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Now There Are Two Of Them

Now There Are Two Of Them
Pairing: Luke Johnson/Micheal Thomas/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Luke
Warnings: Kinkverse, BDSM, watersports
Notes: Birthday fic for the awesome lc_ffaf, Happy Birthday! I pondered what to do, and then my mind settled on your OTP and then well, this happened so... yay!

I blinked at the sight before me, sure I was seeing things but from the reactions of other people I knew I wasn't mistaken. There was Richard Boucher, perhaps the most intimidating man that I knew, with a chain in hand which was connected to the collar of a naked slut. Alone that wouldn't be terribly unusual, I'd past several others with slaves in a similar manner. What was unusual was the slave. He looked like Richard. Facially anyway, he was less bulky with fewer tattoos. His hair was cropped in a more boyish cut then I'd ever seen Richard have.

Like everyone else I stepped aside as they passed, my eyes wide. I was sure I was sure everyone else was sharing the same thoughts I had on seeing the pair of them. What the fuck? Where did he come from?

But there was one thing that loomed larger than every other thought.

Fuck, there's two of them.


I hummed softly to myself as I unlocked the door to the house that I shared with Micheal. He simply had to be told about this new development. I kicked the door closed once I stepped inside, following the sounds of groans coming from the tv to the living room. I spared a glance to the screen, just to see what he was watching.

It was an episode of Slut Fixers, the show where guys bought on their sluts to get modified in someway. Amputations, tattoos, castrations, all those and more were done on it regularly. I knew at the end of the current series there one of the modders, Stretch, was due to lose his balls. It couldn't come soon enough, those things had been stretched out over the series and were just begging to be lopped off.

I turned my attention to Michael, ignoring the buzzing of the tattooists needle. "You won't believe what I just saw." Micheal raised an eyebrow, our eyes meeting. "I saw Richard, he has a new slut."

He snorted and shrugged a little. "Another one? He seems to have a new one every 5 minutes."

"No, this one's different." I replied and shook my head, heading over and sitting beside him. "This slut is... it's like him. Like a twin we never knew he had. He's not as muscular as him but he has some of the same tattoos and most definitely the same cock."

"What?" He raised an eyebrow and leaned forward, definitely intrigued. "He most certainly doesn't have a twin. We'd have known about it way before now." I nodded my agreement, ignoring a squeal coming from the tv. "And I don't see him taking the time and effort to alter a slave to look like him."

"Me either." I scratched my chin in thought, hearing a scream from the tv. "So where did he come from?"

"That, I don't know."


I stirred, my sleep disturbed by sounds from downstairs. It sounded like the door, which made me check that Micheal was still beside me. I frowned when I found he was, so slipped out of bed, heading out to see what it was.

I'd heard of things that happened in the big cities, sluts that were so desperate they'd actually break into homes of known noms for the punishment they recieved. While I'd not heard it happen around here beforeI supposed it could be a possibility.

Once I got to the top of the stairs I spotted the source of the sounds, a figure stumbling around down there, the door wide open. "What the fuck are you doing in our house?" I growled, reaching for the light switch to get a look at the intruder.

"Jocko?" He slurred, swaying slightly. "What're you doing in m'house?"

I blinked at the sound of his voice. No, it couldn't be. I quickly flicked the light switch on and gasped softly at the sight before me. "Holy shit..."

The guy down there, well he looked like Michael, facially anyway. He had bright red hair, which hung to his shoulders. He looked dazed, like he was drunk. "Micheal you better come look at this!" I shouted into the bedroom and other!Micheal looked up, confused.

"Jocko, what've ya done to your hair?" He asked, looking confused at me.

"Ugh, what the fuck is it Luke?" Micheal asked from our room, stepping out on his hand, rubbing his eyes. "I was having a nice dream about gutti... the fuck?" He stared at the other!Micheal and he returned the look, obviously becoming more confused himself.

I headed down stair, Micheal following behind me. "Jocko wha.... what's going on?" Other!Micheal asked, looking between us, although his eyes lingered more on Micheal. He shook his head. "Fuck, I've really had too much to drink..."

I pushed the door shut, yanking a set of keys out of the keyhole, which certainly explained how he got in. I then took up position there, making sure he couldn't get out. Micheal stepped in front of the intruder, looking him up and down. "Fucking hell."

"Yeah..." I whispered softly, awed by the sight before me of them both. "What should we do to him?"

"Well, it's obvious that this is a slut." He growled, gripping the other him by his red hair and leaning in. "Strip."

"Wha...?" The other him replied, blinking.

Micheal growled and punched him without hesitation. "Did I fucking stutter? Get your fucking clothes off before I rip them off!" The other him staggered from the blow, his eyes clearly watering.

"Ok ok..." He whispered, reaching down and starting to remove his clothing. His hands were shaking as he pulled his t-shirt off, dropping it onto the chair behind him. He was much less inked than Micheal was, as well as less toned and more rounder. He then undid the fly of his jeans, popping open the button and pushing down the zipper. The pair of us watched as he pushed his jeans down to the floor nudging them aside with his foot, leaving him standing in his underwear and... one shoe. Drunk fuck.

"Those too you fuck." Micheal growled, gesturing to his boxers and the intruder bit his and did that.

"Ima so fucking hammered..." He mumbled to himself and I shook my head slightly. What did he think this was? A drunken hallucination? Admittedly I likely would have thought this was a dream or some shit if I'd not seen the two Richards earlier.

The pair of us looked him over once he was naked as we both were. Besides the shock of red hair and his lack of muscle tone his body was completely unblemished, no tattoos or scars that were noticeable. He was like a blank slate.

"Fuck, look at the state of you." Micheal snarled out the words, gripping the bright red locks again. "Everything about you screams 'I'm a fucking cockslut'." I licked my lips, feeling myself stiffen. Fuck I loved how he treated sluts. "When was the last time you had one huh? Or does your drunken arse not remember the last time not remember the last time you last sucked someone's knob?"

The intruder baulked at that, his mouth opening and closing like a fish as he tried to come up with a response. "I don't have to tell you anything." He replied after a few seconds, his words still slightly slurred. "You're not real." He didn't sound terribly confident about that assertion, though, especially as he was trembling.

Micheal snarled, displeased by his double's answer so he twisted his hand in his hair. "When I ask sluts questions I expect them to fucking answer me. Now, answer the fucking question."

The intruder whimpered, actually whimpered, a sound I'd never heard Micheal make before. "Earlier. I sucked Padge's cock between drinks."

"What the fuck is a Padge?" I found myself asking and he glanced at me, as if remembering I was there.

"You know Padge, Jocko he's..." Micheal punched him again, making him almost double over.

"You will refer to Luke as sir. Show some fucking respect." Another whimper and more tears leaked out of his eyes. As soon as Micheal released his hair he crumpled to the floor before us. "Pathetic piece of filth. Well let's see if you're actually any good at sucking cock. Follow me, you can do that can't you slut?"

Micheal didn't wait for an answer, heading straight into the living room, turning the light on. His double went to stand, but I planted my foot firmly on his back to stop him. "No, sluts crawl in this house." He didn't argue that point and I followed as he crawled after Micheal.

Micheal had sat himself down in his seat with his legs spread wide, his cock standing erect between them. "Now since you're a slut you should know what to do now without me telling you." The red headed slut crawled the rest of the way to him and then started to suck him off. I'd seen many sluts take Micheal's dick, but it was always a turn on, especially now that it was a slutty version of him doing it. Micheal let out a low groan of pleasure, his hands going to the intruder's hair again, holding him in place. He glanced over at me and mouthed two words to me. 'Bind him.'

I wet my lips and went to the chest we kept here, which was filled with various implements and equipment to use of the sluts we bought home. I popped it open and pulled out a length of black rope from within, taking it back over to them. I pulled each of his arms behind his back, hearing him make protests that were muffled by Micheal's cock.

"Shut the fuck up." Micheal snarled and I smirked, tying the slut's arms behind him, making sure to make the bindings nice and tight. We didn't want him getting ideas of escaping now we had him after all.

"How is he?" I asked as I finished off the restraints, the rope coiled tightly around the length of his arms. He wouldn't be moving them anytime soon that was for sure.

Micheal looked thoughtful for a moment, letting out a groan. "Pretty good, that is when he's not trying to fucking talk. He'll probably be even better when he's not pissed out of his mind." I smirked and nodded, watching as he pulled the slut's head back, off his cock. "Still think this isn't real?"

The other!Micheal shook his head, his lips shiny and wet. "N... no." He whimpered as Micheal growled. "No sir." He added quickly, glancing up at him. "What is this place?"

"This is your new home you little twat, now no more fucking talking." Micheal looked to me and I could tell by the look in his eyes what he was thinking. "Now slut, show Luke your skills with your mouth." Micheal stood, gesturing for me to take his place, which I did gladly. As soon as I did I felt his warm mouth engulfing my dick and I let out my own moan as he took me down with ease. I was bigger than Micheal and sometimes that meant sluts had a harder time taking me, but he just did it one go. He flicked his tongue and squeezed his lips around me like a fucking pro.

My hands drifted to his bright locks and I let out my own moans. "Fuck..."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Micheal, moving away from us, grabbing something that he rarely used on sluts. Lube. He slathed three fingers in it as he made his way behind the other version of himself. I gripped his hair tight, knowing from experience what was coming. With one hand Micheal held his double's arse open, which he forced all three of his lube-slick fingers into him. I felt him cry out around my dick, but I didn't let him move away. "Consider yourself lucky slut, he doesn't usually bother with lube." Micheal grinned and I saw that he was flexing his fingers up his ass. He groaned around my cock, his eyes watering and I chuckled. "Aww poor little slut's crying."

Micheal flashed me another grin, thrusting his fingers out of him. "Well we'll just have to give him something to really cry about." He lined himself up and I licked my lips, watching as he slammed into him. Fuck, this was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. He gripped his slutty double's arse cheeks as he started fucking him hard, growls leaving his lips. "Oh yes, that's it you fucking slut. Oh we're going to have such fun with you."

I couldn't help but think about all the things that we'd do to him. Marring that pale skin was certainly going to be a priority for us, though how was something I'd let him decide. Brands, blades, ink or just simple bruising. Fuck it, we'd likely do all of them at one point or another to him and more besides. The thought of seeing him cry and squirm and scream turned me on just as much as his mouthwork. "Fuck yeah..."

"Come on Luke, shoot down the slut's fucking throat, give him the first taste of a real man's cum." I growled, the words enough to tip me over the edge. I came hard, my fingers gripping the bright red hair tighter as I felt him swallow me down. Filthy cocksucking slut.

I settled back, releasing his hair and watching as my dick slipped from his lips. That meant that I could hear his sweet moans as Micheal pounded into him, his body shaking from the force of the thrusts. If I'd not just shoot my load...

Micheal growled and I knew what that meant, I'd heard that specific sound often enough now. I licked my lips, panting softly as I watched as he came himself, deep up his double's arse. "Fuck slut..." He pulled out roughly, letting his other self crumple to the floor between us. "You're a pretty good fuck, we'll work on that though." He took ahold of the bright red hair of his other self, pulling him up so he was fully on his knees. From his new position I could see he was erect and aching. "And you're not came either, good slut."

"What're you going to do to me... sir?" He asked, his voice breathless though not as slurred as it was.

Micheal flashed him a wicked smirk. "Oh, you'll soon find out what we do with sluts here. But if you're good, well you won't end up as head on a wall." His face blanched a little and Micheal chuckled, aiming his softening length for him, a stream of hot piss arcing from his tip. The bright red hair made an easy target and he gawped in shock, which of course only made sure he got a mouthful. "Best not spill a drop if you know what's good for you." To the slut's credit he did swallow it down without arguement. Fuck he sure was a keeper. "Do you need to use him?"

I shook his head, as much as I'd like to. Micheal finished up dousing the slut in his piss, marking him as his own, then wiped his dick across his lips. "Now slut, you will stay right here. And we will deal with you in the morning." I smirked, knowing how much that would scare him, especially knowing that he would notice the decor of the room while left alone. From the art of dead sluts, to the pair of mounted heads on the wall and the fact we'd replaced the upholstery of the seats with sllut skin.... well, I'm sure he'd have a lot to think about. Micheal grabbed a ball gag from a side table, stuffing it in his mouth and buckling it behind his head. "Have fun."

And with that we left him there, turning the light off as we went. Beside me I saw that Micheal was grinning and I just knew his devious little mind was coming up with ideas on how we'd be entertaining him over the days and weeks to come.
Tags: kinkverse, luke johnson, micheal thomas, moose, slash
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