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Last Chance

Last Chance
Pairing: Darran Smith/Matt Davies-Kreye/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Darran
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: I blame lc_ffaf for this for sending me a vid of the first of the last gigs with Rich obviously whispering to Darran and being so so obvious.

It was now the last Funeral For A Friend gigs which felt well, so surreal. In the back of my mind I didn't quite believe that it would be the last shows, more that they were the last shows for now. A part of me still had a feeling that in a few years from now I'd get another call from Matt, saying that they were reuniting. When that day came I knew I'd want to be along with them, these last gigs had made me certain of that.

The last gigs were in London, a little after the rest of the tour and I'd come with them in their bus. Personally I felt it was a little strange having the last gigs in London instead of our native Wales, but I figured Matt had his reasons.

The whole thing was hitting him pretty hard. That much had been clear the first night I'd played with them, though it was more obvious as the tour had gone. I'd joined the others consoling him after the gigs, though it made made me wonder if he'd made a mistake ending the band.

The venue bought back memories as soon as we arrived. It looked just like it did when we played here all those years ago, almost like it was yesterday.

Now, though, I was standing at the side of the stage, watching them play, waiting for my time to join them. Rich kept looking at me while him played, that dirty smirk of his on his face. I squirmed slightly at the implications of it, which I was very familiar with over the tour. He was very much a dirty perv and it was a struggle to keep my thoughts focussed when he gave me that look.

I managed to keep it together enough to hear my cue to join them onstage. Nosoon was I on than Rich came over to me, flashing that smirk and leaning in to me. "Gonna fuck you tonight. Gonna fuck you good and hard."

And then he seperated from me, acting as if he'd just said a casual greeting and not a promise to pound my arse. Fuck, now I had to play with a boner.


At the end of the show, after the group hugs and waving to the crowd, Rich whispered in my ear. "I'll see you in our room."

So an hour later I lay on the bed in the hotel room we'd be sharing for the weekend. I'd striped out of usual black attire and was laying there naked, palming myself absently as I waited for him. I wasn't sure how long he'd be, or if he'd gotten held up or was intentionally making me wait. Knowing him he was the latter.

I squirmed a little, hearing the door open, so I parted my legs for him. He stepped inside, grinning at the sight of me."Well, well don't you look like a right slut?" He held the door open and I almost covered myself up as Matt came in, his eyes wide as he looked at me. I felt myself blush and bit my lip, not having expected him to bring someone else with him, let alone Matt.

Matt was a great guy. Sweet, kind, funny. But he was completely the opposite to Rich when it came to sex. Rich was very... forward. He was a kinky perv and got straight to the point when it came to wanting to fuck. Matt was much more... shy. Awkward. We'd had sex a few times in the early days so I knew he wasn't a total blushing virgin. Still, I was surprised to see him here. I'd not have expected it.

Rich chuckled and I glanced over to him. He was already removing his vest, grinning. "I can see you like our guest. He's here to have some fun with us." There was something about his tone that was different, like he meant more than what he was saying. Almost as if what he really meant was 'I don't want him to be alone'.

I gave Matt a smile and nodded, meeting his gaze. His eyes were less red, his tears for tonight all shed. Indeed, they looked a little brighter now which I was glad to see. "Hi Darran." He whispered, cheeks a little flushed. So sweet.

I opened my mouth to reply but Rich chuckled, shaking his head. "Don't be so coy Matt. He's a dirty little slut and loves cock."

Matt nodded, biting his lip and looking me over. I watched as he reached down, undoing his zipper and pulling his hoodie up and off. This was soon followed, after a few moments, by his t-shirt, exposing his bare chest to us. He wasn't anywhere near as muscular as Rich, nor was he as rounded as I was. He cast it onto one of the nearby chairs, then popped open the button above his fly. He hesitated before opening his fly, glancing to Rich, who was already working his jeans off. Matt bit his lip again, then pulled his zipper down and started to follow suit.

Rich was fully naked by the time Matt got his jeans to his ankles. Rich grinned, stroking his sizeable erection. Matt flushed slightly as he finally pushed off his boxers as well, his eyes darting between us before settling on Rich. Rich smirked, reaching for his bag and pulled out a tube of lube, popping open the lid. We both watched as he slicked up his talented fingers, knowing what that meant. Matt let out a low groan and Rich chuckled, looking over to him. "Don't worry slut, you'll soon get these." He licked his lips, tossing the lube to me while he walked to Matt.

I did as I was expected, slicking my fingers up much like Rich had done with his own. Before me I watched as Rich got behind Matt, sinking his fingers into him. Our singer groaned, his eyes squeezing shut as Rich fingered him open. Fuck. I knew from experience how incredible those fingers of his felt. I tossed the lube onto the bed beside me, the sight making me need something inside me even if it was just my fingers.

Rich grinned, watching me over Matt's shoulder as I pressed my fingers into myself. I could see in the eyes what he was thinking without him saying it. Needy slut. I kept watching them as I worked myself open, listening to the groans Matt made as Rich did the same to him. Fuck that was hot, watching as Matt came apart because of Rich's fingers. It didn't take long before he was a squirming mess, his cock arching between his legs and pleas leaving his lips. "Please Rich... fuck me."

He chuckled again, smirking and leaning in to him, whispering something in his ear which I couldn't catch. Rich removed his fingers and stepped back, which made Matt whimper. He soon moved though, following whatever Rich had said to him. To my slight surprise, he climbed on the bed I was on. He straddled me and I soon got the hint as to what he had in mind, so I removed my fingers and grabbed the base of my dick, holding it up for him. He sank down on my cock, letting out a low groan as I filled him. He sighed softly once he was fully seated on me, his hands roaming over my chest. "Fuck Darran."

I nodded, feeling another set of hands on my legs. With ease, Rich pulled us down the bed until my legs were off the end. Without any warning he thrust into me and I groaned, my head tipping back against the sheets. Rich didn't give me a moment, starting to fuck me hard from the get goo. That, combined with Matt moving on my cock, made me moan and squirm on the sheets."Fuck..." I whispered breathily, clutching the sheets at the sensations of both of them.

I watched in a daze as Rich bit Matt shoulder, his eyes on me as he pounded me hard. Matt let out his own groans, rocking up and down on my cock. His fingers kept running over my chest and belly while he rode me. I reached up and took his cock in hand, stroking him as best I could manage with Rich fucking me like a demon and Matt's arse twitching around my cock. I couldn't really focus all that much on it, the sensations of them both just too good.

I felt slick fingers wrap around my own and Rich took charge of my movements, using my hand to wank Matt more firmly, which it sounded like he appreciated. "Such pretty little sluts." Rich growled, voice much more composed than mine would be if I spoke. "Wonder which one of you will spill first." He thrust into me on every other words and I knew I'd be the one. Between Matt's arse and Rich's dick I knew I'd not last at all. It amazed me I was even lasting this long between the two of them.

"Fuck..." I groaned out as Rich caught my spot extra hard the same time Matt's insides clenched around me. I spilled into Matt, letting out a low groan as I did so.

"Slut. I knew it would be you you filthy dickslut." Rich grinned and he pulled out of me right away, pushing Matt down over me so that my dick slipped out of him, to be imediately replaced by Rich's. I guessed that, both from the moan Matt made and the slightly wet sound as Rich slammed into him. I held onto him, not able to keep up my movements on him and I could feel Rich's hand take over the jerking of his cock fully. "Cum for me pretty little Matt."

Matt moaned, incoherent and I felt him jerk, his cum landng across my belly a few moments later. Rich chuckled, slamming hard into his body a few times before following with a growl, filling him up with his load.

"Mmm good pretty sluts." He whispered, pulling out of him slowly. He joined us on the bed, and I was thankful it was a double so it could accomodate us and he smiled fondly, leaning over and kissing us each in turn. "Ok?" He asked, eyes on Matt and he responded with a nod. Had he been invited to join us to lift his spirits? Most likely and I was glad about that. I leaned up and kissed him, running my fingers through his short hair, smiling.

Matt returned my smile, nuzzling against me as I scooted back up on the bed proper. I held him close, running my fingers soothingly over his back, feeling him fall asleep in my arms. We'd have to do this again, because I knew Matt would be worse tomorrow. Tomorrow was going to be so so hard on him and anything I could do to help I would.
Tags: darran smith/matt davies-kreye/rich bouc, darran smith/rich boucher, fic, funeral for a friend, slash
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