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One Good Reason Why

One Good Reason Why
Pairing: Jason James/Matthew Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jason
Warnings: AU, kinkverse, BDSM, violence
Notes: Ok this ended up as a beast of a fic and it's all because of lc_ffaf suggesting 'what if Jason and Matthew met at Rich's'. (I also blame her for this cause of her latest awesome kinkverse fic too.) So here it is. I might do a follow up to this.

I had a horrible sense of deja vu as I stared out at the house which I'd just pulled up outside. The last time I was here, well the version of here where I was from, I'd had an experience I'd not care to repeat. The scar still throbbed, a permenant reminder of what went on there. Well, there. That fucking scar, the one wound of that night that just wouldn't go away. Bastard.

That was why I was here. Payback. The Richard Boucher of this world hadn't inflicted those wounds, but his screams of pain would be a more than adequate substitute. I'd finally get to live out at least some of the methods of revenge I'd come up with in the days and nights since.

Of course all this relied on this being his home, although I was fairly certain it was. After all my pathetic slut's home matched mine, right down to having the same key, so I was fairly confident this was where this Richard should be. I studied the house, looking for any signs of life. There wasn't any, but his car was in the driveway so that likely meant he was home.

Well, only one way to find out.

I took a deep breath and got out my car, walking over to the front door. I steeled myself, ringing the doorbell and waiting for him, or anyone else, to answer. I waited and waited, ringing it again just to be sure but no one came. Through the glass panes in the door, something Richard never had, I noticed a small pile of mail and papers. I frowned a little, then sighed. Clearly he wasn't here and hadn't been for awhile. Perhaps he'd decided to take a trip somewhere. I sighed in frustration, turning to head towards the car....

And then I paused, catching sight of a figure standing at the end of the driveway, a cigarette between his lips. "He's gone you know." He stated matter of factly and he stepped closer, into my field of view. Once he was a little closer I could make out who he was. His name, back home, was Matthew Davies. "Almost as if he's disappeared from the face of the earth." He smirked, a dark glint in my his eyes. As I looked at him there was something about him, the way he held himself, which didn't seem to be like the other people I'd encountered here.

"You're here for Richard." I said, carefully, studying his face to see how he reacted. He looked at the house behind me, slight irritation on his face, before nodding.

"Yeah, of course I am." He blew out a cloud of smoke, his eyes meeting mine. "As are you Jason." That made me absolutely certain. He was from home.

I had to admit I had wondered if I was the only one from home here. Both possibilities were, of course, intriguing in their own way. If I had been alone, than this world was mine to exploit, with all the guys here mine to fuck and torture. And if I wasn't, well that would all depend on who the other person was. I was just glad it wasn't Richard, because I knew full well what he'd do to me. The fucker.

Matthew Davies wasn't someone I knew particularly well. I'd seen him at the bars we'd been at and at Richard's place, before the... incident. He had a reputation for being brutal, although not as much as Richard of course. He was also, obviously, clearly here for the same reason as I was, to torture this world's version of him. Had Richard done the same to him as he had me? Or was he just looking to fuck with the unfuckable?

The thing was though, that Richard wasn't here and he knew it.

"I didn't think anyone else from home was here." I replied, then nodded back to Richard's house while keeping my gaze on him. "How are you so sure he's gone?"

He shrugged slightly, exhaling a cloud of wispy smoke. "I thought the same as well. My counterpart here was actually friends with this place's Richard. More than that, they were actually in a band together." He wrinkled his nose, disgust clear on his features. Well I guessed that meant they weren't very good, though that wasn't a surprise considering this place. "So that meant I was following him on facebook and such. A few weeks back all his activity ceased, with nothing to say why. I came to keep an eye on the place, but there's been no signs of life whatsoever." He took another long drag from his cigarette, the frustration on his face was clear, no doubt matching my own. "Pity, I was hoping to fuck him up."

"Same here." I replied shaking my head. "Think someone else beat us to it?"

He shrugged again, looking a little thoughtful. "Perhaps or perhaps." He made a motion with his hands, the smoke circling as he did so, indicating us and then his house as he continued speaking. "He could be home just like we are here."

"Huh, maybe." I replied, nodding a little. Well it was certainly a possibility and would explain his disappearence. Although if that was true that did leave a problem.


Now that we both knew about each other being here we couldn't just walk away like nothing had happened. Which left us with few options. Fewer still considering we weren't exactly on friendly terms back home.

Whichever way this went I knew there as one definite thing I had to do. I growled and stepped closer to him, drawing myself to my full height and meeting his gaze with my own. "Well Matthew this has been an interesting little chat, but this has been a fucking waste of time without Richard here to make scream in pain."

Matthew wet his lips, dropping his cigarette and stubbing it out beneath his boot. "Yes, shame that." His eyes looked me up and down, sizing me up. "But you're here." He smirked and I could tell instantly what he was thinking.

Another growl left my lips, memories of what Richard did to me filling my mind. I wasn't going to let it happen again, not without a fight. "I'm not some dirty little slut for you to fuck up." I snarled out the words, shoving him against the wall. "Although you certainly look like one." I returned his smirk, firmly pining him against the brick, leaning in close. "I bet you'd scream so good with a blade in you..."

He sneered at me and I jerked back as a blade sliced through my clothing, a hiss leaving my lips as it knicked my skin. Enough to sting but not to cause any permenant damage. "Like I'd let a filthy little twat like you do any such thing to me."

I let out a low growl of irritation, though I wasn't sure if it was more at him or myself. Of course he'd have a weapon, it would be foolish to come to Richard's without one. That meant that I had a knife of my own, which I quickly took to hand as our eyes met. "You underestimate me Matthew." I paused, waving my knife broadly to indicate our surroundings. "Unfortunately though, this isn't home. We can't set this in a fight like this, not in the open anyway."

He made a groan of irritation, rolling his eyes. "Fucking hell. This place and it's nightmarish rules." He lowered his blade and I followed suit. To be honest I wasn't sure that would work, but clearly he saw the sense in it. After all, if we fought we'd make noise and if we made noise the dreary locals might call their... what were they called again? Ah yes, police on us. And then neither of us would win. "Wish I was fucking back home, then I'd not have to worry about this shit."

I nodded in agreement. That was definitely the major disadvantage of this place. There were no places to torture people openly, not even in your own garden! It was offset by being able to make versions of fellow doms from home scream in agony, but it would be more enjoyable back home where there were no holds barred. It made me wonder if Matthew was right, if this Richard was home, what was happening to him, Maybe he was screaming in agony like we'd wanted but it was by Richard's own hand.


"So what shall we do then?" I asked, shaking the thought from my mind so I could focus on now. "Take this somewhere else or shall we simply part ways?" He raised an eyebrow and I knew that the latter was out of the question, just as I'd suspected.

"Fuck that shit." He shook his head, growling in clear irritation. "No, there's another option." I looked at him, studying carefully, wondering exactly what he was thinking. "As far as we know... we're the only people from home here. We could stick together, join up. Show this place that we can really fuck them up."

Huh. It was an interesting thought, one I'd not considered as a possibility, mostly because we weren't close. Perhaps if he'd been Micheal or Darran I'd have offered the suggestion up myself. But Matthew? I barely knew him, just his reputation. And that reputation made his offer a surprise as well. Still, it'd be good to be around someone from home and if he wasn't sincere, well I could deal with him.

"Alright." I replied, nodding and looking him over. For now.

"Good." Was that relief I saw on his face? Hmm, that's interesting. Now he pocketed his knife, which I noted was smaller than my own, and he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lighter instead. With his free hand he opened the pack, pulling one out and slipping one between his lips before offering me one. Which, of course, I did. I certainly needed one to soothe my irritation over losing out on Richard. We lit up, taking drags, the smoke mixing in the air between us. "In the spirit of our new partnership how about you come to mine for a drink."

I considered for a few moments, then nodded a little, though I'd be sure to keep my blade close.


I followed him in my car to where his other self resided, although I wasn't sure it was the right place until we pulled up outside of it. The front garden was overgrown, unkept and it made it look like the place was abandoned. "This is your place?" I asked as I got out my car, looking at it with slight disgust.

His expression said it all, he felt the same. "Yeah, the version of here was a fucking pathetic piece of shit." He made a face at the thought, pulling out his key and opening the door, gesturing for me to follow him inside. "He was so sorry for himself, it was disgusting. At least he tastes decent."

"You killed him?" I asked as I entered, kicking the door closed behind me. I didn't want to turn my back on him.

"Of course, I did it the first day I arrived in this awful place." He licked his lips, his eyes glinting at the memory. "Didn't you with yours?"

I followed him, my boots sounding on the wooden floor, though bits of carpet were visible from where it had been torn away. "No, I've made him my personal little slut."

He chuckled and stepped into the living room. "I'm not narcissitic enough to have that version of myself as a slut, though I do sometimes wish I'd tortured him for longer. Like I have with this..."

He turned on the light and I followed his eyeline, towards a mass of black rubber, hanging from a shining hook from the ceiling. There was obviously a person within it and if this was back home I'd be fairly certain who that was. The person in the rubber squirmed, the movement distorting the light that reflected off it. "Is that..."

"Darran? Yeah." Matthew smirked, giving the rubber a firm punch and I heard a faint groan from within. "Seems he's a rubber slut no matter where he is."

I chuckled softly, glancing around the room but being sure to keep an eye on Matthew at all times. It was clear that the room had been as dull as my own slut's was, but he'd already made a few improvements which, like the hook, stood out due to their newness. Leaning against one wall was a box that had suspension frame on it, though it was still sealed with a toolkit alongside it.

The wall had a series of framed discs, showing the acomplishents of his counterpart. There were several pictures too the largest of which had two of the faces crossed out. There was also one frame that had tattooed skin stretched inside it, the words 'Born into this' noticeable in the middle of the ink.

Matthew undid the hood, pulling it off and revealling Darran's sweaty face. A clear indication he'd been wearing it for a long time. He blinked the sweat from his eyes and then he spotted me. "J... Jay? You gotta get out of here! This isn't Matt this is some monster!"

Matthew growled and punched him again, harder this time. "I didn't give you permission to speak cunt." Clearly this Darran knew my slut, maybe it'd be interesting to get them together.

I stepped closer to Darran, grabbing him by the chin and turning him to keep his focus on me. "I'm not 'Jay'. I'm Jason, not that a slut like you should be a using my name." His eyes widened in realisation and I smirked at the fear in his eyes. He looked so much like our Darran, unlike how different my slut looked to me. I spat in Darran's face, then looked to Matthew. "It would seem you need to do a better job of breaking him in, my slut wouldn't dare talk back like that."

Matthew's eyes narrowed a little at that, clearly annoyed by the comment. Good. "Well I've had to make do with what this pathetic world has." I nodded slightly, knowing exactly how he felt. Back home you get implements of torture from pretty much anywhere. Here, though, even basic stuff like whips and restraints were only from small out of the way places. And some of the best things from home, well you just couldn't find them at all! Not even on their internet. Ugh.

"I'll go get that drink. At least they have alcohol that's passable." He punched Darran again, then left us, heading to what must be the kitchen. Darran whimpered, his eyes on me as he swung from the blow. He didn't say anything else, though it was clear that he wanted too. He really did look just like our one. The only difference to his face was the lack of Darran's scar, whih was his most notable feature other than his love of wearing rubber.

"You know, the Darran that we know what never let himself get used like this." I leaned in closer to him, lowering my voice. "And certainly not be a lowlife like Matthew." I offered him a smile, then punched him in the side, his body now swinging in a different direction from it.

"Having fun?" I turned to Matthew and my first thought was fuck. He hadn't gone for a drink, but he'd certainly gone into the kitchen. He was wielding a carving knife and he was looking at me with dark eyes. "It's the last fun you'll ever have. Unless you like getting fucked like a slut."

I reached for my own blade, but he thrust his own forward, the blade catching my arm, slicing through my clothing. I yelped in pain, leaping back and he grinned wickedly. "You really think I'd make an alliance with you? Fuck off." He stepped closer to me and I backed up, knowing I was bleeding from his first blow. "The one advantage of this dreary world is that I can fuck up fellow doms from home. After Richard you were going to be my next target. But now I get to fuck up two of you instead, I think that'll be much more fun."

"Fuck you!" I snarled, moving behind Darran and pushing his rubber clad mass into him. He groaned as Darran caught him in the chest, making him stumble back. With him dazed I was able to grab ahold of my own blade, switching it to my left hand due to my fresh wound. It wasn't bad, but I didn't want it to dull my reflexes. I shifted so that I wasn't caught by Darran as he swung back towards me, keeping my eyes on Matthew.

"That was a dirty trick cunt." He snarled and he stood back up, glaring at me. "Well two can play at that game." With his free hand he grabbed the blade he'd wielded outside Richard's. Before I could register what he was up to the knife was flying across the room. I cried out as it caught me in the chest, as much from the surprise as it was from the pain. "Surrender to me and maybe I'll keep you like this whore." He gestured with his blade towards Darran, the sheer fucking arrogance to suggest such a thing.

"In your fucking dreams, there is no fucking way I'd submit to you." I growled out the words through clenched teeth, feeling pain throb frorm where the blade struck me. It, thankfully, missed main organs and my clothing had taken most of the blade, but I was still bleeding.

"As you wish." He grinned and approached me, blade raised. I slashed at his belly, but only suceeded in cutting through his clothes before having to back off from his own blade. He pressed his attack and I knew I was being backed into a corner. The back of my foot caught something and then an idea formed in my mind.

I purposely stumbled, ducking back so I was on the floor and he grinned in triumph. He loomed over me, crouching down and catching my arm as I tried to cut him with my knife. He tutted, shaking his head. "It'll be fun to see you scream, and make you watch as I torture your filthy little slut. You should ha..."

He stopped mid sentence, a scream leaving his lips as a whir filled the air, along with the sound of flesh tearing. I grinned, licking my lips. He pushed me right to where he'd left his boxed rig, apparently forgetting about the tools he'd left exposed alongside it, including the one I was using on his leg. Taking advantage of his surprise, I pulled the drill back and kicked him back off me, making him fall to the floor. I stood, dropping my blade and using the drill on his exposed wrist, so that he would do the same. He let out another scream of pain and I chuckled, kicking the blade under the table out of his reach.

"You're pathetic Matthew, and incompetant." I pressed the button on the drill, whirring the bloodied metal bit. "And for that, you'll certainly have to pay."

To my amusement he was crying, actually crying. "Please..."

"Please what?" I asked, tilting his head up to face me with my free hand. "Hmm?"

"Please don't kill me..." I chuckled, shaking my head slightly. He was begging, actually begging for his life. How pathetic.

"Well we'll have to see about that, perhaps if you give me a good enough reason to do so. But first..." He screamed again as I drove the drill into his other wrist. I certainly wasn't going to take the chance he'd use his blade skills on me again. "Now... what to do with you..."
Tags: darran smith, fic, jason james, kinkverse, matthew davies, slash
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