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Zu Deiner Unterhaltung

Zu Deiner Unterhaltung
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz/Tommy-Joe Ratliff
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Warnings: Bondage
Notes: This was a requesty from nz_bonjovi_gal and I did this to help make her smiley. Not done any of these pretty boys in awhile so hope this is goood

Someone had sent me a link awhile back to a band call Tokio Hotel, saying that the singer reminded them of me. I wasn't so sure about that, I mean his hair was completely different to mine and he was basically a pretty, skinny little twink.

But then I gave them a listen and I watched their videos and, fuck, he was hot. There was really something about him that I couldn't put my finger on that just made him so attractive. Maybe it was because he had a twin in the band as well, who was also cute in his own way.

"You're watching them again aren't you?" I bit my lip at the sound of Tommy-Joe's voice, feeling my cheeks flush at that.

"I can't help it, there's just something... mesmerising about him." I turned in my seat to face him, leaning in to kiss him. "But don't worry, he can't take the place of you beautiful."

He smiled and turned around swaying his hips. "Why don't you come and prove it."

I grinned, licking my lips and following him to the bedroom.


One thing I never expected was to end up touring the world with my music. Right now we were in the middle of a european tour in Germany, which I just thought was absolutely amazing. I had hoped the the tour would give me a chance to run into Tokio Hotel and finally meet my fixation, but they were recording their new album so it seemed unlikely unfortunately.

I ran my fingers through my hair as I stood at the side of the stage, waiting to go onstage for the first show of the German leg of the tour. "I have a surprise for you after the show." Tommy-Joe whispered in my ear, giving my neck a lick.

I didn't get the chance to question him about it as he made his way onstage with the rest of the band, to start the show. Damn the pretty fucker. I took a deep breath, then walked into the stage, starting to sing, knowing I'd be wondering the whole show.


The hotel for the night was right next to the venue, thank fuck. I couldn't have stood waiting through a cab or ride on the bus to get there. Tommy-Joe wouldn't give me a single hint as to what it could be, though I guessed it was something sexual. Considering the setting, and that he'd disappeared earlier today, it could be absolutely anything.

"Come on, give me something, please." I begged as we entered the elevator and he just grinned, pressing the button for our floor.

"You'll see soon enough." He purred, leaning in and giving me a kiss. "Now, let me put this on you." He licked his lips as he produced a bandana, covering my eyes with it and tying it behind my head. "There we go." He licked at my neck, pushing me out gently when we got to our floor. He held onto me, guiding to me to the hotel room that we'd be sharing. Thank fuck it was him, I wasn't sure if there was anyone else I'd trust like this.

He took my cardkey and I heard the beep as he unlocked the door, opening it for us. We both stepped inside and I heard him shut the door behind us. "Ready for your surprise?" Tommy-Joe purred in my ear, running his hands down my chest.

I nodded and gasped, squirming under his touch. "Oh yeah, fuck yeah."

He chuckled softly behind me, before speaking. "Alright then." He reached up and pulled off the makeshift blindfold, causing me to let out a gasp at what I saw before me. We weren't alone, there were two more guys in the room and I let out a soft groan at the sight of them. They were the twins from Tokio Hotel, the Kaulitz twins. Tom was sitting on a chair beside the bed, his dreadlocks hanging down past his shoulders. My gaze, however, was mostly drawn to his twin. Bill was perched on the edge of one of the beds, his slim legs spread wide.

"Hello Adam." He smiled, his tongue darting across his lower lip. "Tommy-Joe here tells me you're a big fan." The way he emphasised the word big made me shiver. He stood up and stepped closer to me, running a hand down my chest slowly. I swallowed, finding myself getting hard in my tight pants just from his closeness. He smiled at me, leaning in close and purring softly. "Is this true?"

"Y... yes." I managed out, squirming from his touch. He grinned and reached down, grasping the bottom of his t-shirt between his fingers. Before I knew it he'd deftly removed the clothing from my body, tossing it to one side. He pulled me over towards the bed that he'd been sitting on previously, pushing me back onto the sheets. Bill grinned at me as he climbed on top of me, pinning my arms down on the bed either side of my head.

There was a click from each side of me and I looked after and right, seeing Tom and Tommy-Joe as they each cuffed a hand to the headboard of the bed. Bill soon had my attention again, as he ground his ass down on my crotch, a low groan leaving his pretty lips. "Mmmm yes, you certainly are big." He purred grinding his ass against me.

After a few moments he shifted from me, a whimper leaving my lips as his nimble fingers under the zipper of my fly. "Fuck..." I gasped, unable to take my eyes off him as he worked my pants down. "I've thought about this for so long." I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to thank Tommy-Joe for arranging this but I was definitely going to have to do something big for him.

Bill pulled my pants off me, his gaze firmly on my boxers,his tongue darting across his lips. He removed my shoes, discarding them along with my pants, leaving me in just my boxers. Our eyes met for a few moments and he grinned, reaching up for my boxers and he started to pull them down my legs. He let out a groan as my dick, fully erect, flopped against my thigh as it was freed. Bill smirked at me and bent down, running his tongue along my cock from the base to the head. A groan let my lips as his own engulfed my tip, taking my shaft down his throat. "Fuck..." It was all I could manage as my dick disappeared between those sweet lips.

"Mmm, he is very good with his mouth." I glanced to my left, where his twin was sitting, a smirk on his lips as he rubbed his bulge with one hand. Fuck. There had been speculation by some that the pair were more than brothers and those words seemed to confirm it. I gasped as Bill's tongue flicked against my erection, his lips wrapped around my base. Our eyes met again and he started to move, bobbing up and down on my erection.

"Oh yeah, fuck he so is..." I gasped, squirming on the sheets as Bill worked on me, his tongue darting across my skin as he gave me what had to be the best blow job I ever had. Tom got up from his seat again, moving behind his twin. I watched as he reached around Bill's waist, and guessed that his fingers were undoing his fly. I let out a groan as Bill hummed around me, his tight leather pants being pulled down to the floor.

Tom smirked at me as he began to lube up his fingers and, fuck, I wished I could get a better view of what was coming. Tom sank down to out of view and I felt Bill groan around my dick. I tried to get a look to see what was happening, but my cuffed arms meant I couldn't move. "He's eating him out." Tommy-Joe purred from where he was perched on the other bed, leaning forward so he could see. "Mmmm, it's so hot."

I let out a soft whine, while Bill kept sucking me, never missing a beat even as his brother tongued him. He out a sound that I couldn't identify, though the vibrations of it went through my cock. "Now he's stopped and he's pushing his fingers into him." Tommy-Joe continued with his commentary, one hand working on his own dick as he watched.

"Yeah, gotta open him up if he's going to give your boyfriend a ride." I gasped at Tom's words, my dick twitching in Bill's mouth at the thought. He chuckled and I felt Bill gasp around me, so I guessed he'd added another finger. "That's another thing my twin is very good at." He flashed me a grin, his arm moving as he fingered Bill open for me.

"Oh Adam is as well." Tommy-Joe smirked, licking his lips. "And he certainly knows what to do with that cock of his."

"I don't doubt that." Tom grinned, removing his fingers from his brother, petting his ass. "Come on Bill, I know you want his dick."

He smiled as my cock slipped out of his mouth, quickly pulling the t-shirt from his body, tossing it aside before mounting the bed. Fuck, he was so beautiful. He moved up my body and straddled me like he did earlier, pressing his ass against me, making me gasp. "Fuck you're so pretty."

"You're not so bad yourself." He smiled and ran his hands across my chest as he sank down onto my slick dick. A moan left my lips as I sank into his heat, a similar sound leaving him. "Mmm yes, feels as good as it tastes." The words made me groan as he seated himself fully on me.

"Fuck..." He gasped, circling his hips on me, his dick bouncing from the motion. He had a pretty cock, not as big as mine of course, but still a nice size. He placed his hands on each of my shoulders before he started to move on me. "Mmm yess..." I nodded my agreement, too breathless to speak, my fingers clawing at the sheets I could reach as he impaled himself on me.

"So hot..." Tommy-Joe whispered, voice sounding awed as he watched us. Tom, I noticed out of the corner of my eye, was sitting on the bed beside him, his own dick in hand.

"Oh yeah, I love watching my Bill take dick. It's always so fucking hot." I groaned, thrusting my hips up to meet Bill's ass as he rode me. Fuck, that made me wonder who else he'd done this with. Most likely at least their fellow bandmates if no one else. Another moan left my lips as Bill squeezed around my cock.

I felt the bed dip and Bill released my shoulder, a shock of bleached blonde hair filling my vision as Tommy-Joe leaned over me. "Fuck... Tommy what are you doing?" He didn't answer, just smirked that sexy smirk of his, kissed my chest and then turned away. I wondered what he was up to, but then I heard Bill gasp out something in german and saw him tangle a hand in Tommy-Joe's hair. That was enough for me to work it out exactly what he was up to with his pretty little mouth.

Bill kept up his movements, bouncing up and down on my cock as Tommy gave him head. "Fuck..." I groaned, amazed that I hadn't came already. This was just so fucking hot, easily the hottest thing I'd ever seen or done. I thrust up into Bill again, pretty sounds leaving us throat as he rocked between us.

The bed dipped and this time it was Tom. He knelt beside my head, out of my reach and just stroked his cock, which looked much like his twin's. "He's close you know." He said with a knowing smile. "When he makes those noises that means he's about to cum." I glanced up at Bill, his head tipped back, exposing his neck as he made such hot groans. "Which means I am as well, and I'm going to shoot all over your pretty face." All I could manage was to nod, unable to find words. It was like my brain had stopped working the moment I laid eyes on the twins, never mind when Bill had got me on the bed.

The next few moments went like a blur. Bill cried out above me and I knew he'd came down Tommy-Joe's throat. At the exact same time Tom shot his load across my face and I closed my eyes. As Bill's ass spasmed around my cock I let out a groan, tasting Tom's cum on my lips as I came myself.

I was in a daze as I watched them. Tom moved back after swiping his cock through my hair, sitting down on the bed where he had before. Tommy-Joe moved, licking his lips as he took the position Tom had just vacated, his hand stroking his dick firmly. He was, like Tom, just out of my reach and he stayed there as he jerked off to completion, shooting over my face. "Fuck Adam... you look so hot like that..." I smiled, licking my lips as he moved, undoing my cuffs.

Bill leaned down over me and he smiled, his eyes studying my face. "Mmm, he's right, it suits you." He then leaned in to me, licking across my cheeks, collecting the mixture of our lovers cum before kissing me to let me taste. I groaned, tiredly running my hands over him, the full day and the show and this all making me feel so exhausted.

"Can you stay?" I asked when our lips parted and he nodded, glancing at Tom who nodded as well. I yawned and he chuckled, kissing my cheek before getting off me.

"You need your rest." He said with a smile, heading over to his twin, climbing into bed with him as Tommy-Joe did the same with me. "Sleep and we'll see you in the morning."

I found myself nodding yawning again as Tommy-Joe pulled the covers over us, snugging his lithe body against me. "I owe you big time." I whispered to him once the lights went out, leaving us in darkness.

"Oh I know." He kissed my throat, whispering softly against my skin. "I'll be sure to think of something." I nodded, drifting off in his arms after the best night of my life.
Tags: adam lambert, adam lambert/bill kaulitz, bill kaulitz, fic, slash, tokio hotel, tom kaulitz, tommy joe-ratliff
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