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Collide Part 3

Pairing: Jason James/Jay James, Jason James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 17: Torture
Warnings: Eventual torture, AU, non-con, watersports, BDSM
Notes: Ok this has to be the longest gap between parts in ages. This might've been a lost cause completely until I did Cries In Vain, which led me to wanting to explore the verse again. Hence (and thanks to lc_ffaf) we have a part 3. Hopefully the momentum will remain so this multipart fic will keep going. There's at least going to be a part 4, so we'll see.
1: When These Two Worlds Collide
2: He's Making A List

That first night went by pretty easily. He finished watching the film, occasionally stubbing cigarettes out on my back, then he made me suck him off before he gagged me and went up to bed.

It was difficult to sleep like that, with both my wrists and ankles restrained, but I had a feeling I'd have to get used to it. I managed to get a few house sleep by leaning against the chair he'd occupied, though it was wasn't exactly restful. My mind racing didn't help either and I couldn't help thinking what he had in mind for me.

At 11am he came down, looking me over intently. "Ah, the pathetic slut's still here." I blinked, which was the only real thing I could do to respond to him. Where had he expected me to go exactly? No, more likely he'd wondered that this whole this whole thing was a dream and so he'd been surprised to have confirmation it wasn't. Not that it mattered, not really.

He gave my arse a hard slap then went into the kitchen, humming an unfamiliar tune to himself. He came back a few minutes later, carrying a plate of toast in one hand and a notepad in the other. He nudged me with his foot then, like last night, I became his foot rest as he ate and made notes. The sound of him eating made realise how hungry I was and my stomach made an angry growl, which just let to him hitting my back with his foot.

"You might be wondering what I'm doing whore." He spoke up, once he had finished eating, setting the plate with a few crumbs beside me, as if to taunt me. "I'm making some more lists. Things I still need to get, how to improve this place." He gestured emphatically around the room, though I knew he meant not just it but the whole house. "And, most importantly." He leaned forward, his eyes dark. "What to do with you."

I swallowed behind the gag, feeling nervous as to where this could be going. "Naturally I have many ideas, so it's just working out what to do with your sorry ass first." He licked his lip, his smirk returning. "So I've decided that you get first pick." I shivered slightly, unsure what exactly he had in mind thought not liking the sound of it. "Well I have some things here and you wi..." He stoped mid sentence, then stood, leaving the notepad and heading out of sight.

I wondered why for a few moments, that was until I heard sounds at the door. "Hey Jay, you in?" I swallowed again, fuck. It was Matt and I instantly wished he'd go away. That wasn't exactly an uncommon thought with Matt Tuck, but now it was especially so.

"You home Jay?" He asked as he stepped into the living room, his eyes bugging out as soon as he laid eyes on me. "Holy fuck man..." His cheeks flushed and he bit his lips. "I er... I didn't realise you were erm..." He swallowed and shook his head, his long hair swaying as he did. "I'm gonna go..."

"Well, well." He spun around, blinking at the sight of the other me stepping through the doorway he'd just come through. "Matthew Tuck, reduced to a blushing little schoolgirl by the sight of a bound slut." He tutted and shook his head while Matt just gawped in shock. He looked between us both, clearly as confused as I was when I first saw him. "Must be sure to add change locks to the top of the to do list." He muttered to himself and Matt blinked again, returning his focus on to him.

"Wha... what's going on?"

"Great, I have to go through this shit again already." The other me, my master, rolled his eyes. "He is me, I am him. Except he's a pathetic slut and this isn't my world." He gestured around himself.

"You mean you're from a... alternate universe?" Matt asked, looking between him and me again.

"Yeah, accept this one is so fucking dull." He stepped closer to him, licking his lips. "Where I'm from, the other you is much more.... interesting. He'd be already making use of my slut instead of blushing and looking like a fucking moron. But..." He smirked, his eyes looking Matt up and down. "That'll be all part of the fun."

Matt blinked, completely clueless at to what he meant. "What do you mean 'fun'?"

My master's eyes twinkled and he grinned. "Oh you'll see." He lifted up a knife, the knife he'd used on me the prevous day, from where he'd held it behind his back. "Clothes off, now." He held the knife towards Matt, the unspoken threat clear.

He swallowed, looking between the knife and him before reaching up and undoing his jacket. "Wh.... what're you going to..."

My master snorted and rolled his eyes. "Fucking hell you're an embarassment. Just shut your fucking mouth and get your clothes off." Matt bit his lip, tossing his jacket to the sofa without another word.

I watched, unable to do much else, as Matt removed and discarded his t-shirt, hearing my master snort at the sight. Matt was blushing, his fingers shaking as he undid his fly, pushing his jeans down his slim legs before crouching and removing them along with his trainers. He straightened back up, gnawing his lip as he pushed his boxers down.

My new master laughed, his eyes on Matt's crotch. "I fucking knew it! I knew Matthew wasn't naturally that fucking big." He snorted and Matt bought one hand up to cover his crotch. I knew he wasn't exactly blessed in the trouser department, having had a few drunken fumbles with him over the years. A cock was a cock after all, even if it was well below average. He slapped Matt's hands away with his free hand, smirking cruelly. "Now get on your knees so you can see what a real man's cock is like."

I swallowed, feeling oddly jealous as I watched Matt sink down, his body trembling. I had no idea if he had sucked a cock before, he certainly hadn't with me anyway. My master, of course, didn't care either way. He gripped Matt's long hair and pulled his face to his cock. "Suck." He snarled the word, holding the blade up to Matt's shoulder, an unspoken threat. Matt swallowed, then his lips parted and he took him between them. There was that pang of jealousy as he inched down, before my master growled and just pushed his head down his shaft. Was it because I was jealous of Matt sucking his cock or my master for getting Tuck to suck him? I wasn't sure. Maybe it was a bit of both.

"Watch your fucking teeth!" He growled, digging the blade into Matt's skin. It wasn't a deep cut, but enough to draw blood and make Matt try and pull away. "Oh no you don't." He snarled, his fingers gripping Matt's hair tighter. "You stay down there until I shoot down your worthless throat." He took control of Matt's head, moving it up and down on his length at the pace he wanted. I heard Matt make choking sounds, saw him splutted and droo around him. When he was pushed back I could even see the tears in his eyes, leaving trails down his cheeks. I dunno if master saw but he was chuckling and moaning, clearly loving every minute.

"Poor slut." He chuckled, licking his lips as he looked down at him contemptuously. "Look at me now you piece of shit!" Matt looked up at him when his head was pushed back, his eyes shining. Master spat on his face, then pushed him back down.

Every few movements of Matt's head he'd held him down, groaning at the feeling of Matt gagging around him. Each time he did that became slightly longer, sometimes by a few seconds, sometimes more. I could tell Matt was resisting the urge to fight when he did it, his nails digging into his palms to stop himself It was during one of these times that he let out a sound between a groan and growl and I knew that he was cumming. He didn't let go of Matt's hair and his will finally broke, his hands shifting up to try and push him away. It didn't do him any good though and soon his body went limp.

My master pulled out, letting Matt's body crumple to the floor and he looked upon him with distain. "Fucking lightweight." He kicked Matt's body sharply, then walked away, grapping one of the bags he'd bought yesterday. I watched Matt's body, looking for signs of life. It looked like he was breathing but I wasn't sure.

"I think." Master said as he returned into my field of vision, pulling at Matt's limbs to bind them together behind his back. "I may have to change my original list. Yes." He licked his lips, stuffing a ball gag between Matt's lips. "I think it'll be very fun breaking in those that I couldn't make home."

Satisfied that Matt was secure he returned to me. "I'll deal with him when he wakes. I probably won't take my time with him, but it'll be enough for you to see what I usually do to whores." He smirked darkly, picking up the notepad and pen, scribbling a few notes on some pages. No doubt he was adding extra names and the aforementioned lock change.

"While we wait though... where were we?"
Tags: 35 fics, jason james, jason james/jay james, jason james/matt tuck, kinkverse, slash
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