towards my dick. "You have a nice cock." He whispered, wrapping his fingers around my member and giving me a slow stroke. I couldn't help but gasp and he smirked at the sound. He ran his thumb over my tip and then let go if me, a whimper leaving my throat. "Soon."

I groaned as a slick finger pressed against my opening before entering me. I quick glance through half-lidded eyes told me the it was Trym's finger buried inside me. It eased out of my body after a few moments, only to be joined by a second. Another moan left my lips and Trym breathed against my neck, chuckling. "That's it slut, moan for me." A moaned again from his words, his fingers thrusting in and out of me, working me open for them.

Before me, Skoll was stripping off as Askeroth moved out of my sight. Greif grabbed something from beneath the coffee table that was seated between the black sofas they'd occupied. It was a ring and I looked at it curious as he approached. "Do you know what this is?" He asked, holding it up for me. I opened my mouth to respond, but all that left my lips was a loud groan as a third finger entered me. He just smirked and continued anyway. "This is a cock ring." He reached between my legs, slipping it around the base of my aching dick. "This will keep you nice and hard, unable to cum until I take it off." A whine left my lips and he gave my dick another slow, teasing stroke before stepping back to undress as well.

"Mmm, you're all ready." Trym said from behind me, his fingers slowly withdrawing from me. I bit back a whine at the loss and he ran his fingers over my skin. "Over to the bed."

I nodded and turned towards the bed I'd seen on my way in. Now there was a set of chains hanging down that Askeroth had clearly set up. He smirked, licking his lips as I approached. "Skoll, you do the honours."

"On the edge of the bed slut." The drummer growled, pushing me towards it. I complied, laying down with my legs hanging off the edge and he got on the sheets behind me. He took each of my wrists and ankles in turn, attaching each to the chains so that my limbs were pulled above me. It meant they had access to my hole and fuck, this was so hot. I knew they'd be kinky like this, they were German after all, and fuck, it was amazing.

The four of them looked at me after Skoll locked me up, three of them naked. Askeroth was the only one with clothing, though it was just his trenchcoat. I licked my lips, my gaze drawn to their cocks. Trym looked the biggest, though Askeroth was close and Skoll was definitely the smallest of the four. Just like I'd imagined they would be.

"Now you're all nice and ready." Skoll licked his lips, glancing at Askeroth, who nodded. He got between my legs and he thrust into me, a groan leaving my lips as he filled me up. I looked at his face between my legs, watching as he fucked me, his hands on my thick thighs. The sight reminded me of the Kalt Wie Grab video, the original which seemed to have been took down. It had the four of their faces as they were meant to be fucking a corpse. I'd jerked off of so much after that.

Skoll let out a growl, slamming hard into me. I gasped from each thrust, my cock aching between my legs as he hit my spot. "Fuck, you're so fucking hot." He growled again, his nails digging into my flesh. "We're so lucky to have such sexy fans."

"Th... thank you." I replied breathlessly between moans.

"Fuck..." He growled again, heading tipping back and I felt him shoot deep inside me. He panted softly and let go of me, pulling out of me and stepping back. I could see Trym and Askeroth both slowly stroking their members.

Greif was the one that took Skoll's place, his slim body slotting between my legs. He smirked down at me, slowly pressing his cock into me. I groaned softly and he started to move, going at a slow, steady pace. He looked at me as he fucked me, his face mostly expressionless, no sounds leaving his lips. He held onto my calves as he thrust into me, steadily building up.

"You see Greif here is a very quiet fucker." Trym spoke up from where he stood behind him. "We've fucked him, sucked him, paddled him and nothing makes him make noise." I moaned, images of all of those things filling my mind. Holy fuck. Greif smirked at the words, but remained quiet as he fucked me harder, his thrusts starting to lose the steady pace. After a few more moments his eyes lidded and he let out a soft sigh, releasing into me.

He wet his lips, ghosting his fingers over my erection. "You're a good fuck Aleksi." He whispered the words, then retreated his fingers and pulled out of me. He licked his lips, eyes on my hole, which was no doubt oozing cum now, before he stepped aside.

Trym took his place, smirking down at me. "Look at you, you dirty slut." He rubbed his head against my opening, no doubt through his bandmates cum, then pressed it into me. I groaned as his thick shaft filled me up and he purred. "Oh yeah, your hole feels amazing slut." He reached up, running his hands up over my chest. His fingers reached pinched my nipples, a gasp leaving my lips.

He grinned, moving his hands further up as he thrust into me, his fingers threading through my curls. "Mmm so soft." He purred, fisting his hand in my hair, pulling on it as his thrusts sped up. "You'll have to give me head before the show slut." I groaned, nodding, too breathless to respond verbally. I licked my lips, wondering what his thick dick would feel like between them even as he pounded away against my ass.

"Fuck." He growled, tugging on my curls, yanking my head back. "Soon slut you'll have my cum in you. Ever had three guys fuck you like this, one after another?" I shook my head, I'd never even had two, let alone four. "Well, I'm glad we're the first to make use of you like this." He slammed into me hard after every word, I could tell from his face that he was close. He let out a low growl and pulled hard on my hair as he came inside me, his load joining his previous bandmates deep inside me.

"So fucking good..." He purred as he pulled out, letting go of my hair as he stepped aside.

It didn't take Askeroth long to step into view, filling the space vacated by Trym. Somehow he looked more intimidating, probably because unlike the others he was wearing something still. He licked his lips, gripping onto my ankles as he ran his cock against my crack. "Now it's my turn slut."

"Fuck yeah..." I whispered, looking up at him as he smirked and thrust into me like the others had previously.

He growled and the others joined us. Trym knelt beside my head, his slick cock filling my view. I leaned up, not needing to be told what to do as I extended my tongue, swiping it over his softening cum slick shaft, tasting the mix of the three of them. Along my own member a tongue ran from my head to my base and I could tell it was Greif doing it. Skoll sat on the opposite side of me, reaching down and pinching my nipples while running his tongue along my arm.

Askeroth growled again as he slammed into me, holding onto my legs as he did so. "You have such a perfect, fuckable ass." I groaned softly, feeling Greif shift and removed the ring from around the base of my dick. Almost immediately he dove down, taking me full down his throat. "Like Skoll said, we have such fuckable fans." He thrust roughly into me, each movement hard and erratic with no rhythm. Fuck he looked so good, they all did. As I finished cleaning Trym's cock he shifted back, pulling on my hair again. "You'd better cum before I do slut." Askeroth growled and I nodded, moaning each time his head slammed against my spot.

I didn't need telling twice, in fact I was amazed I lasted the few moments that I did after the ring was removed. I cried out, my head tipping back and my body rising from the sheets as I came down Greif's throat. In a daze, I heard Askeroth snarl and had a feeling he was doing the same, though the whole thing was so overwhelming that I couldn't really focus on anything.

Once my orgasm had subsided I looked up at them, still slightly dazed, as they shifted and undid my restraints, each of them lowering one of my limbs down. I panted, rubbing my wrists, watching them smile as they looked me over. "Need a smoke? Drink?" It was Skoll that asked and I shook my head, just needing to rest from the amazing fuck I'd experienced from them.

"No... Thank you." They looked at each other and smirked as I shifted to lay fully on the bed, panting.

"Rest up sexy, we have a busy day tomorrow." Trym spoke, licking his lips and I nodded, already feeling myself start to drift.


I stood before the stage, watching them play their soundcheck, though it wasn't like I expected. They were in their stage gear and make up, playing a full show just for me and fuck, it was amazing.

My ass ached, not just from the fuck last night, but from the follow up this morning where I was on all fours, being spit roasted by the band, which was fucking amazing. Then, after eating, we'd gotten in Askeroth's car and came here. I'd been told to wait here as they got ready and had watched as they played.

I'd been in this position, fortunately, for a few times before. Usually, though, I was watching them with a crowd of other people, marvelling as they played. Now it was just me watching and despite the vibe being totally different it was amazing and intimate and gave me such a fucking boner. They even dedicated a song to me, Kalt Wie Grab which felt appropriate after last night.

After ninety minutes the show was over and the four of them got off the stage and came towards me. "What did you think?" Askeroth asked me, hunger in his eyes as he looked at me.

"So amazing! You guys are incredible." He smirked and nodded, licking his lips.

"Well, we're glad you thought so." Trym replied, nodding as well. "Come on, let's head to the dressing room." I nodded, letting them lead me through the corridors backstage towards their dressing room.

They pushed me inside as soon as they opened the door. It was bigger than I expected with a worn couch, a mini fridge, tv and a make up table with mirror. "On your knees slut, I need to piss." I groaned at Askeroth's words, kneeling down before them in the middle of the room. Instantly I remembered the promo pic of him pissing on a guy, which I had jerked off thinking about numerous times. He grinned at my eagerness, undoing his flies and pulling out his soft cock, the others doing the same. "Seems the others do too." He grinned and aimed his dick at me, letting go, a stream of golden piss hitting me in the chest. I'd never been pissed on before and I marvelled at the heat of it. He moved, the stream heading up my body towards my head and I parted my lips to taste him. I wasn't sure what I expected, it tasted kinda salty and something I couldn't put my finger on. As I swallowed it down I felt another stream hit my back, Skoll as well as Trym's which splashed in my hair and Greif's that landed on my crotch, soaking my jeans and making them cling to my erection.

Fuck, I'd need new clothes after this for the show, but I honestly didn't give a shit right now. They all made sure I got a taste of them, Trym, then Greif, then Skoll, the reverse of their order last night. My hair also got sodden from the four of them, the curls clinging to my neck.

After a few moments the streams died down and I was left panting and wet before them, my drenched clothes sticking to my skin. "Now strip off and you can give us all a pre-show blow job." I groaned at Askeroth's words, nodding as I stripped before them as they sat down with a few bottles from the fridge.


I gave each of them head once I was naked, sucking off Greif, then Askeroth, Skoll and lastly Trym, then stroking myself to orgasm while they watched. Once I finished, we ate, sharing a few pizzas that Trym had ordered and then it was 7 and I could hear the thrum of people in the venue.

"Greif, why don't you take Aleksi here to get him ready for the show." Askeroth spoke and Greif smirked, standing and looking at me.

"Follow me." He led me out of the room, into one that was on the other side of the corridor. There, sat in the middle of the room was a metal stretcher. "Get on." I complied, laying down as he strapped me to the metal, still naked. Once I was secured, at my wrists, neck, waist and ankles, he nodded in approval. He licked his lips, smirking and running his fingers through my hair.

"What's going to happen?" I realised now I'd not actually asked what my 'special role' would be tonight, too nervous to ask last night and too lost after we'd fucked today.

He smirked, running a hand down my chest, cupping my dick and squeezing lightly. "You'll see."

And with that he left me there, to wait and wonder.


The door opened and Trym appeared, taking ahold of the stretcher and rolling it out the door, which Skoll held open. Askeroth and Greif were standing there with fresh make up on their faces. "It's showtime slut." Askeroth grinned and we made our way to the stage. My mind raced with questions, but I couldn't find my voice. The stretcher I was in was left at the side of the stage as the four of them went on, taking their instruments and starting the show.

It was a strange view, laying on my back on the cool table and I watched them play, going through the show just as they had earlier. I watched as Askeroth removed his trench coat, then his top, leaving him topless as the show progressed, him growling out the words to all their songs.

"i'd like to dedicate the next song to a special fan." He grinned and came to me, wheeling the stretcher onstage before the crowd. Fuck I was naked in front of a room full of screaming people. Not just naked but hard as well as he started to growl out Kalt's lyrics. The crowd went wild and I squirmed, not that my restraints allowed me to move all that much. So this was my role, to lay here naked and restrained as they performed my favourite song. My dick twitched between my legs and I really hoped that tonight would go the way yesterday did, with me taking them all because fuck.

The song ended to cheers and I looked at Askeroth, who looked gorgeous as he fed off the energy of the crowd. "Hello Aleksi." I turned my head, seeing Skoll stand beside me. "You're going to be amazing in your performance." I looked at him curiously, wondering what he meant by that. Did they have some other role in mind? Was there something else I was going to do? "You'll taste amazing." I squirmed at his words, a groan leaving my lips, my mind instantly going to the place it had been since last night.

He reached under the stretcher and my eyes widened at what he retrieved. It was a sickle, much like the one from the promo shots of their last album. I didn't get chance to question him about it, he slashed at my chest, a scream leaving my lips as the blade tore through my flesh.

I looked through bleary eyes and he was gone, back to his kit as he started to play. Greif came to me, a sickle in hand. Was it the same one or not? I couldn't tell in the dim light. He smirked and slashed at me as well, my body arching in pain. I felt blood start to pool around me and he back off, licking his lips.

Trym approached and I vaguely recognised the song being played. Mein Herz in ihren Händen. Trym grinned, and his sickle tore through my exposed flesh and muscle. He grinned down at me, then stepped back to play.

I was crying out in pain, but they ignored me, the crowd going wild. At the song. They thought it was part if the show, I realised quickly. They didn't know what was happening, that this was real. Askeroth came to me and when he loomed over me I knew exactly what he was going to do. He smirked and licked his lips. He had no sickle, he just reached into my chest and I felt his fingers take ahold if something. I knew exactly what it was. "Goodbye Aleksi." He purred the words, though I wasn't sure I was really hearing him. "You'll still be an amazing fuck." He yanked and I watched with wide eyes as he pulled out my heart.

The last thing I saw, as it beat in his hand, was him taking a bite out of the flesh, turning back to face a roaring crowd.
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