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The Black Parade

The Black Parade
Pairing: Darran Smith/Rich Boucher
Rating: NC-17
POV: Darran
Warnings: Sexytimes
Notes: Nother for for the awesome lc_ffaf and inspired by this gif from Darran's appearence at the Cardiff FFAF show.

I was as surprised as anyone when I'd been told that Funeral For A Friend was calling it a day. Matt had given me a call after they'd decided it, as they wanted me to hear it from them before announcing it. I'd appreciated the sentiment, sad that they'd be going but understanding their decision completely.

After that first call we had several back and forths, talking more than we had in ages. He told me what they were planning, a final tour playing Hours one night and Casually Dress another and that they were thinking of recording it for a possible release.

"We were thinking something else too Darran." Matt said on the next call after that. "We were thinking of getting some of our former band members onstage. Would you be interested? And there's absolutely no pressure, we'll understand if you say no." The last part came out quickly, a little flustered and I couldn't help but smile.

"No, I'd love to. That sounds like an awesome idea." I grinned, honestly touched that they'd think of asking me to join them on their last tour. "Just drop me a e-mail with the tour info and we'll work something out."


A few months later and here I was, coming out onstage at Cardiff, to a roar from the crowd as I appeared. I flushed, not having expected such a big reaction. My appearence had been kept a surprise and the fans were going wild. I took my place onstage with the guys, playing through the Juneau and it felt just like old times, almost like I'd never left them. I had to admit I missed this rush of performing in front of in front of so many people. It made me wish, not for the first time, that I'd not left them when I did.

All too soon the song was over, and I regretted instantly that I was just doing the one. I fisted pumped the air, smiling as I made my way offstage. I stopped at Rich first, clasping his offered hand and reaching round to give him a hug as best I could considering we had our instruments on. He leaned in, whispering low in my ear. "I'm going to fuck you." I blinked, unable to process what he said and he grinned.

I made my way offstage in a daze, hugging the others as they came to me, his words playing on my mind. I turned back the second I was off and caught him smirking at me, his gaze burning into me.


It had took a lot of will power not to just wank the second I'd gotten my guitar back in it's case. Instead, I went back, watching from the sidelines as they finished up Escape Artists. I leaned against the wall, my gaze firmly on Rich as he performed. I swallowed, noting how obvious his bulge was in his shorts. He smirked when he saw me looking, purposely positioning himself so I had a good view of it, as well as being sure to thrust his hips in my direction.

His behaviour ended when the song did and his focus turned to the crowd. He waved at them, threw his pic out and hugged the others, especially Matt. I knew he was taking the whole thing pretty hard, but I was glad they were there to help him. Rich strode over to me, the smirk back on his lips. "Come on slut. My cock needs to be up that arse of yours." He grabbed my arm, pulling me backstage. I'd missed this too, a quick fuck after a show in some random back room.

I felt my cock twitch in my tight jeans at the thought, as Rich pulled me into an empty dressing room, locking the door behind him. It was much smaller than the one the band occupied and it was clear it was meant for a support band, though it clearly had been unused tonight. "You little slut." He growled, spinning me around so I was facing him. "Parading yourself on stage in those tight little jeans of yours that cling to all those curves of yours." He reached around me, squeezing my ass and licking his lips. "It's like you wanted me to have a piece of that arse right?"

I felt my cheeks flush and I nodded, wetting my lips. I'd wanted to come onstage in my standard black outfit and it had been a no brainer for me to pick the tightest black jeans I had for it. My other black trousers which came to hand were my rubber ones, which would've been just too much, even for just one song. I squirmed a little, then smiled as I found the words to reply. "I'd hoped so."

He grinned and slapped my ass. "That's 'I hoped so, sir'. Now, be a good boy and get those clothes off."

"Yes sir." I put an emphasis on the word sir, reaching down to pull my jumper up and off my body, casting it aside. My equally black t-shirt went next and he licked his lips, running his hands over my pale skin.

"Oh yes, so many curves." He purred, running his fingers over my chest and stomach. I shivered at the contact, reaching down and undoing my fly, pushing my jeans down. "Mmm that's it." I squirmed, my boxers going down next and I stepped out of the, pushing them aside with one foot. "Oh yes, such a pretty slut." He slapped my thigh, looking me over hungrily. "Now, get on your knees."

"Yes sir." I smiled, sinking down to my knees before him. I'd not had the chance to do this with him many times but fuck I loved his dominant streak. It made me ache in all the right ways, and hopefully make me ache in more before the night was out. I licked my lips, my eyes on his bulge and he chuckled.

"Slut. Well since your eyes are on my cock and you are at the right height.... suck it." I nodded, eagerly reaching up and pulling his shorts down. Fuck, he'd gone commando, not that I was surprised. I leaned in and took his cock between my lips swallowing it down. To say he was a monster was by no means an exaggeration. He was fucking huge, like porn star dick size and he was easily the biggest I'd ever had. I hummed around him, bobbing my head up and down his length, taking him more and more each time. There was no way I could take him down in one go, I was fairly sure no one could do that. Ok maybe not no one, I had a feeling one or two people I knew could give it a good try.

"Mmm that's it." He purred above me, running a hand through my hair. "Keep sucking, hands and knees." I stilled my movements with half his cock down my throat, and I shifted y legs so I was in the position hhe wanted. I had a feeling I knew why he wanted me like that, a feeling confirmed as he grabbed something from his shorts pocket. Rich wan't known to be a patient man during sex, but he was known as one that was prepared. I glanced up, seeing him tear the packet of lube open with his teeth, smearing it over his fingers. I kept sucking him, feeling him lean over and press his lube-slick fingers against my opening. I gasped around him, my eyes lidding as he pushed two into me, wasting no time.

"Good slut." He growled above me, working his fingers inside me. Although he was working me open quickly, he made sure to catch all the right spots. He sure was amazing with his fingers. I was squirming in minutes, squeezing around his fingers as they stretched me open.

"That's enough slut." He pulled me off his cock, his fingers slipping from me at the same time. "Time to fuck your chubby arse." He grinned and circled around me, opening my arse with one hand and guiding his cock with the other. He didn't say another word, just growled as he thrust into me. I moaned, my eyes lidding with pleasure as his huge cock filled me up. "Fuck yeah." He gripped my thighs, starting to roughly fuck me. I felt him lean down and I heard him purr before speaking, punctuating every word with a movement of his hips. "By the time this night's done you won't be able to walk right for days."

I moaned, my unattended cock twitching between my thighs. "Fuck..."

He chuckled, his hips slamming against my fleshy cheeks. "You can touch yourself, but don't you dare fucking cum before I do slut."

"Thank you sir." I instantly bought a hand to my dick, wanking myself steadily, resisting the urge to go too fast as I knew I'd cum too soon if I did. His dick just felt so amazing pounding me and I loved how fucking rough he was being. The only thing that was missing was a layer of rubber and I'd be in heaven.

My whole body shook from the force of his thrusts, which only got rougher and harder. I was too breathless to form words, so all I could do was moan as he pounded me. "Such a pretty fucking slut." He growled, slamming harder against my ass. "So close."

I nodded, allowing myself to pick up the pace on my own cock, hoping it wouldn't be enough to... Rich groaned, a tell tale sound and I knew he'd came inside me. Thank fuck he did, because I went a few moments behind him, spurting across my belly.

"Mmm good slut." He purred, stepping back and sliding out of me. "Get dressed, we're going to meet the others for drinks. If you're a good boy I'll fuck you again later."

"Yes sir." I nodded, quickly grabbing my scattered clothing and pulling them on, feeling his cum slip out and stain my underwear. Fuck, I so fucking I hoped he would.
Tags: darran smith, darran smith/rich boucher, fic, funeral for a friend, rich boucher, slash
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