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Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Prompt: 21: Topping from the bottom
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: So pretty much as soon as I got this as a prompt this idea came to mind
You know what doesn't work? Literally anything that claims to 'make your penis bigger'. Believe me, I've tried them all at one point or another. No matter what I did my dick remained stubbornly just under 2 inches fully hard.

It was embarrassing, especially when it came to sex. My first time with a guy, after a drunken night in a bar in Wales, ended with me realising that my cock was utterly useless for fucking. I could only just get the head in, which would've made for disappointing sex if the guy I screwed was sober.

After that I tried to think what I could do to get bigger. I tried pills, penis pumps and a myriad of other things but nothing worked. Realising my member was useless I even tried using a strap-on for fucking, but that just made me even more frustrated and unsatisfied.

It was after that time that I realised that I just couldn't fuck, that my dick was useless for it and there was nothing I could do to change that.

I stared down at Jay, the slut of our band. He was naked and tied to the bed, spreadeagled on the sheets. His eyes were on me, hunger in those hazel orbs of his. "You're always such a needy little whore." I grinned at him, licking my lips as I reached for the bedside table where I'd set up a selection of items for the night.

I took ahold of the the lube and sizeable dildo before heading back over to him. A groan left his pretty lips as I got between his legs. "Patience slut." I growled at him, slicking my fingers up with lube and pressing them against his eager opening. A moan left his lips and I chuckled, thrusting them deep into him. I worked my digits into him, marvelling at how easily he opened up for me. "You're such a fucking whore. Look how easy it is to finger you. I bet there'll be a time when the lads won't even need to bother."

He squirmed a little on the sheets at my words and licked his pretty lips. "Oh fuck..." He let out a groan as I jabbed my fingers in him, adding a third for good measure. "I don't think I'd ever get that open."

"Not from just fingers and dicks." I replied, sliding my fingers out and slathering the dildo in lube, a whimper leaving his lips and the loss. "If you want a nice wide open hole you'd have to be fisted." I chuckled at the moan he made, pressing the head of the dildo against his opening. "Fucking slut, of course you want that." I rammed the rubber home, fully up his arse. "Maybe I'll have to arrange something like that for you." He nodded breathlessly and I smirked, undoing my flies of my leather trousers, pushing them down my slim legs. "Although you bent over and tied up with guys using you is a just an average Saturday night for you."

He grinned at me, his dark eyes watching as I fully undressed. "I wish!" I chuckled again, kicking my trousers away and taking the lube and slicking my fingers up again.

I reached back behind me and pressed them into me, biting my lip. I wasn't as easy to fill as Jay was and I still wasn't used to it yet. "You do look so hot doing that." He whispered, watching with wide, eager eyes. "Fuck..."

I smiled at him, working my fingers up my arse, opening me up for him. Jay was very much a bottom and he had a nice cock, which made him perfect for this. After a few moments, I removed my fingers and grabbed something else, dropping it beside him before climbing on the bed. I squirted some lube on his erection and then straddled his waist, taking a deep breath. He offered me a smile before I sank down onto him a groan leaving each of us.

I let out a soft hiss of pain when I fully seated myself on him. "Fuck, how do you take this so easily?"

He groaned, licking his lips as he looked up at me. "Well like you you, I've had a lot of practise." He grinned, rolling his hips slightly beneath me, drawing his cock out. "You'll get used to it." I nodded, supposing he was right about that. This was only my third time doing this after all.

"Well I guess we can't all be natural cockwhores like you." I smirked, starting to steadily ride him. "Fuck, a slut like you shouldn't have a dick like this."

"Yeah, I should have one like yours right? Nice and small." I glared at him and growled, even though he was right, but it gave me an excuse. I grabbed the paddle I'd dropped beside him before mounting him and started beating his chest in time to my movements. "Fuck man..."

"Yeah you dirty little cockslut." I growled out as the sounds of the paddle slapping his bare skin filled the air. "You should have a fucking tiny cock, this one is wasted on you." I slammed myself down on him the pain completely subsided now. With a snarl, I spat on him, his chest now starting to redden from the beating I was giving him. Each hit made him groan or make some other noise and I knew the slut was loving it. He really was such a slut.

As I rode him I let out my own moans, his dick catching my spot with each downward movement I made. I cast the paddle aside and reached down, wrapping my fingers around my cock, my whole hand enveloping it. Even so I started to wank, knowing I was getting closer to shooting my load. I considered where I was going to cum, but really it was fucking obvious.

I rode him a few more times, until I knew I was about to blow and then I got off his dick and moved up his body. A few firm strokes was all it took and I growled, cumming over his pretty boy face. "Fuck yeah, you fucking whore." I licked my lips, looking down at his face which glistened with my cum. "It's a good look for you, suits you." I got up off the bed, my legs shaking a little and I went to get myself a smoke.

"Matt please." He whimpered, squirming on the sheets, his cock hard and aching between his legs. It was obvious what he was asking for and I smirked, slipping a cigarette between my lips and lighting up. I crossed the distance back to him, blowing out a cloud of smoke when I stood beside him.

"Open wide." He did so, of course he did, and I quickly shoved a ball gag between those cocksucking lips, locking it between his leg. "I might let you cum later, but I'm certainly not going to do it now whore." I grinned at how his eyes widened at that, and I spat on him again. "Maybe after a few drinks I'll consider it, but for now I'll leave you with this." I reached between his legs and pressed a button on the base of the dildo, which caused it to slowly buzz in him. Not enough to get him off, but enough to keep him nice and aching. I smirked at the muffled noises he made and patted his thigh. "Have fun slut."
Tags: 25 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, slash
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