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Black And Red

Black And Red
Pairing: Askeroth/Matt Tuck/Trym
Rating: NC-17
POV: Askeroth
Prompt: 19: Bandanas
Warnings: BDSM, fisting
Notes: Another one of welshies awesome prompt ideas, which have proven to be very aweseome and inspiring! I justhope the ending's good, cause I'm not 100% on it but ah well.

Coming out tonight had been Trym's idea and, instead of going to the bar we'd come here to the local venue. I was hoping that the main band, bullet something or other, would be better than the support acts before them had been. I suspected Trym felt the same, though I also got the feeling he'd heard about these guys before tonight.

The lights went low and I kept my gaze on the stage as the band made their way on, music filling my ears as they started playing. When the singer began singing the stage lights went on and they launched into, judging by the reaction, what had to be one of their main songs.

I watched them as they played and, after a few songs decided they were definitely the best of the night's bands. They played played pretty well and they all seemed at least fairly attractive. The guitarist especially showed a great deal of skill in his playing. The thing was, though, that they were a bit like every english band I'd seen. Not in terms of style per se, but in what how their performance was. There were flashing lights and occasional bouts of fire, but they had no stage outfits or anything... well, interesting. Maybe if they wore black leather or floor length skirts they'd be better, or even better, nothing at all.

Half way through the set, though, I did notice something interesting. As the singer turned and took a drink of water from a bottle by the drumkit, I noticed a pair of bandanas hang from his back pocket, one black one red. At the local fetish bars, which we both frequented, the bandana code was used to display your kinks to everyone there. It made finding someone with your interests a hell of a lot easier. His ones indicated that he was into heavy bdsm and being fisted.

Since noticing that, I lost interest in the others, as attractive as they were, and my gaze followed him around the stage. Oh yes, he definitely needed a good fistfucking, it was clear in the way he carried himself.

"Did you see those bandanas?" I purred to Trym, during another brief gap between songs, where a long haired tech helped the bassist switch his instruments.

"Oh yes." He replied with a smirk, and it was clear we both had the same thought. That we were going to give him what he wants.


Once the band finished their set, we made our way to Trym's car, which was parked next to the venue, and got a few things from it. Then it was just a matter of waiting for him to come out. We watched from the shadows as the others came out. First the guitarist and drummer, who seemed to be having some form of discussion, then the bassist and his tech who were both smiling, the tech's hand on the bassist's ass. Pity they weren't wearing bandanas, but I guess they were getting their own action.

After a few more minutes, the door opened and the singer stepped out. His name, Trym had informed me, was Matt and he was quite attractive in the dim light. He was fairly slim, though his arms were slightly muscular. We stepped out of the shadows and he smiled, running his fingers through his short hair. "Hey, do you want something signed? I think I have a sharpie..." He reached for his pocket to pull one out.

He didn't get the chance to. I stuffed the ball gag from the car between his lips, as Trym pulled his hands behind him and cuffed them in place. He struggled, eyes wide and I grinned, easily pulling him to the car. "Don't worry slut, we're going to give you a night to remember." He shook his head and I chuckled easily stuffing him into the boot once Trym had opened it, slamming it shut when he was inside.


It didn't take long to get back home, which I was fucking thankful for. As soon as we parked up in the garage, we got out and circled the car to the boot. I let Trym do the honours, as I shut the garage door behind us. He opened the boot, smiling down at the man within. Matt looked up at us, eyes wide as Trym lifted him easily out of there. I smiled at the singer and led the way, opening doors into the house and then down to the dungeon, where Trym deposited him on the bed. He squirmed on the sheets and my partner grinned at him. "Don't worry pretty boy, we're going to give you what you want." He licked his lips, reaching down and running a hand along Matt's slim thigh which made him squirm. "Now, let's get these clothes off."

Trym held him down and I undid the cuffs, pulling his t-shirt up and off him. The second the clothing was cast aside I manhandled him, cuffing his hands back together. I took a few moments to examine his chest. He was slim with a little muscle and he had ink on both of his arms. He squirmed about under us and I chuckled, placing my hands on his chest to hold him in place as Trym worked on removing the clothing covering his lower half. I smiled down at Matt hearing his zipper being undone. "I am Askeroth and my partner there is Trym, but you can call us sir and master." I smirked at him, running my fingers through his short hair. "That is, if we take this from you." I traced my fingers across the ball gag, which was now surrounded by his saliva. He let a whimper behind the rubber, turning his head away.

Trym chuckled behind me and I glanced back, smirking. "Well, you certainly are a little bottom aren't you?" Trym grinned, emphasising the word little. Matt certainly wasn't well endowed, although he could always be a grower as he didn't appear to be hard yet, but I somehow doubted it.

I rose from him as Trym finished locking his ankles in restraints, a grin on his face. "What should we do to him?" I asked, switching to my usual German since we'd been using english for Matt's benefit. The thing with the bandanas was that most, like yellow, brown or his red were very specific things, but black was pretty open to interpretation.

Trym looked thoughtful for a moment, then headed towards the set of drawers where we kept most of our toys. Restraints of various kinds, including gags were in the top one, the next one had a selection of floggers and paddles, the third held dildos and other insertables including sounds and the bottom one had a selection of more random things like a box of needles.

He opened the second drawer, feeling around and pulling out a pair of paddles. He handed me one with a smirk and we both advanced upon him, with me going to the left and Trym to his right. Matt looked up at us, eyes wide as we bought the paddles down on his chest, raining blows across his skin. He groaned, drooling around the gag, his body squirming on the sheets and arching up off them. We both rained them down over his chest, leaving red marks across his skin. After those hits I shifted so my strikes would land over his thighs, which trembled from the blows.

I smirked as I saw that his dick was twitching a little, clearly liking the pain we were inflicting on him. I shared a look with Trym and licked my lips, speaking in german again. "Let's get him turned over and work on his ass."

We each freed an ankle and easily rolled him over, then locked them back in place. I let Trym do the honours, paddling his ass and the backs of his thighs. While he did that, I went to the drawers and grabbed the lube from atop it. We shared a look and he grinned, slapping Matt's ass with the paddle. "Askeroth is going to give you what you want."

I smirked, popping open the lube and slathering it over my fingers. I figured I'd be kind, since I didn't know how regularly he got fucked. Touring either meant you got a lot or not much depending on the situation. My partner stopped paddling, setting his down beside Matt as he parted his ass cheeks to expose his opening. His pucker twitched and it looked fairly tight, though that wouldn't be the case for long. I knelt beside him on the bed and reached down, pressing my two fingers into him. He wiggled about on the bed beneath me from my motions, from pain or pleasure I couldn't tell.

I worked my middle and fore finger fully into him, then began to move them to open him up. He did feel fairly tight, as I'd suspected, but not super tight. I worked my fingers in him, spreading and twisting them. After a few moments I drew them back to work a third one alongside them. Another stifled moan left him and I grinned, opening him other further for me. Trym had now released his cheeks and was raking his nails down his back, leaving further marks on him.

After a few more movements of my fingers, I pressed both my little finger and thumb into him, finally easing my hand into his ass. He let out another sound, which I couldn't make out due to the gag and he squirmed beneath us. After planting my other hand on the small of his back, I worked my hand fully into him, until I was wrist deep in him. Fuck, the way his insides felt around around me was amazing. I'd not done fisting as much as other things, but having my hand fully in Matt made me want to do it more often.

I steadily worked my hand in him, twitching my fingers and circling my wrist as I pumped it in and out of him. Trym was smirking, undoing his flies and pulling out his hefty cock. I licked my lips, wondering what he was going to do with it. He got on the bed before Matt, fisting one hand in his hair, lifting his head up to look at him. "Now I know Askeroth is giving you a good fisting, but I'm pretty sure you can still make use of that mouth of yours." With his other hand he unbuckled the ball gag, letting it fall to the sheets below him. I heard him take a few ragged breaths, but before he could say anything, Trym stuffed the head of his cock between his lips. "That's it, be a good boy and suck my cock."

I licked my lips at the sight, my own dick twitching in my leather trousers. I kept up my hand movements in Matt, keeping nice and steady. It was more for Trym's benefit than his, as I didn't want to move too much in case that might cause him to inadvertently bite. Trym let out a groan of pleasure, his dick not even half way between Matt's lips. "How is he?"

"Not too bad, not the best but I'm sure your fist is providing an ample distraction for him." He flashed me a grin, tightening his fingers in Matt's hair. I reached under him to feel the singer's crotch and I felt that his dick was hard, and just like I'd expected, he wasn't all that much bigger hard. "Well?" Trym asked and I knew it was about what I was feeling.

"He's tiny, definitely not a grower in the slightest." I grinned, twisting my wrist inside him one last time before starting to slowly ease it out of him. I knew that I could get him off with just my fist, but I was hard and aching myself and desperate for release.

As soon as I removed my hand fully from him I undid my flies and got my cock out, mounting the bed behind him. Trym pulled Matt up, manhandling him so he was practically on all fours between the of us. I thrust into him, easily filling his now gaping hole with a single movement. I gripped onto his hips, starting to fuck him rough and hard. Trym licked his lips, pushing his own hips forward so that he went balls deep down Matt's throat.

"You can cum if you like." I growled at the singer, shifting my right hand, which had been inside him, round to his little cock. It was so easy to take the pathetic thing in my hand and I gave him a few firm strokes. Part of me wished that we'd have tortured the little thing before the fisting, but ah well. He came after just a few more strokes which would have been embarrassing if he'd not just had a hand up his ass. I wiped the cum that had dribbled down onto my fingers on the back of his hair and focused on fucking his ass, which was vainly twitching from his orgasm. "Dirty little slut."

Trym grinned as he fucked Matt's throat, until a familiar sound left his lips. It was something between a growl and a groan and it it signalled his own orgasm. He quickly pulled out, shooting his load across the singer's face and hair. "Fuck, that's a good look on you. You should go on stage like that."

I chuckled, fucking hard and deep into Matt's body. "Oh yes, his whole little band would be greatly improved by a layer of cum over their faces. That would really set them apart." Trym grinned, wiping his dick over Matt's cheek before setting to watch me. I dug my nails into his skin, knowing that I'd not last much longer up his wrecked hole. "Be sure to take a picture of him when I'm done." I spoke to Trym in german and he got out his phone.

After a few more thrusts in him, I pulled out and moved to where Trym had been in front of the singer. I gave myself a few strokes, then shot my load, my cum landing across his pretty face. Trym took a few pics with his phone of the cum covered face of the singer, then he moved to take some of his ass and the marks we'd left on him.

"W... Why?" The singer asked, voice breathless and hoarse.

"Why what?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, as Trym undid his restraints and rolled him over, taking more shots of his reddened skin and little dick.

"Why did you do this to me?" He asked, his body quivering slightly as Trym freed his hands from his cuffs.

"Your bandanas." I nodded to where we'd lost his skinny jeans, the fabric out of his back pocket clearly visible. He blinked and just looked confused. "Black and red right, heavy sm bottom and fist fucker." His eyes went wide and I shared a look with Trym. "You didn't know?"

He shook his head, whimpering. "I just wear them because I think they look cool, not because of... that." He rubbed his wrists, looking between the two of us. "What are you going to do with me?"

I looked at Trym again, then back to Matt, before shrugging slightly. "Nothing. You can stay or you can go, we can drop you somewhere if you'd like."

He got up off the bed, giving us an accusing look as he picked up his clothes and started putting them back on, wincing a little. "Fine. There's a hotel by the venue, drop me off there and we'll forget all about this." He turned to Trym and growled, though it didn't sound at all threatening. "And don't you dare fucking post those pictures online."

Trym nodded with a smile. "I promise little man."

Matt glared at him and headed to the door. Well tonight was certainly going to be one to remember and I think his bandmates would say the same if they spotted our drying cum on his face when he turned up. I smirked at my partner before we both followed him up to the car. Well the least we could do was drop him off.
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