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Where You Belong

Where You Belong
Pairing: Darran Smith/Jay James/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 4: Sluts
Warnings: Some bondage, sexytimes, several kinks mentioned.
Notes: So I started this before the Quantum Break one, but that just ended up being done first. First time writing Sean in awhile too and fuck, it just came back so easily.

Leaving Bullet hadn't been my choice. It was, entirely, Matt's. Cracks had formed during Temper Temper, when he and Moose had gone off to record leaving me and Padge out of the process. That had hurt. It had hurt us both. At the time I honestly considered leaving because of it, but I didn't want to leave Padge. So I stayed, but Matt, well since that point he just infuriated me.

As time went on that infuriation only grew. Things that hadn't bothered me much before now did. How he got interviewed more than the rest of us. When we had group interviews how he would hog the mic, with the rest of us barely getting a word in. His general arrogance.

So when the Temper Temper tour cycle finally ended and it came time for a brea before heading beck in the studio I caved. I said what I thought about him to his face, in front of the others. Padge, of course, defended me but Moose took his side. Of course.

At the end of the heated arguement, when it almost came to blows but I held back. By the end though it was over, I was out and no amount of Padge's pleading would change Matt's mind.

So that was that.

It was kept quiet and Matt swore me to silence, which made me want to beat the arrogant twat, but I'd not give him the satisfaction of seeing me break further.

After the new album was released and I saw his and Moose's comments about me, that I 'didn't contribute' or that 'nothing had changed' with my absence I wished I had. To be backstabbed by those fucking pricks like that hurt more than I'd ever thought it would. Made me feel sorry for the new guy.


There was, however, an advantage to not being in the band. It meant that I could do something that a few guys had suggested I do over the years. "You're an amazing cocksucker." Rich Boucher had said once after a session together years before. "You could make money of it if you weren't in the band."

So that's exactly what I'd done.

There was a fetish bar in Cardiff that I'd found out about awhile back, which I'd even visited a few times in the brief stints between tours. It was a place that ended up being a perfect fit for me and they were very willing to take me on. I wasn't the only former band member here either. Darran and Sean worked here and several others were visitors, including Rich.

There was certainly a lot of variety in the work that we did here. An 'average' week could have me bartending, dancing, serving as a urinal and more besides. Sometimes all those things could happen in a single night.

Tonight, though, I was part of the entertainment, along with Darran. I licked my lips at the sight of him, my eyes taking in the sight of him. Often he wore some form of rubber, black to suit his usual attire, although tonight it was kept to a minimum. Just a black rubber collar and matching boots, with nothing else on him.

Just how I liked him.

"Looking good Darran." I smiled, reaching over and running my fingers over his rounded belly.

"You too." He grinned, doing the same over mine. I'd gotten bigger since leaving the band, which was something I knew people liked. Indeed there were times when guys would feed us. I'd not seen the appeal in that until I actually did it, which turned out to be quite a turn on. I'd heard they were considering having a more permanent gainer and it was something I might consider. "All set?"

I nodded, reaching back and pulling out the plug from my arse. I always put one in before coming here and I knew Darran did the same as well. It just made things easier. "Great!" He grinned as I set the plug aside, licking his lips. "Let's go."

I followed him from the dressing rooms, which we joked about being more undressing rooms, until we reached the area backstage. There we were joined by Sean, who would be helping us onstage. He was as loud and brash as he was in The Blackout but once you got past that he was a pretty nice guy. He was also a total slut and a perv, which meant he fit in here nicely. He grinned at the sight of us, looking us over and taking in the familiar sight of our bare bodies. He was wearing more than either of us, though that wasn't saying much. He had tight leather trousers on with matching boots. "Well, welll what have we here." He licked his lips. "Are you ready?"

"Yep." Darran smiled and Sean pressed a button on the wall, which would indicate we were ready to go on. Sean grinned, grabbing what he'd need before leading us onstage.

The stage was much smaller than the ones we'd all played in our respective bands, at least since the early days. In fact it was likely that, before this place became a festish club, it would be where local bands would start out. As such it would be large enough for a band to set up, but there'd not be much room for movement when they did. It made me wonder if the others missed being onstage with their bands too.

Sean led us towards the center, all eyes in the room on us. I recognised some faces in the crowd, while others were completey unfamiliar and that was just those I could make out. I knew that the bar had an online presence and so people from all over Europe and elsewhere came. Darran sank to his knees and I did the same, getting down a little behind him.

"Hello gentlemen and fellow pervs." Sean grinned with all the charisma he'd had on stage with his band. "We're going to be part of your entertainment tonight. Feel free to have a good wank as you enjoy the show." I saw him smirk and wink at the crowd, then he got to work.

In one hand was a tube of lube while in the other was a purple double ended dildo. He used his teeth to pop open the lube, squirting it over the rubber. When he was satisfied he pressed the tube against his chest to close the lid, before dropping it to the floor. "Ready boys?"

"Yes sir." I moaned softly, wiggling my arse slightly.

"Oh yes sir." Darran replied from behind me and I caught sight of Sean's grin.

"Such desperate sluts." He said, loud enough for everyone to hear and I heard chuckles from the crowd. He crouched down between us and I reached back without being told and spread my cheeks. "See? So eager to have something in them!" By the us of them I assumed Darran had done the same as I had, which wouldn't surprise me.

Sean pressed one of the dildo's heads against my opening and I let out a low groan as he pressed it inside me. He slipped some into me, likely just the head, then I felt his hand move away from me. From the moan that followed I could tell that he was doing it to Darran.

"Now sluts, let's see which of you takes the most!" That was our cue, so I started moving back against the dildo, letting out a low groan as I took more of the shaft. From behind me I heard similar sounds leave Darran's lips and I knew without seeing that he was moving as well. It only took a few moments until we were back to back, our ass cheeks pressing against one another. Sean chuckled, patting me on the shoulder. "And we have a winner!" I could tell he was grinning, even without seeing his face. "Of course this greedy little cockwhore would take in more, he's the dirtiest slut in the place!"

I felt myself flush, hearing more chuckles from the crowd. "Ok you whores, keep at it." I nodded and we both started to move, rolling my hips so the dildo slid in and out of my ass I let out a groan. Darran's movements caused the dildo to shift inside me, the head at my end brushing against my spot. I made sure to clench around my end, an action which I was sure would return the favor. The moan from his throat seemed to signify it had.

We moved in tandem on the shaft, our fleshy cheeks meeting every few moments. We out various sounds as we did. Breathy moans, groans, exclamations of 'fuck'. All the while my dick bobbed between my legs, aching and unattended. I had a feeling Darran's was the same. Sean, meanwhile was watching, moving for one side of the stage to the other, his own bulge noticable. "Sir..."

He grinned, stopping in front of me and looking me over. "What is it slut? Do you want to touch your little dick?" He smirked as he spoke, though his cock wasn't that much bigger than my own. "Or perfaps you want mine instead." He palmed his erection, letting out a moan like a wanton whore. Which, of course, he was. "Tell you what, you get your pretty cock sucking lips around my dick and you can have a wank."

"Yes sir." I replied, though my answer was a forgone conclusion. He was undoing his fly and pulling out his cock before I'd even replied. As soon as it was out I took it between my lips, swallowing him down. At the same time my hand found my own member and I began to wank. Now it became a game of doing the three things at once. Rocking back against the dildo me and Darran shared, jerking myself and sucking Sean's dick. For most people doing such things would be hard, but for me it wasn't terribly difficult. I think part of that came from performing in a band, which gotten me used to doing multiple things at once. Sometimes with a plug up my arse as well. And that wasn't even mentioning things that happened backstage or at festivals.

What took most of my attention was Sean's cock, it's weight familiar on my tongue. This was far from the first time I'd had his dick down my throat. I hummed around him, my tongue lapping at his heated skin. I was content, sucking him as I rolled my hips, squeezing around the length within me.

Behind me I heard Darran whine. "Sir..." I knew what that meant, I could hear the desperation in his voice. He needed to wank too.

Above us, Sean chuckled. "Such eager little sluts. So needy for cock and to shoot their loads." I could see him smirk as he spoke, a moan leaving his lips as I suckled his dick. To his credit he kept his composure, which was more than some would do. "But I've just got one cock. Which means I either have to deprieve one dick loving slut or...." He paused for a moment, letting the unsaid words fill the room. I knew what that meant and so did Darran. "Or I can choose someone to fuck his throat."

He gripped my hair, holding my head in place as his eyes scanned the room. I couldn't see them, not with his clothed thighs pressed against my face but I could see him point choosing someone from the crowd. "You, come on up." I heard movement and someone join us, then Sean let go of my hair so I could suck him again.

His use of you didn't mean he hadn't an idea who it was. It could be a regular, or even someone from back in the scene, but the use of the word kept us from knowing that. The other guy didn't speak, so that gave away nothing either but I wasn't sure if that was purposeful. I heard Darran groan, then heard the sloppy wet sounds of him sucking cock.

"Good sluts." Sean purred, rocking his hips against my face. I let him take some control of the sucking, my eyelids fluttering. Fuck this always felt so good. Filled at both ends and being watched as I was. I loved it. I moaned, tasting the tang of Sean's precum on my tongue and I stroked myself faster, eager to cum myself. Sean, as was his was, became noiser as he got closer. He gripped my hair tighter, groaning loudly above me as he thrust down my throat. It wasn't long before he came, pulling out and shooting messily across my face, just how he liked it.

He stepped back, smirking wickedly as I jerked myself faster, eager to spill. He kept watching me, licking his lips as I thrust my hips up into the air, cumming over my belly with a low groan.

Satisfied, he moved out of sight and I took a deep breath, feeling Darran move behind me as he kept sucking the mystery guy, though he didn't last too much longer. By the time he got his breath back he let out a low grunt and I knew what that meant. I also knew, from that sound alone who it was. It was pretty distinctive.

I craned my neck back and it confirmed my suspicion. It was Padge. Fuck. He grinned at me, pulling out of Darran's mouth, giving me a dirty look that said, without words, 'hello slut'.

He didn't get a chance to say anything though as Sean was back grinning. "I hope you enjoyed the show these sluts provided my fellow pervs." He spoke, addressing the crowd. "They will remain onstage for use for an hour until the next act." He pushed us so the dildo was fully in us both and then tied us together with black ropes. It wrapped around our chests, keeping us back to back and then he arranged our arms so he could bind them before the other.

"There." He said, his satisfaction with his work obvious even though it wasn't elaborate. "Feel free to cum and piss on them as you see fit. And do be sure to stay for the next act tonight, which is my dear slut of a brother showing off his talents." He grinned and left us there, the crowd coming closer to us.

Oh yes, this was shaping up to be a very fun night. Though I certainly hoped Padge would stick around. Maybe he'd even piss on me ebfore I left the stage. That'd be fun.
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