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Bring Him Down

Bring Him Down
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: BDSM, non-con, watersports
Notes: I never expected to do another Ian fic after what happened, but here we are. Ever since it happened there was a vague idea rattling around in my head about something bad being done to him. (I had an idea of it being the rest of the band which I may do at some point). I blame Aurora from twitter for poking me into doing this.

"Well, well, what have we here?" I uttered the words as I stepped closer towards the man bound before me. His body shivered from my words and I licked my lips, studying all the bruises and marks that marred his body. Those were curtesy of a mix of the guards, fellow prisoners and visitors such as myself. I circled him slowly and smirked when my eyes met his, his hair dyed jet black and styled in a manner to how it was before he ended up here. He looked almost pretty, well as pretty as Ian Watkins could look now.

The room I was in was set up by the guards, who held felt that the punishment for those like him was too lenient. The room held a set of drawers, filled with a variety of items to use on him, as well as a bed. The guards had told me there was nothing to exotic among them, most of ehich was makeshift stuff like handcuffs and truncheons and the like, which was a shame really. Right now he was secured in the middle of the room, his arms pulled above his head and secured to a metal pipe that ran along the ceiling. He was completely naked with a gag strapped around his head and a chastity device locked around his member. He looked at me with pleading eyes but I just smirked at him, moving back around him.

I'd been told about this place by Stuart Richardson, one of his former bandmates. When the room had been set up by the guards they decided to inform them, so they could take out their frustration on him for screwing them over. He hadn't said if the others had, though he certainly had done so. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the marks were his.

When he told me about the place I got the feeling I wasn't the only one he'd be telling that day.

"Yes Ian, it's me." I purred leaning close to him and he squirmed, which made me chuckle. I stepped back around into his view, grinning at him. "Yeah, you think I'd miss out on a chance to have my way with you?" He looked at me, cheeks wet from tears and chin lips slick with saliva. "I always knew you were a kinky, dirty fucker, but I never expected you'd do... well, what you did." I gestured around, unable to actually say the words. If I thought about what he'd done, it'd lose the mood.

"But hey, you're probably enjoying all this." I smirked, running a hand down his chest. "Being beaten and bound, you sure liked it in that video of yours." He shivered again and I twisted his right nipple, smirking at his face as he made a muffled cry of pain behind the black ball gag.

I looked at him thoughtfully for a moment, then decided that I'd need to hear him. As soon as I made that decision I reached up and unbuckled the gag, pulling it from his lips. He took a few deep breaths, looking at me as I dropped the gag on the bed behind me.

"Please..." He whispered, voice sounding ragged.

"Please what?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, scoffing and shaking my head. What was he expecting? I reached down, twisting both of his nipples, the cry leaving his lips satisfying. "I'm here like the others before me and like those that will come after me. To hurt you, to punish you and to take pleasure from it."

He let out a whimper and I chuckled, balling my hand into a fist and punching him hard in the chest. A groan of pain left his lips and I couldn't help but smirk. I could have made use of the obviously well used baseball bat but I wanted to use my hands on him. I punched him again, this time aiming for his pretty boy face. I'd be lying if I said I'd not thought of doing this before, even before all this happened. There was just something about the smug bastard. After a few more blows to his chest, much less toned than it had been now, I stepped back and licked my lips.

He panted, blood running from his nose, his eyes watching me as I took out the keys I'd been given. "What are you going to do to me?"

"Isn't it obvious paedo?" I replied, reaching down and groping my crotch with my free hand.

"Fuck you." He replied, a hint of defiance in his voice. He spat at me, but it just landed on the floor before me.

"No, you've got it the wrong way round, it's I that will be fucking you." I grinned and reached up, using one of the keys to unlock the cuffs holding his arms up. Practically the moment I freed him he crumpled, his body falling to the floor in a heap. Not surprising since he'd probably been like that for hours if not longer, and he'd probably had worse beatings in that time. I chuckled and kicked him in the side hard, smirking. "Get on your hands and knees now."

He did so without further comment, trembling as he got into the position before me. Fuck, I'd love to see someone really got to town on him. Maybe I could convince one of the others to come pay him a visit, or see if one of his former bandmate was going to. In the meantime though, I was going to have my fun.

I got behind him and undid my fly, pulling out my hard cock. I spread his cheeks, spitting on his open hole before ramming into him, a cry leaving his lips as I filled him. I obviously wasn't the biggest he'd had due to how stretched wide his hole was. "Such a fucking slut." I growled as I started to fuck him hard, digging my nails into his fleshy cheeks. "I can barely feel you, you dirty cunt. I bet the second you got locked up you had guys lining up to pound your sorry arse." I reached up, gripping his hair and yanking his head up. "Well slut?"

"Ye... Yeah I did." He muttered between pained noises. "Especially when they found out who I was... what I did."

"Of course cunt. What did you expect would happen to you?" I grinned, admiring the bruises and scratched that now marred his skin. Someone had wrote, presumably in sharpie, that he was a 'dirty cockwhore'. Another message in different handwriting marked him as a 'filthy paedo cunt'. I grinned at them as I continued pounding him. "At least they've found a use for you and not just offed you completely."

He let out a soft whimper at my words and I chuckled, reaching down and wrapping my fingers around his low hanging balls. "Surprised they haven't taken these either." I gave them a hard squeeze, a scream leaving his lips. "Ah, that's why." I grinned, letting out a groan as the pain made his insides tighten around my cock. "Mm fuck, that's better slut."

A sigh of relief left his lips as I let released his sac but I did so only because I could fuck him relentlessly. I let out a growl, knowing it was only a matter of time before I filled him. "I'm gonna cum in you at last you prick, not that your slut hole will feel it after all the loads you've took. But don't worry, this won't be the last time. I'll be back to use you again. Maybe bring the lads round. Then you can say you'll have had every Bullet." I growled, slamming into him hard, thrusts becoming ragged. Maybe I could get Padge to convince Jay to join us and actually fuck someone as well.

He whined at my words and that pathetic sound did it. I snarled, gripping him tight as I came hard into his quivering body. After staying in him until my orgasm had subsided, I pulled out of his arse, smirking at the sight of my cum seeping out of him. I circled him in a few strides and gripped his hair once more, lifting him up to my cock. I didn't need to tell him what to do. He parted those lips and lapped my cock clean without a single word of argument from him. "That's it, good little cunt." I licked my lips as I watched him, spitting on his back. "Filthy slut."

There was one more thing I wanted to do before I left and I knew that it would be coming soon. I often needed to piss after a good fuck, so all it took was for me to wait a few moments and then I let out a sigh, piss hitting his lips. A gasp left him and I smirked, being sure to get some piss in his mouth, not for the first time no doubt, before covering his face and hair. He looked up at me, looking absolutely pitiful and I couldn't help but grin, especially when he parted his lips again. I aimed for his open mouth and I groaned as his throat worked to swallow all of the golden fluid down. "You're a disgusting cunt Watkins." I grinned as the stream subsided, but made sure some of his ink shone with piss before it died.

"I know." He whispered, a soft confession. I took his left hand, which still had the handcuffs on and I pulled him to the bed, locking his hand to one of the bars of the bed. I couldn't be arsed leaving him how I found him.one of the guards could sort it out.

Satisfied he was restrained, I zipped myself up and I gave him another harsh kick, this time in the balls, leaving him gasping. "I'll see you soon Wantkids." I smirked and headed to the door, rapping against the metal to get the guard outside to let me out. I spared a last look to the pathetic cunt as I was let out. Yeah, I'd definitely need to add to those marks of his next time.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/matt tuck, lostprophets, matt tuck, slash
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