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Boys Interrupted

Boys, Interrupted
Pairing: Austin Diaz/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 23: Interrupted sex
Warnings: Just sex really
Notes: Set during the 2008 Bullet tour that Black Tide were on. So yeah, I wanted to do an Austin fic lately and this ended up being it since I got inspired by the prompt. And yeah, this gave me an excuse to look at Austin's nude

Standing at the side of the stage, the pair of us watched Black Tide do their pre-show practicing. I'd not really had a chance to hear them before now and I had to admit that they were sounding pretty good. Padge nudged me, leaning down close to me. "That one kinda looks like you."

I blinked, looking over all the members and then back to Padge. "What are you talking about man?"

"The one with all the hair." He gestured with his hands in an attempt to indicated the guitarist's thick curls. "His face looks like yours."

I turned my attention to him, watching as he played, waiting for him to stay still and look close enough towards us for me to get a good look. When he did he smiled at us as he played. Well, I guess I could see it, maybe a little. "Kinda, I guess."

"Wonder if he has any other attributes like yours." Padge grinned and I rolled my eyes at him. Watching the guitarist play. "Know his name?"

"Austin, I think." I knew we'd been told their names at one point, but I only remembered him and Gabriel, their singer. Something about those curls had fascinated me. I'd never been with anyone without hair like that and I had to admit, I was curious how it felt.

Maybe I'd have to find out before the tour was up.


The trouble with Americans was that it was tricky finding out if they liked fucking guys. Most of the welsh scene, and some of the rest of the British ones, were open to at least a quick blow job. Americans were much more uptight it seemed, or at least secretive with a few exceptions, like the drummer from Lostprophets or the twins from that band I'd met at the Kerrang awards.

As the tour went on I decided I'd have to try and find out about Austin, especially after having a few dreams (and, yes, a few wanks too) about him. I wasn't exactly the most confident of people, unlike Matt, so I had to have a few drinks before approaching him after his set. His hair was still as curled and bouncy as always and he was grinning. "Oh hey Jay!"

"Hey." I smiled back at him, as we headed to an alcove just outside the stage. "You guys played a good show."

"You think so? Thanks, that means a lot!" He grinned even more, running his fingers through his hair.

"I was wondering if you'd like to come round to our bus after the show." I swallowed, my tongue darting over my lower lip. "Just the two of us."

"Oh!" His eyes widened and then he grinned, nodding. "Yeah, sure!"

"Great, I'll see you then." I smiled at him and we parted, but only because I needed to get ready for our set.


The moment the show finished, I quickly made my way off stage, grinning at Austin who'd been watching the show and leading him through the corridors towards the bus. Tonight was a hotel night, so the lads should go straight there after the show meaning we'd get some privacy.

"Welcome to the Bullet bus." I smiled at him as we stepped aboard, the lights flickering on as we got to the top of the stairs.

He looked around, his gaze falling over everything. I wasn't sure what he thought of the place, it was still in a bit of a mess from our drunken night last night. "Wow... this is so awesome!" He grinned, eyes bright as he seemed to marvel over the place. So sweet, though I probably would have had a similar reaction to a bus like this at his age.

I led him towards the back of the bus, where the lounge area was and offered him a smile. "Well, I'm glad you think so. Now ho..." He silenced me with a kiss, pressing his slim body against me. I parted my lips and his tongue darted between them, his hands running down my sides.

He smiled when he leaned back, blushing a little. "Sorry, was that too forward?"

"No, no, that's ok." I returned his smile, reaching up and running my fingers through his soft curls. "Forward's good, I like that." I leaned in and kissed him, pressing my hips against his, which made him let out a soft groan. "So in the same vein, do you have a preference for top or bottom?"

He quirked an eyebrow up and let out a soft whisper. "Top or bottom?"

Huh, well I guessed he could be from somewhere where they used another term for it, so I smiled and licked his cheek, purring in his ear. "Do you want to fuck or get fucked?"

He shivered against me and I felt him nod, his hands drifting down my back. "Fuck... I wanna fuck you. Please..." I smiled at how desperate he sounded and we'd only just got here. Maybe he'd thought about me like I had about him. I captured his lips again and reached down, tugging at his t-shirt. Our lips parted, but only so I could pull his t-shirt off him and for him to do the same to me. We each cast the clothing aside, pressing our bare chests together. He was unmarked, with no tattoos or piercings on display, not that I was surprised by that.

He reached for my fly, undoing my zipper and I let out a low groan, his fingers cupping my bulge. Our lips separated and he pushed my jeans and boxers down, my cock slapping against my stomach. He flashed me a grin as I kicked my jeans aside, his fingers working to quickly remove his own. I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of his thick cock. Fuck, he was bigger than I'd expected.

He smiled shyly, stepping out of his jeans before kissing my again, our cocks and chests pressing against each other. When we next parted, I started kissing my way down his chest towards his erection, running my hands along his sides. "Mmm Jay..." He whispered above me as I got down on my knees. I licked my lips, taking the base of his dick in hand before leaning in and taking his plump head. I traced my tongue over is soft skin, then started to inch down his length, brushing my piercing against his flesh. "Oh fuck..."

I smiled around him, the fingers of one hand running through my hair as I took him down my throat. Once my nose was buried in the thick curls around the base, he gasped above me as I started to hum softly around his length. "Oh shit Jay..." I felt him grip my hair and I traced my tongue along his underside, before I started to bob up and down. "Oh fuck... so fucking good..."

When I had just his head in my mouth again, my tongue lapping at it, I glanced up at his face. He was watching me intently, soft sounds of pleasure leaving his pretty lips. I wondered, briefly, what he'd look like if our roles were reversed. The thought made me groan and I took him fully again before sliding off him, a whimper leaving his lips. I couldn't help but smirk as I looked up at him. "I can't keep sucking you if you want to fuck me pretty boy."

His cheeks flushed and he nodded, his curls bouncing from the motion. "Oh yeah! O... of course." I smiled and kissed his thigh before standing back up. "So er... how should we do this?"

I smiled, brushing the stuff on the table off onto the floor and grabbed the lube that was kept there. "We fuck right here." I hopped onto the table on my back, keeping my arse off the edge. His eyes widened and I chuckled, handing him the lube. "Don't worry, this isn't my first time getting fucked over a table." Hell it wasn't even my first time getting fucked over this table. It was better than trying to screw in one of the bunks anyway. I nodded to the bottle I'd just handed him as I pulled my legs up against my chest. "Just give me a quick fingering and we're good to go."

He nodded dumbly and squirted some over his fingers, moving a little closer to me. Deciding to help, I reached back and took one of my ass cheeks in each hand, holding them open for him. He swallowed and reached down, rubbing his fingertips against my opening, circling the ring. I let out a low groan as he eased a finger into me, going almost agonisingly slowly. "Faster." I breathed, meeting his eyes with mine. "I can take it." He nodded, working his finger fully into me, wiggling it around inside me before easing it out. When he pressed it back into me it was joined by another and I let out another moan. "Mmm that's it..." My words encouraged him and he moved them steadily in me, opening my hole up for his cock. "Yeah..." I purred after a few moments, squeezing gently around him. "Yeah I'm ready."

He grinned and nodded, removing his fingers from me and he moved closer to me, lining himself up with my hole. He gave me a look and I nodded o him, then felt his cock press into me. I groaned as he filled me, my eyes lidding when I felt his hips press against my cheeks. "Fuck..." He whispered above me. "You feel so amazing Jay..."

"Mmm so do you Austin." I squeezed around him, shifting my legs so my ankles were over his shoulders. "Fuck me."

He nodded, his hair brushing against my skin and he gripped onto my calves for leverage. Then he took a breath and started to move, shifting back and then thrusting back into me. "Ugh yeah, harder." He nodded again and this time he slammed into me, hard enough to make me moan out loud. "Oh yeah..." He flashed me and kissed my ankle, his movements slightly uneven as he tried to find a rhythm. It took a handful of thrusts but he found a steady pace, the sounds of us fucking filling the bus.

"Holy shit!" Fuck. That voice didn't belong to either of us and I turned to spot Padge standing in the bus corridor, his eyes wide. "Moose owes me 10 quid!"

"Piss off Padge!" I growled, feeling Austin's dick twitch inside me. Not the good kind of twitch either, the kind that meant he was spooked and from his face he certain wasn't. I gave Padge the finger and he just grinned.

"Have fun fucking him kid!" He grinned at us and turned to head back out. Thank fuck he wasn't taking shots on his phone, the bastard.

I turned back to Austin, who was flushed and pulling out of me. "Austin, I'm so sorry, my band's a bunch of fucking arses."

"I... err..." He stuttered as he stepped back and I sat myself up, stroking his chest.

"You're amazing and I want us to finish, that is if you do too of course." He bit his lower lip and nodded. I gave him a smile, glancing down at his crotch, not surprised to see that he was softening from the interruption. "I'll just go lock the door ok, then I'll help with this." I licked my lips suggestively, running a finger along his shaft as I hopped off the table.

I kissed his cheek and darted off down the corridor, checking to make sure Padge had fucked off and locking the door once I was sure. I should have done this when we got on, but I was so fucking sure we wouldn't be disturbed I'd not felt the need to.

I headed back to him, offering him a smile as I headed down the corridor. "There, now we'll have no more interruptions."

"D... does that happen often?" He asked with a nervous smile.

"Interruptions are... well, part of band life I guess." He nodded a little and I figured he must've at least been caught wanking by his bandmates at one point. I smiled and sank to my knees, crawling the rest of the distance to him until I was back at his feet. I leaned in to him, my lips parting as I swiped my tongue across his balls, making him groan softly. I mouthed at his sac for a few moments, then shifted a little to run my tongue along his cock, which was now nearly fully hard. After a few moments I took him back in my mouth, tasting myself on his shaft as I bobbed up and down.

"Ugh fuck Jay... Your mouth is so amazing." I smiled, sliding off him with a pop now that he was fully erect again.

"Thanks." I smiled up at him when my mouth was empty, kissing his hip. "Now you're all ready again. How would you like me?" I asked as I stood up, pressing our bodies together again.

"Fuck, yeah, just like you were before. Yeah." After giving him smiled a quick kiss, I hopped back on the table where I was before and this time he was between my legs like a shot. I let out a groan as he entered me, seating my legs over his shoulders as he began to thrust into me. He found his rhythm again after a few unsteadily thrusts, and soon he was pounding into me as if we'd not had any interruption at all.

His balls slapped against my ass cheeks as I groaned, my eyes on him. His face was so pretty, his curls framing it, his eyes dark with lust, lips parted. "Fuck Austin." He smiled at my breathless words, shifting his hand between my legs to my dick.

"I... I'm gonna cum soon." He groaned and I could tell, his thrusts becoming slightly harder. "Do you think you can... can hold on until I have?"

I nodded, squeezing my ass around him. "Yeah, I think so." I purred, licking my lips and pushing back against him. "Cum in me Austin, fill me up beautiful."

He let out a low growl, slamming into me hard and then he stilled, releasing my cock and digging his nails into my skin. I let out my own soft moan as I felt him cum, spilling deep inside me. Fuck he had a pretty orgasm face, head tilted back slightly, eyes lidded.

He pulled back out of me slowly, shifting my legs so they were back on the floor either side of him. I knew that meant some of his cum was bound to seep on the table, but I didn't really give much of a fuck about that as this point. Austin leaned down over me, giving me a brief kiss before he sank to his knees. With one hand he took hold of my dick and then he leaned in, taking me between his lips. "Austin..." I gasped in surprise, running my hands through his curls as he lapped at my cock. I didn't expect much from a post-orgasmic blow job, but he was pretty good. He stroked me with his one hand as he sucked me, his tongue tracing over my skin. "Close..." I let out a soft groan as I said the word, his curls brushing my skin as he nodded, shifting so just my head was in his mouth.

I let out a soft growl, gripping his curls tighter as I came in his mouth, watching in a slight daze as swallowed it down. "Mmm Austin..." I purred softly as he shifted, kissing my stomach as he moved up.

"Sorry I wasn't as good as you." He nodded down, indicating my slick cock.

"That's ok." I smiled, stroking my hand through his hair. "I have been told I'm an expert cocksucker. And I know sucking can be harder just after cumming." I leaned up, kissing him briefly. "I thought you were great."

"Thanks." He smiled, cheeks flushed as he looked around. "I... Err... What do I do now?"

I chuckled softly, running a hand down his cheek. "Well, that depends on you.we can stay here, go back to the hotel or you can go to your band." I shrugged a little, offering him a smile. "But it's up to you."

He looked thoughtful for a moment and bit his lip before speaking. "I don't really want to leave..."

"Then don't." I sat back up and kissed him again, wrapping an arm around him and guiding us to the seats that surrounded the table. "Can I get you a drink?" He nodded and I smiled, getting up and heading to the nearby minifridge.

"I... Do you think we can do this again before the tour is over?"

"Oh yes, definitely." I grinned as I got us both a beer, kissing his cheek. "And next time I'll be sure to lock the door first." He grinned, though his cheeks were still flushed. Well, at least tonight would certainly be memorable for him if nothing else. I popped open my bottle and downed some with a grin. Though I'd certainly have to deal with Padge about that.
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