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Pairing: Hannu/Matt Davies-Kreye/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rich
Notes: This is a Christmas fic for the awesome Welsh, this wasn't the one I have been working on though cause laptop issues ugh (so you'll get that when it's sorted which will hopefully be soon). However I did want ye yo have a fic on the day so I downloaded a document thing to the pad (so this is first fic done on the ipad) and this idea came to mind. It's also a semi-sequel to stuff from earlier this year.

"Where exactly are we going again?" Matt asked from the passenger seat in the car I'd rented soon after we landed.

"Kuopio." I replied with a smile, to which he looked confused before staring out the window into the Finnish countryside. He'd been confused for the whole trip, which wasn't surprising since I'd sprung it on him the day before.

It had been months after the last Funeral For A Friend show and we'd all been concerned about Matt. He'd largely shut himself off, not surprising since he took it the hardest of us all. The others had been at a loss as to how to help him. They wanted to, of course, but weren't sure how, especially since he didn't want to be social. So I decided to come up with something and take charge.

And so I'd turned up at his place, put on my most dominating voice and packed him a bag before marching him to the airport. He'd been puzzled the whole time, but hadn't voiced any objections which I considered to be promising.

We entered the town and I made my way down the unfamiliar streets to our destination, a hotel near the town's main music venue. Thankfully it didn't take too long, and arrived about the time I'd expected. I parked us up, offered him a smile and got out. "Come on."

He got out himself as I opened up the boot, pulling out our bags. They weren't very big, just travel bags that held a few essentials since we weren't going to be here beyond a few days. After handing him his I locked he car up and headed inside, picking up the keys to the room I'd booked before leading us up to it.

"Ok Rich, why are we here?" Matt asked as soon as we were inside and the door was shut. I surveyed the room before answering, concluding that, yes, it would do. "I think I have a right to know since you've dragged me all the way out here."

I cast the bags aside and turned to face him. "We've been concerned about you, being all cooped up like you have been. You need to get out, so I bought you here." I gestured with both arms around us, which resulted in him raising an eyebrow.

"I'm fine." He replied, in perhaps the least convincing manner ever. Before I could comment on it though he continued. "But why here? Why this place of all places?"

I smirked, then smiled at him. "Why not? It's as good as anywhere, plus it's got you out hasn't it?"

He gave me a look, which told me he wasn't completely convinced, but that didn't matter. He was out of that house. "Now come on, let's have a look around."


We spent a few hours wandering around the place, including getting something to eat. That was another thing the others were worried about, that he wasn't eating, so I made sure that was both our first and last stop before getting back for the night.

Once we were back in the bedroom I had to admit that he looked more like his old self than when I came to pick him up the night before. That meant that this was worth it already, especially since he was smiling. "Fuck, I'm tired."

I chuckled at his words, watching as he flopped down on one of the beds. "Hopefully not too tired." I smirked, sitting beside him on the bed, placing my hand on his thigh.

"Still as insatiable as ever?" He replied with a slight smile and I shrugged.

"Of course, and I don't plan on changing anytime soon." I grinned at him, looking him in the eye to gauge his reaction. While I did want to fuck, I wasn't going to force him if he didn't want to. He responded by parting his legs, which I took as a good sign so I shifted my hand towards his crotch. "Good boy. When was your last time, hmm?"

I saw him blush and he squirmed a little. "It was when we last fucked, the day after that last gig."

I wasn't too surprised by that admission, since he had shut himself off, although that meant it was months ago since his last time. "Well, I'll be sure to be gentle, well as much as I can manage."

He smiled and nodded, sitting up to remove his t-shirt. He was still as slim as he always was, which was good because I'd worried he'd have lost weight since I'd last seen him. If he had, it wasn't enough to be noticeable. I smiled before doing the same with my own and he let out a soft groan at he sight of my bare skin. As soon as our t-shirts were cast aside I climbed on top of him, crashing my lips against his and running my hands over him. He responded by doing the same, his fingers roaming across my toned, inked skin as he returned the kiss. I was glad I'd gotten him to shave the scruff off his face before we left so I didn't have to el the scratchiness of it as we kissed.

We parted several moments later, though that was only due to necessity. "Finish stripping." I growled, slightly breathless as I got up off the bed, heading to my bag. Of course I'd brought some lube with me in preparation. I always believed in being prepared after all. I tossed it to land beside him, needing my hands free to undo my flies and get rid of my jeans. I'd worn boxers, which I'd only done due to the local temperature, but those we quickly pushed down along with the denim, which I pushed aside with one foot as soon as they reached the floor. Another groan left his lips and I knew that was because he was staring at my member. There was a saying I'd heard among the Welsh scene, which had always amused me, 'once you go Rich you're always his bitch'. In my experience that was certainly true.

By the time I'd removed my socks he was naked too, legs spread nice and open for me. "Little slut." I smirked, grabbing the lube from the sheets and spreading it liberally over my fingers. I climbed between his legs and reached down, easing one finger into him. He gasped and I used my free hand to rub circles on his belly. It was easier to work it inside than I expected, and I had to wonder if he'd been using toys on himself since the last time I'd had him. That thought made my dick ache and I worked my ring finger into him alongside my middle one, needing to be inside him. He let out a soft moan, his body squirming beneath me and I chuckled, leaning down and kissing him again as I fingered him.

I could have, and indeed had before, fingered him into he was pleading for my dick. I remembered a night a few years back when I'd spent an hour using just my fingers on him and had commanded him not to cum. My arms had ached the following day, but it was worth it to have him as a sweaty, begging mess. Tonight, however, wasn't the time to do such things. He was tired and I knew I was as well, so I made sure to get him open enough to take me before removing my fingers.

I applied a generous amount of lube to my dick and lifted his ankles over my shoulders, lining myself up with his opening. "Ready?" I asked, though I knew the answer already.

"Oh yes. Please Rich." He whispered, voice breathless from the kiss and my fingers. "Please fuck me."

"As you wish." I grinned wickedly and slammed right into him, watching him tip his head back as he cried out, his fingers gripping onto the sheets. I swallowed my own moan, starting my steady thrusts into him. Fuck, he felt so good around my cock, as good as I remembered. I knew that, after this trip I'd have to arrange for this to be a regular thing again. "Touch yourself." I growled, feeling generous and I could have laughed at how quickly his hand moved to his dick.

"Thank you sir." I smiled at how easily the word returned to his lips and I pounded hard into him as he wanked his pretty little dick. I knew he'd likely not last, but that would be ok this once. His ass clenched around me, and I knew that was him making sure I'd follow him when he spilled over himself.

I fucked him hard, until we were both breathless and moaning. "Can I?" He asked and I smiled, knowing instantly what he wanted.

"Yeah, cum for me. Cum all over yourself slut." He groaned out and, almost as soon as I said the words, he did just that, shooting across his belly. I had to admit he'd gone longer than I expected, though I had no time to think on that as his insides squeezed around my aching dick.

I pulled out, giving my slick cock a few swift strokes, my own cum landing across his, a breathless groan leaving his lips. My fingers instantly ran through the mixture, bringing it up to his lips. "Suck." He smiled, parting them and wrapping his lips around them, his tongue lapping the remnants of us from my skin. Before we headed home he had to suck me off.

I smirked as his fingers got up the rest, sucking on them once he'd done with mine and I moved to drop his legs ro the bed. "Such a slut." I grinned, leaning down and kissing his forehead. "Now, get some rest. We've got a busy night tomorrow."

He looked at me and I knew he was curious as to what I had in mind, though he didn't say it. Instead he asked me something. "Can you sleep with me tonight?" I smiled and nodded, pushing the other bed alongside his and climbing under the covers with him.

"Now, rest up." I smiled, wrapping my strong arms around him as he drifted off against me.


The next day started with me waking to an amazing blow job from him, it was sloppy sure, but so fucking good. I got him to order breakfast as I stroked his dick and it was amusing seeing him try and form words while also trying not to let on what my hands were doing to him.

After breakfast we headed out to sightsee again, and again, I made sure he ate while we did so.

However my main plan for the day was the night and he looked confused again as I took him out to the venue. "You need some fun." I told him as I ushered him inside, moving to where we had a good view of the stage.

When we toured we sometimes got days where we had no gigs of our own, giving us a chance to do our own thing. Sometimes for me that thing, during the day, was my bandmates. But I'd often head out and try and check out the local music. I'd quickly discovered that German and Finnish bands did things that we'd just never see at home, though I'd have certainly liked too. Crossdressing, troll ears, full leather outfits, whipping, eating hearts, guys kissing, full frontal nudity, these bands ddi it all. Tonight, this venue would be host to a band that did most of those things, Turmion Kätilöt.

The support bands were decent enough, but nowhere near as wild as I knew the main event would be. I'd caught Turmion on a venue much like this a few years back and, fuck, that night had been etched on my memory. It was certainly the most memorable gig I'd ever been to. Hopefully tonight would be too.

When the band came onstage, the crowd went wild. I caught sight of Matt as he gaped at the sight of them and smirked to myself. The band certainly wore eclectic outfits, which didn't match in the slightest. The singer, who I knew was Spellgoth, wore a jacket and hot pants, though he shed them over the show till he wore backless rubber shorts. His counterpart wore a long trenchcoat covered in spikes. The guitarist wore a kilt, which showed off his legs. The drummer wore just underwear and striped long socks. The keyboardist wore a combat vest and camo trousers. And, perhaps best of all was the bassist who wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit.

Matt's face was priceless as Spellgoth stripped to nothing, while his fellow singer groped and kissed his fellow bandmates. I did notice, though, that when such antics weren't going on, his focus was on the bassist. Perfect.


"Those guys were... fuck, I don't even know!" Matt exclaimed once the show was over. He looked much brighter than he had and I smirked. "And those outfits...."

I licked my lips, nodding. "Oh yes, and I could tell you liked the bassist's."

His cheeks flushed and he nodded, biting his lip. "Oh yeah his is so hot, do you know his name?"

I smirked and leaned in, whispering in his ear. "His name if I recall is Hannu, but his stage name is Master Bates." He let out a soft groan and squirmed. "Come on."

I took him by the hand and lead him through the crowd, making our way towards the exit. Once we were in the cool night air, I made released his hand and made our way down an alley beside the venue. There, leaning against the wall, was Hannu, still in the schoolgirl outfit. "Hello again Rich." He said with a smile, his eyes sparkling. "And hello to your pretty little friend."

"He's Matt." I returned his smile, nodding to my companion. "Now let's get inside."

Hannu grinned, pushing himself from the wall. "As you wish sir." I licked my lips, turning and heading back to our hotel. I could tell that Matt had questions, so I decided to give him the basic version as we made our way to our room. "As you could probably tell, this wasn't my first time seeing them. Last time I had a very memorable night with Spellgoth and Hannu here." I smirked at the memory, my cock twitching in my boxers. "I let him know we were coming, and figured he'd be the one to catch your eye."

I unlocked our door, gesturing them both inside the room. The second we were inside and it was closed, I turned to them and growled, looking right at Matt. "Get naked slut."

He nodded wordlessly, stepping away and taking off his jacket. Satisfied he'd do as he was told, I pushed Hannu against the wall with a growl, pressing my body against him. "You look like such a whore."

He wet his lips, eyes twinkling as he spoke. "I try my best sir." He grinned and I crashed my lips on his, my hands running down his sides. I couldn't help but slip a hand under his skirt, eager to see what I'd find. My fingers almost instantly made contact with the soft skin of his low hanging balls and I let out a low growl.

"Whore." I breathed against his lips as we parted, which made him smirk. I turned my attention back to Matt, who was now fully naked, his erect dick bouncing between his legs as he watched us. "On the bed, legs spread." He nodded, instantly doing as he was told and then I turned to Hannu. "Climb on top of him."

"Yes sir." He purred the words out, separating from me to do just that. I quickly removed everything I wore, watching as Hannu ground his skirt-clad ass against Matt's aching cock. The second I was naked I grabbed the lube and made my way over to them, pushing Hannu down over Matt's body.

Getting an idea, I set the lube down for a moment and removed Hannu's bright red tie from around his neck. "Take each other's hands." They did as I asked and I used the tie to secure them together, which was just about doable. Hannu probably had a spare with his things, but I wasn't going to send him out for it now. With their hands secured between their chests I grabbed the lube again and slicked up my fingers, but unlike last night I made sure that ones on both hands were coated. "Now, kiss." They didn't need telling twice, the pair of them sloppily kissing the moment the words left my lips. I smirked and set the lube aside, before bringing my fingers to their respective arses. I pressed my fingers between their cheeks, easily finding their holes, easy due to my fuck with Matt last night and who knows what Hannu had been up to. In position, I pushed fingers into them both, their groans swallowed by their kissing.

I didn't do this often, fingering two guys at once like this. It required dexterity which most lacked, but came fairly easy to me, perhaps due to my playing. Still, it was fun to do, and certainly hot, it just had to be short lived. Both of them moaned as I worked two fingers into each of them, opening them up for the cocks that were to come. I left just two in Hannu, but added a third into Matt, twisting my talented digits into them both.

"Fuck..." Matt breathed, breathless and panting from both the kiss and my fingerwork.

"That's exactly what you're going to get." I grinned, retreating my fingers from them and lubing up my cock. I could have just positioned them like that and alternate between fucking the asses presented to me. That was another thing I'd done, but I found it broke my rhythm. Besides, this trip was about cheering Matt up, so instead I reached under them and slicked his dick briefly. "Whore, ride him."

"Yes sir!" Hannu replied and, with a little help, he sank down onto Matt, his skirt covering them up. As he started to move I positioned myself between Matt's cheeks and sank myself into him. I held onto Hannu for leverage, growling as the pair of them kissed again. This was one thing I loved about threeways, or orgies, you got to fuck and a live porno at the same time. I let out a cross between a growl and a groan, as I started to give Matt a good fucking.

He was a moaning mess whenever his lips separated from Hannu's, the feeling of both my cock and the bassist's ass too much for him. I felt him squirm whenever I filled him and it was just so hot to see him like that. His head was tipped back and Hannu was taking advantage by ravaging his neck with his lips and teeth.

"So fucking hot." I growled, pounding away at Matt's sexy arse. I reached around and under Hannu's skirt, taking his member in hand, stroking him firmly. "You two sluts can shoot whenever you're ready."

Matt moaned his thanks, though it came out as an incoherent sound when Hannu nipped at his neck. Matt squirmed more and then I felt his hole twitch around me in a manner I was familiar with. Smirking, I stroked Hannu's dick faster, not wanting him to be left out as Matt's ass drew out my orgasm.

He let out something which I suspected was his native tongue as I felt his dick pulse in my hand, spilling against his skirt. Not for the first fucking time. I released him, gripping his thigh as I slammed into Matt, growling as his twitching hole took me over the edge. "Fucking sluts." I growled, pumping my load deep inside Matt.

I rode my orgasm out, then slipped out, moving quickly to free their hands from Hannu's tie. I kissed them both as Hannu shifted to lay beside him. "Have fun?"

"Mmmm." Matt nodded, breathless and squirming on the sheets.

"Oh yes." Hannu replied with a smile. "Your little friend is quite hot." Matt blushed and I leaned in, kissing his forehead. "Mind if I stay the night? We have a day off tomorrow and I can..." He didn't say anything, but instead sucked on two of his fingers. I wondered if he'd used them on himself to get some of Matt's cum.

"Sure." I smirked and nodded, pulling the sheets over them. "Just grab some of your stuff from your bus tomorrow."

He shot me a knowing grin and nodded, laying back and resting against Matt. I looked at him and smiled. He was already asleep, a contented look on his sweet face. I kissed his cheek, then pulled covers over myself, smirking at the thought of what tomorrow would bring. Yeah, he was definitely going to be much better by the time we got back home, although he'd most likely be walking funny as well.
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