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Through The Wires

Through The Wires
Pairing: Askeroth/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: BDSM, feederism, watersports
Prompt: 33: writer's choice: Cyber
Notes: I originally started this completely differently, but once I changed it... Well, it became this huge thing.

The choice to leave the band was in some ways easy, in some ways incredibly hard, and not the kind of hard I liked.

The easy part was due to the last album. Matt going off with Moose and starting recording without me and Padge had stung. We were a band, a unit, and we'd promised at the start to always do that stuff together. For half the band to be excluded from the process, it really pissed me off, so much that I'd have almost left then had it not been for Padge. I didn't want to leave him like that.

Even so, the idea of leaving never really left and the desire to do so grew from that. As time went on, through interviews and tours, Matt pissed me off more and more. He always had this attitude about him, which I'd dismissed as usual frontman bluster before, but now it irked me.

On our last tour for the album, I decided it would also be my last. Now that it was over it was time for the hard part, telling them. Although, to be honest, it was Padge I was most worried about telling.

I took a deep breath, stepping into the room where the three of them were gathered. "I need to say something." They looked at me and Matt raised an eyebrow, we were all at his place, with the intent to discuss what we'd be doing next. I took another deep breath, before continuing. "I've made a decision, it's been awhile coming but I made my mind up during the tour. I'm leaving." Padge looked shocked, Moose looked down and I could tell he wasn't surprised. Matt, Matt just glared at me. I turned to Padge, speaking only to him. "I'm sorry man, but I can't, I can't do this anymore."

He opened his mouth to say something, but Matt cut him off with a low growl. "Get out now. We can easily find someone to replace you, we only kept you around because you're a dirty slag."

"Fuck you, you arrogant twat!" I snarled out the words, turning and heading to the door. "I'll be glad to never set fuck in this shithole again."

I slammed the door as I left, storming off to my car. Trust him to be an ass. Well, that'd be the last I'd have to deal with him.


They made no announcement of my departure from the band. I waited and waited, but they said nothing. Days, weeks, months and nothing. It wasn't until the new single was released, almost a year later, that they did. And, of course, Matt was a cunt. Erasing my contributions, acting like I meant nothing. Ass.


Leaving the band meant I had to find something to do. I considered joining, or forming, another band but the Welsh scene seemed to be dying. So then I made use of my other talents. I began working at a local fetish bar, where I had ample chances to suck cock and get fucked, sometimes in front of a crowd.

But despite that, there was something off.

"You know what you need?" Sean asked me as he ran his fingers through his sweat soaked bleached blonde hair. He had been one of the singers in The Blackout but now he was working here a few nights a week.

"What?" I asked, voice a little breathless as we headed to into the back rooms, which served as a changing room.

"You're not happy here, not completely, even though it enables you to be an even bigger cockslut than you were in Bullet." I winced at the mention of my band and he patted my shoulder, offering me a comforting smile. "I think what you need is a master, to be someone's full time slut or slave."

I considered his words for moment. Perhaps he had a point. The thought of being such a slut, bing owned by someone, had crossed my mind even more I left the band. "Think about it, you could find someone to fulfil your deepest kinks, ones that we can't even do here." He gestured around him to indicate the bar. There were a few fetishes that weren't catered for here, mostly ones that resulted in lasting marks.

"I think you might be right. But where would I find one?" Most of the guys that came here, they weren't the sort to keep someone full time like that. That's why they came.

Sean flashed me a grin as he opened his locker, pulling out his jacket and slipping it on. "I'll text you a link to a site Gavin and Matthew used, check it out, you might find someone like they did."


Sean was true to his word as, by the time I'd got home that night, he'd sent me a link. I was too tired and achy to check it right away so left it until the next afternoon.

I signed up and filled in my details, which were just basics. A rough location, kinks, age and a few photos. All I had to do, as a sub, was wait for a reply.

Which now, a few days later, I had.

Before I read it I clicked on the sender's profile. His name was Askeroth and he was a German master with a long his of kinks. His pictures were of him mostly clothed in black leather and rubber, which made me think of Darran, and the sight of him made my cock twitch in anticipation.

I swallowed, then opened up the message, eager to see what a sexy man like him wanted from me.

'I am looking for a new slut and it seems you could fit the bill.' I had to admit, I was glad his message was in english and not his native German. 'You have to prove that you are worthy of my time. You have 24 hours from when you open this message to send a reply with confirmation that you have done the following things.

1: Lock your cock up in a chastity cage of some sort
2: You will send me a picture of your biggest dildo and of you sucking it down to the base
3: You will drink a glass of your own piss

If you do all these things to my satisfaction then we will go from there.

Master Askeroth'

I swallowed as soon as I finished reading his message and my eyes went over it again, taking it in. After reading it twice more I got up and set to work, rummaging through my drawer of toys. My fingers easily found both a cage and the biggest toy I had, an 11 inch dildo.

I set them beside my laptop, then got to work stripping off. I decided to go through the list in order figuring it was for the best. I opened up my laptop's camera and took a picture of myself, fully naked and hard. I reached down between my legs and bit my lip, giving my balls a sharp, hard squeeze. I hissed in pain, but it had the desired effect as my dick softened. I gave myself another one for good measure, then reached for the cage. After taken another deep breath, I worked it over my cock, enveloping it, along with my balls, in the small metal cage. I took another few shots with the camera, making sure it caught it from different angles, including the small lock. The small key I set beside the laptop, carefully so I'd not lose it.

Next was the dildo, I took a shot of of it next to my face, licking my lips as I did so. Then I switched the camera to record so I could take the dildo in both hands. Once I took another deep breath I got to work, deciding that it was best just to get on with it for him. That had been something I was used to, with that fuckwit Tuck. I suppressed a growl and took the head between my lips, working the shaft down my throat. I was a pretty good cocksucker and had been told as much, though I'd not often done this on dildos like this. Every time I had previously was for an audience so I supposed this was no different. Cocks where much better, their heat and weight and taste. I let out a soft groan around the shaft, the balls at the base pressing against my chin. After a few moments of leaving it in place, I pulled it back out of my mouth and stopped the recording.

Now, that I was done with it I put the toy back and fetched a glass, ready for my last task.this would take a little while as I didn't need to piss right away, so instead I settled down and watched tv, though my mind wasn't focussed on it all that much.

The moment I felt the urge to piss, I got up and turned the camera on, deciding that recording would be best. I held the glass, a nice pint sized one and held it to my caged dick. I let out a soft sigh as I let go, filling it up with the pale golden fluid.

I held the glass steady as I filled it up, letting out another sigh as my stream subsided. I raised the glass up to look at my handiwork and smiled. It was half full of my hot, fresh piss. I'd drank piss before, but usually it wasn't my own, and it was straight from the source.

I licked my lips then took a long swig, swallowing it down. Most people hadn't tasted piss and would have instantly been disgusted by the very idea, but I loved it. I loved even more when A guy was above me, soaking me with it as he let go over me... I raised the glass back to my lips and kept drinking it down until it was all gone. "I hope you approve sir." I licked my lips again before stopping the video.

Since I was satisfied with what I'd done I opened his message once more to reply. Once I attached my pictures and videos I set to work on my reply.

'Dear sir, I was most honoured to have received a message from a sexy master like yourself. Please find attached the evidence of me completing your tasks. I hope you find them to your liking. I hope that I hear from you soon and await further tasks you may have for me.

Your hopeful future slut, Jay'

I swallowed and clicked send, letting out a breath I didn't realise I was holding when it confirmed it had gone. I eyed the key beside the laptop, debating undoing the cage and wanking furiously to the thought of him banging me over the bed.

Instead I took the key and shut it away on my desk.


A few hours later I received a reply from him. I had to admit, the waiting had been a rather nerve wracking experience, one I'd cursed myself for.


You show a great deal of promise. I desire a full time whore to use and abuse as I see fit. I can see you in that role slut.' As soon as I read those words my cock ached in my prison. 'You followed my first instructions well so let's see how you do with further ones.

I am sure you have a butt plug, as soon as you have finished reading this message you are to insert one into you. It will stay there unless you have to shit or until I tell you otherwise. That means, you worthless slut, you are not to get fucked unless I say so. You are to send me evidence you have done this. Your dick is also to remain locked until I say otherwise.

Your profile states you work in a fetish bar. On your next shift you are to suck 13 cocks, no more no less. Then you may not suck another until I tell you otherwise. You are to take a marker and get them to do tally marks on you as they go.

Lastly, you are to lay out all your toys and show them to me.

You have one week to do the second and third tasks, but the first must be completed immediately slut.


I immediately grabbed my lube and the biggest plug I owned. Quickly I lubed two fingers and worked them into me, a groan leaving my lips. Fuck, I was so eager to please him and I'd not even met him yet. After a few minutes of stretching, longer than was necessary, I spread lube over the plug. Before I eased it into my hole I held it up, taking a picture of it before I filled myself. Once it was fully seated I let out a moan, before taking a few shots for him.

'Thank you sir for your reply,

I have filled myself with the biggest plug I own. Here are the pictures per your instructions. I will fulfil my other tasks tomorrow as my next shift is tomorrow night. If there is anything else you want me to do, I will gladly do it.

Your slut'


And so it continued like that, with regular back and forths between us. Completing is second task had proven easy, as plenty of guys knew about my cock sucking skills. Sean insisted he be the first and I was happy to oblige him.

After that his tasks varied. At work I drank piss and jerked guys off until they came over me, the latter requiring a gag. For both, like the cocksucking, it required it be with 13 guys, which I realised had to do with the ink on my arm.

At home I drank my own piss frequently, made videos of myself using various toys, increasing the amount of food I ate, ordering me to watch porn. I had a collar permanent around my neck now, joining the plug and cage in being my main attire. Each reply from him made me ache even more.

I had a few messages from other masters, but I didn't reply to them and added to my profile after my forth set of tasks that I was taken.

After a month I got another message, but this one was different. It was of a live video of him. "Hello slut." He said his words where in the deep German accent I'd imagined him to have.

"Sir!" I gasped in surprise, maximising his picture and staring for a few moments before adding. "You honour me with your presence."

He smirked and licked his lips, looking me over. I was naked, as I always was at home per his instructions. "I thought I should reward you, since you have been such a good slut doing all I have asked of you" I opened my mouth to thank him but he continued before I got a word out. "I am going to give you a choice between two things, do you understand slut?"

"Yes sir." I replied quickly, eager to hear what he had to offer me.

"Your first option is that you get your key, unlock your little cage and stroke yourself until you cum while you watch me." An involuntary groan escaped my lips and he smirked. "However, if you choose that option you will not here from me again." I swallowed and he grinned, licking his lips. "The second option is that you watch me jerk off instead, while sucking that dildo of yours." I groaned again, knowing the one he meant. The one I used for his first task. "If you choose this one and please me well, then you will come here and become my whore. Which is it?"

"The second one!" I blurted out, not needing even a moment of thought to decide.

He chuckled and licked his lips, nodding in approval. "Good whore." I watched with eager eyes as he shifted back from the screen so that I could see him fully. I watched with baited breath as he reached down and undid his fly, hefting out his cock. Fuck he was huge, just like I imagined it. "Don't just stare slut, get to work."

"Yes sir." I grabbed the dildo, which I now kept in easy reach of the laptop, while I also undid the jar I kept next to it. At his instruction whenever I used it I slathered it in peanut butter, so I kept a jar here expressly for the purpose. I scooped a handful out, spreading it over the rubber shaft and letting out a groan as I spotted how my master was now stroking himself.

My lips parted as I held the dildo up and I extended my tongue, swiping it along the shaft. Since he was watching I decided to put on a show for him. I lapped some of the peanut butter from the rubber, tracing my tongue from the head to the balls and back again. I kept my eyes on him, watching as he stroked himself and, fuck, I wished this was his cock.

I took the head between my lips and started to take it down, going slightly slower than I had in that first video. I hummed softly as I sucked on the shaft, my tongue lapping the peanut butter from the rubber as I did so. I took it fully down to the base, holding it in place for as long as I was able before moving again. He growled at that, the sound making me squirm in response. His hand, I noticed, was working faster now and I had to admit I was proud of that. A moan left my lips, stifled by the dildo as I suckled it. I'd cleaned it fully now but kept deep throating it, my eyes on him as I did.

"Dirty fucking slut." He growled as he came after I swallowed it down a few more times. "You may stop now slut." He purred, his voice slightly breathless from his orgasm.

"Thank you sir." I replied, the moment the dildo left my lips with a pop. I set the toy back down beside the laptop and watched him, marvelling at just how sexy he was.

"You have done well whore. So well that you will come to me. I will send you a message tomorrow with instructions to do so." He smirked and licked his lips, looking me over one last time. "Sleep well slut."

And with that he was gone.


As promised I got a message the very next day from him.


You have impressed me a great deal. It is time for you to become my slut full time. If you have reservations, which I doubt, now is the time to end this.

You will arrive in Berlin on the 20th. When you leave you will be leaving your old life behind. Find someone to take your things.' Sean immediately sprang to mind there and I was sure he'd be glad for them.

'You will bring one bag with you. It will include your dildo and the key to your change along with any toys you like.

Once you have arrived you will make your way to the address I have attached. This is my home and you are to get here by any means necessary. Then your journey to being my whore will truly begin.

I will see you when you arrive.

Your master.'

The moment I finished reading it, my mind raced. Fuck, this was happening.

If I wasn't locked up I'd have wanked right then.


I took a deep breath. This was it, the time had finally come to meet him face to face. I had to admit I was a little nervous but I was also incredibly excited. Yes, I was ready.

I opened the gate, which seemed to have been left unlocked for my ease of access, and walked towards the house. It looked quite large and was detached from all the others around it, surrounded by a high wall. There wasn't much of a front garden as most of the space before the house had a driveway, clearly large enough to accommodate a few cars.

I stopped at his front door, pressed the doorbell and set my bag down, before getting to my knees beside it. A few moments passed before the door opened up and he was there, standing before me. I let out a soft gasp as I beheld him in the flesh. He was just like his pictures, tall with long jet black hair and pale skin. He wore leather trousers and a long trenchcoat, all in black. He smirked at the sight of me, staring down at me. "Hello at last slut."

"Hello sir." I replied softly, looking down at his boots, which went halfway up his knee.

"Strip slut."

"Yes sir." I replied and began removing my clothing. First, I pulled off my hoodie, setting it atop my bag. Next came my t-shirt, an old Black Tide one, which I tugged up over my head and left atop the hoodie. He licked his lips, taking in the sight of my bare chest as I undid my flies. I pushed my jeans down, along with my boxers and I knelt down to step out of them, along with removing my shoes. He smirked as I got back on my knees, now naked before him in the cool air.

"Good slut. Now crawl inside." I nodded and did as he asked, moving on all fours as he collected my things and closed the door. He dumped my clothes by the door, but kept ahold of my bag. "Follow."

I nodded, crawling behind him as he lead we through a doorway that led into what appeared to be his living room. Much like his attire, the room was mostly black and the walls were deep red. He took a seat on a leather sofa, resting my bag beside him as I approached to kneel before him.

Fuck, I couldn't believe I was actually here with him at last. I swallowed, gazing up at him and waiting for him to give me further instructions. "Good slut." He grinned, running his fingers through my hair. "You are here because you realised you needed to be a full time slut for someone and that someone is me." He paused for a moment, his fingers gripping my hair. "The way you have completed my tasks show you are capable and obedient, both of which are traits I find necessary in my sluts. Tell me slut, have you ever had a master before?"

"No sir, not beyond a sex session." I replied, the question never having come up before now.

"Hmm." He nodded, his hair swishing from the movement before he continued. "Well slut, I am going to give you what I give every whore I have had. You have two days to use the word Achilles, if you do then that is it, you will be allowed to go. After those two days, then I will take full control over you. Do you understand whore?"

"Yes sir." I replied with a nod, but knew I'd never say it. I'd realised on the trip that I didn't just want this, but I needed it.

"Good." He smirked, leaning back in his seat. "Now, you will do everything I say, which you have proven capable of. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." I nodded again in response.

"Now, before we begin, where is the key to your cage?"

"It's in the front pouch of my bag." I indicated by pointing and watched as he release my hair using his right hand to unzip it, reach in and pull out the tiny key. He smirked and set it down on the table beside him.

"Now, get my cock out and show me your skills slut." He licked his lips, parting his legs as he settled back.

"Yes sir!" I replied eagerly, leaning forward and undoing his flies with my teeth. Fuck, I could feel his erection through the leather. I swallowed, reaching up to pop open the button and free his cock. I couldn't help but let out a soft gasp as I laid my eyes on it, my own cock twitching in it's cage. My lips parted and I took him in my mouth, gazing up at him as I moved to swallow him whole. I soon had my nose buried in the dark curls of his pubic hair, my lips around his base as I hummed contentedly. I stayed there for a few moments, then started moving steadily, bobbing up and down on his length. Fuck, his dick was so perfect. The way it tasted, the weight of it on my tongue, the way it stretched my lips when I had him fully down my throat.

I traced my tongue along his underside, humming around him as I did so. Despite myself, even now when I hummed it was to Bullet's music, this time to Tears. Above me he let out a low growl, his fingers threading through my hair. I kept up my pace, though I expected him to take control any moment.

After a few more bobs of my head, he gripped my hair, holding me in place when I deep throated him for a few moments before pushing me off him. "Mmm you have excellent cocksucking skills as I expected little slut. Now, bend over the table."

"Yes sir!" I replied, slightly breathless and then I shifted, bending over the glass coffee table.

Behind me, I heard him get up and push down his trousers. He stepped closer to me and I felt his fingers on my arse, taking hold of the base of the plug. A moan left my lips as he eased it out of me and I heard him set the now familiar rubber down beside me. His hands pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my opening for him. I let out a shiver of anticipation, my hole twitching. He chuckled, then spat on my hole. "Needy little slut."

And with that he slammed his saliva-slick dick into me, a groan of pleasure leaving my lips. Fuck, I'd missed a cock, a well cock, fucking me. He growled, gripping onto my sides as he started to pound me. "Yes, you feel so good my little slut, just as I expected."

"Th... thank you sir." I whimpered, stuttering out the words as he fucked me relentlessly. Shit, this was just how I'd imagined he'd be, rough and hard and so fucking amazing. I gripped onto the table, the cool surface of it pressing against my chest, groans of pleasure leaving my lips. Every time he slammed into me he caught my spot, making me moans and my dick twitch futilely in it's cage.

Askeroth let out a growl as he fucked me hard, his full balls slapping against my arse with each thrust. I made sure to squeeze around him when he filled me. "Such a dirty slut. You want my cum don't you whore?"

I keened desperately, nodding wildly. "Yes sir, please! I need it so bad, have for so long now."

He chuckled and I let out a whine as he pulled out of me, pushing my ass back in a desperate effort to get him back into me. He bought his hand down on each of my arse cheeks, the sting of the hits making me groan. "Don't worry slut, you'll get my dick again." He slammed the plug back into me, then circled around the table until he was stood before me. My lips instantly opened wide on instinct and he chuckled again. "Whore." He gripped my dark hair again and slammed his dick back into me, this time between my lips.

I relaxed my throat, letting him fuck it as he wanted, my tongue wiggling against his cock. I hummed the bassline to Demon around him, though wasn't sure how much of an effect it was having on him. He was close though, I could tell, from the way his dick twitched to how I could taste precum. My eyes lidded as I took it, his grip getting tighter, another sign he was close.

From above me, he growled, the same way he'd done in his video and he came, hot and thick down my throat. I swallowed everything he had to give, gazing up at him. He released his grip on my hair only when he began to soften and he licked his lips.

"Oh yes, you really are such a good slut."

"Thank you sir." I whispered breathlessly, smiling up at him, content to have pleased him.

He circled back around me and I heard him pull his trousers back up before sitting again. "Now, kneel before me." I shifted quickly, getting in position before him as he wanted. As soon as I did, he reached for me, running his fingers through my hair. "I have had many sluts over the years, you're not the first nor will you be the last." I nodded a little, not surprised by his words at all. "Most sluts end up fulfilling a kink of mine. I have had ones pierced, tattooed, amputated, castrated and made to serve me as toilets. For you I have something specific in mind."

"Yes sir?" I asked, swallowing and squirming slightly. I knew he wanted me to be his permanent whore and I had a feeling that would mean some lasting modification, but had no idea he'd gone that far before. The idea of those things would likely have scared most people, but instead I was turned on.

"Oh yes." He grinned, running his fingers through my hair again and he leaned forward, his long hair falling either side of his face. He spoke again, this time keeping his voice low. "I am going to feed you up to make you fat, so fat you can't move. What do you think whore?"

"When would you like to start sir?" I said, not needing to think on it for a second.

"Oh I already have." He smirked and I knew he was right. The peanut butter, the tasks that involved meals, it made sense. I'd even noticed before I left how some of my clothes were a little tighter than before.

"Stay whore." He said as he stood up, heading out of the room towards what I assumed was the kitchen. This was confirmed a few moments later by the sounds and smells of him at work. Whatever it was, I hoped it tasted as good as it smelled.


"Free your slut cock." He growled down at me, not long after we'd finished his meal. I wasn't sure what it was, some German thing now doubt, but it was amazing. He handed me the key and I wasted no time reaching down and freeing my dick from it's prison. It had been two months now since I'd shut it away and I was desperate for an orgasm. Just being near him made my cock stiffen and he chuckled, undoing his fly. He was, unlike me, soft and I could guess why. "I'm going to piss and you have until I'm finished for you to get yourself off."

"Yes sir!" I replied, reaching to my length beneath my rounded belly, taking myself in hand as he began to piss. I opened my mouth wide, stroking myself quickly as I swallowed what he had to give, but he also made sure to soak my hair and chest.

I came almost embarrassingly quickly, or it would have been if I hadn't needed to for so long. He chuckled, finishing off by aiming his golden stream for my still open mouth. I leaned in, swallowing every drop he had to give me, despite the breathlessness of my intense orgasm.

"Good slut." He purred as his flow subsided and he wiped his dick against your cheek. "From now on you cum when I say." I nodded, licking my piss-wet lips. "Now clean up your cum, there's a good slut."

I nodded and went to work, collecting it up with my fingers, sucking the pearly fluid from them for him.

He smirked and his cock began to stiffen, and I knew my lips would soon be around it again.


After the second day passed he led me to a room upstairs, which I noted had a 13 on the door. It was much like the other rooms I'd been to, with a black and red colour scheme. This room had a large bed with black sheets which was the focus of the room. There were a few cupboards along the walls and a table each side of the bed, one with a mini fridge. On the wall directly across from the bed there was a tv. "This will be your room." He told me simply. "Once the weight starts piling on. Now, bend over the bed whore."

"Yes sir!" I instantly did as I was told, wiggling my plugged arse for him.


I looked up at the sound of the door opening, smiling as I saw my Master entered the room. He wore his usual attire, all black which, even now, reminded me of Darran's dress sense. The tight leather trousers he wore clung to his strong thighs and his chest was covered in a rubber vest that showed off his arms. Fuck, those arms of his, the amount of times they had held me down over the last months. The same with his thighs too for that matter.

He strode over to me, licking his lips as he looked me over. "Little slut." He growled out in his deep, German accent and then chuckled as he gestured towards my body. "Well, not so little."

That was very much true. I'd put on a great deal of weight over the past months.My belly was bloated and rounder than it had ever been, I couldn't remember the last time I saw my feet. I even had fat rolls now and my chest had the beginnings of breasts due to the fat. "Yes sir." I replied, squirming slightly on the bed that become my home, the movement making my fat jiggle.

He smirked as he approached me, the sound of his boots on the floor filling the air. As soon as he got close enough, he ran a hand across my bloated flesh. "Such a fat fucking whore."

"Yes sir." I replied, parting my fat thighs for him. "Always for you."

"Of course you are." He chuckled again and pulled down some stirrups he'd had attached to the ceiling, securing one under each of my now huge legs. He pressed a button and a winch lifted both of my legs up into the air. He'd attached the set up a few months back, when I was about half this size. It made fucking easier, although sometimes he would use his considerable strength to roll me over and take me like that. As soon as they were high enough to expose my fat ass, he stopped the winch and undid his flies, dropping his trousers to the floor. Once he stepped out of them he grabbed whipped cream from the mini fridge and smirked. "Ready my pig?"

"Yes sir!" I nodded, always eager to have his hard cock inside me. He pressed the nozzle of the can against my crack, squirting it inside me, which made me shiver from the coldness. The plug which he'd gotten me to wear as one of his first tasks was gone now, it had gone soon after the cage had.

I watched as he mounted the bed and lined himself up with my opening and he sank into me, leaning down and licking my chest. He wasn't entering my ass properly, but his dick filled my cleft nicely and it still was a huge turn on. He growled, rubbing his hands over my chest, his fingers exploring my soft folds. "Such a dirty fat pig. My fat fucking hog." He growled and I nodded, gasping as he fucked me hard.

"Y...yes sir." I groaned reaching up and running my hands over his chest, him leaning closer over me so I could reach.

"I was right." He growled, reaching under my belly, grasping my member. I could no longer reach it myself, hadn't been able to for weeks now, so the only relief I could get was from him. "You look beautiful fucking fat." I gasped and groaned as he started to wank me, his hand easily enveloping my dick.

"Please sir..." I moaned and he chuckled, holding onto my large hip with his other hand, starting to fuck me as hard and rough as he'd ever had before. My whole body jiggled from the force of his thrusts and he left me breathless. One day, I'd realised awhile back, he might literally fuck me to death. I couldn't think of a better way to go, but I hoped it wouldn't be any time soon.

"Yes sir. You may cum." I moaned out, my whole body shaking as I let go, shooting across my fat rolls. He smirked and licked his lips, bringing his hand up to mine so I could lick it from his fingers. "Such a good whore, always cumming right when I say."

He pulled out of me, activating the winch to lower my legs and he moved around the bed. He was still hard, and I watched as grabbed some peanut butter from a jar he kept beside the bed and roughly smearing it on his length. "Get me off." He commanded and he mounted the bed, his strong thighs framing my face. "Then I'll get you a nice big breakfast."

"Yes sir." I replied, eagerly taking him in my mouth, my tongue lapping up the traces of whipped cream and peanut butter from his shaft. Fuck, I loved that cock, so fucking much. I felt him twitch on my tongue, a now familiar growl leaving his lips above me as he came.

As I swallowed his seed, I thought back to Sean and how I was so grateful to him for telling me about that site, which led me to this. I wonder what he'd make of me now?

"Now, someone needs a good feed." My Master spoke up as he shifted off me, his voice breathless. "I will be back shortly."

"Yes sir." I smiled as I watched him go, completely and totally content. I licked my lips and felt my belly rumble slightly. Breakfast couldn't come soon enough.
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