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Whole Lotta Jay

Whole Lotta Jay
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 26: Feederism
Warnings: Feederism and... well that's about it really.
Notes: Took awhile to do cause I got distracted but yeah, I had an urge to do a feederism fic and this is the result.

Padge hummed as we laid in bed together, his fingers running over my belly. "You're so pretty." I felt myself flush at his words, still not used to hearing them. He was so sweet, and I still wasn't used to even though we'd been together for over a month now, which was already longer than most of my other relationships.

"So're you." He smiled, circling his fingers over my skin, his touch making me squirm a little, my body still sensitive from our recent fuck. My arse twitched a little from the memory of his perfect dick inside me.

"Can I ask you something?" He asked, voice soft.

"Sure, anything." I replied, sighing contentedly as he pressed his body up agaiinst my own.

I noticed that he bit his lip before speaking again. "Do you know what feederism is?" I was a pretty kinky guy, which was one of the reasons I'd not had many proper relationships. I was a guy that prefered no strings sex with random guys. As such I'd tried a lot of things and developed several kinks as a result. Feederism was one of those kinks I was aware of but not actually done myself. After all, unlike bondage or watersports it was a more... long term thing.

"Yeah, I do." I replied, returning his gaze, curious as to why he'd asked.

"I'm really into it and I'd really love to feed you up." His eyes met mine and he wet his lips, his fingers still moving on my belly. "So I guess what I wanna know is would you be interested in letting me?"

I had a feeling he was going to ask me that since the moment he asked me if I knew what feederism was. The way he touched me and his semi hard cock against my side, well, that was enough to make up my mind. "Sure."

He grinned the biggest grin and leaned in, kissing me. "Awesome! We'll start tomorrow."


I woke the next morning to the scent of food, wafting from his kitchen. I could already feel my stomach rumble in appreciation. Fuck it smelt so good.

"Ah you're awake." He grinned as he entered the room, carrying a tray of food over to the bed. "I was hoping you would be." I sat up in bed a little, gazing over the food he'd laid out. It was a variety of breakfast foods, clearly chosen with their fatty content in mind. "I hope you're feeling hungry."

"Oh yes." I smiled, licking my lips and reaching to start, but he stilled my hand.

"Can I?" He asked, looking at me and I nodded, the grin returning to his face. He licked his lips and started to feed me, bringing up a slice of toast covered in a thick layer of nutella to my lips. I ate what was given, although it was strange getting fed this way. He watched me then took a slice for himself, nodding for me to continue on my own.

We ate in contented silence for awhile, like we'd done for many mornings before, only with him taking over feeding duties every so often. "So, do you want to do this?" I asked between mouthfuls, curious.

He smiled and settled next to me, licking his lips. "Well, I want to fatten you up. Like... really big." He gestured out with his hands and bit his lip. "I've really wanted to do this for a long time, but never found the right person and I... I think you'd look beautiful like that." He paused, looking a little dazed as he clearly pictured it in his mind. He shook his head a little, licking his lips and shifting in his place. "I mean, you can always say no... but I hope you won't."

"Yeah, I do." I replied, nodding a little, seeing his face light up. The sight of that was worth it alone and he kissed me, running his fingers over my chest.

"I'm so glad." He whispered as he seperated from me, grinning as he reached to fed me again. "Now let's finish up, because the thought of you like that has made me hard as fuck." I returned his grin, taking everything he had to give, which was something I knew I'd be doing again soon.


It was a few weeks since he'd started feeding me and I'd already pilled on the pounds. He'd made sure to give me regular, high fat meals and it didn't hurt that he was an absolutely amazing cook.

I was also helped along by weight gain powder, which he'd suggested a few days after we started. I'd only been to happy to oblige him, though I'd been surprised by how fast it had actually worked. I'd already outgrown my jeans, which was a thing that had caused Padge to grin when he found out. Now I mostly wore stretchy trousers, not that I had much of a need to wear them. I was content to stay in with him, being fed and fucked by him.

I squirmed slightly, feeling my stomach rumble. Fuck I wanted both right now. Thank fuck he was in the kitchen right now so at least one of those needs would be soon filled.

He entered the room a few moments later, carrying the now familiar tray which was loaded with tonight's meal. He grinned as I let out a low groan, shifting into position to eat. "Sounds like I came just in time." There were two plates with his delicious curry on it, with his with a noticably smaller portion than mine and I could feel myself salivate. "You look like you could use a good feed."

"Oh yes." I licked my lips, eager to get started on the meal he'd made for us.

"Well let's get started then babe." He kissed me briefly, then grabbed a fork, scooping some up and bringing it to my lips. I greedily swallowed down everything he gave me, mouthful after delicious mouthful.

Of course he didn't spend the whole time feeding me, he'd pause to feed himself and I did the same. "That's it." He ran his fingers over my rounded belly, humming. "Eat up my pretty piggy." I grinned, shovelling it into my mouth until my plate was clean. "Good boy." He grinned as he finished his own. "I bet you fancy some desert hmm?"

I groaned softly and nodded, eager for more. "Fuck yeah."

He grinned and kissed me, before picking up the tray with our plates on it and heading out to get it. Fuck, I couldn't wait.


It was months after Padge started feeding me up and I was much, much fatter as a result. I was pretty much confined to bed now, with a belly so large that I could no longer see my lower half. A few weeks ago I'd gotten so big I could no longer touch myself. Fuck, Padge had loved that. He'd fucked me so hard, I could still feel it. I squirmed against the bed at the memory, the springs creaking beneath me.

Padge smiled as he he looked me over, running his fingers across my huge stomach. "My hot piggy." I nodded and returned his smile, watching him and licking sugar from my own lips. He'd gotten me some donuts, which I'd polished off a few minutes ago. "Mmmm I think you deserve a reward for doing so well."

I wondered what he had in mind. Rewards were usually either food or sexual, and since I'd just recieved the donuts I was going to guess it was the latter. He smirked, shifting so he was out of my sight due to my massive bulk. I felt his hands on my thighs, which now practically touched due to my extra fat on them. He pulled them apart and I shifted them a little to help him. I felt him settle between my legs, his hands shifting up to my belly. He gently pushed my belly up and I squirmed, feeling him duck down and... fuck. "Fuck Padge..." I gasped as his lips surrounded my cock. I groaned in pleasure, my chubby fingers gripping the sheets beneath me. It wasn't very often that my dick got attention, especially once I could no longer reach it. He took me down steadily, until he had as much as he was able to get due to my weight.

He hummed as he started to suck me off, his hair brushing aginst my belly and thighs as he moved. Groans of pleasure left my lips with each one of his moments. His tongue twisted against my heated flesh and I gasped. "So good..."

I squirmed, the bed creaking again. I could feel myself getting close already. The lack of contact meant that I had next to no stamina. I cursed myself for it, even as I moaned, wanting the feeling of his lips around me to last. "Padge...." I gasped out his name as I came down his throat, my fat thighs lifting off the bedsheets as I did.

I panted heavily in the aftermath, his head coming back into view. "Mmm you taste so good piggy..." He purred, sounding breathless himself. I watched as he shifted beside me, his lips pressing against mine so I could taste myself. When we parted he smiled, licking his lips as he took my hand in his. "Now I think you're much too worn out from that to fuck... so you'll have to put your hand to work."

I let out a soft groan and nodded, wrapping my chubby fingers around his dick and starting to stroke him. I'd jerked him off a few times since getting bigger and it as probably the biggest exertion that my hands did now. "Mmm that's it piggy, I love your fat fingers around me so much." I smiled, wanking him faster, eager for him to cum too. "Fuck, yeah." He groaned, thrusting to meet my hand. "That's it piggy, I'm gonna cum soon all over your fat belly." I groaned at his words and he chuckled. "You like that piggy?" His hands reached my belly, jiggling the soft flesh. I nodded in response, stroking him faster. "Mmm perhaps I should get some guys round, really cover you." Another groan left my lips at the thought and my eyes lidded, trying to imagine such a thing.

I'd not been with anyone else since I'd started gaining, so the thought of hm bringing round people, well, it made me ache, even if he had no intention of actually going through with it. "Yeha..." He said voice getting breathless. "I'll bring the guys round, we can make a night of it. Feed you up, piss on you, shoot over you.... fuck..." I felt wetness against my skin and knew that he'd done just that.

Quickly I bought my fingers to my lips, licking his load off them as he chcukled breathlessly. "Mmm needy cum slut." He laid back against me, panting, his fingers drawing circles on my skin. "Mmm, well you've had a nice treat and some exercise too." He leaned in, kissing my neck lightly. "Looks like I'll have to go and get you you a nice big meal sorted once I have my breath back."

I nodded in agreement, my stomach rumbling a little at the mention of food. He grinned at the sound, kissing me intensely. Fuck I loved being his piggy.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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