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Kicking And Screaming

Kicking And Screaming
Pairing: Darran Smith/Matthew Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: AU, non-con
Notes: Kinkverse related again, a sequel to Nat's fic. I hope this helps to perk my fav girl welshie up< 3

I stood outside Darran's place as I'd promised him the day before, waiting for him to answer the door. When he did, he grinned at me, pulling me into a hug. "Matt! It's so good to see you!" I returned his hug, uneasy by the contact, but it was necessary to get inside and have my way with him. He was dressed in black, much like the one I knew although his was duller, his jeans and a t-shirt as opposed to the rubber of his counterpart. "Come in, come in."

He stepped back, holding the door open for me to step in after him. His place, like my new home, was fucking dull. It seemed to the standard for this world, as I'd noted on the way here. I'd seen one lone sex store on the way here. One. Fucking hell what was wrong with this place?

Once we were in his living room he looked me over. "You look good Matt, better than I expected." The image of that pathetic excuse of myself came to mind at that. "You know we've all been so worried about you. We just wanted to be sure you were ok and that we're here for you." Ugh he was so insufferable, but I guess I'd have to deal with shit like this from the rest of these dullards. "Anyway, take a seat! Do you want me to get you anything?"

Yeah, your head on a pike. Yeah, that'd be a good look for him. And the meat on him...

"Matt?" He asked, looking at me with concern. It was irritating as fuck. He'd soon learn that I wasn't that pathetic excuse of a man. Just the thought of that worthless fuck made my skin crawl.

"Just thinking." I met his expectant gaze, offering him a slight smile. "Just get me a drink." He nodded and headed to his kitchen, giving me a view of his shapely ass. I licked my lips lightly at the sight, thinking of how it deserved a good fucking and how he'd soon be getting one.

His living room looked much like the one in my counterpart's home, which was to say it was dull and nothing like the Darran's I knew. Just a sofa and chairs around a coffee table, with a tv in the corner. No hardcore porn collections or pokers by the fire. No box of sex toys in the corner and art of dead boys on the wall. Dull.

He returned a few moments later, handing me a beer, taking a drink out of one himself. I did the same, pleased to find that there was something this dull place actually had right. "So tell me, what have you been up to?" He asked, brushing his jet black hair from his eyes after he had a drink.

Last night, after I'd finished dealing with the body of my pathetic self from this place, I'd decided to see what the fuss was about his band. So I did a search on youtube, which was so much duller here than back home, not a single torture video in sight. The first result was from that last show and fuck, were they what counted as music here? I couldn't believe it, but my counterpart came off as even more pathetic by the end of it, which considering the state I'd found him was saying something.

I returned Darran's gaze, swallowing a mouthful of beer. "I wanted some time to myself, to do some thinking." He nodded a little, taking another drink from his own bottle. "Came to a few decisions."

"Oh?" He asked, raising an eyebrow, but he had a smile on his lips. "Did that include working out?" He nodded to my arms, his tongue darting across his lips.

I let myself smirk, shifting in my seat so he had a better view. My counterpart here was always a scrawny fucker, so of course he'd notice my arms. "You like them?" I leaned forward, making sure to show off my arms.

"Yeah..." He swallowed, his eyes on them. He bit his lip, then took another drink from his bottle, downing the rest.

"That's one of the reasons I'm here." I purred, keeping my gaze on him as I spoke. "I want to hold you down and fuck you." It to some effort to say want instead of would or something else along those lines, as I didn't want to spook him just yet. There'd be plenty of time for that when he was at my mercy. Soon.

"Fuck..." He whispered, nodding as he shifted in his seat as I finished my own drink.

"Good." I smiled, setting my now empty bottle on the table beside his before leaning even closer. "So why bother waiting?" He looked at me, a little surprised, but he nodded and stood, leading me to his room. I wonder if my dull self had ever fucked him before. Though from the state of that pathetic fuck it was more likely for him to take dick. Ugh.

Darran's room was in the same place as it was back home, although like the living room it looked different. There were no hooks on the ceiling, no rubber outfits on display and the colours were much more muted. Again, more dullness. It'd have to do for now.

"Strip." I commanded as soon as I shut the door and he nodded, turning to face me as he reached down, pulling his t-shirt up and off. I licked my lips at the sight of his bare chest which was rounder than my Darran's

I did the same, casting my shirt to one side as he worked his fly open pushing his tight jeans down, exposing pale tubby thighs. And that was when he froze, his eyes widening as he looked at me. "Matt... what's happened to your ink?"

Fuck, I should've kept my shirt on. When I'd carved up my counterpart I'd made sure to keep his tattooed skin, even though only one was of interest. He had a celtic band, a flower and most interestingly a heart wrapped in thorns with a candle, all on his arms. I had none of those, but I did have a skull on my right shoulder.

"Oh well, guess the jig is up." I smirked and advanced towards him. "I had been hoping to fuck you first before you realised the truth but ah well." He looked at me, confusion clear on his face and he didn't seem to know what to do.

"What are you talking about Matt?" He asked, voice slightly shaky.

I growled, punching him in the stomach, which cause him to fall on the bed. "My name is Matthew." I snarled as I loomed over him. "I am not that pathetic fuck you know. Well, knew. He's dead. I killed the fuckwit yesterday." He looked at me, eyes wide with fear, his hand clutching his stomach. I licked my lips, looking him over, the fear in his eyes making me harder.

"Wh... what are you going to do to me?" He asked, his trebling slightly.

"Fuck you. Kill you. Carve you up. Not necessarily in that order of course." I flashed him a grin, reaching into my pocket to pull out the knife I'd used on Matt. Ah this was going to be fun, I could tell.

And then he caught me by surprise, lashing out with his foot, kicking me in the chest. I staggered backwards and it was enough. Enough for him to scramble to his feet and attempt an escape. "Oh you're going to pay for that fucker!" I growled, rubbing my where he'd hit me absently as I turned back to him. He'd opened the door and was on the run, but I soon heard a thud as he fell to the floor.

I stalked out of the room, smirking at the sight of him sprawled over the floor. Clearly his jeans had been the cause of his fall, the denim now bunched around his ankles. I chuckled, shaking my head. "Such a dumb fuck." He groaned and I kicked him in the side, hard, another moan leaving his lips. "Oh I am going to enjoy hurting you."

I gave him a few more swift kicks, then finished undressing him, until he was a naked, blubbering mess on the floor. Pathetic. Still, may as well take advantage. I finished stripping and then pulled his cheeks apart, aiming my cock for his opening, making a little incision above his opening so i had some blood to use as lube. I'd not stick my knife up him, not yet. I rubbed my dick through his blood, then pushed into him, groaning as I filled him. "Mmm that's it slut." He whimpered against the floor, moaning in pain.

I fucked him hard, feeling him tear around my cock. "You must be a real slut." I said as I pounded into him, my balls slapping against his fleshy cheeks. "Feels like you get fucked all the time." He mumbled something, but I ignored it, focussing on slamming into his sorry ass.

I used his hips as leverage, thrusting into him hard, thinking of all the ways I'd make him scream and beg for mercy. Oh yes, I'd definitely have some fun with him. I grinned, letting out a groan as I filled him up, enjoying the pained sounds he made.

I swiftly pulled out him, threading my fingers in his hair and slamming his head down against the wooden floor, watching him go limp as I knocked him out. Good, that'd give me time to look for anything useful before getting him back home. I grabbed my trousers, pulling them back up and lighting up a cigarette, before starting my search of his house. Hopefully he'd have something more useful than my fuck up counterpart.

I hummed to myself, rummaging through his drawers and cupboards, smirking at the stuff I found. "Well well, seems some things don't change..." He had some rubber gear, albeit not as much as the Darran I knew but enough to prove he shared a kink. A througher such of his room even turned up some bondage gear and sex toys, which thank fuck, at least this world did have some of those. I bagged everything I found and a few other things I found useful, figuring he'd not need them any more. I stopped to pput him in one of his rubber suits, restraining and gaging him afterwards.

I took the bag, plus some beer back to my car, tossing them inside, then retrieved him, pushing him into the boot. Satisfied I had everything of use from here I got in the front and started driving back home.

I had plenty of thoughts in mind for him. I'd decided before hand this would not be a simple kill, after all where'd be the fun in that? And, well, I'd need to devour some more of my counterpart before I could carve him up... I smirked to myself, licking my lips. Ah yes, I'd have to make him eat some of his flesh. Wonder what he'd think when he's told he was eating his friend?

Oh yes, that would certainly be fun.

And then when I've had my fill of him? Well I'd carve him up like my counterpart... and then go after this place's Richard. I smirked at the thought of making him scream, but forced those thoughts away. Soon, but now... now I had Darran.
Tags: darran smith, fic, funeral for a friend, kinkverse, matthew davies, slash
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