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Collide Part 5

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Jason James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, watersports, BDSM, snuff, gore
Notes: Yay finally part 5! I dunno why this took so long to get done. I guess it took awhile to get it sorted properly, but here it is yay!
1: When These Two Worlds Collide
2: He's Making A List
3: 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
4: Affwysol Slebog

5: Desecration

I was bound again, my hands and wrists tied, the gag back in my mouth. The second I was restrained he'd gathered up some items which he would use to 'deal' with Matt. I wasn't quite sure what he had in mind but knew he wasn't simply going to dump the body somewhere.

Behind the gag I swallowed, looking over at Matt's corpse. He was paling now, his eyes glassy, the blood still dripping from his torn throat, although much less now. It's strange how it hit me then. That he was now gone. The first of who knows how many I'd end up seeing die in front of me. I swallowed again, remembering how he'd looked at me, pleading with his eyes to help. Could I have done anything? I knew what the answer was.

I could have freed him, sure, but it would've done no good. Sir would've gotten to us before we'd even left the room and it would've done neither of us any good.

The question was, had that been my reason for not helping him? I didn't have an answer to that.

Sir came back into my eyeline, a marker pen in hand. With his free hand he undid Matt's restraints, letting his limbs fall down around him. Humming, he began to use the marker on Matt's skin. It took a few moments for me to recognise that there was a pattern to his markings, that they surrounded Matt's tattoos.

My eyes widened as he took the knife, cutting along the marks he'd made, deep enough to get under his skin. Then he got his knife under it and seperated the inked skin from the muscle beneath before setting it aside. He did this to every tattoo Matt had, systematically removing them one by one. I tried to look away, but my gaze would always be drawn back to them due to a kind of morbid curiousity.

Once every inch of ink was removed from Matt's body he moved his bloody blade up to the back of his neck, brushing his hair out of the way. I swallowed behind the gag as he started cutting, the blade going through Matt's skin and flesh. I heard a crack as it went through bone as well, the sound making me wince. He was methodical, going at a steady pace until he'd gone completely through his neck, his head rolling off from him.


My master held it up, turning it around and looking right into Matt's lifeless eyes. He smirked, then set it down next to the body, turned so it was facing me. I shuddered, but found that looking at that was better than watching whatever he was doing to his body.

I closed my eyes, hearing him do... whatever it was to what was left of Matt's remains. My mind drifted, wondering about him. Was everyone from where he came from like this? Not just domineering, but bloodthirsty as well? From the way he'd talked about his disappointment when we first met I had a feeling they were.

I bit into the gag, wondering if one day that'd be me lying there dead, being taken apart with practised precision. I hoped not. He seemed to consider me special, worthy of keeping but now I wondered what that would really mean. Would this be a common thing? Watching him kill and take apart people? I had a feeling it would and I wasn't sure how to feel about that. I mean, I knew how I should feel.

I swallowed and opened my eyes again, not sure what I expected to see when I did so. Matt's head was still looking at me, his eyes looking more glassy now. Behind was his body, chest opened up and hollowed out. I couldn't see where his insides were and there was no indication where they might be. Master was there, arms and chest stained red with Matt's blood.

"You will learn, my litle slut, to enjoy my work." His comment meant that he'd noticed i'd closed my eyes, as well as reopening them. He was humming softly, working to detach Matt's right hand from his arm. "In time I'll even teach you to help me." He grinned, finishing up and coming to stand before me, licking his lips. My eyes widened at the thought and he chuckled, running his bloody fingers across my cheek.

He licked my other cheek, stepping back to Matt's body. He ran his eyes over what was left of Matt, using a saw to cut through his leg. "You know before I ended up in this place I was actually training a little slut." He looked a little thoughtful as he spoke, even as he worked on severing Matt's leg. "His name was Calvin, perhaps I can find the version of him here and see if he's a slut too." I watched him intently, focussing on his words rather than his actions. He let out a small sigh, then smirked. "Without me, fuck he's gonna get eaten alive." He licked his lips, finishing his sawing, moving to his other leg to do the same.

"But don't worry. There's none of them here to do that to you." He grinned, looking at me with a dark intensity. "Apart from me of course. But they'd have no quarms about killing you. So you should really count yourself lucky that it's me here instead of Matthew or Micheal or..." He paused, visibly shuddering. "Richard..." His eyes sparkled and he licked his lips. "Richard... oh I have to find his counterpart here. Oh what fun it would be to make that domineering fuck scream in pain...." He paused, finishing off with Matt's leg. "But that'll be for another time. A time when I'll, hopefully, have things set up to have a proper torture session. Almost a pity your little friend came before I had all that set up." Matt's leg dropped to the floor, rolling a little way from his body.

"Now." He came and untied me, looking me in the eyes with dark intensity. "All this talk of torture, I need to give you a good fucking slut. So head upstairs while I finish dealing with this. I expect to find you on your hands and knees, ready for my cock."

I nodded, scurring upstairs, wondering exactly what he meant by 'dealing' with Matt but trying not to think on it further. I made my way to the bedroom, sinking to all fours, waiting for him.

I wasn't sure how long I waited for him, but he soon joined me. He didn't say anything, just pulled out the plug up my arse and ramming his cock up inside me. I let out a groan, which was garbled by the gag. He gripped onto my hips, his nails digging into my skin as he fucked me relentlessly. Clearly doing that to Matt and thinking of torturing those men had aroused him immensely. My eyes lidded as he caught my spot, making my cock twitch between my legs.

I wondered if he'd let me cum, not that I could ask him. I'd have to try and hold off shooting, unless he expressly told me to. "Fuck, such a pretty pathetic slut." He ran his hands down my back and I squirmed from his touch. "Even prettier covered in blood." He growled, slamming into me, the words clearrly having an impact on him.

It didn't surprise me that he didn't last, low growls contantly leaving his lips as he pounded me. He gripped me tighter when he came after a few more rough thrusts, filling me up with his load.

He pulled out quickly though, stuffing the plug back inside me. "You've done well, you didn't spill yourself despite not being ringed." He patted my flopped mohawk and climbed on the bed, turning the tv on and search for something to pique his interest, not saying another word.

I knew, though, that he was pleased with me. And that felt.... good.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jason james/jay james, kinkverse, slash
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