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Only Make Things Worse

Only Make Things Worse
Pairing: Jason James/Richard Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jason
Warnings: Non-con, AU
Notes: Inspired by a comment that lc_ffaf left on the last Collide post, which lead to me doing this. This is serves as a prequel to Collide.

I stared out of the window of my car as I pulled up outside Richard Boucher's house. The place looked as intimidating as the man himself, foreboding even. I lit up a fresh cigarette and stepped out of my car, making my way towards the door. Best to get whatever he wanted over with.

I didn't want to be here, not one bit, but one did not ignore a summons from Richard. He'd called me out of the blue an hour ago and had said, in no uncertain terms, to 'get my arse over here'. Like I was some kind of worthless fucking slut, it made me seethe, but I came anyway. He wasn't exactly a man that took no for an answer.

I remembered when I was last here, when he flayed alive a guy in his basement. He did that sometimes, tortured guys at his home for an audience, sometimes invite only, sometimes he sent out a general invite. The lack of other cars meant this wasn't that.

I exhaled a cloud of smoke, pressing the doorbell and waiting for him to come. I didn't have long to wait, as he soon opened the door. He was topless, showing off his muscles and inked skin and the only thing he wore was a pair of leather trousers. I could make out the ink on those as well. "in. Now." He stepped aside enough for me to enter, which I did, watching him closely as I shifted past him.

The second he closed the door he slammed me against the wall, looming over me, my cigarette falling from my lips. "What the fuck?" I growled, looking him right in the eyes.

He smirked, licking his lips. "Do you have any idea why I asked you here Jason?" He asked, as if he hadn't done anything, ignoring my own question. If it was anyone else I'd have snorted at his use of the word 'asked'.

I narrowed my eyes, standing my ground as best I could. "I have no fucking idea why you fucking called me. I'm guessing it's not for one of your shows."

"It's not." He nodded to confirm my suspicions, not moving an inch. "This is about you. Specifically what you did two weeks ago." I frowned, trying to work out what I could have done to warrant this treatment. There was only one real thing of note that I'd done then. I'd took a whore home and had my way with him. Ah that had been a fun week. I didn't know why that'd be an issue for him though.... "Yes, I can see in your eyes that you're thinking of that pretty blonde slut." He leaned in close, his breath hot against my ear. "He was meant to be mine, Jason."

Those words made me freeze and the bad feeling I'd had since recieving his call suddenly had form. Fuck. Shit. Shitfuck. This was bad, very very bad. Stupendously bad.

He smirked, leaning back, looking at me with dark eyes. "You took him from me. So I'm going to return the favor by taking something from you." Fuck.

"Fuck you Richard." I tried to keep the fear I felt from my voice and was thankful I seemed to have managed to do so. "That slut was fair fucking game. If you wanted him so bad you should've claimed him." I met his gaze, narrowing my eyes at him. "You've got no one to blame for losing him but yourself. Shame you did too, he was quite the screamer."

"Well you'll have to give me a demonstration of what I missed then." He snarled, grabbing my hair and slamming my head back against the wall. I groaned in pain, slightly dazed and he took the opportunity to punch me hard in the face. Another groan and I felt blood drip from my nose as the world moved. It took a few seconds for me to realise he was dragging me. My reaction was to struggle, to try and escape his grip, but he just punched me in the stomach and lifted me over his shoulder. Like I was fucking nothing.

I was stuck, debating internally what to do for the best. I could fight him more, but he'd already demonstrated his superior strength. Even if I got out of his grip he'd chase me down and then what? I was screwed no matter what I did.

He dropped me to the ground and it took a moment to take stock of my surroundings. Thank fuck. It was just his living room. If it had been his basement...

He picked up a knife from his table, licking his lips again as he looked at me. "Hope you're not too attached to your clothes Jason." I spat blood onto the floor, glaring at him.

"Fuck you."

He grinned and stepped closer and before I knew what was happening he was cutting through my clothes, the blade catching my skin every so often making me hiss in pain. "You're mistaken Jason. I never, ever get fucked. But I am an expert at fucking, as you will soon discover for yourself." He slashed through my jeans, letting the ribbons of denim fall around my bleeding legs. Shit. He was going to fuck me.

I'd never been fucked, that was for the sluts and whores of this world and it was something I never intended to ever experience. Now Richard was going to fuck me and just for taking some unclaimed slut. He growled, balling my fists but doing nothing.

He stabbed the knife into the floor beside me and leaned over. "Get on your hands and knees Jason, there's a good boy." I growled, but shifted into position, hissing from the various cuts he'd made while cutting off my clothes. Shallow cuts. I told myself. They'd heal and no one would be any the wiser as to what happened tonight.

He gripped one of my arse cheeks, spreading them and peering at my pucker. The only thing I'd had inside me was the tongues of sluts. "You're a virgin aren't you?" He spat out the word and I didn't respond, feeling his finger run along my cleft. "Well I'll soon change that." I could tell he was grinning, even though he was behind me. He leaned over me, whispering in my ear. "Don't worry, you might even... like it." I growled, opening my mouth to let out a scathing reply, but that was lost when he forced two fingers into me. "I'm not doing this for you you understand." He said almost casually as he drove his fingers in and out of me. I'd never felt so fucking violated and I knew it would only get worse. "As you know I have a huge cock, much bigger than your puny thing, so I have to finger you so I can fit." He jerked his fingers harder, making me groan in pain. "Otherwise I'd have to cut you and you wouldn't want that would you Jason?"

"No..." I whispered brokenly, my body shuddering as he fingered me in preparation for his cock. He was right, it was a beast of a cock. I'd seen it when he fucked that guy before he flayed him. The thought of taking it made me shudder again.

He forced in a third finger and I yelped in pain, but he just chuckled above me. "Awww does it hurt? Don't worry Jason, soon you'll have something to really scream about."

And just like that, his fingers were gone and then I heard the sound of his zipper. I glanced at the knife sticking out from the floor beside me and for a brief moment I considered using it. I quickly decided against it, even when I felt the head of his cock against my hole. "Now I want you to scream. Scream as much as you can Jason."

And with that he thrust into me.

I screamed, hating myself for it as soon as I did, but it just hurt so much. I bit my lip, swallowing down the words that wanted to leave my lips. Fine, I'd scream, but I'd absolutely not give him the satisfaction of hearing me beg for him to take that huge fucker out of me.

"Ahh nothing like a nice tight fuck." He gripped my hips, hard enough for his nails to leave marks and he started fucking me, with such force that my whole body shook from the movement.

Every sound I made, be it a wail, or a yelp or a scream of pain seemed to spur him on and he pounded me hard, hard and rough. I felt my dick between my legs twitch slightly as he caught the spot that made whores moan with his huge member, which I absolutely fucking hated. I gritted my teeth, hating my body's reaction to him, absolutely loathing it.

I closed my eyes, wanting this expeience to be over, hoping that soon Richard would spill inside me. "Soon Jason, this will all be over soon." He purred the words out, is voice even and steady even though he was fucking me like a demon. "Although it won't be for you. This will stay with you forever." He chuckled, as his balls slapped against my ass, his words making me shudder. Bastard. Fucking bastard.

I didn't know how much longer he lasted. I lost track of the thrusts and screams and the fucking pain. But soon he let out a snarl and I knew it was over. My arse stung, which I guessed was because of his load, and he pulled out, stepping around me. He fisted a hand in my hair, lifting my head up, so I was counfronted by his bloody, stained cock. I knew what he wanted, but hoped he wouldn't ask it of me. "Clean me off Jason."

My aching body trembled and I looked at him to make sure he was serious before extending my tongue, swiping it along his cock. I tasted blood and cum, another first and I hated every second. But at least it wasn't as painful as the fucking, though my arse still throbbed with pain which I was sure would last for days.

Thankfully he pushed me away soon, even though I'd not even gothalf of his dick clean. I had a feeling he'd done it just to prove a point. He tucked his cock back in his leather trousers, which were now also bloody, and zipped himself up. "Now Jason." He spoke up, picking up the knife. "I hope you have learned your lesson." He place the blade under my chin, so I tileted my head up to face him. "But if you're really, really fucking stupid and decide to cross me again just remember what you saw me do to Ian. I will fuck you in front of everyone and then I will cut every inch of skin from your body. You will beg, beg for me to kill you, but I'll make sure to make it last." He leaned down, looking me in the eyes. "And I will make it last. Are we clear?"

I swallowed and nodded, the blade nicking my skin. "Yes Richard."

"Good. Now, what do you say for taking the slut that was rightfully mine?"

"I'm sorry Richard." I loathed saying the words, but my body ached and throbbed with pain, whichwas enough to tell me not to argue with him.

"Good." He nodded, stepping away, seemingly satisfied with my answer. "Now, get out of my house."

I nodded, starting to move, crawling towards the door, leaving the tatters of my t-shirt behind. "Oh, one more thing." I froze, afraid by what he meant by that.

"Fuck!" I criwed out as he made a cut on my back, deep enough this time to leave a more lasting scar, but not so far that I'd not be able to patch it up when I was away. At least it was just a cut and not an R.

"There. Something to remember me by. Now, get the fuck out Jason." I nodded, crawling out as quick as I could, finding my feet before getting out the door and heading back to my car, hoping to fuck that no one would see me like this.

I hissed as soon as I sat down, feeling tears in the corner of my eyes, but I was determined to get home despite the pain. This would mean I'd be out of action for awhile. I'd have to stay holed up to heal and to make sure no one found out this had happened. I started up the car, the vibrations making me ache more, but I ignored it and started making my way home.

If only. If only there was a way I could make that bastard pay. Well, I'd have plenty of time to think ways up while I recovered, even though I'd likely not go through with them. I'd just have to settle for imagining him screaming as I gave him the same treatment he gave me. The fucker.
Tags: fic, jason james, jason james/richard boucher, kinkverse, richard boucher, slash
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