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Sugnwr Ceiliog

Sugnwr Ceiliog
Pairing: Jay James/Richard Hibbard, Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: THIGHS and sexytimes
Notes: Once again I blame lc_ffaf for this because of getting me into Hibbs because ngh. He's so fucking hot and I've meant to fic something with them for awhile so... ta doo!

I really didn't know why straight guys watched rugby. Guys with shorts, showing skin and tackling other guys. My eyes tracked one player specifically. Richard Hibbard, our player who had sexy as fuck thighs. What I wouldn't give to be between them, worshipping them.

I swallowed, shifting slightly in my seat the thoughts unning trough my head giving me a boner. Thankfully those around me, including Padge, were too focussed on the game playing out to notice. Thank fuck.

I returned my attention to the game, but found my gaze returning to him over and over again. It was hard not to with him running in those shorts and then tackling so the curves of his arse were so fucking clear. I swallowed, knowing that I'd have to make an excuse to head home so I could jerk off over him. I could, of course, go back to his, but Padge looked nothing like him so I couldn't even pretend it was him.

As the match finished we joined the crowd heading out, although my thoughts were elsewhere. Right now Richard was down there most likely in the shower celebrating his team's victory. In the showers with the rest of his team too. Fuck, I really needed to stop having these thoughts. For the moment anyway.

We were outside the stadium now and I was about to head to the car when Padge grabbed my arm and pulled me back. "Come on man, there's someone I want you to meet."

I groaned internally, not really wanting to meet whoever was Padge's someone was. They tended to be just people Padge had met when he'd been out drinking and weren't particularly interesting company. I knew, though that it would just be easier to indulge him than try and get out of it, so I hoped this meeting would be short. "Sure."

He grinned and tugged me along after him, heading around the stadium. "It was a great game huh?"

"Oh yeah." I nodded as I replied, wetting my lips at the thoughts that my mind had conjured up. Ones I'd have to surpress for longer now. I let out a small sigh, glad that he hadn't seemed to hear it and we rounded a corner...

There he was, the mountain of a man that was Richard Hibbard. I swallowed, unable to do anything but stare. Fuck he was still in his kit, still in those too short shorts that shown off his thighs.

Padge chuckled and I felt my cheeks flush. "I knew you'd want to meet him." I gawped at Padge and blinked, not quite believing that this was who he'd wanted me to see. "Hibbs, this is Jay. Jay, Hibbs."

I swallowed, blushing and holding my hand out for him. "H... hi." He grinned, taking my hand and then pulling me in for a hug, which caught me off guard. He pulled me into a massive bear hug and was sure he felt my hard-on, but fuck I didn't care.

"Any friend of Padge's is a friend of mine." He leaned in to me, whispering just above my ear. "Especially if the things I've heard about you are true." I looked up at him, feeling my cheeks heat up more as he smirked, pressing his hips against me. I swallowed again, speechless and he pulled away, grinning. "So Padge how about we get going hmm?"

I looked between them, not quite sure I'd heard what I'd heard. "Yeah man, sure." Padge grinned, gesturing for us to follow him back to his car. I kept glancing sidelong at him, still not quite believing that he was right there with us. Padge unlocked the car does and we all piled in, Padge in front and Hibbs in the back beside me.

I swallowed nervously, the feeling of his thigh pressing against my leg making me ache. "That was a... er... great game today." I managed to get out as Padge started up the car, cursing myself internally for how stupid I sounded.

"Thanks." He smiled, patting my knee with one of his giant hands. "Padge here tells me I'm your favourite player." I felt myself flush and I nodded, biting my lip. Before I could say anything he leaned over to me, whispering. "He also says you get hard whenever you watch me play." I gaped and I could see Padge grin in the mirror. I was about to glare at him when Hibbs took my hand, placing it upon his crotch. I let out a soft gasp as I felt the obvious bulge of his dick, he was bigger than mine and he wasn't even fully hard.

"Fuck..." I gasped, my fingers automatically squeezing around his length.

"See?" He smiled, licking his lips. "Padge told me you were a dirty little cockslut. I was beginning to doubt him, since you were acting like a blushing schoolgirl. But it's pretty obvious that you just needed to get your hands on my dick."

I nodded, giving his hardening dick a squeeze and I could feel my mouth was watering. Fuck he was huge. It had to be a Rich thing since Rich from Funeral For A Friend was huge too, though I suspected Hibbs was even bigger than he was.

He grinned, rolling his hips up into my hand. "Soon you'll get your hands on it, don't worry."

"Yes sir..." I whispered, cheeks flushing as I realised that had slipped out but he just grinned.

"Sir huh? Yeah, I like that." I felt my dick pulse from his words and I let out a soft groan. He chuckled, squeezing my knee. "Good cockslut."

From the front of the car I heard Padge let out a soft cuckle as well. "Almost there." He flashed us a grin and Hibbs moved my hand from his crotch and I bit my lip to surpress any sound I might make at the loss of contact. I didn;t want him to know how much of a whore I was, though I suspected Padge had already blabbed about that, especially if they'd met while he was drunk. More than once I'd heard him tell people, or had people tell me he'd said, that he 'had this friend who was an amazing fucking cocksucker'. On the one hand I kinda felt proud my skills were worth bragging about, while on the other I didn't want him telling everyone we met. Still I was glad he had this time.

We pulled up at Padge's house and I took a deep breath, eager to just get inside. We undid our seatbelt and the three of us got out, Padge leading the short distance to his front door. I was thankful he was sober as he had a tendancy to drop his keys while opening the door drunk. We followed him inside and the second we were in Hibbs turned me around and shoved me against the door.

"Oh your knees cocksucker." He smirked, looking me over. "Strip and crawl after us." He turned and followed Padge into the living room and I heard the sounds of him closing the curtains. I sank to my knees and stripped quicker than I ever had before on my life.

The second I was stark naked I began to crawl after them into the living room. Hibbs was sitting in one of the chairs, legs spread wide, while Padge was on the sofa, palming himself through his jeans. "Come here little cocksucker." I crawled over to him, not sure what to expect from him. Sure, I'd been dominated plenty of times, by many different guys but I usually had some idea of what to expect from them beforehand. Him, I didn't know what to expect, just what I'd wanked about. My dick twitched in anticipation.

He spoke again when I was at his feet, a smirk on his lips. "I know exactly what you want. /but you have to earn it first, understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good." He moved his right foot so it was in front of me. He was still wearing his boots he'd worn on the pitch and they were stained with mud and grass. "Clean it."

"Yes sir." I replied again and leaned in, starting to lick at the studs along the soles of his boot. This wasn't my first time I'd licked dirty boots but this was my first time with rugby one. I swallowed everything down, ignoring the earthy taste while keeping my gaze on him. He was returning my gaze, watching intently as I twisted my tongue over the dirty studs.

"Good cocksucker." I smiled and kept up my work, making sure to clean everywhere my tongue could get to. The moment I was finished he bought his left one up and immediately gave it the same treatment, not needing to be told to. He grinned as he watched me lap at his sole, my tongue twirling around each of the studs. "He's certainly well trained."

Padge chuckled from where he sat across from us. "He's certain a good slut, though I think it's purely natural. That and he loves cock." I was sure I could hear him wanking over the sight of me doing this and the thought made me squirm just a little. "Plus it's you. He's lusted after you since he first saw you." One day I'd have to do something about Padge's big fucking mouth.

Hibbs chuckled, pushing my face away with the heel of his boot before settling it back on the floor. "Well, let's get your mouth to work elsewhere." He grinned, parting his legs a little more for me, his hands patting his thick thighs. Taking the hint, I shuffled a little closer and leaned in, tracing my tongue over the ink on his leg up to his thighs. Fuck, those thighs. I stopped at the bottom of his bright red shorts, reaching up and pulling them down, gasping at what I saw beneath. He wasn't wearing underwear, which fuck, was hot enough as it was, but he was huge. As I suspected he was easily the biggest I'd ever seen, he was fucking massive. I swallowed, practically salivating at the sight of him. He chuckled above me, running his fingers through my hair. His one hand was almost as big as my head. "Well, don't just stare at it, show me what you can do cocksucker."

"Yes sir." I whispered, nodding and leaning in. I inhaled his scent, swiping my tongue the rest of the way to the base of his dick. Humming, I ran my tongue up along his shaft. From behind me I heard Padge let out a groan.

"Fucking hell man, look at the size of that thing."

Hibbs chuckled, then let out a low groan as I took his head between my lips. I smiled around him, taking a deep breath through my nose as I swallowed him down. Fuck. I hummed again as I took him, his girth stretching my lips. My eyes lidded as I wiggled my against his heated flesh, although I couldn't exactly moved that much. I kept breathing steadily through my nose as I inched down his shaft. I smiled as best I could when my nose met the thick curls that framed his erection. When my nose smushed against him a few moments later I let out a choked groan, knowing I had him fully. "Mmm good cocksucker." He sighed, running his fingers through my hair. I hummed softly, pleased with myself that I'd managed it, then I started to get to work.

I started to bob on him, steadily moving up and down upon his cock. He ran his fingers through my hair and I squeezed my stretched lips around him. I kept taking deep breaths through my nose, twisting my tongue around his head when it was the only part of him I had between my lips. I glanced up at him and he was watching as I sucked. His eyes were intent, moans leaving his lips as I sped up as it became easier to take him. Fuck, my mouth and throat felt so full, and it felt amazing. I definitely should thank Padge for his blabbing this time.

I felt him grip my hair a little tighter, his thighs rocking up just a little and his dick thrust down my throat. Lesser people would have choked from that sudden movement but I just kept on sucking. "Fuck..." He whispered appreciatively above me, my hands rubbing his thick thighs. This whole thing was even better than I'd ever expected it to be and I knew I'd be remembering this for a long time.

I shifted a little as I heard a familiar groan from Padge, which I quickly realised was much closer than where he'd been last. I felt his cum hit me, landing across my upper back where my lizard tattoo was. "So fucking hot..." I heard him mumble and shift away, after wiping his dick through my hair.

I didn't let his actions interrupt my sucking though and I heard Hibbs hum. "Such a good little cockslut." His breath was a little ragged now, though I wasn't sure if it meant he was close or not. Everyone had a tell when they were close, though everyone was different. For Padge, he had a certain groan when he came. For others it was how their breathing changed, either hitching or becoming breathless. Some were loud, others were quiet. One thing I'd also learned was there was no way to guess which it would be as sometimes it would surprise me.

He gripped my hair tighter and shifted his hips. I had a feeling he was getting closer, whcih was compounded by the salty taste of his precum on my tongue when I lapped at his head. I hummed contentedly, so eager to taste him, to be the one that brings him over the edge. "Mmm that's it." He whispered and I saw that his head was now tipped back. I braced myself, giving him the best blow job I could do and I smiled as I heard him moan in appreciation. He let out a low grunt, which turned out to be his tell, as he came down my throat. Like the good cocksucker I was, I swallowed everything he had to give, savoring the salty taste of him.

"Fucking hell Padge, you weren't exaggerating, that was the best blow job I've ever had." I smiled, feeling proud as he gently pushed me off him, his length falling from my lips with a pop.

"Told you." I heard Padge say from behind me. "Fancy a beer? Then you can have a go at his sweet little arse."

I let out a low groan, looking up with hopeful eyes, my neglected cock twitching between my legs. He grinned and chuckled, licking his lips. "Oh yes, I definitely will." Fuck. This was turning out to be the best day ever.
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