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Half The Man I Used To Be

Half The Man I Used To Be
Pairing: Darran Smith/Matt Davies-Kreye/Pat Lundy/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Prompt: 13: Amputees
Warnings: Domination
Notes: Originally this prompt was gonna go to something based on the awesome amputee art of Jay I had commissioned awhile back, but I failed at that, despite having two versions (with Ashley and Calvin respectively), I still hope to do something based on it at some point though. This idea came from a suggestion from awesome welshie a few days back and it just stuck. This is also a slight au, where Darran was still in ffaf.

I was, I knew, lucky to be alive. Six months ago I'd been involved in a car crash. The other driver had been pissed and ran a red light, ramming straight into my car. I was thankful that I'd been alone, as that meant no one else got hurt due to that fucker's stupidity. However, the crash had done a great deal of damage to me and I didn't realise how much until days later.

I'd had to have some amputations done, both to get me out of the wreck and once I'd gotten to hospital. I'd lost all of limbs, both my arms and legs. My left arm was completely gone, but I had up to my elbow on my right. Both my legs were gone up to just above my knees.

I was, for the first time since I was a kid, helpless.

It infuriated me and pissed me off immensely, especially at the beginning. It meant I couldn't do either of my favourite things: music and dominating guys as I fucked them. I wasn't sure which frustrated me more at the time, though I suspected the latter edged it.

The others worried and fussed about me, keeping an eye on me as I recovered in hospital. Once I was discharged it was them that took me home and it was then that I had an idea.


Gavin laid me down in bed, being the strongest of them all, he'd been chosen to carry me up to my room. "There, how's that?" He asked and it sounded patronising to me, even though I knew he didn't mean for it to be.

"Fine." I replied as I settled on the soft sheets, one of them must have changed the bedsheets in that time, though I wasn't sure which of them did. I suspected it was Matt though. I looked at the others gathered around me, Matt, Darran, Gavin, Pat, they were all looking at me. All concerned, I could see it on their faces, like I had since this happened. "Oh for fuck's sake, stop looking at me like that!" I snapped at them, growling and then I looked over at Gavin. "Gav, mate, go home."

He looked at me, cocking an eyebrow and I gave him a look. "Alright, alright." He smirked, patting Matt on the shoulder. "Keep an eye on him." He smiled, before heading out. He'd be useless for what I had in mind. He was a dom for starters and we'd become mates since I realised I was too.

Once he was out of the room I looked at the others, who looked slightly puzzled. "You all look ridiculous like that." I gestured with the remains of my right arm at them. "I can't do things for myself, so I am going to need you three to serve to help me with everything I cannot." I paused, giving them a once over. I wondered if any of them clicked to what, exactly, I was thinking of. "Now I have not had a fucking orgasm in weeks, which of you sluts is going to get me off?"

They looked between me and each other, looking confused, as if they weren't sure they'd heard me correctly. "Rich are yo..." Matt started to say and I growled, cutting him off.

"Did I fucking stutter slut? I need to cum and you three have proven yourselves capable of doing that many times before now. I might be a fucking amputee now, but I still have the same needs as before. So get to it, I won't ask again!"

They seemed to get it now and Darran came closer, pulling the t-shirt off me that had been put on me before I left. I moved as best I could to help, and he managed to get it off, tossing it aside. Matt was there too now, pulling my shorts down and off my legs, freeing my cock.

I already had a semi in anticipation as to what was about to happen and Matt wrapped his fingers around me and started to stroke my cock. I let out a low groan, my dick stiffening eagerly in his hand. Darran leaned down, kissing and licking at the bare skin of my chest. Pat came closer, looking... well, a little lost. "For fuck's sake, you look like a lost fucking sheep! And I'm Welsh so I know what one looks like." I growled at him and he squirmed where he stood. "Use your fucking mouth, I know you're capable of it."

He bit his lip and got on the bed between my legs, which I parted for him. He leaned down, taking my cock between his lips. Out of the three of them he was the least practiced cocksucker. I was pretty sure he'd not had one before joining the band. Went down on me, licking and sucking awkwardly as he started to bob up and down. He only took me about half way, and I'd meant to train him to take more of me before my accident. Still, it meant that Matt was free to stroke my base and I felt his fingers cup my balls.

Darran ran his tongue over my inked skin, his eyes meeting mine. "Kiss me slut." I growled and he leaned up instantly, his lips meeting mine. His hands worked over my chest as he parted his lips, my tongue darting inside his mouth.

Between the three of them and my recent orgasm drought meant that I was close already. I moved my right arm out of instinct and I would have gripped his hair and held him as I came. That was something I'd have to get used to. Instead, I noticed that Matt gripped Pat's short hair, as if anticipating my need. I growled into Darran's mouth, my hips lifting up off the bed as I came down Pat's mouth.

"Now be a good boy and share." I purred, separating from Darran and I watched as Matt pulled Pat off me, pulling him for a kiss. "Don't worry though, you'll all get a go on my cock before the night is out." Darran grinned at that, then moved to kiss Pat after Matt had, clearly eager for a taste of me.

"Now that you've got me off, go get me something to eat. And lose the fucking clothes!" I barked at them and watched as Matt got up with Pat and headed out towards the kitchen.

Yeah, this could work out.


My idea was simple. Since I was now dependant on other people to help me, I may as well have them as my personal sluts as well. For the first days I got blow jobs and a few hand jobs, since I was working out the logistics of how best to fuck one of them.


It was a week now since I'd gotten back home and I had had plenty of blow jobs from each of them. Even Pat was becoming better at it and he had took more of me now. The three of them, at my instruction, now each had a collar around their throats.

Darran opened a drawer beside the bed, pulling out some lube and I watched him with curiosity, wondering what he had in mind. "Just watch sir." He smiled and started to slick up his fingers, looking at Matt, who bent over so that I could get a good view. Pat placed his hands on each of Matt's arse cheeks, pulling them apart and I watched as Darran eased a finger into him. He let out a small gasp and I licked my lips, watching as he got fingered. That was most definitely something that I would miss, I loved using my fingers to open up a needy slut's hole in preparation for a good fucking. Still, watching Darran get to work would prove an adequate substitution.

Darran pressed another finger into Matt, then a third, before pulling them out of him. I almost expected him to get into position and start fucking him, but instead Matt moved over to me. Pat gripped my dick, holding it up and I let out a low groan as Matt sank down onto it, a moan leaving his lips.

Darran leaned down, purring as Matt started to bounce on me. "We know how much you love to fuck, so we decided to do this. I know it's not perfect, but it's the best we can manage, for now anyway."

I growled and nodded, rocking my hips up against Matt. "Fuck yeah, good idea sluts." Matt's arse felt absolutely amazing around my cock. Fuck, I'd definitely missed this. Pat moved into view as Darran shifted behind Matt, and the former drummer leaned down and kissed and licked along my chest, much like Darran had on our first session.

I let out a soft gasp, feeling Darran's tongue start to lap at my balls, his hands rubbing over my stumps.

Matt groaned, squeezing his arse around me. "Fuck sir, your cock feels fucking amazing." His voice was needy and breathless, his hands finding purchase on Pat as he rode me. "Can I touch myself?"

"No." I growled, knowing that I'd soon be filling his tight heat. He let out a keening sound and I smirked, wetting my lips. "Pat, suck him off."

Pat moved his head, his lips easily enveloping Matt's dick and he started to bob up and down, Matt moaning above him. "Mmm that's it, so fucking hot you dirty sluts." Darran moaned in response, his lips mouthing against my sac. "Ugh..." I let out a low growl, my head falling back against the pillows as I came deep up Matt's arse.

Matt let out his own growl, his fingers holding Pat's head and from the way he squeezed around me I could tell that he'd came as well. I purred, feeling Darran lick up up my cock as Matt moved and soon I could hear soft slurping sounds. I couldn't see it, but I knew exactly what Darran was doing.

Dirty little slut.


"So, I take it you're enjoying your new situation now?" Gavin asked from his position in a seat beside my bed, as he Darran bought him are drink. He was in a full rubber suit, an indulgence that I'd allowed him since he was doing such a good job.

"Well, I'm making the best out of a bad situation." Matt sat on the bed on the opposite side to me, holding my own bottle of beer for me. He was almost fully naked, apart from a thing that I made him wear since I knew Gavin was coming. It was black rubber, to match Darran.

Gavin smirked, taking a drink from his own bottle. "Only you could lose all your limbs and still have a team of fucking sluts at your beck and call."

I shrugged, gulping down some beer myself. "I'd hardly call four a team."

"Fucking hell! You're practically bedridden and managed to get another one! What the fuck man?" He shook his head disbelievingly and I smirked at him. "What's your secret?"

"Well that's simple." I replied, licking my lips. "I may have lost my limbs but I still have my most important feature intact, my huge cock." He chuckled and shook his head and I smiled. My situation wasn't perfect, but I was actually pretty content.
Tags: 35 fics, darran smith, funeral for a friend, matt davies-kreye, pat lundy, rich boucher, slash
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