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Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 11: Watersports
Warnings: Watersports, bondage
Notes: So I wanted to do some form of Jay porntimes to celebrate his brief twitter return... and ended up with this. (Though it's not as porny really.) This has took awhile mostly cause of organisation for this weekend.

I squirmed slightly on the tiled floor, eager for what was to come. A disadvantage of touring was that I couldn't do this very often. Sure I could do it with the guys, with that wasn't the same. Although I sure did appreciate their efforts to do so, and it was pretty hot to be on my knees on the tour bus on a rubber sheet while they stood around me...

Much like they were now.

Padge smiled down at me, brushing his long hair from where it had fell before his eyes. He'd just finished up binding my hands behind my back. "Ready?" He asked, his eyes meeting mine as he spoke. I nodded a little and felt Matt grasp my chin.

"Say it." He said in a low growl, grinning.

"I'm ready sir."

He smirked, releasing me and reaching for his fly, deftly undoing it and pulling out his soft dick. I wasn't offended that he didn't have a hard on, since right now it wasn't necessary. After a few moments he released a stream of hot golden piss over me. A groan escaped my lips and I leaned into the spray. I parted my lips, tasting some of his piss, my cock starting to stiffen between my legs, earning an few appreciative sounds from above.

"Such a dirty pissslut." That was Moose, who was whipping his cock out ready to let go himself.

This was what I loved, being on my knees getting pissed on. Above me, Matt smirked, aiming his dick for my parted lips. I opened them wider so that more of the hot fluid flowed down my throat. From my left a new stream hit me, landing across my inked chest. Moose. I let out a low groan, leaning into it as I swallowed the last of what Matt had to give me.

"Good slut." Matt grinned down at me, shaking his cock so the last drops of piss landed on my belly. Satisfied he was done he took a step back, letting Padge shift closer. He already had his flies undone, his dick soft and ready.

"Close your eyes slut." Moose spoke up and I did so, knowing what he was going to do. His stream shifted upward, over my face so that it drenched my hair. Fuck. A groan escaped my lips and he chuckled, the stream subsiding a few moments later, but it was enough to soak my hair fully. A few moments after he'd finished, Padge started his stream, aiming for my erection, his piss soaking the curls of my pubic hair.

I did wonder sometimes if there was a meaning to where a guy chose to piss on me first. Some aimed for my dick, like Padge, others went for my chest, hair or my mouth. With my bandmates at least, it as fairly random, with the main goal of covering me completely in their piss.

I squirmed as they did it again, the piss flowing in rivulets down my body to pool around my legs.

Padge shifted his aim up, towards my parted lips. I swallowed everything he gave me, humming contentedly. It tasted stronger than Matt's, but Padge's always was. So fucking good.

His stream subsided after a few moments and I watched as he zipped himself up. "Have fun our little piss slut." He said, a grin plastered on his face. "We'll see you soon."

And with that, the three of them left me alone in the club's toilets.

I wasn't alone for long though. Soon patrons of the bar started filtering in and I was blasted with fresh streams of piss. Some of the faces I recognised as regulars from previous times here and they smirked when they saw me. Some had things covering their faces, rubber hoods or masked, so it was impossible for me to identify them. Others were unfamiliar to me, but shown no real reaction to my presence, clearly used to having someone here to piss on. A few, though, were clearly new to this place. When they came in and saw me, they'd blink and look a little puzzled at my appearence. I'd smile, beg for what they were here to give and they would, although more hesitant than the others. There was, I knew, a seperate area for shit. I assumed, though didn't know for sure, that there was a guy similar to me in there too.

Time seemed to go by really quickly, even though I knew it was hours from how my limbs ached. Piss surrounded me, soaking my hair and body. Some was my own, from where I'd pissed myself awhile back.

The door opened and Padge stumbled in, grinning. "Hey it's our little piss slut!" He strode over to me, licking his lips. "Bet you wanna cum huh?"

"Yes sir." I whispered, nodding, my cock twitching between my legs from his words. I heard him chuckle and he reached around me, undoing my bindings. It was clear he had a bit to drink as his movements were a little clumsy, though that didn't matter much.

He grinned in triumph when I was freed, stepping back and looking at me hungrily. "Wank."

"Yes sir." I nodded, stretching my aching arms before taking my slick cock in hand and strarting to stroke.

"Where do you want it?" He asked, undoing his fly like he'd done earlier in the night. I parted my legs and he chuckled, taking the hint and aiming for my erection. Again he let out a stream and I found myself stroking harder when it hit me, a moan leaving my wet lips. "Come on little piss slut, shoot for me."

"Fuck..." I whispered and he responded by diverting his stream to my face for a moment, giving me a mouthful of his piss. I let out a low groan, hips jerking as his flow returned to my crotch, my load shooting over my slightly bloated belly.

He chuckled and grinned, finishing off and putting his dick away as I panted softly. "Good slut, so hot." He smiled, licking his lips. "Fancy coming in for a drink and a fuck?"

I smiled and stood slowly, the piss dripping down my body. "Yeah, I think I will." I nodded and wet my lips, following him out towards the bar. My slightly wet arse twitched in anticipation and I knew that I definitely needed both of those things.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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