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Follow Through

Follow Through
Pairing: Matt Tuck/Moose, Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Prompt: 10: Drugs
Warnings: Scat
Notes: Ended up doing this after re-reading the super-pervy old Bullet interview and getting inspired so..

"Fuck..." I looked over at Padge, a familiar scent filling the room. He'd fucking farted again, we were used to the smell by now, which was sayiing something. Moose was waving his hand, trying to waft away the smell. He opened his mouth, probably ready to make some quip about it, when Padge groaned. "Shit! Not again!" And then he rushed to the bathroom,

Moose and I shared a look, both of us knowing what that meant. He'd shit himself. It wasn't the first time, far from it. Padge was the fucking king of following through after farting. I'd lost track of how many times he'd done it.

Moose leaned in to me and he whispered, keeping his voice low. "You know, I think we should do it."

I smirked and nodded, wetting my lips. "Yeah, I think we should."


Me and Moose had discussed it before. It had started as an idea for a practical joke, to slip Padge a laxative before a show so he'd shit himself onstage. We'd never done, not yet, despite gettiing some. Our discussions took a change in tone though, from how funny it would be to see that happen to how hot it would be. How that hadd happened I wasn't quite sure, but it had led to me getting hard whenever Padge farted. Which led to either wanking or Moose giving me head, especially if it was a follow through. When that happened it became a race to cum first before Padge finished cleaning up.

So far it was a race I always won.


It was the first show after that night and I'd slipped him the laxative as we'd planned just before our set started. We were five songs in when I noticed it, a slight mistake in Padge's playing. I glanced over and smirked between lyrics. It was happening, he was shitting himself onstage. I glanced back at Moose and he'd noticed too, as he was grinning.

As the song ended Padge made his way over to me, squirming slightly as the crowd cheered. He spoke up, voice low. "Matt, I need to go change..."

"No." I replied, smirking at him and shaking my head. "You stay on stage until the show ends."

Before he could respond I broke from him and addressed the crowd. "How you doing everyone?"


As we went offstage I grabbed Padge's arm and he gave me this look. "Now, now don't be so fast." I tugged him towards the dressing room, Moose joining us along the way. Jay had a puzzled look on his face as we entered the room and I considered getting him to leave, but decided not to.

"Guys what's happening?" Jay spoke up, looking between us as soon as we were inside. He didn't know what we'd one and what we intended, so him being here, well it could go either way. Although we did have thoughts of him too.

"That's simple." I grinned, looking at the bassist but nodding to Padge. "He shit himself onstage." Jay's eyes went wide and he looked to Padge, who was blushing. Jay knew what Padge was prone to as he'd been around when it had happened before. Still he, like us, knew he'd never done it while performing. "Now we have to clean him up and make sure he never does it again." I smirked, licking my lips and looking at Padge. "Strip." Padge gawped at us, looking between the three of us. "Strip, or Moose'll do it for you."

Padge frowned and then reached down, pulling off his sweaty t-shirt. He cast the material aside when it was over his head, it landing on the nearest chair. His hands then went to his fly, his fingers nimbly undoing the button and zipper. As soon as he opened it up the smell hit us and I smirked, watching him push his jeans down.

"Fuck Padge..." Jay muttered from behind me and we all saw how much Padge's boxers were packed and sagging. Padge blushed more as he stepped out his jeans, nudging them away.

He looked to me, pleading with his eyes to let him go, to do this in private, but I shook my head. "Boxers too." He bit his lip, but he reached down and pulled his full boxers down slowly. Two thing became immediately apparently when he did. First was that his shit was smeared over his thighs and balls. Second, and most amusingly to me, was that he was sporting a boner. I looked from it to his face, grinning at his expression. "I knew you were a dirty fucker." He flushed and I licked my lips. "Take your boxers and rubs them across your chest."

He gaped at me but reached down, grabbing his full boxers and bringing them up. We all
watched intently as he spread the spread the copious amounts of shit over his body, leaving warm brown smears across his skin.

There was a low groan from behind me and I smirked to myself. That meant our little bassist was enjoying this too. Good, meant we could have fun with him some time. Before us Padge let out a low moan as he finished covering himself with the contents of his boxers, looking at me.

"Such a good dirty slut." I smirked and stepped closer, glancing over his dirty body. "Now you have a choice. We can get you cleaned up or... fuck your filthy arse."

He looked between us all, then bit his lip. "You'd do me like this?" I licked my lips, nodding and he instantly sank to his hands and knees, his dirty arse up in the air, begging to be fucked. This was going better than we hoped. Moose reached down, undoing his fly and pulling down his jeans. We'd, of course, discussed how things would go if things went this way and we'd decided that he'd take him first. I'd go second and, if Jay hadn't done a runner, he'd go last. So I watched, one hand on my crotch as Moose got behind Padge and thrust into him.

"Holy fuck..." He groaned, his hands on Padge's sides as he filled him up. "This feels fucking incredible man. So warm and... fuck." He was already starting to thrust, moaning at the feeling. "Shit, more people should do this." I grinned, glad he was enjoying himself, although it made me more eager for my turn.

Pade grunted as Moose fucked him hard, his dick becoming more and more dirty with each thrust. "Fuck." Jay gasped and I glanced back at him. He had his hand on his crotch, groping his dick like I was and his eyes were wide at the sight before us.

I leaned over, whispering low in his ear. "You fancy a go?"

"I... yes..." He whispered, moaning softly as he gave his bulge a squeeze.

Needy slut. "Good, you'll go after me so don't get too excited." I grinned, slapping his ass before returning my attention to the scene before us. Moose was fucking him like a demon, his hips slamming against Padge's filthy arse. He was moaning, pushing himself back against Moose, his shitty cock bouncing between his thighs.

"Fucking dirty whore..." Moose growled thrusting hard into Padge and I recognised the now-familiar expression on his face immediately. He was close. That meant I may as well strip off myself so I was ready to take my turn. I undid my fly, pushing my dark jeans and boers off, kicking them aside and leisurally stroking my hard-on. Moose let out a groan, his movements stuttering and I stepped coser, knowing it was over.

Panting, Moose gave me a smile, slowly easing out of Padge and stepping aside, his length coated in Padge's waste. I let out a groan, taking the place he'd just vacated and shoving my cock into his just fucked hole. Even though Moose had just been pounding into him, and his dick was bigger than my own, I still sank into his soft, warm shit. Fuck, he was right, this felt fucking amazing. My eyes lidded and I moaned, savoring the feeling before starting my own movements.

When my eyes opened again Moose was there, standing before Padge. His fingers were threaded through his long hair, pulling his head towards his cock. "Clean your filth off me you dirty slut." I watched as Padge parted his lips and went to work, much quicker than I'd have expected. Fuck, it was hot, hearing him slurp and suck on Moose's softening dick. I moaned again, thrusting hard into him, fucking him relentlessly as the sight and sounds turned me on so fucking much.

Moose sttepped back again, his cock not clean, though there were some stains on his hips and thighs as well as some shit in his pubes. He looked satisfied though and stepped away, grabbing a beer from the mini fridge and taking a seat to watch us.

I didn't last much longer than that. Just a few thrusts after Moose sat down I came up Padge's arse, moaning at the feeling. "Fuck..." I groaned, panting and sliding out, waving Jay over. "You're up."

Our bassist came over, quickly working his jeans off, almost tripping as he did. He got in position and thrust into Padge, albeit more hesitantly than us. "Give the dirty slut a wank Jay, he deserves it." I said to him as I stood before Padge, his lips and tongue already working to clean me off. "Mmm that's it." I purred, running my fingers through his hair. "Then we can get you all ready for your new attire." I saw him look up at me and spotted that Jay did the same, confusion in his pretty eyes. He was doing a good job though, fucking Padge hard and stroking his shitty dick. I smirked and licked my lips, looking down and meeting Padge's gaze. "Since you keep shitting yourself me and Moose decided that you need to be wearing nappys."

He moaned and sucked me harder, which apparently shown that he certainly liked the idea. Fucking perfect. I looked up to Jay and he looked shocked, but was moaning too. Maybe we could get him in them too. Fuck yeah, that'd be hot to see our two bandmates shit themselves onstage. I licked my lips at the thought, pulling away as I heard Jay groan as he came, being the last of us filling up out dirty guitarist.

As I stepped back I saw that he had came as well, his pearly seed landing across the brown smears over his chest. "Mmm such a dirty slut. Now come on, the soon we get you showered the sooner we can get you all settled in your new nappies."

He groaned and nodded, the look on his face priceless. He looked so... content. I smiled, pulling my shirt off before following Moose towards the venue's showers, not bothering to wait for them to follow, knowing they would soon enough. Fuck, though, that went amazingly.
Tags: 35 fics, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james/padge, matt tuck/moose, matt tuck/padge, moose/padge, slash
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