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Antaa Palaa

Antaa Palaa
Pairing: Spellgoth/Virta
Rating: NC-17
POV: Virta
Prompt: 28: Masochism
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: So I had a little block and ficcing was going slow... and then yesterday I watched this Turmion vid, which instantly made me think of someone eating Spellgoth out and after some pondering (due to sleepless night) that someone became Virta so ta da! Obviously, lc_ffaf is indirectly to blame for this for introducing me to Spellgoth (and, of course Virta as well)

I loved when we played multi-day festivals. We'd have our set, however small or long it was and then the rest of the time was our own. Which meant, invariably, hanging out, getting drunk and checking out the other bands.

And maybe, if I was lucky, a fuck or two along the way.

At the moment we were heading towards one of the stages, we being Tundra, Vreth and myself. They were insistant that I check out this band, which was called Turmion Katilot. The first I'd heard of them was when they had heard they were on the bill and they seemed to be excited about it, with Tundra especially getting this look in his eyes.

I'd not thought anything else of it until they'd decided that I simply had to come with them to see them. We made our way through the backstage area, until we arrived at a position on the side of the stage. It was a small area, designated for people that wanted to watch whichever band was playing from the sidelines and not get in anyones way. "You're gonna love it, trust us." Vreth whispered in my ear and I smiled.

I saw movement in the shadows from the other side of the stage, which I guessed meant that the band were ready to come on. I was proven right when, a few seconds later they started to make their way onto the stage, the drummer heading on first and then the others behind him. Time to see what the fuss was all about.

There were five of them. A drummer, bassist, two guitarists and a singer, which was a pretty standard line up. They certainly all had a look about them, each of them wearing black and white face paint. My attention, though, was diverted when a second vocalist joined them onstage a few moments into their set and I very much had the feeling that he was the reason we were here.

While the outfits of the others could have probably fitted with any other band, or even in the crowd before the stage, his most definitely wasn't. He wore a black rubber corset which was covered in buckles, with a strap leading up to connect with a collar around his neck. Below that all he wore was a mini skirt that didn't even reach his knees, which was also made of rubber. Finishing the outfit was a pair of pink and black long socks as well as red fabric sleeves on his forearms. I swallowed, taking him in as he pranced around the stage, screaming out the bands lyrics as he went.

"His name is Spellgoth." Tundra supplied between songs and I nodded dumbly, my eyes still following him. I was fairly sure he wasn't wearing anything under that skirt and the thought alone was very distracting.

The set seemed to go by in a blur, seeming to go by much too fast. During the set Spellgoth had flicked his nipple piercings, made out with his fellow singer and flashed the crowd, confirming what I'd thought in the process as well as revealling that the corset had a second strap that barely covered his dick.

In the back of my mind I couldn't help but wonder if such activities were a normal part of their set or if this was toned down for the festival crowd. I swallowed at the thought of the latter, wondering what else they'd do if it was true.

As the set came to an end the band all made their way offstage, waving to the crowd on the way, but Spellgoth came straight towards us instead of following his bandmates, a grin on his face. "Well hello and who might you be?" He asked, looking right at me, his eyes dark and he looked me over.

"This is Virta." Vreth supplied helpfully. I'd have been annoyed at him answering for me if it wasn't for, well, my current erection taking focus from my brain.

"Ah Vreth, Tundra. Good to see you both." He smirked at them, licking his lips. "So this must be your new keyboardist." He looked me over again, his gaze lingering on my crotch before returning to my face. "Mind if I borrow him?" The twinkle in his eyes made it obvious what he had in mind. "Unless, of course, he's ok with being watched." He looked at me, giving me a look which told me that the choice was mine, that he was willing to have them watch if I was.

I gave it a few moments thought, then shrugged. "Sure. If they want."

"Mmm I can tell you're going to be fun." Spellgoth grinned and then headed offstage. "Come on."

We followed him through the winding backstage area, heading towards the makeshift dressing rooms nearby. We stopped at one which had the band's name and what I assumed was their logo taped to the door. The three of us waited, Vreth grinning and Tundra's eyes focussed solely on the main before us, as Spellgoth opened the door and poked his head inside, clearly checking if any of his bandmates had got here first. Satisfied, he pushed the door open fully and stepped inside, gesturing for us to follow.

The room was much like ours, not that I had chance to look as the second I was inside his lips were on mine, his hands roaming over my body. I returned his touch, running my fiingers over his bare back. His hands went lower and he groped my ass, a groan leaving my lips from his touch.

We parted a few moments later, his teeth nipping my lower lip. "Mmmm..." He grinned, then licked his lips. "Oh yes. I think this is definitely going to be fun." He reached around, running his hands down my chest and gave my crotch a squeeze. "Oh yes." His eyes twinkled again as he felt the bulge of my dick, another moan leaving my throat. "Now, here's what's going to happen." He leaned in, pressing his crotch against my own as he did so. "I want you to do the following to me." He held up his fingers, counting them off as he did so. "You're going to eat me out, use those talented keyboardist fingers on me and fuck me."

I let out a low groan and nodded, which made him grin. His fingers tugged on my t-shirt, his fingers pulling it up and off me, tossing it aside carelessly. I saw it land at the others feet, who were sitting on a couch, watching us intently. I ignored them, reaching down and undoing the zipper of my fly, his hands eagerly reaching to push my trousers down to the floor. My boxers followed a few moments later so I stood naked before him, his eyes on my dick. He grinned, running a finger along my length before stepping back, pushing his skirt down, his dick hard and aching behind the strap.

He licked his lips and turned, his ass wiggling before me, his hands grabbing his cheeks and pulling them open. I smiled, taking the hint and sinking down to my knees behind him. His ass definitely looked tasty. It was shaved, just like his crotch looked which was a little strange to me, as I'd never bothered with either. I leaned in, swiping my tongue along his crack, earning a moan. "Mmm yes just like that." He purred above me, pushing back against me. "Lick my arse."

I pressed my tongue against his opening, wiggling it inside him, hearing moans. This wasn't the first time I'd done this and I liked to think I knew what I was doing. I lapped at his ring, dipping my tongue in deep and circling around his insides. "Fuck yes... fucking..." He let out a low groan, his insides twitching. "You guys better be fucking using his tongue because if not you're fucking idiot trolls." I smiled to myself, pulling back to swipe my tongue along the length of his cleft, before diving back into him. I inhaled his scent, my tongue circling him at different speeds every few movements. I tried to alternate between going fast, slow and going at a steady pace, glad that my actaions made him moan and squirm. "Fuck, fuck get those fucking fingers in me."

I pulled back, nodding a little, my curls brushing against his ass. "Lube?" I asked, not having pocketed any today.

He just snorted and shook his head, his long hair swishing above me. "Fuck that shit, just suck on your fingers." I shrugged and did as I asked, bringing my fingers to my lips and sucking two, getting them nice and wet with my saliva. When I was satisfied, admitted only after a few moments, I slipped them out, pressing them against his opening. Both filled him easily and he let out a sound between a groan and a hiss. I looked up, concerned I'd hurt him but he spoke up. "Oh yes, fuck, just like that." He rolled his hips, his ass pushing back against my fingers. "Harder." I nodded, thrusting my fingers fully into him and and he groaned again. Satisfied I wasn't hurting him, or rather that he liked being hurt, which wasn't much of a surprise, I thrust my fingers, working him open.

Guessing that he liked pain though, I soon pulled them out of him, standing up behind him and reaching around, holding my hand before his face. "Spit." I growled in his ear and he soon caught on, leaning a little forward so he could dribble his saliva into my hand. After a few moments, when I felt I had enough, I bought it around and used it to cover my cock. The second I done thrust into his wet hole, hearing him groan as I filled him up.

"Fuck yeah!" He moaned after a few seconds, rocking back against me. "Yeah just like that, fuck me big boy." I grinned, encouraged and started to fuck him hard. Usually, since I was quite big, I'd ease them into it but since it was obvious he was a pain whore I'd not bother. I bit at his shoulder, reaching around again to pull on his nipple rings and I pounded his hole. "Fuck, you certain know how to treat a guy." He pushed back, circling his hips as his insides squeezed around me. "Next time we fuck I'll have to introduce you to some toys."

"Oh yeah?" I asked, nipping his skin with my teeth as I slammed into me. "Better be toys that can make you scream."

I tugged on his nipple rings againa and he groaned, high and breathy. "Oh yes, I have plenty of those. Though sadly not too many of them with me."

"Such a shame." I licked his neck, enjoying the feeling of dominating him, getting such a rush from it. "Could've used em before fucking your sorry ass." He moaned, unable to form a reply as my thrusts became harder and more erratic. That was a sign that I was close, so I was jsut going to let it happen, not bothering to hold back. "I'm going to cum in you soon. And you'd better too because I'm not touching that sorry excuse for a dick."

"Fuck..." It was a whisper from the sofa, though I wasn't sure which one of my bandmates said it, nor did I particularly care at that moment. All I cared about was cumming up Spellgoth's amazing fucking ass.

He shuddered against me and I knew that he'd cum himself, untouched from either of us. "Such a slut." I growled in his ear, biting hard into his neck as his twitching hole tipped me over as well. I let go of his nipple rings, pushing him away, his body stumbling forward and slipping off my dick. His hole looked pretty, twitching and leaking a little of my cum and I wondered, almost absently, how he'd look with the others cum dripping out as well. Unforunately a brief glance over told me that they'd spilled as well so I'd not be seeing that any time soon.

I ran a finger through his cum, which was mostly on the strap covering his cock, then ran my middle finger of my other hand through mine and bought both to his lips, making his taste us both, which he seemed to appreciate.

"Now." I said, when I slipped them back out a few moments later. "How about we have a few beers, then you can show me those toys before we go for round two?" He grinned and nodded, his tongue darting out across his lips. "And if you two are going to stay for that, then I suggest you don't waste your loads on your fucking t-shirts."
Tags: 35 fics, finntroll, slash, spellgoth, spellgoth/virta, turmion katilot, virta
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