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Collide Part 4

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Jason James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, watersports, BDSM, snuff
Notes: Woo part 4 right away! I got inspired right after finishing part 3 and so just started writing. I love writing Jason so much and just wanted to write him again. Next fic might something else, unless I get inspired again (or get an idea for another kinkverse fic)/ And, of course, thanks to lc_ffaf for helping.
1: When These Two Worlds Collide
2: He's Making A List
3: 4 Words (To Choke Upon)

4: Affwysol Slebog

He lit up a cigarette before taking his place back in his seat, a cloud of wispy smoke leaving his lips. "Ah yes. What to do with you first." He stretched, his legs parting wide and I found myself staring at his spit-slick dick. He chuckled, clearly having noticed, his fingers patting my head. "Such a pathetic slut. Don't worry, you'll get my dick again soon enough." I squirmed a little at his words and I swallowed behind the gag.

"I have here three ideas as to what to do with you first. I' going to remove your gag and you will say one, two or three." He blew out another smoke cloud. "Understand?"

I nodded, swallowing again as he unbuckled the gag from behind my head and I allowed the ball to drop to the floor with a wet plop. I took a deep breath, but then spoke up quickly. "Three sir."

"Good, something nice and simple." He nodded to himself, shifting to crouch beside me. His fingers worked to free my wrists and ankles from the spreader bars that held them. I flexed my wrists a little, but didn't allow myself to do anything further. "Now, on your back and if you're a good slut then you'll get something to eat."

"Yes sir." I nodded, rolling onto my back as I watched him move, stubbing his cigarette out on my shoulder as he did. He picked up the knife again, licking his lips. He knelt down, blade in hand and he began cutting into my chest. I bit my lip to stop myself from making noise, watching as he hummed while making his mark on me. I soon realised that was he was doing was cutting letters into me, not just a marking. I groaned in pan after a few letters but that didn't seem to bother him. I just let him do his work, staying as still as I was able.

I heard a noise and looked over, seeing hat Matt had regained conciousness and was looking at us with wide eyes. He was wiggling, struggling against the rope that held him, not that it did him any good.

"I'll get to you soon enough whore." My master said, clearly having noticed as well but not letting it effect his work on me. After a few more cuts he set the knife down, leaning forward to swipe his tongue across my marked skin, I hissed a little as the soft flesh came into contact with my cuts and he smiled. "You, my pathetic little slut have been very good. So you get food before I deal with the whore."

"Thank you sir."

He smirked, standing and heading towards the kitchen. Matt made a muffled groan and I looked over to him. Once I did he started motioning with his eyes upward and it took me a few seconds to realise what he was trying to say. His bonds, I could free him. I could get the knife, cut through the ropes and we could use it to get out of here.

I could.

But I wasn't going to.

My master returned and he smirked, nodding to himself. "Such a good slut." He licked his lips, handing me a plate of sandwiches and glass filled with an obvious golden fluid. I immediately tucked into the offered food and he chuckled, licking his lips as I drank between mouthfuls.

"Now, what to do with you?" He spoke up, his gaze turning to Matt. He walked over to him, nudging him with his foot so he was on his side. "You're so inferior to Matthew Tuck. Scrawny, small dick, barely any muscles." With each statement he kicked the mentioned area, his chest, cock and nearest arm respectively. "And that hair." He tutted, shaking his head. "At least my pathetic slut bears a resemblence to me, other than being cock hungry of course." He circled Matt's bound form, looking at him disdainfully.

I sat up, setting my empty plate and glass on the table, having no idea what he had in mind other than rattling out Matt's inadequacies in comparison to his countapart. Matt again looked at me, his eyes glistening from tears. He was trying to do it again, plead with me to help him. His eyes darted from me to the knife that sat beside me, the blade stained with my blood.

Again I did nothing.

My master chuckled, grabbing Matt's hair and yanking his head back hard. "See, my slut's not going to help you, no matter how much you make goo-goo eyes at him. See, he's found his place and it's at my feet. The poor little cocksucker's clearly needed someone totruly dominate him, a thing it's clear this world lacks. I mean after all, with people like you for afriend what chance has the poor fucker got?" He kicked him again and Matt groaned behind the gag. "You on the other hand disgust me." He spat on Matt, who was sobbing. "You're like the other whores from home. No, you're worse. You're like a piece of shit on my shoe and I'm going to dispose of you. But first I will show you what it's like to be fucked by a real man."

I swallowed, watching as he released Matt's hair and moved away from him, picking up the knife. "Tell me, has anyone fucked you before?" Matt shook his head, his hair swinging as he did. My master chuckled, shaking his head. "Probably took one look at your little cock and laughed so much they didn't want to. Not that you could call that think a cock, I've seen clit's bigger than that pathetic thing." Matt sobbed more, his body trembling and master picked him up easily, hauling him onto the table. "Well, at least you won't die a virgin."

He grinned, prising Matt's arse open with the other and then... I could practically hear Matt scream when he thrust the knife in. I couldn't see what exactly happened from my position but I could guess that the blade went straight up Matt's arse. I squirmed a little, the thought making me wince, especially when he twisted the knife. "There, that should do it." He pulled the blade out, it now covered with Matt's deep red blood. He wasted no time, thrusting his stiff cock into him, letting out a growl. "Fuck, there's nothing like fucking a bleeding whores hole slut." He smirked, looking at me as he started pounding Matt's body. "Perhaps I'll let you try sometime." I felt my cheeks flush at the thought, not sure how to feel about that. To be honest I'd not fucked anyone before, let alone someone who was bleeding.

"I can see you're hard slut. I'm feeling generous because you've been so good." He licked his lips, slamming in and out of Matt's body. "Get up slut, take the ring off and wank in front of him. I want you to cum over his face before I do."

I nodded, standing unsteadily, removing the cock ring he'd slipped on me yesterday and stood before Matt. He was crying more, his eyes scrunched up in pain and I bit my lip as I took yself in hand. I hadn't even realised how turned on I was by this. I knew I shouldn't be, but deep doown I don't think I cared. I stroked myself as quickly as I could, watching my master fuck Matt's body so hard the table shook.

"Cum for me slut, do it, shoot over the piece of shit's face." He growled and his word, fuck, how did they have such power over me. I let out a low groan, cumming over Matt's face and his eyes opened, looking betrayed. Well, until he got some in his eye which made him blink and cry more. "Good slut."

"Thank you sir." I sat down, taking deep breaths as I watched him pound Matt's arse at a blinding pace. He winded his fingers into Matt's hair, yanking him back hard as he fucked him.

He came not long after I did, growling as he spilled. I didn't see it of course, but I knew it even before he pulled out. As he did, he bought the blade up to Matt's throat. "Now you have been well and truly fucked." And with that he slashed and my eyes widened as blood sprayed out from his wound, covering the table and the floor.

My master smirked, letting the blade clatter to the table before he stalked over to me, gripping my hair and pulling my head to him. I took his dick easily, lapping the blood and cum off his length, my eyes lidding as I heard Matt's breathing become fainter.

"Good slut." He patted my hawk, licking his llips and pulling out, looking over at Matt. His body was still now, blood dripping from his wounds. "Ah it's good to have killed again." I shifted, swallowing, not sure how to feel about that.

Well at least it was just Matt. While he was a friend, he wasn't a particularly good one and he only had a key because he came round when he was horny and wanted me to suck him off. Still, did that mean he deserved too have been raped and killed? I don't know. I had a feeling though that this was something I'd have to get used to.

Master glanced black at me, having moved to untie the rope around Matt's wrists and ankles. "Oh, if your wondering slut, I've marked you with your name. Pathetic slut. I liked the sound of it so much I may as well make it your name." He returned his attention to Matt, lifting up the bloody blade and smirking. "Now to deal with this whore."
Tags: 35 fics, fic, jason james/jay james, jason james/matt tuck, kinkverse, slash
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